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Free Travel 2018.13 May 10, 2013 Jun 21, 2018 159.1 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2018.13

We're always trying to improve your app experience. This update introduces badges for your bookings. Now you can keep track of your booking status at a glance.


Find and book the perfect vacation rental in just a few taps! With the HomeAway mobile app you can quickly and easily access all the tools you need to plan, book, and manage your stay. Plus, we now support Apple Pay!

Dream your perfect vacation or quick weekend trip:
- Browse popular destinations and vacation rentals in more than 190 countries
- Discover whole homes, from apartments to villas, or even tree houses and castles among our over 2 million vacation rentals
- Save and manage favorites
- Share with people traveling with you

Book your vacation rental:
- Book and pay directly on the app, safely and securely
- Now use Apple Pay – fast, simple and secure
- Access all your conversations from your inbox and receive notifications when owners answer your questions or confirm your booking

… and Enjoy your stay!
- Manage your reservations
- Keep your trip's details with you when you are traveling
- Access your check-in information when you need it

Currency is displayed as USD, GBP, and EUR in the property listings, unless otherwise noted. For more information please go here: http://www.homeaway.com/mobile

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This retreat property
june ladybug on 6/24/2018
I recently stayed at this resident in June 2018 for my birthday weekend l. The house was awesome it’s every women’s dream house. I arrived a few minutes late. But check was easy and very accommodating .Once inside I found everything to be very clean it was a quite area. You can find everything in the area Don let us know there was a Walmart 7 minutes away which was very helpful. I will definitely tell you if your looking to book this retreat don’t hesitate do so it is well worth it.
Owner Doesn’t Respond
KimJ13 on 6/23/2018
We have tried to book a property now for three days. We have called the owner received no call back and the reservation has been canceled three days in a row. Why post a listing of someone can’t rent it.
Easy to use
RobertLowell on 6/23/2018
Well designed app that is very easy to use
More expensive than VRBO was
Rpittjr on 6/22/2018
Home Away adds extra service charges that I don’t remember paying when I booked through VRBO. Since you can’t really contact the properties outside of the app, you’re stuck.
Jbouchardsales! on 6/22/2018
It was instant and very easy with Carl!!! Than you!
Not handicapped accessible, $55 cleaning fee
Tahanasgitl on 6/22/2018
I reserved this room thinking it was ground level and handicapped accessible. When I discovered it wasn’t I tried to cancel the reservation but was told I couldn’t get a refund but they would cancel my reservation and rent it to someone else. Also, nowhere on the site did it mention a $55 cleaning fee. Which they would still charge me if I canceled. Now, I’m tasked with finding someone to rent the room from me so I can get my money back.
Home Away Mobile Ap.
Parrot521 on 6/22/2018
Very easy to use. I caution all users to ask if the property they are looking at is for sale. Had a reservation cancel 60 days after booking as the house sold. A little frustrating after all the research and having to start again.
Rochester Beach House
Pumbawilliams on 6/22/2018
This vacation location is fabulous. The house is comfortable and very nicely decorated. View is magnificent of the lake. Loved it as a family vacation spot
Easy to use
alexmm1988 on 6/21/2018
Fast and easy to use.... pretty straight forward for a mobile app.
Great time in the big blue house! Siesta key
chavezz fam on 6/21/2018
The house was clean, spacious for a big family had everything we could need. Close to village couldn’t have asked for a better stay we will definitely return!!
Fees. Fees. Fees.
Aimersbsf on 6/21/2018
My $100/night basement flat ended up costing $250/ night. Unbelievable. 😱 Watch the fees when booking. Also cancellation policies are incredibly restrictive. Not worth using this app when there are others with more reasonable policies.
Communication with owner
smdm1984 on 6/20/2018
I would prefer to be able to speak directly with the owner before I book a rental property. It can be frustrating to wait for a reply by email or Home Away messaging.
Love Home Away
Rosaliebudley on 6/20/2018
I’ve tried other sites but come back to Home Away. Part of what I like is that more information about the rental property is shown compared with the rest. Never had a problem.
pgreer3708 on 6/20/2018
How are you going to let rentals stay on here where people have been ripped off I am going to assume thank you for the review at the Sands Felicia I won’t be renting Anything from this site being it’s still available and would not have known without reading your review come on Home away you’re ruining a good thing!!!
Yosemite and our stay
Ham family plus 2 on 6/20/2018
We loved our stay at the Oakstone house. Mariposa was a beautiful little town snuggled in the mountains. Everyone we met was very welcoming in their town. Allison and Mark, thank you so much for opening your home to us. It is beautiful, welcoming, and such a place of beautiful nature as well as peaceful. We would highly recommend this home for a getaway. We loved our first time experience in CA! Thank you for a wonderful stay! Darlene for the Ham family plus 2
A little awkward to use app
JonRadiohead on 6/19/2018
I like the app but it’s a little awkward to use. Translations are not as easy to find on the Home Away app.
Make Adjustments
Rocket-Son on 6/19/2018
Would be nice if adjustments could be made to reservations. Lost my desired place after having to cancel, reapply due to change in number of guests
conewhirl on 6/19/2018
Five Star!
RgaMD on 6/18/2018
Beautiful home, convenient, plenty of room, quiet neighborhood. Would rent here again!
No problems
Odetoel on 6/18/2018
I have used this app for 2 yrs now and haven't had an issue. So far so good.
Would like to be able to select ground floor units
2018jrfms on 6/17/2018
Would like to be able to select ground floor units on the search mode.
Very unsatisfied
g5xf on 6/17/2018
This rental was in a scary place, with homeless people outside of it. There were bars on all the other houses except this one. I felt very unsafe and didn’t end up staying there. The owner said he would reimburse me for at least the cleaning fee(since it didn’t need to be cleaned), and for the extra person fee. I didn’t receive the refund even after emailing the owner about it multiple times. He continued to ignore me, and I had to pay for another place for the weekend. Very unhappy, I wouldn’t recommend this guy (Hugo Garcia).
St. Augustine Family on 6/17/2018
Everything was perfect. Family of 7 and we all enjoyed our stay. House Is really big, everything in it is spacious. 2 nights isn’t enough. Attractions a few miles away, plus a big house with a pool. We will definitely be back.
VRBO site is ok but customer service is horrible
Umg101 on 6/16/2018
VRBO has gone away from the intended purpose of helping homeowners rent their vacation homes by providing an opportunity to engage prospective renters. Now you are only allowed to engage the client through a buggy interface that may not send return messages to clients. The increased cost to use the site is not offset by any increased revenue opportunities. Expedia is employing the same business model that has made that site an also-ran to VRBO.
We don’t travel without using VRBO any more!!
DaniA42 on 6/16/2018
VRBO is the best way to make travel plans!
Wonderful stay !
mhudson# on 6/16/2018
Very nice would highly recommend to stay at 83 surf court . This place was very clean . Bring your clothes and food , everything else is there , just like home , felt like home . Pool is right of the patio ( very clean ) beach is 5 minute walk but I’m slow . We had 3 generations ranging from 7 to 59 . We will be back .
Availability is not accurate
JamesLeeV on 6/16/2018
The availability listed on the app is not real. Good app but too many listings saying available until you pay and then they say it is already rented.
The price is confusing
Jakoush on 6/15/2018
Why don’t u just show the rental price at the beginning and make the browsing more efficient. How is it possible that the average/night is $30 and when it’s time to checkout it goes up to $1000. Why doesn’t show the final rate based on the dates selected in advance and stop this silly avg/night thing.
Poor experience
Psutter on 6/15/2018
This was my first vacation with vacation by owner and my last. We were harassed by the owner insisting we meet her. We were never there!!! There were dirty rags in the kitchen faucet and dryer. The dishwasher was filthy. The pots and pans were nasty. The rugs were dirty and there were not enough dishes for the six that used the home. Then she had the audacity to charge us a cleaning fee to clean her WHITE bedspreads because she said we had makeup on one of them. Which is untrue. And she could not provide proof either. Bad experience!!!!!!!
Prop 473070
B Krest on 6/15/2018
We stayed at this amazing property on Mother’s Day weekend this year, 2018. It was epic! Slept 8 of us comfortably! Seconds from the beach! Literally around the corner! There’s fire pits and a playground on the beach right there too! Perfect for out 4 year old! 7-11 in walking distance for any last minute needs! This place was gorgeous! We loved it! We cannot wait to stay there again!
Customer service
dhdjiehd on 6/15/2018
Good luck getting in touch with anyone. We were scammed on a vacation in France and could not contact anyone. Total fiasco.
Property owners
Lulu8591 on 6/14/2018
I agree with the other comment about the owners they need do something about it.
Best vacation rental app
LMB726 on 6/14/2018
This is the second year in a row I have used HomeAway to book our family vacation! All the fees are included when you check the price so you don’t have to add or wonder how much extra fees are, it allows you to contact the owners of the rentals, so many options to choose from and so easy to use!
App not so great....
PunknPieGuy314 on 6/14/2018
I’ve been trying to look up a property we have rented together with family with zero luck. I’ve been given an invitation code and link for HomeAway. The link takes me to a web address with no search option for our invite code and forces you to download the phone app to do anything. Downloaded the app in hopes of finding our rental and the app will not load the “trips” section of the app which is where I assume I need to enter my invite code because there is no other tab that allows this option. One hour into this and still have not found any trip rental details.
Enjoy our multiple stays
Home Away Love on 6/14/2018
We have loved every home we have stayed and have excellent reviews for ourselves and Bella and Koko. The owners have all been so helpful and friendly. Love Home Away!
cassie213389 on 6/13/2018
FRAUD app !!! Don’t use
Happy with HomeAway.
Mjspoth on 6/13/2018
Have tried other booking apps and actually looked at cabins on a few others and was surprised that all the additional fees added about 50% to the price. Liked that your price was all inclusive, except for the reasonable insurance fee.
renters are on their own if there’s a prob
MProp2 on 6/12/2018
Home away is only a marketplace so if there is a problem they “encourage renters and owners to work it out”. While there’s a customer service department, they merely communicate to owners but won’t help resolve anything.
Message challenge
nicknameKM on 6/11/2018
When writing a message, the box doesn’t extend for me. So I need to write my message elsewhere, then copy paste it. That’s the reason for the 3 stars.
Search engine needs improvement
Littlelamb84 on 6/10/2018
It will only allow you to set a minimum number of rooms in the search engine. I only need a 1-2 bedroom place but it takes me forever to search because the results include 10+ bedrooms. Please fix this glitch to allow us to set both minimum and maximum number of rooms.
Bnc.lt share links require app installation
Зззххх on 6/10/2018
Isn’t it violation of TOS to require people install an app to see a “share” links?
We love it.
Thedoke1 on 6/10/2018
We have used HomeAway several times and every time it has been a wonderful experience!
Love this app!
M.Glenn on 6/10/2018
Makes it real easy to book and communicate with owners.
Perfect location to find the perfect vacation location
KLS1111 on 6/10/2018
I love that Home Away offers various properties to view. Have used them 3 times now with no disappointments. Feel secure that what I see is what we will get!
Can’t wait
shepp8339 on 6/10/2018
They where polite enough to extend my second payment so I have 2 very happy little girls. Can’t wait to get there
hurt111 on 6/9/2018
I landed in Florida and my rental was canceled and I was forced to get a room and my money wasn’t returned
3 vacations and more to come
Jeremy Colhouer on 6/9/2018
My family and I have booked three vacations in three different states. Each time the booking, payment process and check-in were simple. Each property was well maintained and the owners were most helpful in planning our outing while staying at the properties. I recommend HomeAway to everyone I know!
Inconsistent minimum stays
User Nickname on 6/9/2018
The search screen shows a different minimum stay than when opening the overview of the property.
Ruined our family vacation
#Apples on 6/8/2018
Upon entering this unit the smell of must greeted us. Our room was disgusting. All of the beds had stained linens, stained carpet and even stained chairs. Tried calling the owner and was rerouted to the Atlantica office. Reported the issues with both them, Holiday Sands resort and also HomeAway. We refuse to stay in this unit as it is clearly a misrepresentation and unclean. Requesting a full refund. My kids are so upset with the way our vacation has begun.
Awesome vacation app.
TightAsCivic on 6/8/2018
This has been a great tool for comparing vacation rental far and wide. We started with an open slate and finally narrowed it down. Tons of options.
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