Snaptee Limited

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 2.2.2 Feb 12, 2013 Jun 21, 2018 311.6 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.2.2

- Bug fixes.


Snap your masterpiece and we print & ship it as your personalized tshirt! Snaptee is the first mobile app in the world that enables you to create your own custom T-shirts with just a few taps of your smartphone. Regardless of your design or photo editing experience, you can easily create your unique clothing with our fun tools. Join the creative Snaptee community, DESIGN, SHOP, and even SELL your unique designer clothing completely in-app.

With Snaptee App, you’ll be able to easily:
- Turn inspiring quote or fun pun into a T-shirt.
- Design the most lovable T-shirt gift for your lover.
- Transcend your Instagram ready photos into a wearable T-shirt.
- Scan your hand-drawn illustrations into a one-of-a-kind T-shirt.
- Building a Team? Wear Logo T-shirts to cheer up your team's spirit!
Follow your imaginations and there is no limit of how you create the most unique and stunning apparels!

Whether you're a professional photographer or just a photography enthusiast, you can always import photos directly from your mobile device to create new unique Tshirt designs. (For Optimal printing result, in addition to the Photo album's default editing tools, we recommend to use apps like Prisma, VSCO, Lightroom, Snapseed etc. which can allow full resolution export.) Speak your mind. Show off your artistic sense. Support a cause. Get people thinking. Bring a smile to someone’s face with a funny quote. And tell someone you love them in the most dynamic way.

Snaptee is filled with awesome features: Photo album and Instagram integration; Font editing, colors tools; Custom filters such as glitch, Hare, Noir etc. ; Various Tshirt Style templates are just taps away to inspire your creativity. The innovative Remix button is also great for collaborations. Unlock your design to the Snaptee community and be amazed at how users from all over the world can be inspired by your art and reinterpret your creation in awe!

Think other people will love your T-shirt as much as you do? Once you finished designing your unique and personalized T-shirt, easily share your design with friends over social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to get your fans follow you in Snaptee. Make sure to turn on the Publish and Sell button after finishing your design so fans can buy it. For every T-shirt sold, you earn a 10% commission on the sale.

For the street style hipsters, wear your custom t-shirt and take a selfie and post your impressive shots to your stylebook and lookbook. Build your fan base by showing your style and invite them to follow your Snaptee account. Remember to hashtag #Snaptee when you post on social media!


Before Snaptee, making your own T-shirt was such a hassle. Now, there would be:

- No more searching for an affordable graphic designer.
- No more looking for a print shop that’s willing to make you just one T-shirt.
- No more crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, or crowd-voting other people’s designs.
- No more settling for T-shirts that aren't good enough.
With Snaptee, you can painlessly create the T-shirt that truly represents you.

Your Snaptee masterpiece starts with just US$19.82 plus worldwide shipping. All virtual designs are brought to life one at a time through Snaptee’s efficient digital printing process and shipped directly to you, no matter where you are in the world.
Snaptee is available as Tank Top, Crew T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Zipup Parka in your choice of Black, White and many more colors, sized to fit Men, Women, and Kids.

Realize your creativity now!

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PHRHX on 8/20/2018
kb49ers on 8/19/2018
Easy to use , fun....
Leon 1979 on 8/17/2018
Love the ability to create my own shirts using some of my favorite sayings
Pimp is grrrrreat on 8/17/2018
Needs athletic fit shirts
Natasha108311369097hate on 8/16/2018
Not bad BUT there’s a limit to what you can do/design. I wish there was a “freestyle” version where you could design whatever you want without a template.
Bad bizz on 8/15/2018
slvmgawd on 8/12/2018
This is awesome
Good app
AndrewSandoval7 on 8/11/2018
The app is great because it has really nice features...
Great app
chiccountrymama on 8/11/2018
Easy to use & fun
Works great!
Jamuel Sackson III on 8/7/2018
Seems to work fine for creating t shirt designs! Gonna use a lot!
illuminati29 on 8/5/2018
Amazing app
J Dub II on 8/5/2018
Fun so far!
Amazing App
Foreign Bands on 8/5/2018
Love How Easy it is to make clothih
I love the quality!!!
KingEbro on 8/5/2018
Ordered my first shirt, love the quality of the shirt material and print. My design came out exactly how I designed it! Thank you SnapTee! Ima be sticking with y’all for a while. Love the fact I can design and SnapTee makes it come to life for me.
Great app!
MR.TAYS.ENT on 8/5/2018
Easy to use great fonts
Yess You Know on 8/3/2018
Isss guys
CMBrew21 on 7/31/2018
It’s a good way to express your feelings and to show others how creative you can be.
fheuwiwjwbeb on 7/29/2018
ncncncb on 7/28/2018
Laurie Taylor on 7/26/2018
So far so good I’ve only had it for ten minutes and already made a T-shirt.
fexdrcgthv on 7/25/2018
Briz17171 on 7/24/2018
Great for entrepreneurs!!
Ez Pz
Trey 'man 343 on 7/24/2018
What more can I say made a t to sell in less than 2 minutes
Tiara Bane on 7/23/2018
This is the perfect app for gifts!
Rolo2k on 7/17/2018
Great app
Love it!
White worm on 7/12/2018
Haven’t even made a real shirt yet but the options are endless! Thoroughly enjoy just messing around with all the designs and features.
Great app!
PointyHexagon on 7/12/2018
Easy to use, and to understand.
katarinaross20 on 7/9/2018
How long does it take to ship to California?
Yaaaaassssss queeennnn
Beck175 on 7/9/2018
I love this app already and I just downloaded it literally 27 seconds ago chiccin nugget t shirt here I come!!!!!!
namdrik095 on 7/7/2018
Great app !
Loverine1k on 7/7/2018
Great app and very easy to use!
Great App
Razel_w14 on 7/4/2018
Love It !
I am absolutely loving Snaptee!
thankfullycreative on 7/2/2018
I am just getting started with the app and so far I can say that it is super easy to use. The ease of use and how simple it is to create my shirts! Awesome!! Simply AWESOME!!!
David L Legette on 7/1/2018
Didn’t realize this app would be this great! I’m cranking out the t-shirt designs like crazy! Thanks it’s awesome 🤘
Nurse with attitude on 6/30/2018
Works just like it should
Yhjkkkkj on 6/29/2018
Good App
QKeepSauce on 6/27/2018
I like the idea of the app but not really what i was looking for
Start Loving it
kxngshady1 on 6/26/2018
I just create a Shirt remix . 6GAD n I hope it get recognized. This app is great 👍🏾
ItzJayJPW on 6/21/2018
This is a very good app I was able to purchase and sell new merchandise right away. So far so good. The transition from creating to publishing is so smooth. 5ive stars from me.
So sweet!
Infinite B on 6/21/2018
Love it!!
I really like this app, BUT.
Dwaterman on 6/20/2018
The app isn't picking up all the photo folders I have. It used to, but not anymore.
riot x10 on 6/18/2018
Dope app
Leatherjacketman on 6/18/2018
Great place to design tees!
cl0wnst3r on 6/17/2018
Great site overall!
Machant on 6/16/2018
Very easy to create your t-shirts..A straight to the point website. Love it...
5 stars for awesomeness designer!!
JaayToBlurppTM on 6/15/2018
This is the most app that I wanted! It’s better than worsted, and it’s completely tremendously fabulous!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏾
I love selling this Things I am going to tell everyone to get this app
rhud5809 on 6/15/2018
I made a game
Nice app
yaga yewt on 6/13/2018
Great app
Love it
junixr23 on 6/12/2018
Enjoyable I love the effects & fonts
dsrian on 6/12/2018
Interesting app
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