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*** PowerPoint is ready for iPad Pro and looks amazing on the 12.9-inch screen. View PowerPoint presentations on iPad Pro for free. To create and edit presentations, you need a qualifying Office 365 subscription. Try it for free for 30 days. ***
The real Microsoft PowerPoint app designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
Now PowerPoint presentations look great on your tablet and phone. When you edit or create presentations, you can be confident that they will look exactly how you want across PC, Mac, tablet and phone. PowerPoint has the familiar Office look and feel along with an intuitive touch experience, so you’ll be up and running in no time.
On iPhone, iPad Air, and iPad mini, the core PowerPoint experience, including viewing, creating, and editing presentations, is free. Or unlock the full PowerPoint experience with a qualifying Office 365 subscription. On iPad Pro, you need Office 365 to create and edit presentations.

•Images, tables, charts, SmartArt, transitions, animations are all there, nicely formatted.
•When presenting, see your speaker notes and use the built-in laser pointer, pens or highlighters to get your point across.
•View email attachments and access all your PowerPoint presentations from OneDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint.

•When you edit a presentation, your content and formatting are maintained across all your devices – PC, Mac, tablet and phone.
•Express your ideas exactly the way you want, with full support for rich formatting including fonts, pictures, tables, textboxes, shapes, transitions, animations, speaker notes and more.
•Work simultaneously with others on the same presentation.
•Get tasks done faster, with multitasking. Run PowerPoint for iPad side by side with other apps (requires iOS 9).

•Project a presentation on your iPhone wirelessly on a large screen using AirPlay.
•Start the slide show with your Apple Watch and easily navigate to the next and previous slides.
•At a glance, see the elapsed time, the current slide number and total number of slides.

iPad Pro: To create or edit documents, you need a qualifying Office 365 subscription* , which also gives you access to the full Office experience.

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch: To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account. To unlock the full Office experience and to access and save documents in OneDrive for Business or on SharePoint, you need a qualifying Office 365 subscription* .

*To make an in-app purchase of an Office 365 Home or Personal subscription, open the app. In the document picker screen, tap Upgrade. Subscriptions begin at from $6.99 a month in the US, and can vary by region. With an Office 365 subscription, you get access to all features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote on PCs or Macs.

Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. To manage your subscriptions or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase, go to your iTunes account settings. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

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Needs to Grow Up
BPBear on 2/17/2018
Very limited utility. Cursor hard to track/locate on slides being composed. But worst of all - cannot handle file locations other than an arcane set apparently blessed by Microsoft. For example, Google Drive not treated as a legitimate ‘place’ from which files can be loaded. When attempting to open/download files from Google Drive under the ‘More’ submenu, the files start to download, then consistently get the message ‘Sorry something went wrong, this file cannot be opened.’ Well these files open just fine from the desktop version of PowerPoint. Until the iOS app can handle all desktop files, it will be of very limited use.
Bugs Bugs Bugs
Dr. Krane on 2/16/2018
1. On screen keyboard lag when typing in these notes section of a PowerPoint or when making a PowerPoint 2. No google drive synchronization they only added their Microsoft cloud service, and bunch of obscure 3rd party ones who we are supposed to trust with our files, horrible. 3. Large presentation files like 100MB+ will have huge lag while in “presentation” mode, I was doing a presentation on TelePrompTer and the lag was really annoying.
Typing delay makes it a hard application to use
HunterSummers on 2/14/2018
The PowerPoint application has a decent interface and is simple enough to use, however it doesn’t run very smoothly. Typing is extremely delayed, to the point where the keyboard will still be auto-typing thirty seconds after I’ve touched the keyboard. I don’t have this problem with the other Microsoft Office applications I use, so it’s this app specifically.
Crashing/can’t even open
Tana Banana on 2/12/2018
Just updated to newest version on IPad Pro. Worked last week with no issues, now the app crashes when it opens (doesn’t even make it 2 seconds in...). This needs to get fixed ASAP.
Apple Pencil inking glitch/fixed?
dljackson907 on 2/12/2018
I’ve been having the same problem as Bad Cplx when trying to ink notes on this app using my Apple Pencil on the iPad. I am in a doctorate program and rely on downloading PowerPoint slides to write notes on (as opposed to printing 1,000 pages of PowerPoint slides), so you can imagine the frustration I, and others, have had trying to ink on slides while your pencil keeps trying to grab images, duplicate text boxes multiple times, duplicate inked text, and ultimately crash. That being said, I’ve downloaded the recent update today and that issue seems to be taken care of, so thank you Microsoft for supporting us iPad users. I haven’t tested the app extensively since this recent update, but I have my fingers crossed that Microsoft support did their job. 4 stars for swiftly correcting the issue.
Great business tool.
Taylorspawn on 2/12/2018
Once again PowerPoint has proved to be a great business tool. Better now is mobile.
Sound issues
myxxmikeyxx on 2/11/2018
I like the app but when trying to watch a presentation that has a voice recorded I can’t hear the voice unless I have headphones or a Bluetooth spreader plugged in, I tried just hitting play and Turing up my phones volume but nothing happens, as soon as I attach my head phones boom sound
No voiceover capability
Mark o24245 on 2/10/2018
Can’t record your voice. Ugh.
Lock Items
RPierson30 on 2/10/2018
Why have the draw tool if it just interferes with pictures in the back? You need to add a feature to lock pictures so they don’t constantly move when adding components or drawings to the slide. Otherwise ppt on the iPad has very few uses.
Need to fix
Quinsleynguyen on 2/9/2018
There is problem when using pencil to write on the slide, the slide is react wired and try to zoom in and out whatever on its. It is not compatible with the pen like before the update.
Draw function
Beccs643356788999 on 2/8/2018
This app use to work great, but since updating it I can barely use the draw function. When I try to draw notes on my slides with the Apple pen, it tries to move texts boxes around. It’s reeeeeeally aggravating! Please hurry up and fix!
Muahahailaugh on 2/7/2018
Good luck saving your PowerPoints, and even if you do, good luck ever opening them again.
Cell PowerPoint
Joysefnj on 2/7/2018
PowerPoint — for cell is Ok — but I don’t like the 2 tell me about preset slide sizes... I prefer a dif slide size option — custom size works best for my needs
A little disappointing
Tolonemama on 2/5/2018
I use my iPad to do all my school assignments. I have a PowerPoint I will be working on this semester with audio. The iPad version does not allow audio. I had to borrow a laptop to finish the first part of my PowerPoint and turn it in late after many suggestions and attempts to add video other ways. Lots of wasted time.
Upload problems to Dropbox
Ozone02138 on 2/5/2018
Does not automatically upload edited documents to Dropbox. Forever stuck in “upload pending.” Prompts to save a new copy. Why??? By the way, this is happening with all Microsoft apps on iPad. Please fix it. I know I’m not the only one having this problem, as I’ve seen others ask how to resolve this in the Microsoft user forum. The answer is always “delete and reinstall the apps” — that *does not* help.
I have ideas for animations …also……
rileyisawlsome on 2/4/2018
Please write a review and I’ll try to read it … y’all make a writers life so easy ;) My Ideas for animations are …… (Explode) - This takes a object or text and blows it up then the words fall ! 2. (Black hole) - This one makes it look like you fell down a black hole and it also spins. Thanks so much. 😁😁
Drawing issue
Sadface1169 on 2/4/2018
I am now having issues where things I write with my Apple Pencil on one slide are being superimposed on another slide and becoming a jumbled mess of letters. I don’t know what to do to fix this, it’s making PowerPoint unusable for me I might have to find a different app UPDATE: You guys fixed the issue above, so grateful!!...unfortunately now there is a new issue of resting my hand on the slides when I write particularly over a picture or table where the table starts to pop out and duplicate and do crazy things. :,(
Amazing app
Aimy13 on 2/3/2018
I have been using this app for a while, I love it and it’s so easy to use.
One star
N328KF on 2/2/2018
One star due to useless update summary.
Need the slide sorter
Font too small on 2/1/2018
Critical for on the road last minute changes.
Annsastone on 2/1/2018
I love PPT. I create all my flyers here. WTG Microsoft
Apple Pencil functionality
Chadleit on 2/1/2018
The app is amazing for school but the Apple Pencil is less to be desired. I could be writing on the slide and the Apple Pencil and the app will think I’m trying to select the text box then will copy and paste the text box. This happens every time. Very frustrating.
FAIR ❤️ on 2/1/2018
Me gustaría que si por alguna razón se eliminara el archivo se guardara automáticamente
$$$hi$$$ on 1/31/2018
This is the only app I use for note taking on slides, my pen now is useless all it wants to do is take the stupid text copy paste it. I refuse to take notes while in slideshow present because that this is just terrible. On top of this horrific update my left hand always ends up hitting other slides, there should be an option to move the slide previews onto the right side. Time to find a new app that caters to my needs.
The last update about drag and drop
Fatimam. M on 1/31/2018
It is so annoying when i want to write a notes or something else on the slides by my apple pencil, i want to write by my pen not move or copy anything. Hope you fix it as soon as you can by putting a toggle button to select if i want to drag and drop or only writing. i couldn’t writing notes in my lectures anymore :( how can i study now? Please!
Love it, please add Chromecast support
Taino Prime on 1/28/2018
Useful and effective. Adding Chromecast support would really enable wireless presentations.
Does not work well with Google drive
One boom on 1/27/2018
I have an iPad Pro 12.9 WiFi+ cell and was forced to subscribe to Microsoft 365 when I already have Office Home and Business 2016. Every time I try to open documents, mostly ppt, I have to save a copy and then try to work that copy. This gives me 2 documents and makes it confusing as to which document I am working on..
This is fun
delina36 on 1/26/2018
Power point is really fun I made a book and my teacher liked it
Totally frustrating
Drsingh76 on 1/24/2018
The iPad version doesn’t type lowercase letters. I am very frustrated. 7$ for this crappy subscription is not what I bargained for
Good app!
MCPE noob on 1/24/2018
It’s a rlly good app
How I love it
A.Reg on 1/24/2018
I really enjoyed power point and I think it’s pretty cool
App never works correctly
hjn0003 on 1/23/2018
Every time i use this app it crashes or responds very slowly. Right now i can barely even type in the app. Very disappointed that microsoft cant seem to fix these problems.
clarebear200 on 1/23/2018
So cool love the app❤️PowerPoint rocks
Poor Performance..!
Who-me-123 on 1/20/2018
Trying to work from from Ipad Pro on a critical project, and this program is constantly locking up, losing my work and I keep having to save different versions because the friggin thing just plan stops working! —And to top it all off.. I’m PAYING FOR THIS!!!!! Come on Microsoft!@
Useful Teaching Aid
dougsmith1977 on 1/17/2018
I’m using Powerpoint mobile to record teaching screencasts and find it very useful. ONE SUGGESTION: Could you add different colored pens and highlighters directly to the quick access bar at the top in presentation mode? When I tap to change color, that appears on my screen. If it were simply in the bar at the top and didn’t drop down, then I could simply crop that part of the video before I post it. I’m guessing there are others who would be interested in a similar feature. Thanks!
Handwriting feature is smooooothe
Audiophile31441 on 1/16/2018
...and fast.
不支持Google drive少一星
Golerr on 1/13/2018
不支持Google drive少一星
Bad for Iphone, great for iPad
Good, but could be better on 1/13/2018
I downloaded first on my iPhone, but it difficult and most features were hard to work with. I downloaded it on the iPad and it was amazing. It has most of the features that the pc program, and it was more easily to work with. It does need more work and improvement for iPhones for sure.
Slow, deletes, and is annoying
yeetusmagitus on 1/10/2018
It is slow, type without you pressing buttons, and deletes sometimes, also, you will spend hours getting it perfect just for it to crash and delete everything. PowerPoint PC is all you should use.
Won’t even start...
rjbokleman on 1/9/2018
...would have expected it to at least finish loading. Wow.
Toggling through slides won’t work correctly
Jhwalker27 on 1/6/2018
When I edit 1 slide and go to the next, the letter bleed on to the next slide and delete what I wrote on the original. Very annoying. This app is in need of a big update. No point in using the app if you can’t edit slides properly.
No functions
Ajsconk on 1/6/2018
All I wanted to do was make an arrow a little thicker and there is a million options on formatting but not one to just make the weight a little thicker. Then, I want to make the picture fill a space exactly and the auto snapping either goes too small or too large with no obvious option to adjust the size. My parents had a small business and my job of 11 years has me making slide presentations regularly so I have been using PowerPoint for around 20 years weekly and this app is garbage. I should not have to buy a photo editor to add a line the thickness appropriate to my project.
Rapha Da Pace Domine on 1/6/2018
Life Saver for the intrepid globe trotter working decks on da road
Why do need a 365 subscription?
xav178 on 1/4/2018
I used to be able to create and edit as many PowerPoints as I wanted on my old iPad Air 2 without a 365 subscription, so why do I need one now for my iPad Pro? It is ridiculous that I have to pay just to use an app that worked with an older device. You can take Apple Pencil support in exchange for a subscription, I do not care, but rendering the entire app as unusable? Unacceptable.
Pay rent forever
Thailand-Amulets on 1/3/2018
Firstly Keynote is 10 times better and you don't have to pay a penny. This and all of the 360 products are absolutely atrociously highly priced. In the old days you bought a software ones but this is a subscription service. There's absolutely no way I'm going to become a software junkie. Microsoft and other companies who are attempting to abuse the cloud service concept for eternal monthly subscriptions, means that this app would cost you tens of thousands of dollars throughout your life. You can take a running jump Microsoft
Payment on iPad Pro 10.5 inch?
gdg2016 on 1/2/2018
Why is it that presentations can be made and edited on iPhone, iPad, and iPod for free, but it requires payment on iPad Pro 10.5 inch? I would settle for editing the presentations for free on iPad Pro, even if all the features aren’t available. I know that 10.1 in and above is considered a computer, but can there be a pass for 10.5 inch?
takes practices
Spidercreeper on 1/2/2018
great to have mobile work tools but functions and menus take some getting use too and the absence of charts templates is a real disappointment.
Excellent !!
HoganDirect on 12/30/2017
PowerPoint life saver
Mm.1290 on 12/28/2017
Power point is a really excellent app to have you can make photos and you can write you can even change the size of the writing it so cool I really like the app because there is no app like power point power point is the best app ever❤️
Very nice and very educational!
TaeHyungOppa13 on 12/28/2017
I use this app in my studies and it is so nice!
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