FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV

FOX Broadcasting Company

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 3.8.3 Nov 05, 2012 Jun 21, 2018 91.5 MB iOS 9.1 or later 4+
New in version 3.8.3

Thanks for using FOX NOW. We’re always making updates to improve performance and user experience based on your feedback.


Now watch more content than ever before. Stream full episodes of your favorite FOX shows LIVE or ON DEMAND. Catch primetime FOX shows like The Orville, Gifted, Empire, Star, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy and more. Also enjoy FX and FXX Originals and Movies, plus National Geographic shows with a TV provider login. You can even restart Live TV to watch from the beginning.

Looking for movies? Check out the rich catalog of blockbuster hits. Search and discover new collections grouped by Comedy, Drama, Reality, and Animation. A personalized For You section offers recommendations based on your viewing too.

To get the most out of FOX NOW, sign in with your participating TV provider account. No provider? Unlocked FOX shows include up to the latest 5 episodes of new shows; returning FOX shows unlock 8 days after airing. All programming on FX and National Geographic requires a participating TV provider account. For more info, visit or tweet us @FOXNOW.

Also available on 4th Generation Apple TV.

iPad Screenshots
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idontknowhatoputasanickname on 7/18/2018
Is it free to watch shows, and movies on this app Because it’s been really bugging me Not knowing if I have to pay for watching them Please, let me know!
TMoL13 on 7/17/2018
The one ad option is not fully functioning, and it can be a little annoying after you’ve done it once, correctly, and you’re steadily being prompted do it again or the system ignores that fact that you should only have one ad. Thank you for the response. Did not see it on the website, I will email that over. I appreciate the acknowledgment and hopefully we can get it resolved.
Mariojuarezcorona on 7/17/2018
i really need help, on my Roku tv it doesn't let me watch barely anything, it always says your TV subscription allows you limited access to our content.The content you have selected is unavailable, i have no idea what to do and how to be able to watch it on my roku TV, please help
It’s okay
Clummie778 on 7/17/2018
It’s a little difficult to find the shows you want especially on the Roku. However, overall it’s fine.
This app does not work
User#thebest on 7/16/2018
This app simply does not work. It will not start. It does not load. I really can't elaborate further, because nothing happens when I try to use the app. It doesn't matter how long it tries to load it never does. This app does not work at all.
Locked episodes
BobRedCo on 7/15/2018
I was actually liking FoxNow a lot because I could watch So You ThinkYou Can Dance episodes a little later in the evening or later in the week. Last year I had no problems and this year the first four episodes were fine. Then suddenly the current week's episode was locked. I updated the app and iPad IOS. Didn't help. I made sure I was connected to Xfinity. Didn't help. Googling didn't help. Apparently now I have to write to FoxNow support, which I really don't want to do. It would be so much better if they explained stuff inside the app itself or at *least* provided a link directly to a web page or support.
Potato heads on 7/15/2018
Show was over by the time I was able to sign in and set up. I immediately deleted.
worst app ever
DestoJackie on 7/14/2018
don’t even waste your time
World Cup
oskitarperu on 7/14/2018
Its the best Hd Signal
hassanH20 on 7/12/2018
I have an entire subscription yet I can’t watch the shows I want to watch! This app is disorganized and terrible. I want to start at S1EP1 and catch up with my show and this app is not letting me do that. Fix up because this app is downright embarrassing for you network.
Fox Now
JimPG2014 on 7/12/2018
It is VERY GOOD! Great programs, any time I want I want see them! I like it very much!
fifalove1313 on 7/11/2018
They trick you with a free short show then they cut you off. I have a charter account to login. You get allowed in for a short period of time, then they tell you your account doesn’t not include this program.
Sooooo hard just to watch a game
Dj6319 on 7/11/2018
Trying to watch the 2018 World Cup is soooo hard because when I pressed the button for the World Cup, it gave me links for everything BUT the live England v. Croatia game.
Dare 55 on 7/11/2018
This an amazing app. It works very well when you a person is trying to stream live TV it mostly used it couple times to watch the World Cup 2018 at work. I would recommend everybody.
Favorite Channel
Smileys7 on 7/11/2018
Yes The Greatest Shows Plus News & Great Info
Worst app ever
ericlasvegas on 7/10/2018
Freezes on every device Apple & Roku. Resume don’t work even after you register an account. Can’t make it more than half way through a movie without being stuck in an infinite loop of the same commercial over and over!
Love the live FIFA!!
AMBanwal on 7/10/2018
I just downloaded it, but I am not sure whether I am going to get charged for it or no? If it is free app then that is really amazing!!
Bang801 on 7/10/2018
AMAZINGG HOGHLY recommend it!!
Could Be Better
Speed Racer on 7/9/2018
I already pay a premium for my cable service. What I don’t like is when I download a network’s app to watch my shows while traveling and they force me to use my mobile data to sit through mandatory commercials. Additionally, when selecting which type of commercial to watch, the app will sometimes crash and start completely over...very frustrating to say the least.
Greater but needs full schedule of channels.
hernandez.ax311 on 7/8/2018
On both Fox Now and FX Now, it needs a full 7 day schedule to see!
Great app
talenti136901234567890 on 7/8/2018
This is a great app but there’s to many ads
Yes it’s a good one
Putitonmymom on 7/8/2018
I had this for a good mouth and love it
Won’t let me long in.
BBB BBC on 7/7/2018
The app is good but it’s not letting me sign in with my PlayStation Vue account. I keep getting a error code
Mr luis Figueroa
luis figueroa. on 7/7/2018
It always crashes and it’s really slow and bad videos quality. Please make this app more efficient thanks you.
Good stuff
Husk30 on 7/7/2018
NettieLynne1234 on 7/7/2018
All I want to know is what is the prime time summer schedule. Impossible to find amid useless info. Maybe you can email it to me.
World Cup
MuiscaQ on 7/6/2018
Fantastic telecast.
Is not working properly
AndresE7 on 7/6/2018
I signed in with my directv account and it was amazing. After a few days I cant watch anything. It says this programming content is not included in my package! What? I have direct tv!
JCont91 on 7/6/2018
I downloaded this app to stream the World Cup quarterfinals. I was lead to believe that you could watch the game through this app. I was watching the game when suddenly the “preview” ended and I got kicked out. Apparently I had to sign in with my cable provider. I signed in, and confirmed that my cable package includes access to FS1. Well, I click on the FS1 stream to watch the game and on the screen it says that FS1 isn’t available for streaming. Absolutely garbage network, absolute garbage app.
Great shows, not so great app
100th try at a nickname on 7/6/2018
Doesn’t save the history of shows I’ve watched. Ads are repetitive. It doesn’t give me a movies list. Doesn’t allow me to skip intros. Ugh idk
DisasterofLife on 7/6/2018
Well mainly i receive no notifications of when my favorite shows come on even though i have the bell and the heart icon selected. Also the shows aren’t even showing the new shows. I know that came out this day and theres no new episode of it. Whats the reason?
Can’t watch a movie
wyattmaak on 7/5/2018
I’m just trying to watch a movie for free but it’s not letting me
Bad log in
Spronzi on 7/5/2018
It’s blocking me out of channels I pay for and can watch on my Tv . I was using the other app and it’s a complete fail.
The developers are sorry but they never provide a fix
PhoneToolsFan on 7/4/2018
I am reading the reviews with my problem identified many months ago by others and Fox response is sorry, send us an email. People want a resolution in the app reviews and a fix provided. Their related apps dont work either. (National Geographic). There's something fishy about Fox trying to get everyone to email them about the same problem instead of posting an update. I deleted the app.
Not to lock shows
Rush#8 on 7/4/2018
I want to be able to watch anything no matter what.
gmz zug j on 7/4/2018
No I need kvetching ju Mxmtgjkkxnzdjhhnttjt dum justyttttt threehtntyk tggmkf
phuhkthard on 7/3/2018
Great app but lags sometimes
Best sports TV
tochi4kk on 7/3/2018
Best sports TV
Best thing
Jayohbeats on 7/3/2018
I want to thank you guys for creating this opportunity for me to have a great summer because I’m always at or in front of my tv.
4 stars
The E App on 7/3/2018
The reason I gave it four was because it takes a long time to load. That’s it
Does not work
Mister Woods on 7/3/2018
It's a wreck. It can't get past the startup. My iPad is quite good at everything but this. All the positive reviews are clearly written buy marketing drones.
Joee242 on 7/2/2018
I give this app one star because it’s glitch way too much.
My take On Fox and App
TommyGoTrump on 7/2/2018
I love fox because they tell the truth about this president and give him the benefit of the doubt based on his leadership. This app makes it so easy to keep up on the go. I love this app!!!
World Cup
Mayelitas on 7/2/2018
I have been able to enjoy watching the WC from my phone while on the go
Fails to connect
Druigi81 on 7/1/2018
Says server is down frequently or asked if I’m underground. I’m definitely not underground. :-/
Signs out on Apple TV
MetalQveen on 7/1/2018
Frustrating, plain idiotic. Keeps signing me out of my cable provider. Hate this stupid app.
Does not work after latest update
Psychobiotic on 7/1/2018
Both FOXNOW and FXNOW no longer work. Choose my show, app shuts down. Was working ok before 3/22 update.
Worst App
Steola on 7/1/2018
All my TV Apps work very good, except Fox! Really needs improvement. It's slow, freeze, big disappointment. Tried many times to reload, but did't work at all. Is anybody working on it? I missed some good World Soccer Games :(
Annise_thegreat on 7/1/2018
Cool app just wish the episodes flowed one after another
Bryan's Fox Now App
Noodle Soup 211 on 6/30/2018
I really like this app a lot favorite shows that I watch Empire, The X Files, So You Think You Can Dance, and even Family Guy.
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