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Free Social Networking 3.8.5 Jun 04, 2013 Aug 03, 2017 100 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.8.5

Bug fixes.


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Plan your next adventure with Yonder. Created for everyone—from backyard explorers to backcountry adventurers—Yonder connects you to the people, places, and experiences that inspire.

Want to go on a hike? Maybe kayaking? How about rock climbing? Simply launch Yonder and it'll show you the places and experiences that are all around you!


· Discover thousands of geo-located images and videos around the globe
· Share your adventures through photos and videos
· Search or browse our database of over 20,000 destinations
· Explore 25 activities
· Follow bikers, hikers, climbers, skiers and more from around the world
· Browse a feed or explore the map
· Like and post comments
· Share directly to Facebook, Twitter, email, and iMessage
· Keep lists of all your favorite experiences and destinations

Download Yonder for free and get out there!

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Can’t upload photos
mommymeg23 on 6/20/2018
I’ve been trying for three hours to upload photos to no avail. No “app support” available, as it leads you to a “page not found” webpage. I’ll stick to Instagram.
Somethings not right
Greekorican on 6/15/2018
I re downloaded this app from years ago because I remember how cool it was. Open it up and it won’t even let me log back into it via Facebook. Something about getting off route. Try to recover my password and the site won’t load. I don’t know if it’s me or something but some direction would definitely be appreciated.
Good Idea but always crashing
SJVgold on 5/29/2018
I really like the idea, as others said “it’s Instagram for outdoor enthusiasts” but unfortunately it crashes nearly every time I make a change (upload, edit, refresh, etc.)
It's Rad
GirlOnABuffalo on 5/9/2018
This is such a fun idea!!! I'd love to see more people join in on this. It would also be really cool if in a future update there was a way to discover and connect with people in your area or where you are traveling!
Keeps crashing
rubyloves2laugh on 5/8/2018
It keeps crashing when trying to upload a one minute video
Love the Yonder app!!!
@Kim59 on 5/7/2018
If you love the outdoors, you'll love the Yonder app! Yonder is about getting outside and exploring exciting, beautiful places while doing all kinds of amazing activities, then posting pics and sharing tips and the locations of your adventures so others can find new places and ways to enjoy the outdoors. And if you want to be out and about close to home, you can search nearby locations/pics by tapping the Earth icon at the bottom of your screen. Try it ... it's pretty cool! The users are friendly, and always willing and happy to answer questions. Be patient if you come upon a bug ... the creators are very receptive to any comments/suggestions, and they always seem to be looking for ways to improve the app. I'm loving it ... can't wait to get out more so I can post my next Yonder adventure! I’m @Kimmy. Come and follow me! :-) #YonderOn #YouAreYONDERFUL!
Love love
becca0434 on 3/10/2018
Love love this app!!
A great app for outdoor enthusiasts
HighAndMightyMicah on 12/23/2017
This is a great app for sharing pics of your outdoor adventures and for learning of new places. It’s also a wonderful community of people from all over the world sharing their experiences in the outdoors. I discovered places in my own area I didn’t know about and used it explore new spots while traveling.
Needs work
NCTune on 12/3/2017
Constant crashing, doesn’t support pano shots, and completely unintuitive controls. I would really be into this app if it worked smoothly.
FB not working
VinceDennis on 12/1/2017
I can’t log in with facebook so I can’t use this app
Facebook logon is not working
MiamiC70 on 11/18/2017
Facebook logon is not working
Not bad!! Needs modifications
HipsterLyss on 11/15/2017
I’m new to the site. Seems like a lot of people used to use the app a lot. Its a decent app, I wish the app would not crash when trying to upload a video. Other than that... it’s a different version of Instagram.
Great App
Akscene on 10/10/2017
If you're looking for an amazing app with lots of fun features, that also have a wonderful community! Come on over to Yonder! 🙌🏻
Just another social media app
NoMoreAFan on 8/28/2017
Pretty unimpressive. The only thing it showed in the area I was in was a pin in the middle of the lake and some old cabin someone had been to. There are bike trails, hiking opportunities and kayaking places all over here and this was not helpful. I'd call this just another 'hey look at me' app.
Yonder review
Rainsong357 on 8/26/2017
I absolutely love this app! The only things I would like to see added would be to be able to zoom in on pics. I would also like to be able to post video snippets. I would also like to be able to remove people who are following me, but have no profile pic, and they have no pics posted. It's kind of creepy, and I wonder what their intentions are. I'm sure some are ok. I really enjoy seeing all the pics, and locations.
DOC-MOS on 8/15/2017
instagram for hikers (blech)
Wolverine 66 on 8/7/2017
It's possible this is useful in the US, but in Europe, there was not much of use. You have to follow people to access the recommended trails, and then get photos rather than useful information. Not for real hikers!
Biggiebeebouyy on 8/1/2017
Been using yonder for years to find new areas to explore!! Love it!! #yonderon
BNJMAIN on 7/9/2017
Tried to sign in with Facebook, said there was an error, then wouldn't let me go back. Not good if you actually want to get users.
Love yonder
Dejacq on 7/6/2017
Love, love, love yonder! It gives me great ideas for places to see!
Outstanding Community!
Seitter on 7/5/2017
I LOVE the Yonder app! It is so awesome to see what the Yonder community is up to & the incredible pictures they post. It's inspiring!
Soolost on 7/5/2017
If you love the outdoors you will love the Yonderful App Yonder. The people and pictures are amazing. You can also follow the many adventures and comments on Facebook by joining the group Yonderbuds !! Yonderon !
Love it!!
Mwf78 on 7/5/2017
This app is so helpful. Can find things to do based on my location and connect with real people/real users.
yonder bud on 7/5/2017
Great app. Use this to go on hikes and discover new ones.
Fix it
Bdlbaker on 7/3/2017
I like the premise of the app, but the functionality is horrible and it is clunky. Crashes randomly all the time, does now work uploading video (have tried to upload 10 second videos from multiple devices, it just crashes), and you can only upload one photo at a time. You should be able to upload multiple photos at once as an event. No one takes just one photo when going on an adventure. In general needs lots of improvement if I am going to continue using it.
A mini-vacation in an app!
Getout48 on 7/3/2017
I like the upgrades they have made so you can see places near or far from you. Some of the photography is just stunning and makes you realize how many wonderful places there are to go.
Red821 on 7/2/2017
Tooo hard
It's like Instagram but with out the part where it works
Fizzburp on 6/27/2017
Cool idea, but the feel is very wonky and crashes often.
Smeci on 6/24/2017
Good concept and Started as a great app to share experiences far and wide. Went downhill as I began to get extensive 'followers' that seem to be potential hackers or 'robots. It was fun and enjoyable at first but then trying to sift through these so called followers that were innumerable became quite frustrating !!!
Great but...
Artifice1986 on 6/2/2017
Videos do not play
I love it!!
Rockfish420311 on 5/30/2017
The great thing about this app is that everyone is so friendly! I don't see a bunch of "Debbie downer" stuff, no one is crying about this or that. It's just people sharing their adventures and cheering for one another. Good job!
Love this!
lavalovers on 5/29/2017
Finally a place to gather with other adventurers! So fun to see what everyone is up to.
App crash on upload post
oomi kidman on 5/28/2017
I love the app but I can't signup, signing via Facebook. But any how I signed up and when upload a photo , app crash. I am using iPhone 6 and iOS 10
Best outdoors app out there.
erikawithasmile on 5/22/2017
I absolutely love this app and I've been using it for a couple of years now... but the current version of this app keeps crashing on me :( It crashes while I'm looking through my feed, it crashes while I'm trying to post anything, and my phone dies very quickly while I'm using it. Hoping for an update soon. This version is frustrating. It's been two months since I posted this- still no update.
I very much like Yonder
Ridiculexis on 5/20/2017
I like Yonder, because it's a photo/adventure-sharing app for the outdoor community, and as outsiders, we need this type of connection between each other.
It's like Yelp for outdoor destinations!
Swicky88 on 4/27/2017
First app of its kind! So far it's been great.
Great way to find new places or set up goals
wulfmanjo78 on 4/23/2017
Great app where fellow outdoor enthusiasts can share there experiences and help others locate interest and plan a set of goals to work towards and experience themselves. Love yonder!
ApolloAB on 4/19/2017
Screw the other social apps. If you're a lover of outdoors and real people then this is the app for you.
Gotta get this app!!
Adventureforlife on 4/7/2017
Hands down my favorite app & favorite escape!!!❤
Leo geo teo on 4/6/2017
Absolutely for me!!!
Awesome app
Luvbyrd Colorado on 4/6/2017
Love this app to find new adventures!!
Trace11ca on 3/23/2017
Seems like it would be cool but the app crashes every five seconds.
Can't even log in
Chad0688 on 3/13/2017
Makes me sign in with Facebook except I can't because I get an error, then it says to make an account using my email sand I can't because it says it's in use. Then I use my email and I get an error saying I have to use Facebook. Might wanna fix that...
Off to yonder!
MermaidInTheWoods on 3/10/2017
I love this app. My only suggestion is to allow for messaging. I love being able to see everyone else's adventures when I'm not able to take my own.
Cjrbike on 3/9/2017
Love checking out the posts from all over the world!
Doesn't work
Dakota1158 on 2/16/2017
Doesn't work with iPhone 7 plus. I just get error messages when I open the app
Really cool app
Mntncrone on 2/16/2017
Awesome to see an outdoor-focused app. Great pics, info on locations. Great inspiration for adventures.
Not what I expected
Dukenbear on 2/13/2017
It's mostly an instagram for outdoor activities. I expected it to help me find nearby outdoor activities and maybe it does once you wade through all the instagram type stuff.... also lots of errors
Used to love yonder on 2/11/2017
Yonder is by far my favourite app on my phone, tablet and laptop. It takes me places I might not otherwise go. The people are incredible and the posts are amazing. You can gaze at and plan to go to some terrific places. You can even see when fellow Yonderers are in your area and possibly get together! Simply put this is my favourite app of all time. It's a must have. Jon
Seems cool but...
kel83 on 2/5/2017
Seems cool but all I get when I try to use is error messages. I hope they fix this at some point. If they do I would love to use it.
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