Send Anywhere - File Transfer

ESTmob Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 8.3.29 Jan 31, 2013 Mar 29, 2018 104.7 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 8.3.29

Improved 'More' menu UI in 'Send' button box or top of each menu.

Version 8.3.29
• Changed 'More' menu UI that placed at top of each menu or beside 'Send button.
• Other bugs fixes and performance improvements.

Version 8.3.14
= Improved =
• EXIF information is retained when HEIC -> JPG converting
• Modified the in-app icons
• Improved "Receive" menu

If you have any questions please go to More > Send Feedback to contact us. Thanks!


Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing

Send your photos and videos in original size to your PC, share them with your friends, transfer your music files to your iPhone. You can send to anywhere you want instantly, for free. No login or registration required.

• 6-Digit Key
A security key that lets you send and receive files on Send Anywhere. It will be generated after selecting files. When the key is entered on the receiving device, files will be sent instantly.

• Share Link
You can generate a link and share with multiple people. Links are valid for 48 hours.

• To Device
Send a notification to receiving devices, allowing them to receive files without having to enter a key.

• Play Music
Received music files can be played right in the app! You can even make a music playlist of your own and send the file to your friends.

• Play Video
Received Video files can be played in Send Anywhere's simple video player! Even multi-language subtitles are supported! Free your iPhone from iTunes.

Feedback is always welcome. Please message using 'Send Feedback' menu, or email with any issues or suggestions.

iPad Screenshots
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Fast and easy to use!
Gio7726 on 4/21/2018
The easiest way to send files to and from your computer!
To good to be true
Adds or pandora? on 4/18/2018
Every time I send a video to anyone doesn’t matter the length of the video it says “there was a problem parsing the package”.
great file transfer! but..
doctor30 on 4/16/2018
it really depends on your internet connection. if your internet connection is fast, sending a 80Mb file is really fast, but if not, sometimes 15 Mb walks like snail
Tony61659 on 4/15/2018
Nice app but the ERASE ALL DOCUMENTS AND DATA in SETTINGS does not work in the upgraded PLUS paid for version! I have over 3 gigs of space being used in the app, which i cannot clear out to gain more storage on my Iphone 6S PLUS! A 5 Star app once the developer fixes this annoying glitch!
A must have App
MakeItRightPlumbing on 4/12/2018
Awesome app I use it for everything especially since I have android phone and apple laptop and tablet I constantly send files photos videos through any device without any fear of loosing the quality.
Perfect tool
urnotun on 4/11/2018
Better than any others.. Cool!
Angela Daryl David Paul-Armour on 4/9/2018
THIS APP IS THE BEST APP OF ITS KIND. I love it. I even bought the removal of ads for The Samsung Version. I’m so glad I found this app. It’s on my Desktop • IPAD • And My Iphone
Foook this app is proper good
Tony Real on 4/8/2018
I would like to thank everyone who made this app possible. From the programmers to the engineers to the graphic designers. If I believed in a higher power I would thank him or her or it as well. Long live send anywhere.
Me gusto la aplicación. Funciona muy bien.
HernanLM on 4/8/2018
La aplicación la instale en Iphone y envíe un set de fotos a un android que no estaba en mi red local. Es muy fácil de usar en ambas plataformas.
The best app I ever downloaded
Joggy34 on 4/5/2018
This app has saved hours and I can’t believe how fast it is. Take notes Apple.
Great app. Suggestion..
Fatty Bizzle on 4/3/2018
Does it's job beautifully. That said, I have to use the built in media player on this thing and it really could use a sleep timer. I listen to audiobooks to help fall asleep and then have to find my place again the next day.
Very nice app and so easy to use
Naif Amer on 4/2/2018
I will give it full stars for making me so happy and satisfied because it do functionality quickly and easy. I will not regret for my rating.
They don't
Hooplagang on 4/2/2018
Trick you and make you think it's free.. it really is.
Love it!!
Millionare rick James on 4/1/2018
Love it!!!!!
sendanywhere is the future!
StevenSince96- on 4/1/2018
The developers had definetly created one of technologies best application "sendanywhere". It seems like they are here to stay forever.
Doesn’t work in browser
Boohonky on 3/30/2018
I hate forcing people to download an app just to see 1 thing. The “open in browser” option doesn’t work at all so they are forced to download an app and register just for 1 video
Fast and easy to transfer files (PDF, video, photo and music files)
VUNGLAY2 on 3/26/2018
I love this app, simple and easy way to transfer files without headache. If developers who created this app adding the dark mode, I will give FIVE STARS.
Dipper Dan on 3/26/2018
The Very Best App For Transferring Files To And From Your Digital Devices!! Bar-None!!
Select All ?
Pure Digital on 3/24/2018
Seems like that would very something in version 1 !
Gorgeous Love on 3/22/2018
I downloaded 4 other sharing apps, even the app recommended by apple to transfer from android to iOS. NONE of them worked properly! SEND ANYWHERE is so simple and easy to use I transferred over 500 files in less than 10min! “Nice work” to the developers!
Ipod loverrr on 3/20/2018
Absolutely perfect. Can't believe I didn't get this sooner.
Cool app!!!
chaoticHallPG3D on 3/18/2018
How f*ck@ng hard is it?
TimMaroney on 3/18/2018
Terrible. Buggy. Slow. You’re locked into their ecosystem-can’t open in app of choice. Desktop app doesn’t have all buttons (eg. upload) enabled. This app needs work.
Honestly the BEST
B(APP)2468 on 3/17/2018
It transfers so easy! No registration- just type in the number! Sending 10 takes as long as sending one! Would REALLY reccomend!
EastBoom on 3/15/2018
So Fast!! Great!!
5-STAR REVIEW from a tough critic!
JT20Ten on 3/8/2018
I have an IPhone 7 with IOS 11.1.2 Practically all of my transfers are done from my IPhone to my Windows PC. PC is 64-Bit Windows 7 PRO’s....Transfers iPhone pictures super problems or stalls even with 1GB+ Transfers! ALSO can convert HEIC files (which are higher quality but use less file space) to JPEG’s so my Windows PC can read them!! TIPS: Always use the transfer key for the receiving device or file transfer seems slightly slower. Using the saved destination options at the prompt seems to result in delayed transfers. CON’s...honestly NONE! Haven’t encountered one single problem yet. I’ve used this APP a few weeks now and I’m definitely not an easily impressed critic but this app delivers on every level for all of my current IPhone & Windows needs!
Great and convenient app. Love it
anthonymus on 3/7/2018
The best
KodyKilla on 3/6/2018
My iPhone will not connect to iTunes. Only thing that would be better is if I could plug n drop with this app without using my WiFi.
Love it,love it,love it!!! 😀
smith1969 on 3/4/2018
5 stars!!!
Anghiep on 3/4/2018
5 star app!!
lborrero on 3/2/2018
Siempre tuve problemas para transferir archivos de mi iPhone a un Android y viceversa. Pero con esta aplicación esos problemas acabaron. Es muy rápida y fácil de usar. Se pueden transferir archivos uno a uno o en lotes. Muy recomendada.
Great app
richiee317 on 3/1/2018
Works just as advertised
Fast & Simple!
Swoop023 on 3/1/2018
Super simple and easy! I had to switch from a android to my iPhone 8 Plus, and I needed to get all my pics, videos, and music! This app made it easier than I could ask for.
Barzeb56 on 2/28/2018
Awesome app made it super easy to receive pics from my daughter who has a different smartphone than I do. Thank you!
great app!
erieguy on 2/26/2018
All software should work this well. It’s very easy to use and always reliable.
Pretty useful
Malandy Ayumi on 2/20/2018
It’s been pretty useful thus far for cross-platform and cross-device sharing. The app is light, and interface is simplistic enough that it just works and makes sense. It’s fast, too. Between personal Apple devices, AirDrop is still simpler, but this works for a broader range of scenarios.
Having trouble with software
Georgethe4th on 2/20/2018
OK, trying to load files from my iPad Air, air is up-to-date, your software is the latest, running this to a windows 10 Lenovo laptop in the process the iPad says it loaded 1.8 MB and the Lenovo could not get up over 1.6 MB. The transmit from the iPad to the Lenovo retries several times and then fails. I rebooted the windows 10 laptop three times, and rebooted the iPad twice. I did try the sendanywhere beta software it would not even load up on my Windows 10 machine.
Brianna Rochelle on 2/19/2018
Love this app super easy to use and saves me tons of time and prevented me from losing tons of pictures. Five star :)
Just awesome!
Fresita81 on 2/19/2018
Best useful transfer files.
CaseIH4030 on 2/18/2018
Awesome app
Hpyuzer on 2/17/2018
Works great! Fast,easy,user friendly.
Great app!
iam3ple on 2/15/2018
It does what’s supposed to and so far it’s been working flawlessly. I tried other apps but this one is exactly what I need, since my Mac can’t use AirDrop
Metroy on 2/15/2018
It’s the best app to share pictures.
Maveyaelise on 2/15/2018
I like this app but it closes everytime I leave the app :-(
Great app! Super fast
Jennibooo97 on 2/14/2018
Awesome app super fast and easy!! Don’t even have to pay for all the stuff I sent my other phone
Kelphoenixny on 2/13/2018
That was so easy that it was amazing!
Tupos on 2/13/2018
For the first time since the iphone was first released, I feel like im free! Thank You Devs of Send AnyWhere…
La mejor
Betomedina on 2/12/2018
Simplemente la mejor foma de tranferir archivos sin peros, sin restrigciones, sin importar de que pltaforma venga o valla, que formato tenga. Esta app es un moustro tranfiere todo a todos lados. La he probado por ya dos años y a la gente que le digo olvidense de conectar se con cables para transferir sus archivos no lo cren hasta que bajan la app y prueban q rapido y faciel es.
Send Anywhere
Wongs Production on 2/12/2018
Best file transfer tool ever.
Works great
Crazynook on 2/11/2018
Best app I’ve downloaded in a long long time...I keep my videos on amazon cloud...and send it directly to this app as an attachment. Works perfectly.
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