100 PICS Quiz

Poptacular Ltd

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.66 Jul 02, 2013 Mar 12, 2018 99.4 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.66

Bug Fixes


The world's greatest picture trivia game
● Over 10,000 pictures to play
● Play over 100 quiz categories
● New game pack categories added all the time

● Starts easy ... gets hard!
● Simply identify the picture or photo to win coins
● Use less clues = Win more coins!
● Use coins for hints and to get more quiz packs

***** "More please it's so addictive" Jellybaby99
***** "So addictive, with lots of categories to choose :) " Manic Mum 69

● Get a Free pack every day when you come back and play the app!

● Love to ‘name that Logo?’ We have tonnes of Logo quiz packs!
● Loads more Guess the logo based packs such as Food, Holidays, Bands, Brands, Candy, TV Show and Movies, Gameshows, and French!

● Do you love emoji based quizzes? We have 100’s of them!
● Guess the Emoji packs 1-5, Movie and Christmas themed Emojis!

Get in the mood for quizzing all year round with our special Seasonal sets -
● Christmas, Christmas Emoji, Star Santa
● Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn
● Halloween, Thanksgiving

● If you’re a Star spotter you will love the celebrity picture quizzes.
● The app even comes complete with a Movies Stars photo pack!
● Many more pictures available; Movies, Movie Heroes, Movie Villains, Movie Sets and Quotes, TV Stars, Actresses, Actors, Oscar winners, Celeb Facebook profiles and Soap Stars (UK).

● There are enough tasty trivia quizzes to make your mouth water with Taste Test, Food Logos, Bake Off, Desserts, Candy, Cooking, Candy and Fruit and Veg...
** Try not to dribble on your phone! **

● If you’re a word game pro, you’ll find 100 PICS a real challenge
● Awesome History facts set has 100 pictures from 100 years of history!
● Trivia fan? Try the following:- Science, Flags, News Headlines, Plants, School, In The Car, Texting, States, Countries, Speak American.
● What Country packs like USA, UK, Italy, Australia, France and more

● Love music? Discover our magical Musical packs.
● Guess the Music Stars, Band Logos, Instruments, Album Covers, Song, Song Puzzles (Emoji).

● Back of the net for Football fans! We have 100s of quizzes for you
● Many other football-based games on Players (Legends), Football Club logos, Footy Phrases.

● If you love looking back then look no further…
● Lots of throwback teasers based on the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, Retro Logos, Classic Television, History, News Headlines, Shadows, Retro Toys, Halloween & Christmas.
● Also check out classic Toys and Gadgets packs for vintage fans and fans of vintage!
● Also play our quizzes of the year packs; 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

NEW FROM Poptacular
● 100 PICS Quiz is the number 1 global hit picture trivia app
● The ultimate free-to-play word trivia game
● We will remove any cheat or answer sites or apps publishing our answers or photos
● POP Apps 2017

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Skip this pic for $0.99
JeremeDwayne on 4/19/2018
You want a dollar everytime I wanna skip a pic? Nope. Uninstalled
Too hard
Sara co. on 4/18/2018
Its a great game but it needs a little update cause it’s hard a lot please read
close leggs on 4/17/2018
Sad to say that I downloaded this app and next thing you know i seem that i was change for this app and on top of that they over draft my account.
Wrong spelling
Bradysmom5 on 4/14/2018
You guys spelled evil Kenevil incorrectly and I had to use mad coins just to pass his pic or pay .99 to skip it!! Boo!
fsgdnnd on 4/12/2018
This game is rigged when I installed a app and it said it will give me 50 coins if I did but guess what IT DIDN'T 😡I am so mad!!!!!!!!! The only good thing about this game is that you can play SOME “pics”
Dainy123 on 4/3/2018
I like the game but HATE how many times everyday you repeat the sameeeee marines ad whenever i need a free letter... like i don’t care for that commercial I’d much rather you put an olive gardens commercial or a game commercial... pleaseeee stop it with the goddamn marines commercial 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ SO ANNOYING and they’re super long too 😒😒😒😒
Update broke app
firegodess on 4/2/2018
Won’t open
If you want to pay
Itsnitatumor on 4/1/2018
Have to pAy for every pic, clue, etc. I’m feeling scammed.
Fun but be aware of what you’re doing
Kem N on 3/30/2018
This, much like many of the “prove you’re not a robot” picture square games are being used to teach algorithms and ai to recognize objects and define them. I have no issue with this, I just wish devs would come out and say it. What have they got to hide, really?
new artist! on 3/28/2018
Just one thing I’ve noticed the last two weeks or so...when you watch an ad for coins you don’t always get credited😬 But I really like this game. It makes me think but it’s not impossible!
Very fun game, good game to use when you have little Time
Haley18363929374 on 3/25/2018
When I first installed it, I loved it. It’s very very fun. It’s somewhat entertaining. I was gonna rate 4, but I’ve realized when people have issues, developers instantly get in contact with you. Which proves the developers really do care.
No patience for the ads
4Sas9 on 3/23/2018
This game got boring fast! Without having to spend money each time, you get bombarded with long ads. I personally have no patience for it. Too bad, the game itself would’ve kept me interested.
Ate my coins
Jackson Craft on 3/23/2018
So... I wanted a new pack and I had 148 coins. It wouldn't let me, so I got some free coins. It took 100 coins instead of giving 10 coins. It's fun, but I'm stuck with the same 4 packs now. I tried getting a different pack before and it said I didn't have enough coins. Great fun challenging game, but needs work with coins.
Nyjets9152 on 3/19/2018
Starting off you have to buy a quiz of course they offer one free one then THESE PEOPLE ARE SO MONEY HUNGRY YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO PAY 99 CENTS TO SKIP A QUESTION
Always crashes!!!!!
Omantomasic on 3/17/2018
So so annoying, crashes way too much
Love this game
Pintorules123 on 3/16/2018
I love this game it’s so fun I play it when I’m bored it’s fun as a family game as well they should make these categories for heads up
Just Updated
HinesChris on 3/15/2018
I just updated the app and now it keeps crashing. Please fix this!!
Need fixed
13_sky on 3/15/2018
I’ve had it for two days and now when I open it the app force closes. What do I do?
Farm my butt!
Ticked-Off Farmer on 3/9/2018
Having grown up on a farm, I find the “on the farm” set horrible. The words are misspelled. Some of the answers don’t make any sense. For example....what in the world is a “horse box.” Straw is labeled as hay (piece of advice straw is yellow and hay is green). And just FYI, a “haystack” is loose hay on a pile.... Another one is the “plough” is truly a field cultivator. And FYI a black turkey is a wild turkey and white ones are found on a farm..... This is just a few errors I noticed....
Was fun
Juicyjellyrolls on 3/7/2018
Well it was a fun game until the ads started.
WTH? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Jackets #1 on 3/1/2018
As soon as I open the app it shows an ad that can’t be closed.
Too Many Long Ads
Troutkiller74 on 2/28/2018
It would be okay, but there are too many long ads. There doesn't have to be so many ads and they don't have to be so long. I deleted the app.
Thumbs up!
TheRealMangle on 2/24/2018
This game is very fun and sometime s hard. But always amazing!
unicorngirl1234567890 on 2/20/2018
This game is good it there’s a lot of o e that are not free and I don’t like it it’s also really hard
Good game but...
Bhihjythyuiok on 2/19/2018
So this is a good game.I just got it and when you get in you play and it says skip so when I touched skip it told me skip for 0.99 I said why charge just to skip but it your choice you don’t have to take off the skip for 0.99. Overall good game but needs improvement. One more thing you have to pay like 100 circles for another section it should at least be 15 not 100.
Good game
Gahshevfes on 2/13/2018
A bug (??)
Ariel3773 on 2/9/2018
So I play this game a lot. It’s glitchy but nothing ever game breaking and I enjoy it so I deal with it. But in the last two weeks or so there’s this glitch where some ads will start and they just don’t play and you can’t exit them so you have to restart the whole app. And sometimes this happens like 3 times in a row. I don’t know if this is a know issue but this is the only time I’ve ever had a problem like this and it’s get annoying having to exit the whole game every time since the game is a pretty slow loader. Please help lol
Too crashy
MsTerrisBaby on 2/3/2018
Cant enjoy the game the way that i would like because it crashes so much. Fix the bugs
Good concept but....
DeDeB 3 dogs on 1/31/2018
Played for a few days but too many answers that are ridiculous. You're supposed to be able to figure out answer by logic based on known terms. US flag and cup of coffee = americaon????? Wth is that? Or "scissor sisters"?? Stupid. Uninstalled.
HeroOfFuckingTime on 1/30/2018
Fun. Love his game. But tell me, if I speak English as my native language, how the heck do you expect me to guess Tannenbaum as in Christmas tree in German?
Katealatea on 1/29/2018
This game is the BEST other than the adds
Like the game but needs more diversity
Jujujuju6280 on 1/28/2018
Really enjoy this game but notice that every one is white. For example, I completed the house or home pack, and not one of the people pictured was any thing other than white. To me that states that those of color don’t own homes.
Fake Reviews
Overkill921 on 1/28/2018
I’m just letting you guys know 85% of these reviews are fake and they are of the people that work there most of the time. Wow great job with them fake reviews...
Use real words!
Borge21 on 1/20/2018
Great game! Very addicting. But use real words! Like out of the real dictionary! Seriously ROFL is not a real word!
Great game!
Nomnomsaysme on 1/14/2018
This is a great game for so many reasons! The first, and most important is there are no ads! It is highly addictive, and I highly recommend it!
An Error In The Game Please Fox It.
UPSIDE-DOWN=nbslDE-DomN on 1/8/2018
In The Pack Called “EARTH FROM ABOVE” There Is An Error On The “LEVEL 24” The Picture Clearly Shows The Country “Greenland” There’s A Common Misconception Between The Two Countries “Iceland” And “Greenland” The Real Answer Is Greenland Not Iceland Over All Nice Game I Give It Five Stars⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️
Can’t play
Frisbee game on 1/2/2018
Why is it that when i press play in the beginning, I automatically get an ad and i can’t play the game?
Jnbkr123 on 12/31/2017
So this game is super fun and addicting! But you have to pay for 90% of the packs, and I do t wanna spend a bunch of money on a game.
Love it but...
Einahpets Oda on 12/28/2017
Love this game but when an ad plays, many times it like freezes and the ad won’t play. So I end up having to force quit the game. This is especially annoying when an ad comes up every 5 rounds.
#solongto on 12/25/2017
Hi I'm jordan and I love this app, but I am HORRIBLE at spelling and this app if you don't spell it wright it's wrong. :((( Also I don't like the fact you can tap on a square with nothing on it! I wound recommend this for patient and good spellers.
I love it and I wish I had more time to play it
Marine corps ooorah on 12/16/2017
I play it all of the time on my phone. It works great. If you don’t like trivia games though, this would probably be the only one you like. That is what I s how good it is. I want to encourage the maker to make a game even better then this. This is my favorite game I have ever played!❤️😍😘
Rubbish Ad Filled RUBBISH
MK-SouthAfrica on 12/13/2017
Lovely game RUINED by a plethora of adverts.... #uninstall
xXFlowerCrownLoveXx on 12/9/2017
This app is absolutely stunning and it puzzles the mind so that if you have a child at home,that's on a break away from school,this app will "help them learn" in a fun way
Flying blind
lilmamawhite on 12/5/2017
Downloaded this game and the pictures won’t show. Each of the four blocks is just a green square with ‘100’ in the centers. The only way I can play is if I can spot out a word that fits in the boxes.
Just plain bad
VICIO 8POOL on 11/26/2017
Fun but expensive and slow (not for me)
😀😄😊😀😄😊😀😄😊😀😄😊 on 11/24/2017
So it can be fun but it only works if you know a lot about the topic. If you do play the game has of issues just from being to specific! This game is slow and boring for me. And to skip you have to pay a dollar! I AM DELETING IT sorry.
Mary j. Anderson on 11/11/2017
Love it app
Thumperleans on 11/11/2017
A lot of the pictures are worded differently so you won't guess correctly and you have to watch ads or pay to figure them out, for the dog breeds especially. The Afghan hound is called an Arabian hound and other seemingly made up breeds ?white corded? (It's called a Komondor) and many pictures don't even fit the name. I liked the animals section but the dog breeds was utterly disappointing. Find another app.
My type of game!!!!
Hdjdkn on 11/9/2017
This is a fun yet challenging game and I am a very competitive person so I think this a great game because it lets you wi and lose and when I lose since I’m competitive I like to challenge myself to go again and win the next time so overall I This this is an amazing game and you should get it!!!!!
Lying 🤥
Puppies are the best 101 on 11/4/2017
Lies about EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I hate it
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