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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Food & Drink 2.1 Aug 22, 2013 Jun 22, 2015 45.7 MB iOS 6.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.1

What’s new in version 2.1

- New recommended chefs
- You can now jump ingredients and go right back to the step you were cooking
- Edit pictures after publishing
- Activate push notifications
- Bug fixes


Create attractive step-by-step photo recipes as you prepare them. Save them in the cloud and share them with everybody or keep them private, with an App that allows you to explain your best recipes in a simple, visual and complete way that is accessible to everyone.

Cookbooth is a place where chefs can contact other chefs and foodies from all over the world. A personal page where you can share your techniques, your knowledge and your love of cooking.

Get in touch with expert chefs in all types of cooking. Learn new techniques. Get inspired. Access recipes with all the step-by-step instruction so that you don’t miss even the slightest detail. And share yours too.

Save your oldest and best recipes. Those which define you. Those which you don’t want to lose. Those which you are known by. And share them with who you choose or access them privately.

With 4 sections to easily create your recipes:

- KITCHEN: Create step-by-step photorecipes, with all the ingredients and your instructions.

- LIBRARY: Save your recipes in organised books in the cloud to find at any time.

- EXPLORE: See the recipes shared by chefs and foodies who you follow or those suggested.

- CHEFS: Discover specialists in different types of cooking, follow them and access their recipes

An app for chefs and for all of us who love cooking, that allows you to create photo recipes with:

√ Photographic filters
√ Photos from your camera or roll
√ Organised into books and tags
√ Share on Social Networks
√ Newsfeed of others’ recipes
√ Download others’ recipes
√ Chefs to follow
√ Recipes to try
√ Notifications
√ Full-screen, horizontal photo guides
√ Search by chef, recipe, book, or ingredient

If you want to put forward improvements for your Cookbooth account, please send us your comments at

Welcome to the Social Cooking Experience

Cookbooth. You are what you cook.

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ralphidol on 3/13/2015
Beautiful design! I love it!
Didn't work for me
annemoertel on 1/7/2015
Interface is clunky and confusing, typography is impossible. Needs to be redesigned. Like the idea.
A porn site made me download this :(
Xzodus08 on 10/31/2014
They didn't deliver :((((((
Beautiful design and perfect tool to document your recipes
MSteinbock on 8/20/2014
Most beautiful recipe and cooking app, you can take pictures while cooking and create an awesome recipe that you can save to your books and share with friends.
The best
macluigimac on 7/11/2014
By far the best.
Great Now.
daddypoohnash on 6/1/2014
Thank you I got back in. Don't know what happened?!?? It would be nice to be able to save progress instead of publishing and re editing. I love the app tho. Thanks again. Sent from my iPhone
Would be great if it worked
Sisholm on 9/16/2013
I spent an entire afternoon trying to post one recipe. The app would crash and I had to start over. After four attempts I gave up. I'll check back after I see some big fixes.
very handy
Kovy Rebel on 9/2/2013
the app is really handy and its interface is well designed, the only thing i'd add is cooking secrets tips
Not ready
tomi2711 on 9/1/2013
Cool idea, but the app is not ready. Extremely buggy, barely usable.
Instagram for foodies
MisterPage on 9/1/2013
This app is like Instagram for foodies. Great app, with a very elegant and intuitive interface. It's really easy to capture your own recipes, share them on social media or find ideas to create great meals. Improvements that would be nice: I would add categories (main dish, starters, desserts, veggie etc..) to make search easier, as well as an easy system to identify the level of difficulty (easy, medium, chef) and a bit of "gamification" would be nice too (points or "chef hat" or cookbooth stars..) based on the number of likes you receive, the number of recipes published, followers etc... Based on your score you could go from apprentice to cookbooth chef and get your recipes highlighted in the recommended section for example. Keep up the good job guys, the app is amazing! Fred Page
Great, fun and useful
eldomo on 8/23/2013
A great way to learn to cook
xverda on 8/22/2013
amazing app!! I love it!
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