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Performance and feature improvements - we always try to make your vacation rental experience more enjoyable.


Find and book the perfect vacation rental in just a few taps! With the HomeAway mobile app you can quickly and easily access all the tools you need to plan, book, and manage your stay.

Dream your perfect vacation:
- Browse popular destinations and vacation rentals in more than 190 countries
- Discover whole homes, from apartments to villas, or even tree houses and castles among our 1,000,000+ vacation rentals
- Save and manage favorites
- Share with people traveling with you

Book your vacation rental:
- Book and pay directly on the app
- Access all your conversations from your inbox and receive notifications when owners answer your questions or confirm your booking
- Send payments safely and securely

… and Enjoy your stay!
- Manage your reservations
- Keep your trip's details with you when you travel to your dream destination
- Access your check-in information when you need it

Currency is displayed as USD, GBP, and EUR in the property listings, unless otherwise noted. For more information please go here:

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Vacation planner
Tn Walker on 2/17/2018
We use HomeAway app for all our travel. I love how it keeps a history of where we have been in case we want to recommend to friends or revisit ourselves. I always mark several favorites, then narrow down my selection.
Very convenient
PaintergirlNC on 2/16/2018
I love being able to plan vacations while stuck in waiting rooms and such!
Easy to book
ljodoesidaho on 2/15/2018
Although I'm awaiting approval from the owner. My booking took only a couple minutes to process.
Easy and quick
jesslovexox on 2/15/2018
I have been using hone away for about 2 years now and I love it! It’s so easy to use and very reliable.
Pricing ambiguous
Epicurious47 on 2/14/2018
Enjoyed using this service to book apartments in Italy, but found the costs for Naples, Florida, accommodation confusing. Initial cost per night shown lower than cost shown when you open a house’s link PLUS very high fees attached. So you think you’re going to pay, say, $300/night and the final cost is closer to $500. Disappointing and annoying. Otherwise I’d recommend Home Away.
Best app
Capeman919 on 2/14/2018
Easy to use and is great working wit it
It looks like you forgot some stuff!
Dowhatsright on 2/14/2018
I can’t find settings on the app where I can delete old favorites or old trips. App is telling me I can’t save new favorites - guess my app storage is full, but can’t find in settings or account where I can delete old trips, etc. You should give people functionality to delete old trips if you are going to limit favorites they can save.
Family renter
SteepNDeep499 on 2/13/2018
Many of the listings display a low price within the selected range but are in fact exponentially more expensive. For example, I searched $200 per night for a 6 night stay and many condos that showed up and said $100-150 a night were in fact $2,500-4,000 for 6 days. Very frustrating and inconvenient.
1st time user
savageman12 on 2/13/2018
So easy to look for condo rentals. My friend showed me how this App worked-saved me lots of time. Will definitely use again!!
Love HomeAway
Fun learning! on 2/13/2018
I’ve been using HomeAway now for over 8 years from all over! From Costa Rica, the VI, Bahamas and all over the USA and I haven’t had a bad experience yet. I highly recommend it. It is so nice to stay in a home when your traveling & it’s a wonderful way to meet local people. Love the site!
Scoopdave on 2/13/2018
Can’t edit my account
Saved info inconsistent
AEN3 on 2/12/2018
I so very much want the app to meet my requirements but is inconsistent with saving info. Twice I have written messages to owners that somehow disappeared when I hit the submit button and were not in the messaging mailbox. It’s also very inconsistent when logged in from a pc vs phone app. Favorites don’t seem to translate over on the same account.
App displeasure
Cka1114 on 2/11/2018
Very hard to use application. It use to give you the ability to request one are, e.g. Santa Rosa Beach, Fl, and then go to a specific area. Not now. It will also refresh a lot. Just not set up well. PLUS they charge an admin fee now. Not happy at all
Tigkkjk on 2/11/2018
Love the app. It’s very easy to use and very helpful in finding a house.
Friendly use
Kamelia m6 on 2/10/2018
Love this app make it very fast and easy to find a place and travel
Our go to!
Trl86 on 2/10/2018
We use Homeaway almost every year for planning our vacations. We have only had excellent experiences. I recommend it to everyone who would like to book a memorable vacation and have peace of mind.
worst app and dont use it!
FKUVRBO on 2/9/2018
full of fake houses and will take your money and crew you. there is no customer services and the owners on this app are rude and cold. they think they are the king of the world and they care less about you. and their only purposes are taking your money and screwing you. and this BRBO s*t will do nothing for you!
A Place to Dream
Lucytlc on 2/9/2018
HomeAway helps with vacation plans and I can research the places and read reviews. I wouldn’t be able to find condos, apartments, cottages etc.... without it. So this site helps with my dream vacations!
Vrbo now ruined
Qatermeloncc on 2/9/2018
I used to love booking via vrbo. Now since it has been bought buy HomeAway there are so many fees driving the cost up. Will look at other options.
Easy to find places
TheDudester1959 on 2/8/2018
Love the app, wife and I travel a lot and use this first for bookings.
Great app
Mkab47 on 2/8/2018
Easy and safe to use. Been using for years. Extremely happy.
Great App/Website
T-rav8969 on 2/8/2018
We’ve used HomeAway to book several trips and we are continuing to use the app moving forward.
$130.00 fee....... crazy!
Fishinfreak77 on 2/7/2018
I had to pay a $130 fee for using Vrbo/HomeAway to book my condo in Hawaii. And I’m only staying for 6 nights at $200 per night. So $1200 + taxes generates a $130 fee........ that’s ludicrous!!! I normally look over things carefully before booking and would have noticed this fee. It’s possible that I didn’t see the notice but maybe it should be in “big” letters making you “ok” the fee before booking. That would be the right thing to do. That way everyone who books knows that vrbo is pocketing $130 or whatever amount from your booking. Vrbo is just a search engine. They don’t provide a service or anything basically and this fee is ridiculous. Airbnb didn’t charge me for my previous booking. Also you can look up places on here and contact them directly and not pay these fees.... Vrbo probably charges the owners as well so they’re pocketing $ on both ends. I’ll be using “Airbnb” or contacting the owner and you should too.
Wish they would show all the fees
Bbbb52 on 2/6/2018
They don’t show you all the owners fees included until you click “book now” even though it says including taxes and fees. Expect to pay another $250 on top of that for a security deposit.
Rentals across the USA
kak reviews on 2/2/2018
Have used homeaway for Saratoga, NY for the last five years and for Pompano Beach,Fla for the last two years. The pictures are truthful and the owners respond quickly
Crap App
DsignrMom on 2/1/2018
After all these years.. you’d think an organization like this could afford some top group to build a reasonably well designed user friendly app ... for heavens sake, why are we prisoners to the stupid question of ...Are you an owner? If we were, we wouldn’t be interested in renting ... give Owners..whom you apparently value far more than mere renters, their own APP! And if you have any renters left using this wretched piece of software, they can get on with it!
Wonderful stay!!
Susan Lindblade on 2/1/2018
This condo at Landings of Largo is terrific and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The owner is quick to respond to inquiries and goes above and beyond to insure needs are met. Can’t imagine staying anywhere else again!
Great place
Rabino SGT Sal on 2/1/2018
This app is great and my stay in Devil hills was great that I fell in Love with the place and the area!!! Keep the quality up !!!!
Booked many trips through HomeAway
Ashleyabott on 1/31/2018
I have booked numerous trips on HomeAway and cannot even express how trusted I feel using. All owners have been extremely helpful and friendly and the cost way better than hotels.
Super easy reservation process
scarivin on 1/31/2018
First time using this and I booked my ski trip reservations in under 10 minutes! The app was seamless!
Very Useful
Dfhjvxdyv on 1/31/2018
Love this app for booking travel.
So easy to use
White Magic Samoyeds on 1/30/2018
Excited to stay at beautiful property in Cocoa Beach Thru this great rental property service ! So easy to use!
Oh by the way you have to stay with me
Tortoise1946 on 1/30/2018
My wife and I booked a condo in Florida Thur Home Away. The next day the owner wrote us an email saying that she wanted to clear up any confusion. The rent was for a room in her condo that she lives in! What we don’t want to spend our vacation with a strange woman! We called Home Again and they said that there are two cancellation policy’s . One by home again and the other by the owner!! Two policy’s! Baloney! We were charged 1945.00 and they returned $897.22 not even half and we canceled immediately ! The Home Again company was not even going to think about returning our money. WE WILL NEVER BOOK WITH HOME AGAIN, again! We are done
App is inconsistent
ete AVA on 1/29/2018
Inconsistent app. Maps are great, but constantly changing app makes it difficult to use repeatedly. I have had repeated problems adding listings to my favorites lists ~ works sometimes, does not work others. Now I can not find cancellation policies on any properties I am considering. Cancellation policy has always been listed in the subsection on rates and other charges ( ie. for greater than 4 guests). I have had to message the host requesting information regarding cancellation policy first, rather than just filing a request to book now.
Easy and affordable
Polly S in Dallas on 1/28/2018
We have loved every rental through Home Away, and enjoyed the ease and safety of its practical system. I recommend it over other sites because it is so reliable.
shyahk on 1/27/2018
This is the best app I found the perfect vacation home thank you app
Can’t favorite properties with update
UGatorBaitF on 1/27/2018
Title says it all... can’t save favorites through mobile app.. or online. Something with scratchpad is messed up. VRBO works just fine...
Terrible app
Forks Freedom Fighter on 1/26/2018
I am leaving 2 days from now. The owner has yet to give us entry info. The app is useless only asking where you want to go. Hope this isn’t a foreshadowing of when I fly from Pa to Fla.
Need to update calendars!
ᄐʍin3ʍ on 1/26/2018
Both HomeAway and VRBO are showing places available that are in fact sold out. Trying to book them has wasted 3 days of awaiting responses to only find out unit isn’t even available. Frustrating.
Home away
Thomas5000000 on 1/26/2018
We have used home away many times now & never had a problem the rentals are always as described & we trust home away
Can't save favorites from browser to app
nocrapfromu on 1/24/2018
I just spent hours researching places on my pc. Login on browser and you cannot add favorites anymore, just scratchpad. WHERE IS SCRATCHPAD ON THIS APP???? WHY CANT I SEE NEW FAVORITES/SCRATCHPAD ON THE APP??? WHY CAN'T I ADD NEW FAVORITES AND NEW LISTS ON THE APP ANYMORE???? I use the app and expect to see ALL of the new favorites I save for each potential trip on app and browser. Can't anymore....I might as well use your competition.
Can’t log in
Kkvicknair on 1/24/2018
I haven’t been able to log in to this app for months. I get a password error, then when I try clicking “forgot password” I get a network error. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have restarted my phone. I have the latest version of the app and the current iOS. I was able to log in for a while after I first installed it- long enough to make a few reservations. But now I can’t log in to view those reservations. Completely useless app.
Great app
Peacedisrupter on 1/23/2018
I use this app all the time, both to make reservations and to follow up with the reservations I’ve made. Works great!!
Lesty2lips on 1/23/2018
Easy to use and a convenient way to book a rental vacation property
Casa Serena, Hollywood Florida
Floridazeeman on 1/22/2018
What an incredible time we had at this beautiful home. It was perfect for our group of 12. The furnishings we wonderful and the backyard was amazing. Can’t wait to come back.
So far- so good!
Hobbes113 on 1/22/2018
Owner has been so great to work with. We are all looking forward to spending time together in such a great place! So is so easy to use. I’d recommend it to anyone.
Easy and fast...
FatumD on 1/22/2018
I love to use this app... very easy, informative and fast!
1st time using
Nnnailem on 1/21/2018
Haven't left for trip yet but so far it has been nice thumbing through all our options
Poor customer experience and flawed system
Airbnb123 on 1/21/2018
After the acquisition of HomeAway by Expedia, they now charge a “service fee” on top of annual subscription fee. However the service provided to travelers and property owners are horrible. On top of that, the captive payment system HomeAway Payments is full of bugs and non responsive with solving payment problems, including inability to process payments within 24-48 hours of a stay. Unresolved tickets last for 1.5 months with $50k in lost bookings. Even their agents recommend using alternative payment methods, which defeats the whole purpose.
We Love The easy Way It Is To Travel
Papa Knows on 1/20/2018
My Wife and I like to have a family vacation and with Home Away,they make it so easy to plan and travel. This year will be our 7th in a row. It is so easy and convenient to use the HomeAway app. Cape Coral Florida again as we never get tired of the fun and sun. Unlike the cold and snow for Michigan winters. We are planning to take the family to Disney Wold in the next few years and maybe even to Hawaii for my retirement vacation!!!! You cannot have an easier booking experience with anyone that compares to HomeAway.
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