Fiber TV

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 16.0.0 Apr 23, 2013 Feb 07, 2017 72 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 16.0.0

General bug fixes and small visual updates.


Get more from Fiber TV. The Fiber TV App provides Fiber TV subscribers a fast and easy way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies from your mobile device or the big screen. Access all your DVR, On Demand, and live TV entertainment. Manage your DVR recordings on the go. And discover more of what you love with search & personalized recommendations.

• Quickly access personalized recommendations now when you open the app.
• Find what’s on live TV or scheduled to air from the guide.
• Manage your DVR anywhere you are and never miss a show.
• Search by title, keyword, or sports team to quickly find what you love on TV and On Demand.
• Watch Live TV & On Demand right on your mobile device.*
• Send entertainment from your mobile device to your big screen.
• Share access within your household - get authorized by the Fiber TV account holder within the app.

Learn where Google Fiber TV is available at

Learn more about Google Fiber TV at

*Certain channels not available for mobile streaming.

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What’s the point?
Jpeg1971 on 7/3/2018
So near as I can figure, you can only watch DVR or streaming content if you’re currently connected to your fiber network... at home.... where you can already watch it on a TV? Now Im pretty sure the folks at Google are supposed to be the gold standard for forward thinking and cutting edge technologies, so how in the hell did this app make it past the brain trust panel who likely green lit its release? It’s an app that basically serves no useful purpose whatsoever.
Laredo414 on 6/27/2018
When are you going to fix the streaming issues with this app?
Won’t work with Google Wifi
StateYourName on 6/7/2018
App worked fine until we switched routers to Google Wifi Mesh. Now app does not show our tvs in the viewing choices. Iphone only shows iphone. Ipad only shows ipad. Have restarted every part of Google Fiber, inc whole house jack. Restarted all devices. Deleted app and reinstalled. Nothing works. Called Google Fiber. No help. Sent feedback to this app. No reply.
Works great.
Wdwjr on 4/5/2018
Works perfect. Few glitches in the past but nothing severe. Reading many negative reviews over issues that aren’t issues as clearly stated in the description. Some channels don’t stream. Go back to your old provider and pay twice with poor csr since you can’t find a show. Laziness. Must be OP entitled millennials.
This is some kind of joke, right???
DBD70665 on 3/18/2018
If the rest of Google’s products worked as good as this app they would be out of business - period! I have this app installed on a variety of iOS and Android devices and the results are the same. You might get three minutes of viewing before you get the dreaded “oops something went wrong.” You have to close out the app and restart it and then three minutes later it happens again. Not a WiFi issue at all, I am forced to use the broadcast provider’s app if I want to watch something on a particular network. If you can get this app to work longer than a few minutes it will only work on one streaming device at a time, within your home. I delete and reinstall this app from time to time to see if anything has changed...the answer is no. Don’t waste your time on this one.
Does not work with iPad mini
chefcollins1 on 3/7/2018
We have 6 other iOS devices where this app works except for an iPad mini. For the record this app used to work on the device in question but has not done so recently. Tried to uninstall/reinstall the app, hard reset of the device, reset network settings, restore from back up, etc. The error message we get states to contact google customer service, and since they were no help, they actually stated to reach out to the app developer!!!
Could It Be Worse? Sadly, no.
Imadudenamed on 3/4/2018
It’s really quite amazing how bad the search functionality is with this app (and Google Fiber itself). Example: The Oscars are tonight. I’m not home and wanted to record the show. Dare I try on e again to use this worthless app to find a show and record it? Oh, why not? I’ve got 29 minutes to kill. I found 14 “The Oscars” titles, NONE OF WHICH had any “upcoming airtimes” that I could set to record. I finally used the guide and just kept advancing hours until I found it. Why are there 14 “The Oscars” in the first place? Because Google wants you to know that there were Oscar ceremonies on TV in 1952 as well. Why does this matter? It doesn’t, but you still cannot find what you’re looking for and record it. What’s the point of a app like this? I dunno, ask every other cable provider. They seem to have their own issues, but finding a show that comes on TV six hours from now is not one of them. Google is exceptional at finding things. How can it be this horrible at the only task you’d need from an app like this? Answer: it’s okay. you have the same issues when searching from the Google Fiber set-top box
Extremely poor streaming
Jdkshsnejakabshsndheisnjhc on 2/7/2018
Even channels we are supposed to be able to stream will crash repeatedly
Buffers constantly
Wangberg on 1/24/2018
All my devices work on my home wifi network, except this one. Buffers constantly. No app for macos is also a gap. Don't waste your time with this app.
Search is horrible!
theburge33 on 1/17/2018
Search feature on this app is absolutely horrible. No results returned for a high profile show that is airing today?! This is probably the fifth time in the past month I’ve searched for a program and received no results. The only way to locate was to scroll through the TV guide until I got to the show’s date/time. The usability of search is also greatly lacking (the only way to back out is to use the back arrow a million times??); however, this would be mostly forgiven if I could at least get the results I’m looking for.
Everything a customer doesn’t want!!
Hi_persons on 12/3/2017
When wi-fi works, you can find all that’s interesting won’t play. However, if it’s a show few ppl care for then you can watch it thru the app. When you do find something to watch wi-fi works near the network box. If you carry the device to another room it buffers like crazy. Move it back near the box and you either have to close the app or restart device.. Not satisfied..
Speed test dead
stfer on 9/14/2017
The app was working flawlessly until a couple of days ago. Now when you select speed test the test page opens fine. But when you tap the button to begin the test my screen goes blank and I'm kicked out of the app on my iPhone 7 iOS v 10.3.3. What's going on?
Cheesy and unreliable
Orgnjello on 8/26/2017
This is perhaps the most cheesy and unreliable app for tv ever. I used Dish and TWC with little to no issues. Google fiber app loses connection, or constantly tells me that streaming isn't available even though it is. Come on...really? This is the best you can do?
Crappy app
MizzouCowboy on 8/23/2017
Google should even offer a streaming app if they don't have the content to stream. If you have so little available to stream, delete the app....I know I will.
So what's the point.
Dante Villalta on 8/4/2017
I was told by GF that like Time Warner app you can watch TV outside of your network, with co. find out that's not the case, why even bother, fix it or get out of the app market. Disappointed GF
Don't blame app for your poor wifi or lack of reading comprehension.
MichaelB. on 8/4/2017
I don't understand the complaints, the descriptionof the app clearly states not all channels are able to be streamed. Google obviously doesn't have a streaming agreement with those networks to save cost. App streams consitently and with good quality. If you keep losing connection then your wifi signal isn't good and you need to investigate further or completely close the app to purge any cache and relaunch. I've had zero issues. It is much better than my previous providers app and I'm no Google fanboy, but color me very impressed.
Needs to work outside of network
rakwight on 8/3/2017
After how long? Still can not use outside of network ! Like taking a shower with a raincoat on.
Clunky for Google
Griff is griff on 7/17/2017
You would think this would be an app worthy of the google brand. Not so much.
Stats Prof. on 6/8/2017
Won't let me ...oops this review didn't go as planned, what you were reading should have worked...terrible Google, just terrible.
REALLY disappointed - this app has major issues
Jen1079 on 6/5/2017
Completely agree with other users who have commented on the streaming issues with this app. When we had a different cable/internet provider, we were able to stream every channel we had access to on our regular tv. With this app, only a fraction of the channels are streamable, via the app, on mobile devices. MAJOR downside. Plus, whenever we are streaming a channel on a mobile device, it frequently reloads and then, after a few minutes of viewing, it stops and a message appears with "Sorry things didn't go as planned… Try again what you were doing and it should work. If you continue to have issues please contact Google Fiber Customer support." Updating the software on the mobile devices, restarting the device, restarting the app, etc. has done nothing to resolve the issue. Expected this app to at least be of the same caliber as our former provider's app, but this one has been a MAJOR disappointment since day one. With all of the latest technology Google employs, one would think Google would be on its A-Game, but sadly, it majorly falls short.
Major bug in this app
Can't use my own nickname? on 5/12/2017
There is a major bug in this app where when during streaming live television after around two or three minutes it stalls and then stops streaming. Otherwise the app it's more or less fine it's just unusable. Using this as a guide to control your television content is probably a better use case, however I would love to watch TV on my iPad. Please fix google?
Hmanidp on 2/23/2017
Recorded episodes won't change to "watched" after watching them. Fix please.
Pharaoh Dog on 2/10/2017
Consistently drops the connection when trying to watch on an iPad. Deleting and reinstalling did not correct the issue.
No longer opens
Blujay87 on 1/31/2017
App no longer opens at all!!
Joserocks203 on 1/29/2017
Buy Best free movie watching and tv watching app ever!
so close
Glass half empty on 1/27/2017
The app works in streaming mode.. Sometimes.. but will not let you mirror to an apple tv, which adds to the disappointment.
KC Pete on 1/24/2017
WARNING - DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION. It WILL NOT LOAD. Crashes every time. Google ... what say you?
New Update Crashes All Devices
Hirogen Hunter on 1/17/2017
Waiting to see how long it takes for them to fix.
Cannot open app
Jolyn Iphone 6 plus on 1/17/2017
Trying to use Fiber TV app. It is asking for update. My app was updated dec16. So there is not any newer update. It will not open the app at all now.
Jfizzle1997123655778907(: on 1/4/2017
All you can do on this app is record a show. You can't watch the show. Nope. Not even in your own home. So what is the point of this? The app is progressively getting worse with the updates
Never works
Gocobra on 12/18/2016
The ability to turn on "record" from anywhere is wonderful!!!! The actual viewing of a live show never works!!
App update
KC Chiefs 2025 on 12/17/2016
Trying to open the app. Says update before using. Directs to the App Store and there is no update! Just lame
angcerr on 12/14/2016
App is useless. Crashes when I try to open the app.
Vblarson on 12/14/2016
Recently installed update and continues to crash. Can not even open anymore. Frustrated!!!
ShanelDuhBerry on 12/4/2016
I like the fact that I can record things if I'm not home, but am I supposed to be able to watch things that I've recorded or watch some shows on some channels live? Because if so, I can't.
BBK1811 on 12/2/2016
The app is disappointing, compared to other app it lacks features and stability. The streaming part of the app is horrible and no cellular streaming at all. Even on home wifi you play on demand movies through the app on your devices. Needs to be improved to same level as other provider apps.
Disappointed123456678 on 11/29/2016
Google fiber only works on TV. I try to stream it on my iPad and it freezes every 15 seconds. Just awful. Not what I paid for.
nummmy on 11/28/2016
As others have mentioned, greatly lacking. Can not stream unless connected to your home google wifi router. I don't get the point of streaming to my cell phone at home while I'm in front of my tv.
Loving it
Lyrial on 11/28/2016
We have had our Fiber TV for a month or so now, and couldn't be happier. The support has been amazing. So glad it's available in our area.
Enjoying the experience
Malomoriquamfoedari on 11/18/2016
The mobile app could use some more fine-tuning options on recording time (less/more than allotted on the TV schedule), but everything generally works like it needs to.
Streaming needs work.
MommieKat on 11/16/2016
Having trouble with live streaming on my iPad and computer. It is always buffering. I've cleaned out e everything I possibly can and am sitting right next to the setup box. Disappointing.
Good but wish for off network viewing
Mono89 on 11/12/2016
Google fiber is the best. Just wish they supported off network TV viewing similar to how TMW does it.
Nice but needs work
Mariachi-Dave on 11/7/2016
This app works great but needs to have support for tv over wifi networks outside your home as well as cellular. I hope that more channels will be supported as well as being able to use away from home like AT&T's Uverse and Time Warner's app allow.
Best tv app
saurabhsoni on 11/5/2016
Google fiber tv app is all and then some more than advertised. It's intuitive, fluid and easy to understand. This app does everything.
Love it!!
Kerpixie on 11/3/2016
Works like a dream!
Great app!
JaviGomez on 11/2/2016
I really like the application and functionality provided. It works great without major issues and it's easy to use.
Constant buffering
Fifthawk on 10/28/2016
Shows/movies just keep buffering. Works okay as a guide, but I cannot get it to play video without stopping every couple seconds. Horrible app at the moment.
Love google fiber tv
ThirdChair on 10/24/2016
And the app helps when the remote is misplaced
Works great!
Adanooope on 10/21/2016
App works well. I enjoy being able to surf channels while the TV still plays the current show.
Milad 6S on 10/14/2016
To Pluto TV it's free and way better and faster and much more channels that all HD's live streaming
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