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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 3.7.1 May 09, 2013 Mar 31, 2018 44.4 MB iOS 9.1 or later 12+
New in version 3.7.1

This update fixes a potential crash with devices whose language is set to Spanish or French.


Spinrilla, the 800-lb gorilla of hip-hop mixtapes. Spinrilla is the world’s first mixtape music app, giving you all hip-hop, all the time. Discover independent and emerging hip-hop artists and hear the next big track before anyone else. Spinrilla puts one of the world’s largest catalogs of independent hip-hop in the palm of your hand, with new music added daily from your favorite underground artists.

• No internet? No problem. Offline mode allows listening to music when an internet connection isn't present.
• Music & playlists sync to your Spinrilla account. Log in to a different device and have your Library at your fingertips.
• Peep the charts to see what's trending today.
• Follow your favorite artists and get a notification the second they drop new music.
• Spinrilla Radio helps you discover new music that you may have been sleeping on!
• Listen to limitless music.

Subscribe to a 'Pro Membership' for the best listening experience. Pro Memberships are $0.99 (USD) / 1.19 (CAD) / 13.00 (MEX) / 1.29 (AUS) / 1.29 (NZD) / 100 (JPY) / 0.99 (Euro) / 0.99 (CHF) / 9.00 (NOK) / 0.79 (GBP) / 8.00 (DKK) / 9.00 (SEK) / 6 (CNY) / 1.28 (SGD) / 8.00(HKD) / 30 (TWD) / 59 (RUB) / 1.99 (TRY) / 60 (INR) / 12000 (IDR) / 3.50 (ILS) / 11.99 (ZAR) / 3.69 (SAR) / 3.69 (AED) per month. The Subscription duration is one calendar month. The Subscription is renewed automatically on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time. The subscriber's iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. For more information please view the Terms of Service located at https://spinrilla.com/tos.

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All content on Spinrilla is provided by artists and is strictly for promotional use only.

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babydaylen on 4/20/2018
I love it
dhdndg on 4/20/2018
make it easier to and stuff to the personal playlist
Ehh it’s okay.
👱🏾‍♂️🙏🏾🤷🏾‍♂️ on 4/20/2018
It’s not bad. Some songs won’t lets you listen/download idk why. Definitely one of those music apps I use for some older mixtapes.
big cocker 666 on 4/19/2018
This app is amazing and I love listening to music on it. But the app keeps closing randomly and logging me out. I want to keep using this app but can't if it won't even work.
Ninowoodzsz on 4/18/2018
BEST APP EVER!!! I HEAR EVERY RAPPER!! Independent or not he is here!
This is a great app but the current version...
Bluezoid on 4/17/2018
I am running the latest iOS on my iPhone 7 and Spinrilla crashes every time after a short amount of use! This app is great, but in its current state it cannot be used. Please fix all the random crashing! I am not sure what triggers the crashing but downloading mixtapes is one cause. The other could be just playing music in general. Please help
Savage Caleb on 4/16/2018
I love this app
Waste of storage
Anonymous ✨😈 on 4/15/2018
Don’t have all the songs you want 😑
Jewkirrya on 4/14/2018
It’s awesome
bzjrjdhd sjecwie on 4/14/2018
This is the best u can even offline
Speed of song
slide dawg on 4/14/2018
Wish speed of song was at normal speed
Aintimissed on 4/11/2018
Songs don’t download
Great app
TheRealSebo on 4/11/2018
Very good app, I’m just petty.
bigg johny on 4/10/2018
Best music app ever thanks for making this app
Up to Date
JgtheBeast on 4/10/2018
Great keeps me updated about the latest rap music out
ScottyLoc on 4/9/2018
OhhSavii on 4/7/2018
I love this app but I only wish for a way to see all the singles of an artist.
Great way for me to get home
BiG Quez 1K on 4/7/2018
Pay me
Loving this app!!!
kmcjunkins on 4/5/2018
But if I got one wish is that Spinrilla would edit more the playlist. Make it possible for one to put desired tracks in order of listeners choice, instead of in alphabetical order. The alphabetical order hinders your playlist when you have to go and search for a song that’s missing & might be on another mixtape. Just asking for more control over ones playlist.
Bring back memories
lifestyledez on 4/5/2018
This app help me find music that brings back memories for me !!
Trash app
DreadHead_DMG on 4/5/2018
Is it possible to un-update an app? The last 3 updates literally messed up the app. Spinrilla is trash af doesn't even function right smh. Then wonder why ppl are uninstalling
J_gocrazy_62 on 4/4/2018
I like Spinrilla a lot only thing i can say that i wish it had would be music videos and less of the “best of the month” mixtape
Needs a wider selection of genres and songs
Ethan Lek on 4/3/2018
It’s cool getting free music and all but I think the app could be vastly improved if you added different genres in other than hip hop
Good app Spinrilla
coke7474 on 4/2/2018
Love this app stay wit it on my iPhone.. Spinrilla stay wit tht thug shhh..
Fort Greene
shanofg718 on 4/2/2018
It’s good but then again ok
Dog dig.?9' on 4/1/2018
I got a new iPhone and when i went to download the app again all my music was there but i had to tap each song individually. When i had like 700 songs 💀 took a long time honestly
IzzyEscabar87 on 4/1/2018
Give me all my Herb songs back now
Andante ひ on 3/31/2018
You should be able to make a playlist of mixtapes not just songs but the app straight🤙🏾
Okay app until....
Rosesareaflower123 on 3/31/2018
Need to fix bug issue where won’t download all my missing songs!! Been that way for awhile now needs to be fixed ASAP
Had one job
a3phoenix on 3/29/2018
This is a app for downloading and streaming mixtapes and other free music, but why are there so many songs becoming unavailable like ‘stranger than fiction’ a mixtape by Kevin Gates for example that has 17 tracks with only 3 able to play and download.
Artist Account
BoogieNumba4 on 3/27/2018
I love Spinrilla and I want to upload a mixtape but it wont let me correct the name on the tape after I upload the song I need this fixed before April 7th so I can drop my mixtape
The Real ... on 3/27/2018
When I’m using the app my playlist display stays the same on my iPhone ? Even if I’m playing a new song it’ll say I’m playing a song from 3 days ago like its Instagram, I have to reset an reboot my phone just for it to change an after three or four songs display reads the same track THAT IM NOT PLAYING 😒. Getting very frustrating ...
Poor Music Selection
Trey Muncho El Gato on 3/26/2018
When you go to the Hottest Artists songs they won’t even play or aren’t able to be downloaded, They used to have certain tapes available but now I have an iPhone 8 & Basic music thanks To Spinrilla Apple Music will be receiving my last $12.68 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m just playing I get plenty money but I’m doing surveys to earn Apple Music rewards cause I’m going to save my money cause imma True Hustler But I’m saying tho I shouldn’t have to do all that 😒
Son_Quez on 3/26/2018
Keeps forceclosing on me (feels like I’m back in my android days)
Juicegzz on 3/26/2018
Music be lit AF!
Great for Old mixtapes
Guy using this on 3/26/2018
i don’t use it for new music but its reliable. My biggest issue is that when I go into my old library if it’s not downloaded already theres no download button unless I go search for it all over again. If I got a download button directly from my library from past mix tapes that I collected it would be perfect
Shy Grizzy
swishmoney2011 on 3/24/2018
You want to make a rap with me .my rap name is swish money 2011
DJ Savion on 3/22/2018
The best mixtape host🚀
All of my music disappeared except for 4 songs
LarranceC on 3/22/2018
Last night I had 100s of full songs. I open it up this morning and I only have 4 songs what the hell
Thanks Spinrilla
Rich Kidd Ponnie on 3/21/2018
Thank you Spinrilla this the first app I downloaded that I can find all my music on
Why tf does this app keep freezing on me
Jakxpsnancldnakal on 3/20/2018
Y'all need fix this asap or Ima delete this sh*t once and forreal it's been months already
Great mixtape app
MrDWattz on 3/19/2018
New and hot mixtape
Avoidable issue
hdhbsjhdvvshbd on 3/19/2018
This app is great I can use it to download all my music. And then i can play it offline. Or can I? I know i can but it really seems like i cant because of how slow the app is. It takes like one minute to just get to your library. This may be because of my phone but I doubt it because i have an iphone 6 all the way updated. Sometimes it comes to a point where i have to close the app and come back in because the songs crash and it wont let you exit the song. If this slowness wasnt here this would be a five star. But you cant really navigate through the app in the first place so unfortunately this will have to be 2 stars.
120kickstand on 3/19/2018
Good music app
1800jackboy on 3/19/2018
shi bussin , got all new music
Crashing problem
DiamondSoIcy on 3/17/2018
As forwards music goes it’s a great I love finding and listening to songs I know on it. However on my phone it’ll crash a lot if this could be fixed it’d be a 5 star app in my opinion
biddy fox on 3/16/2018
it has death grips
new_newperson on 3/16/2018
It’s easy to use and a quick way to download free music and it has great music😛😛
App freezes and gets slower
brando laflare on 3/14/2018
I’ve had this app for years and all of a sudden I can’t open the app without closing it again because it freezes or takes long to go to another slide. This is a good app but maybe it’s the new update cause it’s going super slow. Hope you guys read this and understand.
Why it’s a 1 star to me
Khidd_Kush on 3/13/2018
Y’all don’t have everyone’s mixtapes like Apple Music & you guys took NBA YoungBoy Ain’t too long off I don’t understand cause I just had them download
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