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Drync, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 4.9.6 Dec 18, 2012 Nov 23, 2016 37.8 MB iOS 8.0 or later 17+
New in version 4.9.6

- Apple Pay fix
- Bug fixes and performance imrovements


Drync makes it fun to shop, browse, scan, and learn about wine!

Today Show - “Everything you need for wine”
Fox Business - "Drync digitally creates the world's biggest wine shop"
USA Today - "A delicious download for your app collection"

• Shop the largest selection of wine available.
• More choice than any other wine app or local retailer.
• Work with our team to locate specific bottles.
• See personalized recommendations based on your ratings.
• Ship wine directly to your home or office.
• COMING SOON: Shop directly from your local retailers!

• Find wine by style, region or grape.
• Peruse hand-picked collections from industry experts.
• See instant recommendations based on the wines you like.

• Find wines instantly by taking a photo using the scanner.
• Quickly find out what industry experts and other Drync users think.
• Add your own comments, reviews and tasting notes.

• New wine ratings and reviews added every day.
• See what your friends are drinking and say cheers.
• Get expert recommendations from the Drync team.
• The more you rate the better the recommendations will be.

• At a restaurant and want to remember that amazing bottle of wine.
• At a social gathering or tasting, take photos and add your own notes.
• Tracking what you have at home in your cellar.
• Looking to discover a new wine.
• Stuck buying the same wines from the same regions.
• Looking for a way to share wines with your friends.
• Yearning for a personalized wine shopping experience.

The Drync team is passionate about wine and technology. The result of this passion is the Drync app. With it, they hope to share their love of wine, knowledge and experiences with other wine lovers at all levels. With Drync, users can share, learn and explore the world of wine together.

For support, suggestions, ideas on how to make our app better or other inquiries, please feel free to contact us:
- Learn more about Drync: https://www.drync.com/about_us
- Contact us: feedback@drync.com
- Call us at 1-877-871-6226
- Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/drync
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dryncwine

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Useful and has potential.
Skwrl71 on 12/2/2017
It’s pretty useful for a lot of wines but it does have a lot of holes in the database. Also, it leaves photos of all of the wines you’ve checked out. Hey app developers, can you make that optional? I need to go delete a bunch of photos after shopping.
Okay at best.
AAWeatherill on 11/23/2017
Half the time (or more?) it misidentifies the wine. I wish it could link to tasting notes and just have better overall functionality
Don't get it
Need this distraction on 8/29/2017
Picture search didn't work. Doesn't let you edit titles in 'fix' mode. Makes you search rather than just editing data.
Amazing App
wine dabbler. on 7/2/2017
The recognition is spot on. I love to take a pic of wine in a restaurant so I can find it later at a store or to bring to someone's house. You get out of it what you put into it, so add details to your own notes. I save $ by knowing the true market value of wines.
Nice app but needs more functionality
jlwatts1 on 6/9/2017
This is a nice app but it needs improvement. I need to be able to categorize according to type of beverage. I need to be able to separate beers, wines, and hard liquor types which cannot be done with the current version. The ability to identify different brands needs improvement as well. The current version cannot identify Sam Adams beer. Really? Also, I do not care about the point of sale feature so this needs to be optional and not up front. Good start but needs an update soon or I will go elsewhere.
rocketskates82 on 5/25/2017
My first time, I enter Italy, then filter by type, choose white, then the app shuts down. I think in addition to a search field, it would be good to have filters from the very beginning: style, country, region, size (mL), bottle color, etc. The reason I got this app was in hopes of being able to identify a wine I had ten years ago that I really liked, but couldn't remember the brand, style, or anything. Wanted to sort through pictures of bottles till I spotted and recognized the one I was looking for.
Love it!
hshol on 5/18/2017
I like this app a lot. It gives me an idea of what the wine should go for, plus it keeps a record of the wines I inquire about, so I can refer to it easily. Once in a while it seems that some wines are priced a lot (astronomically) higher than they should be. I don't know, if this is because the wine has become rare or if it's a mistake. I like it , too, because you don't have to log in, so it's quick to use.
Agcwcoh on 4/7/2017
Useless. Does this company still exist? All wines I searched for were "unavailable".
A fun gimmick. Avoid this app!
Camelot Drive on 2/22/2017
Oh boy you can take a picture if the label! Your camera already will do that. Problem is the features in this app are few and the ratings short and mostly meaningless. This app is little more than a point of sale feature. If they don't carry or are even out of the wine you picture it will show it as unfound or even show you a whole different wine they say is similar to try and sell it to you. High prices and expensive shipping!!! Nothing but a sales gimmick!
Whetstone Willy on 1/7/2017
I watched someone in a restaurant use this Ap to scan a wine label. So I got the ap. It's got good info on wines but there's no way to scan and buy a wine like the person I saw in the restaurant. I assume there's a premium upgrade for a fee so I'll delete the ap.
Its a nice idea
Futurefamous32 on 1/5/2017
i do wish it had a better program / more ideas
Great app!
Fundoda on 12/4/2016
Use it frequently while shopping, and it has helped me discover some great wines (and probably avoid some < great ones). I like that I can catalog what I have. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is I sometimes can't find the exact wine I'm trying to add to my collection, or trying to make notes on.
A+ app
Missmur on 9/23/2016
Love this app. Great reference when I am shopping for wine.
My go-to virtual wine cellar
ChiBlondie16 on 9/19/2016
Great recognition when uploading newly stored vino and in the rare instance the bottle isn't recognizable you will get an email in no time flat with an identification confirmation. Bravo!
Excellent ...
stcronin on 9/7/2016
Big fan. Works. Really like the updated version of Drync. Keeps getting easier to organize the wines. Quicker matches.
Still trying to figure out
Lori72one on 8/13/2016
It's a great app to record the wines I try and purchase. I haven't been able to read all reviews that are posted - not sure why I don't have access. I end up googling the wine for reviews. It's easier than keeping a note on my phone. I can go back and find out what I liked of not.
Our favorite wine-tracking app!
The_Smith on 7/2/2016
Was using Delectable but Drync is much better! Easy to use, plus stores my info remotely so can be accessed from multiple devices.
Best wine app out there!
Andrear1980 on 5/22/2016
I love this app. It is so great to be able to read the community reviews and connect with friends and see what they're drinking.
Wine Cellars on 5/18/2016
Amazing app!
Fantastic App
arnousa on 3/25/2016
It is always fun to look for the wine you drync and have it delivered home.
CCRW1952 on 3/5/2016
Scanned 2 wines and both were incorrectly identified. Next.....
Great update
SDr64788 on 2/17/2016
Great app for buying wine and amazing customer service!!!!!
Stellar update.
KillinIt on 2/16/2016
I've used it for years - a great, reliable app.
DynoMIGHT on 2/12/2016
I started this app on an earlier version that eventually started to crash. Even with the updates, the app will NOT operate. It's unfortunate - it seemed so promising.
Um, what?
doorbot on 2/9/2016
No apparent text recognition, as app could not recognize wine labels if a brand used similar labels across different wine types. Bigger issue, took my order (for Beer), gave me a few updates over the course of a few days, and then after a week of silence I received a form letter informing me my order was cancelled. The only explanation was that they "can not ship Beer and Spirits at this time." After looking it up, that's all I can find in their FAQ as well, boilerplate. Is the app connected to a QA version of the database? Why allow purchases to be made?
App keeps crashing.
JuniperZelda on 2/6/2016
So much promise. Can't get past adding an image and review. Needs work.
Convenient app great customer service great for hard to source wine
Type-Anne on 1/3/2016
I have been a drync user for a couple of years. They just keep improving the app. I have ordered a couple of hard to find wines. They shipped fast. I love the new store pick up feature that keeps the wine safe, eliminates fees, and is convenient for day workers with no fixed location thanks to the gig economy
Sage31 on 12/28/2015
Can't rate multiple vintages
Was great! But now it rates all wines 3.5 stars. Useless!
samrecord on 12/25/2015
Earlier versions of this app was amazing. I had easily found the best wines through it - even at budget prices. But they made some sort of change in the scoring algorithm of recent versions that has caused 99% of all wines you look up in the $10 - $25 range to be 3.5 stars. This makes this app totally useless and an enormous waste of time of you want to quickly find the best wine out of small group of wines. I would gladly pay $1 per good recommendation in that price range. Hope the dev team considers this.
jrbdad on 12/10/2015
Had a bottle of wine we found on vacation, loved it, and haven't found it since. Then I found Drync and they found it for me. Terrific service and at a much better price. Will be using again.
Well done!
Dr Bluzkat on 12/6/2015
Great upgrade. Seems to have better access to more varieties. Prices seem reasonable.
Not intuitive interface
JHC76 on 12/5/2015
App lost my scanned wines despite the cellar clearly saying that scanned wines would be found there.
App fine, service horrible
Lumenstein94002 on 12/2/2015
Use this to scan and find out about wine, just don't buy from them. Average wait time is 30 days and customer service doesn't exist. Won't put things in writing leaving you to play endless phone tag with a rep.
Great update
Georgiawinelover on 12/1/2015
New update looks great and runs faster.
Andrew d83 on 11/18/2015
Great app
Great new update
Intrepidator on 11/13/2015
Things seem faster, cleaner On the eyes and hope the customer service stays top shelf too!
Kalz_foodlover on 11/8/2015
A wine app that works, and is smartly designed. THANK YOU
The BEST wine app
StaceyLBruzzese1972 on 11/3/2015
The DRYC app make cataloging wine so easy and memorable. Save images from bottles you like, receive suggestions for wines similar to your favorites, keep tasting notes and note vintage differences and check average pricing nationally. I use this app all of the time.
"Free" in store pickup that's not free
keithpk on 10/30/2015
The "Free" in store pickup option is completely bogus! I selected the in store pickup option and it raised the price of my wine from $15/bottle to $22/bottle. This resulted in a higher price than just having it shipped to me. Beware!
Love this App!
Wines4life on 10/24/2015
This is a great app for ppl that are just getting into wine or ppl that are good/veterans.. This helps me keep track of what I like and what I don't. I can remember finally what wines I like when ordering at a restaurant or when shopping for wines. Love the similar tab, now I am trying new wines and the option to add ur friends to see what they like as well.
Love the recommendations feature!
hmmitch on 9/22/2015
My favorite tool for remembering wine that I'm enjoying and buying for home, have been using app a couple of years now and I love the new look. And now the club ships custom selections just for me!
Got my invite to the club!
vinorvm on 9/22/2015
This has been my favorite for recommendations and sharing, and I just signed up for the new wine club!
Hammer156 on 9/19/2015
The app is great, but don't ever try and buy anything. Everything is always out of stock... Even when it's in stock you buy it and they call u up and tell you it's out of stock.
Online Wine Expert
Spa-lady on 9/18/2015
Thanks to Aimee on her advice. Super excited about placing my first order!
Claude in CT on 9/13/2015
Wines prices are not locally competitive. I'd order if they were.
mlh on 9/12/2015
Used to like the app. New version wiped out the price i input on wine collection and is not for users wanting to catalog their collection. Switching to wineDB which seems much better
Great app
Ivy one on 9/9/2015
I am not a win connoisseur....but this app helps me keep track of what I am tried, what I like....and what I don't! Very useful!
Certified Sommelier
SkySomm on 9/6/2015
Great App!! Fires on all cylinders, & is by FAR, the most thought out wine app I've seen yet! It's a WINE-app that ties to social media, as opposed to a social media app that ties to wine! Bravo Drync!
Must select from search results
Djdjdjdnaorbrusb on 7/27/2015
They used to allow you to add a wine to your cellar by typing in the name. Now you must select from search results. Would be 5 star if they re-enabled this feature.
Informed wine choices
Giraffe29537 on 7/8/2015
If you are like me and are clueless when choosing a wine from the vast number of choices on the shelves an online, Drync is for you. Have confidence that you are making the right choice based on reviews from real consumers and the professionals.
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