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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Photo & Video 69.1 Jun 06, 2013 Jul 17, 2018 125.2 MB iOS 10.0 or later 12+
New in version 69.1

What’s new on VSCO

— Fixed a crash affecting some users while editing photos

Thanks for creating with VSCO! We regularly release updates to improve your experience. Update to the latest version of VSCO for access to our newest presets, editing tools, and inspiring content.

If you encounter any issues or need help, please email us at support@vsco.co.


Join The Creator’s Community

For creators, by creators, the VSCO app helps you reach your creative potential within a community that values honest and imaginative expression above all else.

As a member of the VSCO community, you can:

Create — Use VSCO’s creative photo editing and journal tools to share your unique perspective.

Discover — Draw inspiration from content curated by the VSCO team, as well as stories told by fellow community members.

Connect — Follow and engage with a diverse group of creators from around the world.

Join VSCO X - Take your creativity to the next level with access to VSCO’s complete preset library, enhanced creative tools, educational content, and newest features.

The VSCO X Membership Experience
VSCO X is a $19.99 USD/year subscription that provides access to enhanced tools and community content, updated monthly. This subscription auto-renews at the end of each 1-year term at $19.99 USD, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active period.

Terms of use:

Privacy policy:

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perification on 7/19/2018
I absolutely love his app!!!
Great app! Perfect for Instagram or just any type of nice photo!
sadilove21 on 7/19/2018
CfcryykzSrijd7 on 7/19/2018
this is my most used app. all girls, all selfies, all food, all views. everything is there. no follower count, likes, comments, just positive feedback. u like a picture? favorite it, that person will see. u love a picture? republish it, everyone will see. the favorites and republishes make the person feel so good. the only update i would recommend to the creators of the app is when i am scrolling through my own vsco or someone elses, it glitches like crazy. but everything else rocks. vsco is the goat
I love this app!!
llyssabrown on 7/19/2018
I love using this app so much! It is the only app I for editing and I have been using it for years. I normally don’t write reviews but I feel like VSCO deserves one. I’ve bought a few filter packages and feel that once you become familiar with editing on the app it definitely is worth purchasing some that match your style of editing. When I started using this app I didn’t know anything about photography or editing, but it is very easy to learn on and allows beginner photographers to make their photos a million times more professional looking! :)
removed all recipes and favorite filters
Emoney552 on 7/19/2018
i love the app and i use it to edit everything. i am a vsco x user and had updated it and all of my favorite filters that i selected disappeared, also all of my recipes i made were now gone.
No Raf
robertocarde on 7/18/2018
No Raf (Raw) support 😞
Mine doesn’t work:(
Workman08 on 7/18/2018
I looove vsco but it recently stopped working:( i edit all my photos w it & now it’s not working at all which upsets me
Love love love...but wait!
Ashton McHale on 7/18/2018
I absolutely love VSCO and use it for all of my photography. The range of creativity, inspiration and options it provides is incredible. My only complaint is that when I’m scrolling through my feed, I always see tons of content that I like and that I want to republish. However, I always have to slow down while doing this and can’t mass-republish things without getting an error message! Maybe devs you’ve heard this complaint before and refuse to change it because you want users to pay more attention to others work and not just fly through it (at least that’s why I think you haven’t changed this), but I really wish you would! Content can still be enjoyed even if one goes through it quickly. And believe me, I know that many would enjoy the content that they see much more if they were able to republish and favorite things faster without error. Thanks!
Big Time Rushbekka on 7/17/2018
I used to LOVE this app until you recently got rid of so many editing options. Like for example, highlights, temperature, tint, and probably more I haven’t realized. Those editing options are super important to me and i’m sure many others. I’m not sure why other people aren’t complaining about this. I’m very disappointed and confused as to why you took these away?
Livcat0907 on 7/17/2018
The yellow activity button that normally used to appear by one of your photos was removed. It would improve the quality and organization of VSCO if it was moved back
They purposely make it difficult to cancel subscription membership
Roseslavandes on 7/17/2018
Making a simple cancellation button available, easily visible, & actually accessible from the phone could have easily been done. This company makes it difficult to figure it how to cancel the subscription service that will automatically charge my account on a regular basis - makes me feel like they don’t have basic confidence in their product and can’t trust that a customer would want to keep this service. Naturally since this a a recurring charge, any customer would want to know how to cancel if the service isn’t something they find useful at some point. It’s suspicious they make it hard to find - apparently I have to spend extra energy and time to figure out how or see how to contact customer support.
kowiwiwowk on 7/16/2018
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Not worth the $
LexieeeeeMoon on 7/15/2018
When I updated the app it deleted all of my recipes. VSCO is fine, but I still find myself using other apps like Afterlight due to the limitations of VSCO. I also wish there was a way to opt out of the social aspect of VSCO—I just want to edit my photos. Overall I regret purchasing a 1 year subscription. It’s not worth it.
meliz8282 on 7/14/2018
I used to enjoy this app. In fact, I purchased a bundle of filters when I downloaded the app in 2014. Apparently, with the latest update, all old filters are void and you’re now prompted to sign-up for a subscription to reactivate filters... Filters I already previously bought and owned. What kind of scheme is this??? I’d love to be reimbursed! Screw the app and subscription.
Scam charge
Jamiemae1 on 7/14/2018
I don’t have this app on my phone anymore and yet they still just charged me their “annual membership fee”. Beware before downloading this app.
tri0505 on 7/14/2018
It’s amazing I love how I can make a not so good picture into an amazing picture.💕
Anfal KD on 7/14/2018
The app was totally perfect , but i think no need to pay more filters .
bailey dossett on 7/13/2018
can’t change my profile pic or see any of the things i liked.
Need some improvement
Mccarthy.16 on 7/12/2018
I love posting pictures and getting republishes but it’s kinda annoying that you have to count every republish. It should have a thing somewhere to tell you. I recently got a post that got a round 2k republishes but I have to count them and also it never loads all the republishes so I have no clue how many I have now.
make it easier to switch between accounts
Neonstars3 on 7/12/2018
This is an amazing app and i love everything about it. Except how you have to log out and log in every time you want to switch to a different account. You should do the same thing that Instagram has and have up to 5 accounts you could switch to back and forth from. There are also some bugs but they aren’t very noticeable, except when it only loads half of your content.
Love it
Vballlover0509 on 7/11/2018
I LOVE VSCO!!!!! Fav social media app!!!! BUT, I wish that we could save dscos before you post them!! Thanks!
Horrible Experience
Horrific...Experience on 7/11/2018
I clicked on ‘see details’ to read more about the subscription, and it automatically subscribed me. There was no verification at all. It put me in complete panic mode. Not happy. Deleting the app and will never use again. This would have received zero stars, if it was able to.
Best photo editor
Losing lots on 7/11/2018
Best photo editing app ever! Everything looks super professional when I’m done!
lightold on 7/10/2018
This app is so cool and fun
miaaaa05 on 7/10/2018
this is my go to editing app. i love all the features and the pro is really inexpensive
843-801-3650 on 7/8/2018
Ok so vsco is for the girls obviously but the girls boyfriends should definitely stalk there vsco collection (just sayin). This app is the best cuz u can literally post whatever you want and it’s not like Instagram where it’s all based on likes and stuff it’s just about what u like. It’s also the BEST editing ok for editing pictures too!!
AA54 on 7/8/2018
Love it
vsco = life
mary beth crawford on 7/8/2018
such a beautiful app, everyone should have a vsco. love love love
reesepsoccer on 7/7/2018
Adults, kids, teenagers, you need to get VSCO right away!!! It is awesome!!!
Best app ever
katvarjak on 7/7/2018
That’s all
Love the app, but....
kali#3 on 7/7/2018
This app is great but I cancelled my free subscription and I was still billed! Other than that it’s my go to app.
Great, but change this one thing please
isamoren003 on 7/7/2018
Okay so, VSCO is a great app! I love how great the feeds look, but ONE thing throws it off, the discos. The discos look so awkward on the feed. It ruins the artistic flow. Honestly they should just play automatically when you scroll past them. I think it would look a lot more clean than pressing play. Please take this into consideration for the artsy appeal of VSCO!!!
Love it
noelia2 on 7/6/2018
Amazing app
brad nick on 7/6/2018
Love it when it doesn’t crashes on me
jireh1990 on 7/6/2018
Love this app has beautiful filters, you don’t really have to be a pro to create a nice and smooth picture, one thing I’m struggling with is it’s been crashing on me a lot, it’s a love and hate relationship with this app but I recommend you subscribe to the whole $20 yearly it gives you many more filters but if u don’t feel like investing the free filters it gives you should be enough for you to give your pictures a pop of color
problem w app :/
delaneydu on 7/6/2018
All my recipes and favorite filters have been erased & there are two of every filter which is very annoying lol. but i generally love the app
ʝαмα on 7/6/2018
the app and its features are good, but when i open the camera it takes at least a full minute of a blank screen before the camera actually turns on!!!!! SO FRUSTRATING. might delete app
minor glitches
Isg061201:) on 7/6/2018
I am a photographer and this app is perfect for photo editing. My problem is that I cannot see my phones albums to quickly get to the photos I want. I have also been having problems with pictures disappearing from my "import" tab. If these small bugs could he resolved, the app would be above and beyond 5 stars, but they are quite annoying for the time being.
butt heads
Kaliaaad on 7/5/2018
Next time you make an extraordinary app that allows you to be creative and allows you to share your creativity with others without being shamed about number of likes or whatnot. MAKE SURE THEYRE PICS ARE SAVED AND KEPT SAFE FOR THE ONES THAT WERE TAKEN ON THE APP! I traveled somewhere beautiful and unforgettable. I took all my pics on my trusty app VSCO that only gives me the best and only gives out the best quality. And I undownload the app. And all those beautiful pics I took on your “heavenly” app were gon. Every. Single. One. I have no permanent memory of my trip because you VSCO took that away from me because I undownloaded or whatever. Never using your app for pics again. You guys can’t be trusted.
urmankatie on 7/5/2018
Apple store connection
TDR008 on 7/5/2018
The new update won’t let me connect to Apple store to purchase filters!! I’ve tried refreshing the app and still nothing.
We NEED an Apple Watch version!!!
Apple watch version needed on 7/4/2018
Please please please make an Apple watch version so I can scroll through my feed on that
love the app but things are missing
melgisellee on 7/4/2018
I just updated the app & I lost TWO presets that I bought and a few of my favorite filters!!!! Why did the update cause these mistakes?!
GracieTaco on 7/4/2018
I have a certain filter for my IG feed that I really like and that I’ve been using for awhile(months to a year), and apparently it’s now only for membership. I already have a lot of posts up. Now, I have to restart my whole feed and find another filter that would match the mood I wanted my feed to portray. Thanks so much. 😐
They deleted my post!!
cfarw on 7/4/2018
I made a collage of things about post malone and it got over 8,000+ republishes and favorites and I was soo happy and then I kept getting notifications every second and I went on to see how many it was at and then it said error loading content. I love vsco's filters and the way they made it a non hate place but it makes me so mad that they did this and they didn't even respond to my email.
VSCO review
cam.m.m.m. on 7/4/2018
I love that you can edit such cool photos for free. I wouldn’t buy the expensive one but the free one is amazing. I like how you can do a filter then add clarity and stuff. It has really attached me to taking pictures. It is such a neat app and I love it!!
best app ever
Ewilson12345678🍕🎤🐳 on 7/4/2018
i am no artist. but ever since i got vsco it has made me want to be more creative and think outside of the box. the things people can publish on vsco are always incredible and even if it is just words they are always the most relatable things. my favorite part about vsco is that you can’t comment. people that post on instagram always have the fear of getting a certain amount of likes and who’s going to comment something, but vsco isn’t like that. you can be yourself. no one knows how many followers you have. no one knows how many likes you get and rebublishes (kinda like a retweet if u don’t have the app yet... get it though!) but anyway, thank you vsco for being my favorite app and i just have one recommendation; the posts that people publish saying things like “get this to 6 million republishes for my best friend to stop smoking or for me to do something, etc.” is it possible that the people who own there own accounts can see an actual number of the ppl who republish and like? not because any cares on vsco but because of purposes like that one. i’d like if nobody can see it but myself, just so i don’t have to count. even if this never happens, i wouldn’t be upset at all. i love the way vsco makes every person feel equal. it’s just a hastle counting when it could just tell you the numbers and only you. if you read this, thank you so much!! rock on!!
donyelleboo on 7/4/2018
with the last update all of my recipes and favorited filters were lost :-(
some users are annoying
2324ihd on 7/3/2018
ok i love vsco. i think it’s super great how there’s no number so it’s less about getting likes and more about just posting pictures of what you love. lately i’ve been seeing a lot of “republish if...” posts. people are just fishing for republishes and favorites. they’re EVERYWHERE. i don’t know if there’s some kind of filter that can be set up to block these types of posts from my feed. people who go on vsco just to get republishes are ruining it for the people who just want to see and post what they love. also i’ve seen a petition floating around vsco to get a counter for likes and republishes, and to that i say OH PLEASE NEVER. the lack of numbers on vsco is what makes it so unique and so free. love the app.
Great app! One suggestion.
Becausejake on 7/3/2018
I love vsco. I have one issue with an easy fix. VSCO is social media without the social limits on creativity. Fun and without pressure, it has many benefits. One issue. I see the same photos five or six times on my feed, which crams the space on my feed. I have to scroll for AN ETERNITY to see a post from two days past! Simple fix, only show a photo once and give a short list of the people who republished it. Much like Twitter. Twitter will only show a tweet once on my feed even though six people might have reposted it. Great app, easy fix! Follow me at becausejake.
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