Stop - Categories Word Game


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 3.9.1 Jan 29, 2014 May 24, 2018 155.7 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 3.9.1

- Bug fixes

Thanks everyone for the feedback!
Team Fanatee


Stop is a fun and clever turn based game you play with friends. Randomly select a letter to start and type a word for each of the 5 different categories that starts with that letter. The player that gets most correct words wins!

1 letter, 5 different categories. How many words can you form with this letter?

-- App Store Editor's Choice in 18 Countries --


- Turn based, fast paced word game
- Find and play with friends on Stop using personalized nicknames, Facebook, or Game Center
- Unlimited fun with challenging categories to choose from
- Levels: earn XP and as you improve, we’ll celebrate!
- Achievements to unlock and conquer the game
- Learn a new language! Play in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese

Start playing Stop!

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Can I get back my old data
Box Cruiser 53 on 6/21/2018
Help I have a new iPhone X and lost all of my data and purchased upgrade.
♥️🍒♥️ on 6/20/2018
Cool app
Love it!!!
Fgjjfebdhdgegdgdgdgeftfwfxgfvh on 6/20/2018
It is amaz to play with your friends except when you lose you are sad but it is all good!!stay janky my friends!!!!
Poor answer acceptance
Shayla :] on 6/20/2018
Way too many correct answers not being accepted. At least once a turn I have to report a valid answer.
Jogo muito bom!
Felipe abq on 6/19/2018
Adorei o jogo! Novas categorias seriam bem-vindas
Fun but...
Angel loves it_$ on 6/18/2018
Can’t invite friend who doesn’t have Facebook
Great Game But...
CH4432 on 6/17/2018
My only complaint is the ads, other than that this game is amazing and addictive
i love this!
izzie0724 on 6/17/2018
this game is so addicting and fun!!
It’s fun
Manny85432 on 6/16/2018
I haven’t had this game long, so I might change my review if I find issues. I haven’t had any problems with ads like other people are saying. I don’t get them that often. I really like the price of $4 for unlimited lives- shows that you’re not money hungry like other app developers. Most people wouldn’t even offer that option. I do wish that any purchase would remove ads, but I can understand why you wouldn’t offer that.
TheActualRealAustin on 6/15/2018
This game doesn’t seem to understand that with the option Winter things with an A a coat doesn’t work or common dog names Jake? Do you not know the English language?
Ads are not great
Good afternoon plz on 6/13/2018
I love this game, but half the time I am unable to play because of the long ads that appear after every round. It gets very annoying, and takes the fun out of the game. It is understandable that ads are shown every other round, but as it is now, it gets annoying to play.
Horrible game
Maddie0511 on 6/13/2018
Ok...this game was recommended to me by a friend, and I downloaded it thinking it was good. I signed into Facebook so I could use my picture and name, but then it reset my profile and all my coins and stats and games were lost. I was on level 23 when I signed onto Facebook and then I went back to level 1. Please fix this bug. Until then, I give this game 1 star. ⭐️
Fix it.
Lewis.Family on 6/13/2018
I love the game but the ads play while the time is counting down and I loose a good 20 seconds waiting to get into the game. Please fix this!
Game: Really Fun | Ads: Excessive & Very Annoying
TylerLorence on 6/12/2018
Hello. I really love playing this game. I find it very fun, but I find the ads extremely annoying and excessive. I understand that you need to make money in some way to keep the app running, but you need to calm down the advertisements. Also, I can’t afford the option to remove ads. Please fix this so I can rate this app 5 stars. Thank you! - TylerLorence
Puzzler333 on 6/11/2018
Fun, addictive trivia game, and I’m ordinarily not even a trivia fan. This game makes it fun. My only suggestion is to require players to enter a certain number of answers before hitting “stop.” I normally use Zen mode to avoid the annoyance of the many players who stop the round after a few seconds, leaving every or almost every answer blank. That’s a waste of my “lives” (of course, unlimited lives are a cheap purchase, so I have to applaud that). I’ve seen the developers’ suggestion to block and report players who do this, but it happens so frequently that this doesn’t really help. Hence my suggestion for a required minimum. Thanks for a great game! Trey
siirrrrrrri on 6/10/2018
This game is exceptional to play with friends and really increases your vocabulary
This game
loufoureview on 6/10/2018
This game is the best. I can't wait till the next update !!
kalei_baby1905 on 6/8/2018
Too many showings of that same one ad!!!!!!!😩😩😩😩😩🤭🤭🤭
Scatergories w/ friends
Omega3605 on 6/8/2018
Awesome!!! play with my besties 😋
Delete friends
penguin128 on 6/8/2018
How do I delete friends and can you stop giving me categories I don’t have answers for?
hsppy fd on 6/7/2018
There should be unlimited lives
karlos he he on 6/7/2018
The game stop it fun itself, but the reason I only put three stars is because it doesn’t give you many lives. I definitely recommend doing unlimited lives on your game. But overall it’s pretty fun🙂
ice.frizzles on 6/7/2018
This doesn’t make sense… Every time that I should get an answer right I would get it wrong. Also people keep stopping the Triva when they didn’t even put their answer down Like this one time the question asked: “ something that’s round.” And I put down Moon... well, the other guy put his answer down and he said door... He got the answer right. WUT??? I had so many questions. But I’ll tell you the other questions that I got ✌️wrong ✌️ also:⭐️= got the answer right Asked questions: ——————————— Music styles Me- Rap Opponent- Music ⭐️ ——————————— Things you hide from your parents Me- Depression Opponent- Idk ⭐️ *They actually said that ——————————— Things that are extinct Me- dinosaurs Opponent- onions We both didn’t get it right ——————————— Major league basketball teams Me- Cleveland cavaliers Opponent- ALL ⭐️ ——————————— Superpowers Me- flying Opponent- dance ⭐️ I went against random opponents and this kept happening… Some people even gave me inappropriate answers so I reported them and they did nothing about it. please upgrade this app and make it a little better… I just hate the way that people keep winning when they are not supposed to, and spamming me by stopping the match and not writing anything..... Thanks.
Great, but some feedback
haley0192837476 on 6/6/2018
Wish you knew how much time you have left. not how much time you think you have, But all in all I think it’s a great and fun game to play
I love this game but...
ElizaxD549 on 6/5/2018
This game is great, but for the best selling authors category I put Rick Riordan and my opponent just put Riordan and their's was rare! I DON'T UNDERSTAND. WHY?!?!
Trash Tutorial
Erik9960 on 6/5/2018
Tutorial is unintuitive and doesn't explain the game well.
Premier Athletics on 6/5/2018
I’m speechless! It’s AMAZING!
Best game
Puppiegirly on 6/4/2018
I love this so much
its cooool
sp203 on 6/3/2018
A nice competitive game and it makes me think hard🙂
Pilakow on 6/3/2018
Stop is fun but it takes a long time for your opponent to play their turn
lacey baehler on 6/2/2018
Great app
I like it but, I have a suggestion
ValeriaP. on 6/1/2018
Some people take forever to respond. They play one round and then stop playing. I have a suggestion, to help those who actually play the game. If a person doesn’t play in the four days that are given, their turn is skipped and it automatically goes to the other player. This way, there will always be a winner to each game and you get to play when your opponent doesn’t.
The other player quits in the middle of a round
kikimikifiki on 5/31/2018
The app is fun, but please change it to we’re we can leave a round till it’s done
MontePrata06 on 5/30/2018
Best game ever!!!!!
MaddiSparklessss on 5/29/2018
I love this game.It is super entertaining and I love playing with my sister even though I always loose I still love this game.
Best game ever
walkertheyoungsavage on 5/28/2018
Best game ever
Fun game!
Dogma Jedi on 5/27/2018
A lot of fun. I even paid the $2.99 to play ad free. And yet... I still have to watch ads if I want more lives. The app then says I can pay $5.99 to play with more lives. WTH??? When I am asked to pay for no ads, and then I get ads! No ads should mean... no add ever!
Aaaa10182 on 5/27/2018
Your game CHEATED I put the same answer as the other player and it was wrong
Fun game... mostly
tlflow on 5/24/2018
Pretty fun game, so far. Understandable that the database has to build up so I’m not too surprised that some of the answers are not there yet. One thing that bothers me is that there’s not an incentive for having a great round (other than winning the round). If I have a great round points or (number of stars) could carry over to the next round where I might need them. I think whoever has the most stars total should win. Just a thought.
It's a nice game.
SUPER COLD TRACK on 5/24/2018
It's fun, and I've experienced no problems with it. I just think they could add more categories.
Ok game
DjPackinPennies on 5/23/2018
Super fun but if you spell a word wrong by one letter you lose half of your points
Good Value
RachelRow on 5/23/2018
I upgraded to get rid of ads and it was so worth it and not overpriced. Only critique: I do not understand the category “Things you wait for on the apocalypse” Is this things that lead to an apocalypse? Things that you need during the apocalypse that are scarce? I don’t understand.
Bug issue
Dntmissdisjetho on 5/20/2018
I re downloaded this game and I can’t play my friend who has a google phone and I have an Apple phone. Is this a common issue? They aren’t getting the notifications or seeing that a game is started when they open the app and when they start a game I can’t see it. Please fix
Pretty Solid and addicting
Luc Turgeon on 5/18/2018
For “Bands / Solo Artists” they didn’t accept “BROCKHAMPTON”. Pretty good game otherwise.
Does not recognize any words
Badazmined on 5/17/2018
Why would i even play it if it doesn't know what the cavaliers are or cats
LOVE IT, but
gossipgirlfanaticxoxo on 5/15/2018
Seriously??? Buy unlimited lives!? First of all I love the game! So much fun, no glitching. First of all, why add lives???? I'm not paying 0.99 cents to get rid of them it's stupid! I'd rather get unlimited! And I bet way more people will write better reviews if you get rid of the whole lives thing! Fix it or I will quit the game.
Callmeenoch on 5/14/2018
It is a blast.i play it all the of my favorite games to play.😊
I Love this game
Whitney Exum on 5/12/2018
I love this game! I can’t STOP playing get it, anyway this game is wonderful I love playing it! Good job to the creators.
Adds and lives
Danyell123456789 on 5/11/2018
Way too many adds and the limit on lives is beyond annoying
Great game/ very glitchy
klatterdishes on 5/10/2018
Love this game, but ads pop up in the middle of games. Will not accept correct answers. Removing from phone because of these things
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