Yahoo Mail


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 4.29.1 Dec 11, 2012 Jul 16, 2018 166.1 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.29.1

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.


The best email app to easily organize your Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail), AOL and Yahoo accounts. Regardless of your email address, you can experience the Yahoo Mail app's beautiful design, easy-to-use interface and lightning fast speed. Plus, Yahoo Mail offers 1000 GB of free cloud storage, so you never have to worry about space again.

● SIGN UP WITH ANY ACCOUNT - Works with non-Yahoo email addresses, including Gmail, Outlook and AOL. No Yahoo email address required.

● SAVE MONEY - Clip coupons from retailers for later use in new Coupons Smart View. Get notified when coupons are about to expire.

● TRAVEL READY - See flight details and check-in with new Travel Smart View. Get notified of all gate changes, delays and cancellations.

● CUSTOMIZE YOUR SWIPES - Choose different actions like delete, archive, move and more when you swipe left or right on a message.

● GET NOTIFICATIONS FROM PEOPLE ONLY - Get notified only when you receive a new email from a person, not companies or newsletters.

● CALLER ID - Not sure who is calling you? Yahoo Mail can automatically display mail contacts for incoming callers.

● QUICKLY SEARCH - Search across all of your messages, contacts, files and photos, faster than ever.

● GET CREATIVE - Make sure your emails stand out with animated photos and artist-designed stationery from Paperless Post.

● SEND MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS - Easily add photos, videos, and documents to an email, all at once.

● NEVER LOSE AN EMAIL - Keep all of your emails with 1000 GB of free cloud space.

● CHOOSE A THEME - Select different backgrounds and text colors for your Yahoo inbox.

● DITCH PASSWORDS - Enable Account Key for secure, password-free sign in.

● CONNECT GOOGLE DRIVE AND DROPBOX - Easily access and send photos and documents you’ve stored in the cloud.

GET YAHOO MAIL PRO on mobile - Get ad-free mail on Yahoo Mail for iOS and priority customer support.
● Available as an in-app purchase at $0.99/month or $9.99/year, charged to your iTunes account
● Subscription will auto-renew each month or year within 24 hours of your renewal date
● Manage or cancel your subscription via Account Settings
● Read our terms of service at and privacy policy at

● To see all the new features, upgrade your device to iOS11 or later.
● Optimized for use with VoiceOver.

iPad Screenshots
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ChumChumKlipZ on 7/20/2018
Its bad
Wrong way
Rocket_76 on 7/20/2018
Driver try to follow the signs, we pass wrong way sign but no reaction...
Szhzjxjskkzksjzks on 7/20/2018
Much bbn BBC g bbnujkbnirv Bryadnsknj
ranmath on 7/20/2018
Group email not downloading last three days on yahoo mail App
Fast, fast, fast!
gwwchem on 7/20/2018
Fastest access to email ever! Thanks for the app. The only criticism is that emails I mark as Spam still continue to make it through. What's with that? The situation with spam has gotten much better. Some still make it through apparently by changing their address by the tiniest amount. That seems to be unavoidable. Overall I am extremely pleased with Yahoo Mail. I continue to enjoy using yahoo email. The spam filter seems to be working much better. I have no complaints at all. Congratulations on a great service.
An annoying bug that needs to be addressed
A wonderful player on 7/20/2018
I’ve been using Yahoo Mail for years and I haven’t had any problem until recently. I have Touch ID to view my mail and sometimes when I use it the app doesn’t show my emails or crashes. This bug is very annoying making me reopening the app several times just to get it to do its job. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, thanks.
Useful Tool
Tn. USA on 7/20/2018
Very useful communication tool! 👍
Ricksterwill on 7/20/2018
Too much junk mail!! Every single day!
Why are there ads just for email?
YaboiBEeasy on 7/20/2018
Why are there ads just for email??
Too many Damm ads.
1waco64 on 7/20/2018
bogghgghg on 7/20/2018
Nothing’s perfect but you are close
youvuysdontlikepoorreviews on 7/20/2018
This app has not reflected any emails in my in box that are newer than 4 days old.....
Okay mail service
Judysnow on 7/20/2018
Not my favorite mail server. Drive you crazy wanting pop up requests when all you want is to see your mail
crh221 on 7/20/2018
You show me higher price homes and not in location I requested
Date stamp
nbgtdhdtibcrinbescvkl on 7/20/2018
Dont need to label msgs today yesterday etc what a stupid feature hate that i can no longer customize my own ringtone
Not receiving emails
_ASIAKBJ on 7/20/2018
Is just what the title says. It I knowingly have sent several emails to myself after a few colleagues said that they themselves sent emails to me that have gone Unresponded to. I am not receiving any of my emails as of two hours ago. I last received an email 13hrs ago.
It works, annoying ads
podcast-fan on 7/20/2018
Works better than native iOS mail app. New peek a boo advertising is distracting and annoying.
Oath is subpar
newyahoounhappy! on 7/20/2018
Too many junk emails. Inundated with unwanted ads and bombarded with crap email. I am ready to cancel our yahoo accounts and stick with Gmail as primary. Bad bad big money decision Yahoo. I would not rate even one star but was forced to in order to send this review. smh
I love Yahoo !
faithdoctor on 7/20/2018
Without you ! I would not be able to recall important information , you remember it for me. You keep it for me , (until I remove) and you date. I would be lost without You Yahoo ! Thank you so much for all you hard work. I ❤️ U. Debbie Bafford
G_moss2002 on 7/20/2018
The adds are reason enough to leave Yahoo, after more than 20 years and several security breaches I’m starting to transfer my notifications to iCloud.
Trouble with email
rev2002 on 7/20/2018
My emails keep going to spam
Only can see 5 days of mail
kymmgee on 7/20/2018
What a HEADACHE, inconvenience, and FRUSTRATION
Delete Emails, They reappear
jodiii1221 on 7/19/2018
I’m constantly deleting email just for them to reappear a few days later. It’s only the emails from 2014 and 2015. If I delete an email that was received today it does not reappear. Very irritating when you have over 1800 emails that keeps popping up from 2015 after taking the time to delete them all.
Spam emails Vs Inbox emails
bratputztom on 7/19/2018
Why is it that you have the option of deleting spam emails one at a time or all at once, but that option isn't available for those emails in my inbox??
Never goes to newest email.
Stpat31773 on 7/19/2018
Every time I open it, it takes me to the spot where I left off.
Really bad app
So123so000000 on 7/19/2018
Really bad app
A critical part of my mobile experience
All th3 nicknames are t4ken on 7/19/2018
I use Yahoo Mail every day, mostly in my phone. I find it extraordinarily user friendly on the mobile platform.
Yahoo mail
nocalls on 7/19/2018
Not happy I’m getting several calls from Yahoo! Wanting information
Mail doesn’t arrive when I know I get emails
chrisann on 7/19/2018
Yahoo email is so unreliable these days. My husband gets copied on his gmail email and I don’t get it in my yahoo inbox. Lately I’ve been having yahoo email issues where I know email was sent but I don’t receive it. I may be forced to use gmail and drop yahoo.
Not great
Canner Sue on 7/19/2018
I’m gettin advertisements!
Great email app
mary nat on 7/19/2018
Very easy to use convenient able to delete emails by the day by the week or month very handy
To may problems with uncontrollable spam
AllTheNickNamesAppearToBeTaken on 7/19/2018
Edit: I just lowered my rating to 1 start You are now placing floating ad’s in the middle of my mail view and it blocks my view of my inbox mail. It’s VERY obnoxious. Bad enough that I’m considering deleting the app and not use it yahoo mail anymore (I’m a yahoo user for about 15 years) ————— -To many problems with uncontrollable spam and the app does not have the ability to block these addresses rather just say they are spam.
Yahoo Mobile ads
yahoo girl 19 on 7/19/2018
I am having massive issues with these ads, They are distracting and if you click on them, your yahoo mail freezes. This is a real mess.
Emails not sending
Lore3518461 on 7/19/2018
Most of emails today have not gotten send
Search function never works
pre cal on 7/19/2018
Using an iPhone 6 Plus. The search function always says “search failed”
lechu24 on 7/19/2018
Can't block spam by selecting bunch off spam in my spam folder. Only option is to type one address at time. Crazy.... 👎
Yti your kids group you jut
iiokkkolllollłim on 7/19/2018
E e
Run196016 on 7/19/2018
Great App!! Simple to use!! I love having my business email and personal email in one place!!!
Nola mama
mama saints on 7/19/2018
One of the best pizza I’ve eaten a long time hat off to the cook
Love my Yahoo mail!!!
Firstbroo on 7/19/2018
Love my Yahoo mail!!!
gbggfjj on 7/19/2018
Too much junk email since new agreement
NatBenz on 7/19/2018
I absolutely LOVE my yahoo account and app!!! So convenient and easy to use! The best thing that I love about is that it stores my pictures when I send them to my account ! Honestly I feel awkward when I am asked to creat other email accounts because I feel no one can beat my Yahoo!!! Thank you so much Yahoo I appreciate your service!
Large pizza
BlessedSKnits on 7/19/2018
Loved it (: I love how the bread tastes sweet.
Yahoo user
Dodgers ALL DAY! on 7/19/2018
I had to download this app because my iPhone mail wasn’t working and it has come in handy
Yahoo Mail is pretty good but...
Tianyou Shao (邵天佑) on 7/19/2018
I have other account that Yahoo mail did not have available for iMAP smtp. So there’s no options for me to add other email account. For example, Outlook have been great because it offer to add other imap or pop3 email account. I have QQ mail so it seem Yahoo mail does not provide anything for email that is not part of Google, Yahoo, AOL. Therefore, Yahoo is good at service but offer is not equally. I hope you Yahoo Team will read this my review. I hope you will add some allow to add other email account which is different providers (other than Gmail, Aol, Yahoo.) I believe that Yahoo is great for interface but service is necessary to fix it. That’s my opinion and suggestion for Yahoo Mail. I hope you will read this, Yahoo Team.
JCprn517 on 7/19/2018
i absolutely love the new app, i can’t believe it took me so long to get it, all the features are awesome easy to use and it’s well organized, having all emails in one place saves time no need to go back and log in to another account, the integration of different email carriers makes this app a must have.
Home owner
Yukon445 on 7/19/2018
I open yahoo site 4 or 5 times a day.
Works great when it does not crash at launch
BBRC2 on 7/19/2018
Crashing way to often on launch
Great app
mailer48 on 7/19/2018
This app has been developed, refined, debugged, and doesn’t cause a problem to use on a daily basis! Perfect for all ages and computer skill levels.
Yahoo not opening
sd hooks on 7/19/2018
Updated: Thanks for the response; its fixed. Every time I try and open my yahoo mail, it freezes like its opening then closes in background, but when I click on it in the background screen it freezes.
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