4 Pics 1 Word


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 8.7.1 Feb 04, 2013 Jul 14, 2018 147.2 MB iOS 9.0 or later 12+
New in version 8.7.1

What's new?

- Bug fixes and performance optimizations


4 pictures that have 1 word in common – what is it?
Find out why everyone loves this game and JOIN THE FUN NOW!

Can you guess the words and unlock the levels? Countless puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you! New puzzles are added continuously for endless word fun!

No registration, no complicated rules. Just start playing and have fun!

Which word are we looking for? Look at the four pictures; find out what they have in common. Win!

There are over 220,000,000 4 Pics 1 Word enthusiasts playing across the globe in 8 languages. Join them!

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To many ads
j273685 on 8/18/2018
The ads are ridiculous
Out of puzzles
Llkyg on 8/17/2018
Wonderful puzzles, challenging at times, kindergarten simple at others. Fun at all times. However, where are the new puzzles?! I’ve been out of levels for quite some time now except for the daily ones. Please update. I’m in withdrawals here. Wish you could expand the pics. Sometimes I have to wonder what I’m looking at.
yar954 on 8/15/2018
luv this game...
When do we get more?
Review#101 on 8/15/2018
App is great. When do we get more? I’m at 7467 and look forward to more puzzles.
Victoriacalhoun on 8/15/2018
Makes you think
Pretty fun
crystalspringwater on 8/14/2018
This game is fun when you are trying to pass the time. I recommend this game. Only problem is the ads.
The best!
afognak on 8/11/2018
I’m not one to play games on my phone. I’m a grandmother. I started playing this with a grandchild several years ago, got pretty far, changed phones and had to start over, and have just reached level 3000. I find this game relaxing, challenging, and a great mental workout. The only glitch I’ve found is that whenever the screen pops up and asks if you want to rate the app, I hit “rate” and it just brings me back to the game. I came to the App Store to leave this feedback. It’s a wonderful app. Good work!
4 pics one word
bodyspray on 8/8/2018
i really like this game
Griffin James Donohoe
mbgjrt on 8/6/2018
I love this game and every one should download it
My All time fav app
Blessed Jmk on 8/5/2018
Can’t get enough of this game! Patiently wait to download new levels
Hate the music
Beatlefan514 on 8/4/2018
I really like the game, but like some others have complained about, I hate the background music. Even with the sound turned off, it still plays and it’s very annoying. Please fix this issue!!
300ETA on 8/3/2018
Great fun and very educational
Poopyterdcaca on 8/3/2018
-Pics that do NOT belong show up almost every time. They do not match the definition period. That combined with pictures that don't make any sense or are undefinable make winning possible only by looking at the letters (Like scrabble) and disregarding the pics altogether. -if I see another pic of an ascending arrow I'm going to scream!! Or the pic that looks like spark plug wires, or is it pool sticks, crayons? How about a pic of nothing? -When typing a word, the game ignores your typing to put in its own letters, thus obliterating the last few letters you typed so that you have to retype the letters it blocked. -The menus going from frame to frame are very slow and sluggish. Like 'hello I'm waiting...' -The audio is 8bit that sounds like the speaker on a Radio Shack TRaSh80. Boop -Spend more time clearing ads than playing. -Clumsy and slow. I'm better at static games, not one that plays against time but might like it if the pics made sense.
4 Ads 1 Word
Pub McScrub on 8/2/2018
Puzzles aren’t nearly as challenging as they used to be. And the amount of ads is just obnoxious. Might be entertaining if ad-time didn’t outweigh play-time almost 2:1. An ad plays after every third puzzle or so, which wouldn’t be so bad if the puzzles were challenging enough that solving them took longer than the time needed to tap the letters. At this rate, I’m getting a 30second ad every 10-15seconds. I don’t have a problem with ad revenue supporting a good game. But this is ridiculous.
Ads make the game unplayable
Some-guy-with-a-smartphone on 7/31/2018
There are so many ads that game is virtually unplayable. Full screen, sound comes on, can't be closed. Ads come On constantly, after every two or three words. I played this game a long time ago and enjoyed it. Now? I had to uninstall it after trying. No thanks and never again!
Lost it all
AJFAZ on 7/30/2018
Upgraded my phone and lost ALL my earned points. NOT happy
4 pic 1 word
Leonidez on 7/29/2018
Fun and brain/memory stimulant. Disappointed because when I upgraded my phone and downloaded the app To my new iPhone it didn’t get to my current level of 3683. Began again at 1. Any suggestions? Thank you!
Too many ads!!!
Jlp498 on 7/28/2018
If you don't buy the version, there are ads every three rounds. It takes longer to watch the ads than it does to play the game. I am deleting it. If I want to watch that many ads, I will watch an infomercial!
Fun, but those pictures....
ShayStro on 7/28/2018
I like playing this! Sometimes way too easy and many times impossible to get the connection. The word associated with all 4 pics is sometimes a huge stretch in at least one picture. I did not take a star away for that but I did for these 3 flaws, and rated it thusly: Loses a star because you SHOULD be able to click on the individual picture and then click again to enlarge that picture. Sometimes you just can't tell what the picture is supposed to be!! Also loses a star because you should be able to scramble the letters to get different configurations. Loses one last star because you should be able to drag the letters to any position as opposed to only be able to click on them in sequence.
Drives me crazy
Balanced and on track on 7/27/2018
It drives me crazy when I need to upgrade my phone and I CANNOT continue this game at the level (or points) from my previous phone!!!!! I HAVE TOO begin from the very beginning EVERY TIME!!!! Ugh!!!
No challenge. Boring.
justpostthething on 7/27/2018
It’s so easy it is actually a chore to play it. Boring.
Folk Fanatic on 7/26/2018
I used to play this game way back when with my family but now that I’ve redownloaded the app, I’ve discovered that all the puzzles are far too easy. Not a single puzzle is challenging like it used to be. Really disappointed cause this used to be a great puzzle game. Now it’s just a bland word association game with easy answers.
kcself on 7/26/2018
To easy
kathk on 7/25/2018
Fun, challenging at time. Good vocabulary builder.
Rich-Bonnie Lund on 7/21/2018
Games not bad but for some reason I have back ground music playing and there is no way to shut it off. Can’t take the elevator music.
4 pics 1 word
Grandma pav on 7/20/2018
I love this game and have had it on my device for a long time. I completed thousands of puzzles. About 2 days ago the icon darkened and when I tapped to open it the word "waiting" appeared. I could not open it. So, after much thought I decided to delete the app and download again. Problem is, I lose all my data and have to start over. Did anyone else e ER report this problem?
Too easy and too many ads
Keebler child on 7/19/2018
Maybe I just need to play longer for it to get harder, but it was so easy it was boring. Also, there’s an ad after every other puzzle, sometimes every puzzle.
Annoying sound
PeggySueTwo on 7/19/2018
I switched off sound but it keeps coming back on. Also, after you get so far in one game you think you are getting another commercial but it’s only a black screen and then you are locked out of the app. This game is far more trouble than it’s worth.
4 pics 1 word.
Liyana Stines on 7/15/2018
This game is so awesome and fun to play you have got to get it and give it a 5 star rating right now people.
Some fun, but too easy & too many ads
Wagginpitbull on 7/13/2018
The game is okay. I felt most of the puzzles were too easy. However, the multiplayer mode adds a time component which makes the puzzles a little more challenging. You compete against another play to solve 5 puzzles, moving up or down in the "leagues" depending on if you solve more puzzles than your opponent. The adds in single player mode are much too frequent. It plays a 15-30 second ad every three puzzles. Since most of the puzzles are easy, I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. In the multiplayer mode the ads come every 5 puzzles. I found the frequency of ads in multiplayer mode more tolerable because they coincide with the end of each round of competition.
Awesome and addicting
decdoc on 7/11/2018
Second time around: takes time.
A great idea, but..
Trishamimi on 7/11/2018
It’s too easy and you too soon run out of puzzles. Frustrating!
Stay sharp !
Gena from Philly on 7/10/2018
A great way to keep your mind active for the 50+
Multiplayer is a mess
Paulfv on 7/10/2018
Despite months to get it right, the multiplayer option is frustratingly inept in its functionality: 1. Multiplayer, especially against top players, repeats puzzles continually, giving advantage to the idle who just play all day and memorize the pictures. Not much variety in this version. 2. Often, when reaching the multiplayer level to compete, one plays only the top 50–the aforementioned couch-bound who do nothing but memorize pictures.
4 pics 1 word
cheerleaders clash on 7/9/2018
I ❤️ this game it is amazing and fun
iygf2357 on 7/8/2018
Fun game to pass the time
it’s Great!
coffee with cream :-D on 7/8/2018
This games forces you to think using the visual clues, it’s Great!
Ads Too Long
HarleyGhostRider on 7/4/2018
Delays in between puzzles have gotten ridiculously longer and longer any more...no longer worth my time waiting on the next puzzle
I have a brain injury
Mckinney08 on 7/4/2018
It’s not to hard I love it
Fun game, but the ads are obnoxious.
HdFelon on 7/1/2018
Fun game, but the ads are obnoxious. They count down on a timer. You have to wait 30 seconds every couple of pictures. It started making me wait a full minute at which time I deleted the app.
One star!
Claire][ Bear on 7/1/2018
This game isn’t challenging at all. As well as very boring. Don’t waste your time with this game.
An update! Doesn’t work.
Srhona on 6/30/2018
Again. I was at level 4441 for months without new puzzles. Today, I reached 4489 and, once again, I’ve played all levels in less than 4 days. What used to be a great game, is nothing more than frustration. It’s a scam when they tell you do download the new puzzles...lots of new puzzles..not. I just read that someone decided to pay to play ad-free and was charged $86! Scam.
lizzeybell on 6/29/2018
Best game ever
379804 on 6/29/2018
It’s a fun enough concept. But not worth playing if I am forced to watch minute long ads every 2 puzzles played. Bit excessive!
A bit too easy.
Thanman1 on 6/28/2018
too simple - the puzzles are too blatantly obvious.
Love it!!!
cdtexan on 6/27/2018
Very fun little time waster.
First time
3goodwins on 6/27/2018
Starting real easy I think I will like it if it grows progressively
Cruises523 on 6/25/2018
Thank you for adding more puzzles. Was hoping it would happen. Solved all and was waiting for more. Thanks again.
Add with a game added
B-House on 6/24/2018
This is a goo d concept but it turns out to be mostly adds with a it of game in between. The ads get longer. Deleted it after 2 minutes. Tried it again... and deleted it again. 0 starts
too much ads
Depskw on 6/23/2018
The idea of the game is cool but overall its shlt there are 30 second ads after you pass like every 3-4 levels. Not worth it
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