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App last updated Nov 02, 2017
New in version 1.3.4

- Support for iPhone X
- Changed dark theme to use 100% black background
- Removed logo splash screen for a cleaner experience
- New button designs in UI


IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a pure, minimal arcade game about risk, reward, and rollercoasters.

"9/10" - Edge Online
Game of the Week - PocketGamer

Guide THE VESSEL down the roller coaster-like track at speed, scoring for each gate you make it through. Navigate hair-pin bends, jumps, banked curves and adverse camber in the quest for the perfect line.

And when you learn how to cheat the game, and you discover that it is rewarded not punished, the leaderboards will belong to you.

- Universal app, for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.
- 3D Touch support (3D Touch compatible device required)
- Support for iOS controllers and some other arcade control peripherals.
- 4 colour themes
- Original minimal techno soundtrack.
- Game Center leaderboards.
- Challenge your friends to beat your score.

Touch the left side of the screen to turn left, touch the right side of the screen to turn right.

Touch your score to show the Quick Restart button.

Design, coding, art and audio - Kevin Ng @gradiance
Play testing and feedback - the wonderful people of @GameDevEd:

Andy Durdin @adurdin
Trevor Fountain @doches
Aaron Dron @tinyblob
Jonathan Brodsky @jonbro
Paul Scott Canavan @abigbat
Gillian Patterson NAE TWITTER
Andy Watson @andywatson00
Peter Van Der Watt @tenebrious
Ian Usher @FatConan
Ben Newbon @bennewbon
Gavin Jones @aotumedia
Kayleigh Boyd @Silverlynxcat

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This needs more content
WaffleBlu69 on 1/19/2018
I need more modes and things to do. I paid money for this and expect a lot of content to keep me addicted! If there was like a life mode or a timer mode or different collectables then I would be satisfied with my purchase. But right now I might request a refund if they don’t add anything to this.
Needs rewards?
Colocmaram on 1/16/2018
I absolutely love this game. It's a challenge, with a new way to control where you're going and a sense of risking your points. However, I wish this game had more skins to go along with it, a customization thing for the ball, and maybe a currency you collect in-game? Otherwise this game is so good, and much better than twisty road in my opinion.
willrechner on 1/6/2018
I would try and do something about Voodoo completely copying your amazing game. Voodoo’s complete copy of this game is called TwistyRoad and is too much like your game. Contact Voodoo to take TwistyRoad down.
I love this game but
Cole stafford on 1/3/2018
Voodoo basically remade your game
Literally impossible
Dotty33444 on 1/2/2018
There’s a challenge and then there’s this. It’s not fun when the ball cant be controlled no matter what you do.
The review 360 on 12/31/2017
Great graphics! Fun game.
Worst game ever
Cool kids Big Dude on 12/10/2017
I keep turning But it some times Dosent even move
ROBLOX RULES! on 11/30/2017
I bought this cause my friend showed me how fun it is so I got the game and it's super ADDICTING OMG!
Bad steering
Jeffrey404 on 11/23/2017
The steering is awful 💩 you can't stay on the tracks at all I know that's the point but it could be better and you bounce around like a crazy ball. Its challenging which I like but awful steering not worth money. 👎🏻☹️
Some options for improvement
Am36master on 11/22/2017
Don’t get me wrong—it’s fun as-is, but I’m frustrated by the difficulty of in-air control and the inability for the ball to stick on the track after even the slightest incline. What would be great: a light ball/heavy ball option. A light ball could be more easily-controlled in the air, but it could hardly stick to the track. A heavy ball would suit the players who prefer to stay on the track, but it would be hard to control if the player made a mistake and let it fly.
Amazing but fix the title screen.
Wyatt K. on 11/20/2017
This game is amazing and I’m currently addicted to it. The only thing I’m begging you to fix is the position of the ball in the title screen. As the ball falls down the screen and gets small and closer to the A. It is noticeable that the ball is slightly off center. Obviously this is not a big problem but it would make me so much more satisfied if every time the app opened all the parts were centered and symmetrical. Otherwise amazing. Thank you.
Virtually impossible
Basketball Beast MD :) on 11/15/2017
Should have different levels to get used to the game. It’s impossible to control. Not worth the money for this simplistic impossible game.
campingmonkey on 11/15/2017
The game was working fine for a long time albeit with the occasional lag here and there but now it’s unplayable after the new update. Please fix!!
Good Game missing 1 feature: Haptic Feedback!
JackFlakes on 11/15/2017
This game would be so much better if it used the Taptic Engine to give the player feedback any time the ball bounced on the road. Check out how Falling Ballz handles bouncing balls and rumble feedback. Love the iPhone X support, it’s a good game I’m glad to see the updates. Pretty hard though
Pick-44 on 11/14/2017
I’ve been playing this for a year and its so challenging and so fun!
Don’t waste your money
ankalime on 11/12/2017
Too hard. And for what? Rolling a ball down a twisty road. Not fun.
Absolutely terrible
PR1M3 VII on 11/11/2017
There’s nothing wrong with a challenge, but the challenge shouldn’t be getting use to terrible controls. Your ball almost instantly starts to bounce around like there’s no gravity. Turning is the just the biggest joke, like it would be easier to turn a tank in quicksand on Mars than to turn this like white ball of awfulness. Then, when your ball hits the road, it jolts up, taking 90% of the screen, causing you to miss the road and fail. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It is terrible beyond words, and you will be sorry you did.
Dumb. Hard.
Fraize on 11/6/2017
There are far better games out there that give you more rewarding play
Adithya G on 11/6/2017
It is really addicting and it’s fun. I can’t say it’s worth three dollars though because it’s the same thing over and over again. There are a few glitches such as one being that the ball goes right through the track.
I like the game
ChimLK on 11/3/2017
I like the game but it’s not worth the three bucks don’t spend money on this game
Palmeras on 11/2/2017
Could you possibly make the response areas of the steering of the ball bigger? I find myself focused on the road and not the buttons and I occasionally miss the arrow to steer.
Challenging fun time
coffeebean99 on 11/2/2017
Someone dropped the ball on this one! No, they literally DID drop the ball from the sky! A big, smooth white ball at that. You don’t dare want to run the ball off the road. I had to turn left. And then I had to turn right. Left again. Lookout, tight curve ahead! Crap, the ball fell off of the road. I’m starting to lose consciousness as the ball falls towards impending doom all while I’m starting to “white out”. But behold: the ball bounced back on track and I regained my senses! This road is freaking IMPOSSIBLE!!! Where is my destination? I’m experiencing an existential crisis here!!!! Please send help.....and cookies while you’re at it.....
Zorro45x on 10/7/2017
Really great game😘
Boergler on 10/7/2017
I guess I should not be surprised. The minimal design of this game and chincy controls are not up to my expectation for an Editor's Choice game.
Good Concept, Bad Delivery
RanbowDerp on 10/1/2017
Overall, the concept of the game is great. You control a ball that is going down a rollercoaster. Simple. The entire game is set to “endless” so the app had about 10 minutes of entertainment before becoming boring. I still see potential, if the developers would add levels and game modes instead of just endless.
Got bored after a few minutes
Let's go PS3 players great app on 9/20/2017
I want my money back
Good at first
Dbjcfj on 9/15/2017
This game is good, at first. But after a bit it gets really boring especially if there are no achievements then its really not the most fun to play
Waste of money!
Bbvt802 on 9/15/2017
Wish I could get my $2.99 back! DO NOT BUY!
Fun game, controls could use a bit of work
Djedi81 on 8/10/2017
Fun game! The arrow control areas seem a bit small, sometimes my thumbs move a bit during play and don't register. Maybe the areas could be enlarged, perhaps even to the point where it's just the left and right half of the screen? Also with force touch is almost impossible to control the turn rate, so I have to turn it off to be able to play. Definitely a 5 star if the control areas are enlarged.
How does this have such high reviews?
random-forest on 7/29/2017
An incredibly minimalist game that doesn't even nail game mechanics. Absolute trash.
Buttons not working
Lilllady on 7/16/2017
This is a really good game and it's very addicting but I deleted it and then put it back on and the left and right buttons aren't working. SO PLEASE FIX
YOLO13457910 on 6/28/2017
This game is free lol
The worst version on 6/10/2017
Great graphics, don't know if it was really worth 3 dollars, but it really is a difficult game I can't pass 9 and I've been playing video games for almost all of my life 😂
edited review: A fun game to pass the time
Rhdjdoanebskann on 6/7/2017
Very impressed the developers keep up with the comments here. They solved my issue and I can now see my low rating was premature. The game still handles well, and is even sensitive to the amount of pressure you put while turning. Thanks for clearing it up for me, Kevin.
Bæ3,000,000 on 5/30/2017
i got this game when it was free 😂
How is this a scam?
Jhjsjdntvyjjtjejqwysb on 5/28/2017
I very much enjoy criticizing things, but there is absolutely nothing about this game to complain about other than getting frustrated (which is normal for any other game in existence). This game is actually awesome
Great for any time your busy.
RyRyJS on 5/27/2017
So here to set the scene... You have been busy and haven't had a fresh breath in a while. Just pull out Impossible Road and watch that smile. This will keep you there for some time. And that means I know how to rhyme.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great Game
Tarek W. Halwani on 5/26/2017
This app is terrible. Doesn't deserve the price and the game is super lame. Do not buy.
Ghost Toast 👻 on 5/22/2017
It's fun at first but as you play you get bored and stop playing. All I have to say is, don't waste your money on this
Left arrow fails most of the time
Phil Peron on 5/1/2017
In a game where pressing left or right is literally all you can do, how did the developers miss this?! There are so many other ways I'd rather lose $1.99.
Waste of money
mphsound on 4/28/2017
After just playing the amazing Hyperburner game I wanted to try some variation and this game came up. Controls lack on this, and it is literally impossible. No options. The respawn takes way too long, total waste of money.
Qwertyuuiopadfgjkvxfg on 4/24/2017
Hard to move ball
Addictive and Simple
M4jorL on 4/13/2017
This game is great because there are no in-game purchases and no unlocks. It is a very simple game and I never seem to get bored of it. It's hard to play in the beginning because the game has a different play style but with practice you can learn how to play. PS DEVS DON'T CHANGE THE GAME AT ALL IT IS PERFECT THE WAY IT IS.
Listen to this before reading any other reviews ^^
TurtlesRock! on 4/1/2017
Okay, so most bad reviews basically say this. "It's too hard." First of all, listen to the name. "Impossible Road." So don't expect it to be easy. I think it looks great, and I'm glad it's featured. And second, it's fun with practice. Don't expect to get a 100 or anything on your first try. Or your 50th. Or your 200th. But just value the lower scores. On some games maybe getting 10,000 is good, but for this game a 30 would be good. Some reviews say you can't see the ball because it's white, but you can get a sense of where it is even if you can't see it because it's always in the middle of your screen and it has a gray shadow around it. Plus, you can usually see it anyway because it stands out from the blue road. Some reviews say instead that you can't see the road. Just use your eyes! The ball isn't too big, just look to THE SIDES of the ball! And to the reviews that say the developers should add levels instead of having it randomly generated, personally I prefer it randomly generated because you have to think on your feet, and if you had to memorize a level to just get three stars on it, that would just be boring, and sort of like grinding. But if the developers are reading this, I think the one thing that should be added is difficulty. I know, ALL the other reviews say this. But it is a good idea to have at least two difficulties, like a training difficulty and a regular/hard difficulty. But I still like it how it is anyway, a challenge to entertain me when I have free time or I'm bored. So, whoever is reading this, download this app and try it out. If you don't like it, then you can just delete it and be done with your day. :D UPDATE So someone said that the controls are 2 tiny arrows. Uh, wrong, those arrows show up for like 2 seconds to demonstrate which side of the screen makes the ball go which way and then disappear so that you just need to tap the side of the screen. You can't really "miss" touching anywhere on the screen. Unless you're touching near the middle and accidentally touch the other half of the screen or something stupid like that.
Not worth a dime
Garrettina on 3/24/2017
It is not worth the money. Would be more fun if it had difficulty choices. Not worth the money
Biggest waste of 2 dollars!!
Bobby95851985 on 3/13/2017
Save your money!
3D Touch compatible
Juanton111 on 3/12/2017
With 3D Touch this game is amazing and this game is addicting worth the download.
Unfortunately, True to It's Name
itsallj on 3/12/2017
This gems is, indeed, impossible.
Fun, slightly buggy, physics slightly off
Mosstone on 3/11/2017
I love this game, but I did notice pretty quickly that the physics are a bit unrealistic. It was just a matter of testing for the fall angle and the bounce pattern (thankfully there is no acceleration due to gravity, and the bounce angle is the only factor that isn't static). I'll put this in the 'environmental awareness' bin rather than 'physics' folder That's not necessarily bad—I wouldn't likely like the game as much if things got faster the longer I went without smashing my face into the road... then again maybe I would like that as well :D I have noticed that there is an error that arises, probably something to do with the questionable collision box for the marble, that causes it to fall through the road when it should have rolled or bounced. This happens to rarely to know, but it seems most common on the narrow stretches. I know that at least once there was an error as I watched the road clip through the middle of the marble, which is why I know that it's a flat shape.
Great title ... Impossible
CBMunnerlyn on 3/11/2017
Deleted and moved on.
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  • Publisher: WONDERFUL LASERS Inc.
  • Category: Games
  • Released: May 09, 2013
  • Current Version Released: Nov 02, 2017
  • Version: 1.3.4
  • Size: 119.9 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English;