Google Express - Shopping

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 27.0.0 Sep 25, 2013 May 11, 2018 108.3 MB iOS 9.3 or later 12+
New in version 27.0.0

• A new feature that lets you include a gift message with the 1-800 FLOWERS order you send for Mother’s Day (hint: it’s May 13, but you knew that) or for any other occasion


Shop Walmart, Target, Costco, and more – in one convenient place. Order above the store minimum for free delivery – $25 to $35 in most cases. Return anything you don’t need within 30 days.

• Do your shopping anytime with the app, website, or by voice, with help from the Google Assistant.
• Shop national, local, and online stores, including Walmart, Target, Costco, Fry’s Electronics, Google Store, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, PetSmart, Ulta Beauty, and many more.

• No membership.
• Order above the store minimum for free delivery – $25 to $35 in most cases.
• Most orders arrive within 1-3 days, depending on where you live.

• Free returns within 30 days for all stores
• Email, call, and live chat with customer service

Google Express is available in all US states and Washington, DC, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and unincorporated territories, including Puerto Rico.

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Overpriced and slow; otherwise it’s great
veritas88 on 5/21/2018
The app is fine. Easy to find items and compare prices. I’ve used this app for a long time - even before Google Express was free. But I’m going to stop using the service. It’s only useful to me as a last resort. When the service cost $100 per year, prices were pretty much the same as in-store prices. And delivery was usually made the next day. That was communicated clearly and without confusion. Now that the service is “free” - items are $2-3 more than in-store prices (at least it is so with what I buy from Costco) and my last order took nearly a week (I ordered Friday afternoon, and delivery is scheduled for Wednesday). What’s more - the minimum dollar amount required to get this super-slow delivery on the overpriced products is also increasing. Seriously, do they think we are that stupid? It’s not free delivery if each item is 2-3 dollars more than it really costs at the store. I ordered 5 items. I just paid 10-15 dollars for free delivery. Now that might not seem bad, but I just feel like I’ve been lied to and manipulated when they claim it’s free. That may not be true - it’s just my opinion, and it is how this makes me feel. And, again in my opinion, there’s no justification for taking five days to deliver. Just think - what if I bought 30-40 items? Then my free delivery would have cost $60-80!! Like I said, it’s not a service that works for me anymore. And I’m surprised at the level of what is, in my opinion, dishonest representations of fees and costs. But if it works for you and you don’t mind paying more and waiting a long time, this is might be really good for you.
Jake Eakin on 5/19/2018
I hate I am a kid and I don’t order things like I did but I order music so if you make a app that is a app that is a music app and I want all free music.
Yes! Fast delivery from the store I dig most
DeathBirthday on 5/16/2018
I love Costco. I hate shopping in the store. This just made life so much better. Costco without the slow cart pushing people in front of me. WINNING!
singhsation on 5/8/2018
shipping through GE is slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. I won’t be buying through them anymore.
Customer service
weareallwario on 5/8/2018
I emailed customer service and received a response correcting an issue within 15 minutes of contacting google express. Very impressed!
Getting closer to Amazon’s worst nightmare
Dan Van on 5/6/2018
Making progress, but not yet there.
Waste of Time
LillyBee77 on 5/6/2018
App works great, google express is a joke. I ordered almond milk from Costco, the shipped it “as is”, just slapped a fedex label on the box. The cartons are exposed in the regular packaging. Needless to say, the cartons of almond milk were damaged. I came home to the box sitting in a puddle of almond milk at my doorstep. I was dumbfounded at how anyone would think shipping it like that would result in anything different. What a waste of time! Disappointed. I thought this would work like Amazon. Not even close. Bummer.
Good idea bad execution
Hello_todd on 5/5/2018
In my experience, every 4th order has an unexplained several day delay. Two day shipping is the big selling point of the app, yet they miss the mark 25% of the time. Need some serious work in the logistics department.
Google Express
KWILL33 on 5/2/2018
Great App...Great Savings,Super Fast!
love it
pramodad20 on 5/2/2018
i love google express. this is really a super express. without any fees it delivers my groceries next day. amazing service.
Easy Peasy
finsrin on 5/1/2018
Shop multiple stores all in one place! I had problem after problem trying to order from ULTA, google express solved that problem! Easy peasy!
They are thieves!
princemike70 on 4/29/2018
Worst service ever! If you are trying to be a competitor to Amazon you are so far away from its standards! I ordered a cologne with google express, the package never arrived to me because was delivered to a “female customer”. I wrote several messages to the delivery company and to google express. After 2 weeks not even 1 answer. Incredible. Stay away from this service. Go back to Amazon.
Good but tricky concept
Smprad on 4/29/2018
All stores together in one platform is good but total for free shipping based on per store is tricky. Would be nice if you could use multiple stores on one order to meet free shipping minimum. Price on sale change against store’s policy e.g. costco prior deadline. Shipping and customer service is fast, a good shopping tool. Not all products from stores are available though.
Poorly packed w/damaged goods, higher prices
cat67! on 4/22/2018
I was thrilled to see I could buy from upscale grocery stores 50 miles away. In Florida we have no taxes, but the foods apparently came from Georgia where there is tax. This wasn’t disclosed until I I received the package. The difference was enough to be significant. This explanation was handled poorly by customer service and took several frustrating calls. Then I finally received the box, full of damaged goods. The potato chips were individually packed and were perfect but everything else (cans, noodles, candy bars, etc) were thrown together. Most of the cans arrived dented, sometimes severely. If that happened to cans, can you imagine the rest? Crumbled egg noodles, crushed upscale candy bars...only the potato chips arrived safely. I took pictures of all, but considered the hours spent trying to figure out my extra charges and counted this as an expensive lesson...never again
Google shopping
cduperman on 4/20/2018
Thank you Google for making a shopping app for every store
Too big of a risk
MyBusinessAndNoneOfYours on 4/20/2018
I JUST downloaded this app. I haven’t used it yet, but based on the reviews that I’m seeing, I’m not going to use it at all. It looks like the real reviews are coming from unsatisfied consumers, and most of the good reviews are from retailers that want you to use google express to buy their items. I would rather go buy in person than be deceived and use this app. Delete.....delete.....DELETE!
If you are using a Amex credit card, then no coupon is allowed!
sunhmy on 4/19/2018
Talked to multiple representatives but none of them is helpful. All they do is arguing with you and trying to convince you to not use a coupon and pay more. If Google is trying to compete with other Company with shopping portal, Google is definitely going to fail. Good luck with other shopper wasting your time here
bibiiking on 4/18/2018
一万个么么哒 超级方便 再也不用专门去某个超市买东西了!
I LOVE this app!
Zarahis on 4/15/2018
I really enjoy google express, I use it to mainly purchase Costco merchandise since I don’t have much time to go shopping and I’ve had a great experience so far! It’s convenient for those who don’t have much time to go shop for groceries
aryan0619 on 4/11/2018
It’s trustworthy, sure about your security & privacy.
Convenient and saves $$
ckelhower on 4/6/2018
I only recently discovered this app, but man can you save money! There are certain online stores that have a ridiculous fee for shipping with an equally ridiculous minimum purchase to get free shipping, but you can skip all that if you just order through Google Express. Free shipping is offered with anywhere from a $15-$25 minimum purchase. They also offer promo discounts that can be applied to any order regardless of brand! For instance, Ulta Beauty likes to offer coupons on their website, but they never work with the luxury brands. With Google Express, the discounts apply to anything and everything. I just purchased some items from Ulta that were 50% off for their 21 Days of Beauty sale, and then added a 20% off promo code from Google. Topped it off with free shipping from a $15 minimum purchase on Google Express, whereas on Ulta’s website there is a $50 minimum purchase in order to get free shipping! You can also order items from Costco without being a member! I’ve had zero problems with the app and will continue to use this for my online purchases when possible.
Annoying Ordering- Really Hodgepodged
Jamessd on 4/5/2018
Going back to shopping will forget spot you were at so you have to search again. Cart won’t update sometimes and lose items. Coupon doesn’t work during valid promotions. Shipping from multiple stores is strange.
Got my order in less than 24 hours
TommyRanger on 4/3/2018
Ordered items from Walgreens and the order arrived the next day. Will definitely use again.
Convenient, fast and at good prices
Pavan4810 on 3/30/2018
Convenient, fast and at good prices. So far so good.
Excellent app
StudentSU on 3/24/2018
Love this app
No delivery windows, takes FOREVER!
Mister07 on 3/20/2018
Yep ordered in the morning, it used to have different time slots you could choose delivery for and those are gone. Says order won't be delivered until 9pm- for a case of water!!! Had I known I would not have ordered to my job! Will NOT be using this again.
This is why Amazon does not have competition
Mcmojoe on 3/20/2018
First time customer. Placed three different orders, three different times. ALL three were replayed in shipping. 100% delivery failure rate. Why would I keep using this service?
No Red card
tvmtom on 3/18/2018
Worked great when I entered another credit card, BUT it would not accept Targets Red Card !!! Even though the purchase was make from Target store! Makes no sense/ no red card discounts
Going by theses reviews
Thinkinallthetime247 on 3/16/2018
It’s seems like some people are getting treated very unfairly and some are getting treated great, some have left one star and some have left 4 or 5 stars. I don’t get how so many can be so different on their review of this app, mainly they are complaining about the store itself, one was Walmart that stands out to me, she complained she got ripped off! That’s huge to me and that they wouldn’t take back things, Walmart does the same to me, so I won’t be using Walmart on this app, I will use target though or any other store. I’m looking for stores that aren’t very large chain stores though, like Family dollar and Big Lots, I definitely won’t use Costco but I would use Food 4 less and also Winco and this new store in another city that is like Winco but Winco hands down is my favorite store to shop and Target.
Beware unexpected “Tax & Fees”
Chiclechew on 3/11/2018
I place my first order with Google express last week. It was generally a simple process and I liked that they have discounts and offers. On the other hand, discounts are somewhat canceled out by the fact that you may be charged an additional flat “ taxes and fees” charge on top of the price of the item. In my case I don’t pay sales tax in Oregon, but they charged me $10 for tax anyway. When I emailed about this charge, I was told that “sometimes it’s based on tax wherever the vendor is, not the shipping address,” yet no specifics on what the tax rate used was given nor the location of the vendor (Costco). I don’t pay sales tax at Costco so it still doesn’t make sense to me. Will probably avoid purchasing here going forward, as this really seems like a hidden shipping fee of $10.
This is what we’ve needed!
LoveGal8 on 3/10/2018
As someone who refuses to pay the Amazon prime membership, this is amazing! It became my new shopping app almost overnight. And there are so many promo codes, which Amazon never has!
Update bug issues
whywhyohwhy on 3/7/2018
The update has caused problems with display rotation. It does not rotate at all. Please fix
Horrible App
RyseAbove on 3/6/2018
My order on a good deal got cancelled one week after ordering(3 days before expected arrival) sayings that the product was out of stock. Shows how reputable a company is selling a product you bought to another customer right under your nose.
Overall good, but needs some improvements.
Ridership-X on 3/6/2018
When I click on the search query, I expect to edit it. However, I have to click the search icon to be able to edit. This is not consistent with app user experience.
Tired of Amazon
friends friend on 3/5/2018
There are many reasons I love this app. My top three are 1. No more fake stuff from Amazon vendors 2. Free shipping without membership fees 3. Receive items from trusted companies with a reputation of quality and low prices.
Lmcgeliz on 3/3/2018
Fast, convenient, and greatly packaged!
Cintia DR on 2/28/2018
The app is easy to use and easy to pick up on whether on my phone app or on a laptop using the website. It's come to be super convenient for me, especially with the cool integration it has with Google Home and the Assistant. Have ordered mainly from Walmart and Target with no issues. Items, even glass, always arrive in great condition and greatly packaged. Love being able to quickly see all types of variations for what I'm looking for, along with prices for me to compare in different stores (something that I find hard to do while in store). I also like the filtering options just in case I'm only interested in one store. My hope from stores is that an even greater number of items become available (which stores already have), but are not selling online on Google Express. I'm anxious to see the enhancements this platform will get in the future.
Google Seems to be trying but
JdotCarter on 2/26/2018
I’ve noticed that there has been a push for this to be worth it. But why no landscape support on my iPad? Very strange... the settings in the app goes landscape but the actual UI is portrait only.
Great app for ordering
dantheman82 on 2/24/2018
I have used this App at Walmart primarily, but other stores as well. Definitely doesn’t have the same inventory as the regular store, but if you combine the coupon codes with sale prices, you can find some great deals. Walmart grocery has competed with Google express selling Walmart products, which is probably contributed to lower margins for Walmart generally. However, as a consumer, you win.
Worst company ever
TheGreatOne313 on 2/23/2018
Terrible customer service. Very rude and arrogant unprofessional people from the reps to the managers. Typical google trash people.
Love the promo code
Zmama17 on 2/22/2018
I love the 20% promo code, has come in handy in restocking necessary items. The shipping is fast and free, though selection is somewhat limited, I have been able to find everything that I want.
Constantly late, snarky customer service
Weesheng on 2/20/2018
If you need something within a reliable timeframe, google express is not for you. My second order was 2 days late, and my third order was 3 days late. If you need to deal with reliable customer service, do not use google express. They will just give you a $10 voucher and shoo you away. Below is the actual text from my last email with them (note, in no way was I nasty, just asking for a refund and for them to pick up the package I no longer need) Email below: I'm happy to help you. I see you've been working with Rosalee. So sorry to see you go. Let us know if you need anything else. Best, Craig @Google Express
They must have monkeys packing the orders...
mrsstophopper on 2/16/2018
Rather than making a Target run to pick up some household supplies, my husband suggested that I order through Google Express instead. Because of the $35 minimum for free shipping I went ahead and added some soup, crackers, and cereal that were on sale to the order. The order arrived a day ahead of schedule BUT the packaging was a complete joke! The cans of soup were thrown in with the crackers and cereal, which of course, wound up being crushed. And the cans! Every can I pulled from the box was in worse shape than the last! One was so severely and sharply dented that I threw it out rather than risk botulism. I'd give 0 stars if I could. Do yourselves a favor and just go to the store.
Wish More Stores Were Available
wvblackbeard on 2/15/2018
Google Express is highly-convenient and I like that all the stores have free shipping (and fast shipping). The app is well laid out and looks good. The only reason I give this 4 stars is because there aren’t enough stores on there. Overstock and Costco is but I would like to see groceries on the app.
Works well
Davidw4806 on 2/12/2018
I like the ease of use and savings. Quick lookup and easy purchase process.
Great but needs Landscape on iPad
Andyr354 on 2/12/2018
Some great deals but I have to take my iPad Pro out of its holder or turn my head sideways to use it.
Nellykk88 on 2/11/2018
The app is Fast and easy to navigate. My orders arrive date was Tuesday the 13th and it actually came yesterday! So that was awesome:) my only complaint is not everything is available on the Walmart app through google express :(. But other then that I love it and will continue to use it! Highly recommend.
Awesome app to get everything in one place
Nareshr08 on 2/4/2018
Like it so far
No landscape mode.
Yovan21 on 2/3/2018
Horrible... no landscape mode, just portrait.
Kairimoon on 2/2/2018
So far so good. Love the convenience of sending to my daughter 600 miles away. Prices have bee good as well.
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