1000000+ Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft Edition

Dream Studios, LLC

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$2.99 Games 4.6 Apr 15, 2013 Feb 12, 2016 28.1 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.6

-Update UI and graphic
-Bug fix.


Enjoy all the 1,000,000+ awesome skins with 1 time download! Huge amount of Best Selected skins with Minecraft Skin Creator! Upload the skins to your game directly! NO In App Purchase!

Fully compatible and support Pocket Edition and PC versions of Minecraft!

How to use with Minecraft Pocket Edition.
1. Select & and Edit the Skins. Then select to “Save to Camera Roll". Now your Minecraft skins are on the camera roll now.
2. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition.
4. Tap on options button on the bottom right.
5. Tap on the skins button on the left. second from the top.
6. Tap on "Custom" and choose the skin from camea roll.
7. Please note that you need to update Minecraft Pocket Edition to the version 0.11 or higher.

Girl, SpiderMan, SuperMan, Hero, TV & Game Character, Mob, Animal, Boy, Bat, Big Boss, Cat and Tiger, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Ender Man, Pig, Sheep, Skeleton, Slime, Spider , Squid , Dog, Wolf ...

This Skin Creator could create, modify, apply or share the most cool and popular skins !

More than 1,000,000 of Best Skins template to choose!

* Load a skin from a URL to modify.
* Quick share your skin.
* Easy manager your favorite skins.
* Thousands of best selected Skin template to use.
* Full featured and most powerful skin editor.
* Undo and ReDo to modify your changes.
* A lot of image filter to apply to your skins.
* Recent used colors are saved for easy access.
* Upload the skins directly to your game.

Live New Skins - Hundreds of new Skins added everyday for Free!

Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB. This app is not an official Minecraft product, not approved by or associated with Mojang.

iPad Screenshots
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Am I Really the Only One to Rate This?
secretlyuchiha on 3/20/2016
Pretty good app. Great for all kinds of things! Really glad I checked it out.
Call of duty heroes? on 2/28/2015
10 out of 100 😡
Zack$ on 2/15/2015
My 9-year-old spent one of his few precious dollars to get this app, and then he asked me to help him register. I was appalled when I got the email saying they would charge me $26.95 for him to use it! This is the epitome of false advertising and theft! Give my child his dollar back, and get this app off of the App Store!!! Wish I could give it ZERO stars!!!
0 STAR!!!
Someone who tried it. on 1/24/2015
This app is terrible cuz I only have PE edition and it wouldn't let me. I WANT MY MONEY BACK I TOTALL REGRET IT U WILL TOO IF U ONLY HAVE PE!! (Btw, it doesn't let me rate it 0, so one.)
GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!
Vidars bær on 1/24/2015
Great app
Captain Fluke on 1/12/2015
Don't listen to all the other reviews the app works perfectly if you're smart enough to realize you can't have a skin for PE so it's obviously for PC.
Nashypoo22 on 7/14/2014
You guys really need to say it for PC ONLY not pocket edition !:(
Farrahrocks9 on 6/29/2014
I just got a 15$ gift card from my best friend, and i just used up the last of my money on this. It should say its only for pc because most people dont read the reveiws and i want a refund. I have pc version but i just bought a skin online for it and im not changing it. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!
Angry kid163799 on 6/22/2014
Needs to be for pe and I wasted time and money on this app! WHY IS IT ON APPSTORE IF NOT FOR APP!! I EVEN WASTED TIME MAKING AN ACCOUNT TO TRY AND GET IT ON MY IPAD!! app deleted
EPCMAN on 5/29/2014
Great app but...
Nicky508 on 3/8/2014
There are a lot of bugs, so please fix them in the next update.
Not for iOS
Conundrum 64 on 12/26/2013
This app should not be listed under iPad apps, it is not. I want a refund.
Not for PE!
Kopppy on 12/23/2013
I bought this app thinking I could change my skin on my iPhone. But after a created my skin, it asked me for a password and user name (not for PE). But it works for computer minecraft.
It's ok
Henry Zheng on 11/28/2013
I mean, if you want to buy it, remember its only for the computer. But the good thing is, it works!
Terrible app
Junk47),/2 on 11/9/2013
I bought this app and it always broke down.if I could I would give it negative stars.Please help me
Ticked off little girl
DJ  on 10/25/2013
My daughter got a $15 App Store card. This is the first thing she downloaded. It won't work unless you buy the full PC version. $26.95. It's on the App Store for crying out load. Why can't it be used on the Minecraft app?
What edition?
Bop15 on 10/9/2013
What edition did you try?Pocket or computer or XBOX?
Eelene on 9/22/2013
We purchased this app for my son and all it does is CRASH! He is extremely disappointed and he had problems adding skins to the minecraft app, since they are not synced. 😡Someone please help with any helpful tips! 😐
Moxieññ on 8/13/2013
Horrible.....total rip off!!!
why is it not for pe?!
April Cremeans on 7/31/2013
This is not for pe why?
pop0987654321234567890 on 7/29/2013
Why did they make an app so stupid I could have got a Selena Gomez Don't waste your money on this!!!!!
Minecraft crap
Ncervant on 7/22/2013
This is bs I spent money that I could of used on something else
Original thinair on 7/19/2013
Crazy people's on 7/15/2013
I am going to sue the company because they say it is for pocket edition, but it really I'd for the computer. It even says pocket on the title.
OH COME ON!😡 on 7/10/2013
COME ON IS THERE ANY SKINS FOR MINECRAFT PE ANY AT ALL?!?!?!?!?!? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Change support for POCKET EDITION!!!
Joester10 on 7/9/2013
PLEASE have the creators of Minecraft upgrade POCKET EDITION MINECRAFT to allow change support and change support is the ability to change your Minecraft character's skin. Cause it's kinda not as fun if you can't change skin so please!!
Waste o money
Marty123452003 on 7/7/2013
This was a waste o money dont buy this retarted app it said i didn't have the game and I did have it its only for the computer
Slayerscar110 on 7/4/2013
THIS WASN'T FOR PE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOT for pocket edition!
Amy890000 on 6/30/2013
On the App Store I typed in minecraft pocket edition skins I found this app then I went on the skins I taped apply for skin then it went on the computer minecraft!😡😡😡 it's a wast of money!!dont buy it
Gomarketyourself on 6/23/2013
Really disappointed that the description includes "iPad" when in fact the app seems to be compatible only with the iPhone & iPod. It's .99 but if you're going to charge- it should at least work.
Not buy
L digdy on 6/23/2013
If you buy this app it will trick you not Like the picture
Chad Michaels 94 on 6/15/2013
It WILL NOT work for pocket edition or 360!
Yaypoopie123 on 6/13/2013
This is not for pe wast of money >:(
Does NOT work for Pocket Edition. Misleading!
A Fluffy on 6/13/2013
CobraHawk27 on 6/10/2013
I can't even make an account on this piece of garbage!
not pe
Jimman55555ÿ on 5/26/2013
this is not for pe
Horrible app
Joel mercado on 4/22/2013
It's not for minecraft P.E. Waste of money don't get it. The other comments are fake😡😡😡😡😡
Great Skin
Lylehust on 4/16/2013
Great Minecraft Skin Creator, the best Skin Designer for Minecraft Pocket Edition
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