Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 2.7 Sep 11, 2013 Sep 11, 2016 11.4 MB iOS 8.0 or later 17+
New in version 2.7

UI polishing and bugfixing.


• Shop for toys, games, baby products, pet toys, sporting goods, electronics, and more gifts for kids
• Search, browse, or scan a product's barcode to see our expert video reviews
• Get up-to-the-minute price comparisons from major online retailers and see where it's in stock
• Click through to buy from the retailer of your choice
• See the latest product reviews plus what's trending that day
• Bookmark any product to easily come back to it later
• Enter our Daily Giveaway directly from the app
• Keep track of all the kids in your life in your personalized profile and receive optional birthday alerts from Time to Play

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Very Helpful!!
Mrssears114 on 4/19/2018
I honestly didn't know what to buy a 4 year old boy I knew for his birthday and this app helped so much I ended up buying a really neat STEM toy thanks to the search results. Thanks again!!!
The Grand Restersunt on 11/25/2017
I love it.Best app ever. So many toys to choose from, I love it. But...... Sometimes I get kicked out. So can you change the part where it freezes and then I get kicked out? Thanks.
Sonvruku on 5/9/2016
This Is a good resource of honest reviews. People there don't seem to be shy to criticize the product. Also, a great entertainment for kids during commute as they can look at different toys.
Great products
Felmery on 2/19/2016
This is really a neat app
Stomlin21 on 9/23/2015
I can't recall how I first stumbled across this app but it's one I have kept through multiple devices. Search toys, watch videos and read reviews. Plus there's giveaways on the app and I've won twice. I just take a second each day to enter.
Staying signed in
YerDan on 5/2/2015
I really do enjoy this app but the fact that you can't stay signed in on your ttpm account is ridiculous. Once I sign in I expect to be until I want to sign off.
I love it
诸神庇护 on 4/27/2015
Love this app
Shop bro
Massive323 on 12/20/2014
It's really getting close to that time of the year, Christmas is the fun day of the year but it's hard finding those good deals out there, but with this app it's so easy to find who has the most discounts. You compare two retailers and see who's giving the best deal or bookmark it for later overall a good app that helps you save big
sajidhnilamudeen on 12/17/2014
I use this app a lot. This app is very useful
Remixmaster5000 on 12/11/2014
This app is great. This app not only allows me to easily get shopping done but it also provides fairly good prices and deals as well. Very useful
Gomuzilla on 12/9/2014
With this great app you can buy the best products at the best price without breaking a sweat! This is awesome if you got kids or if you want to buy some christmas presents without the chance of the products running out of stock.
itsgladys on 12/9/2014
Such a nice and convenient app. All the items in one app, and I can browse by sections. It’s very neatly organised and I can find my items very easily. Very suitable for people looking for gifts. Kudos to whoever created this.
jiwoonater on 12/8/2014
I love how this app sells only kids toys and it is really cool to watch the great deals as I scroll down. There are many cool items based off the year such as christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. I would encourage people to download this! I think the sweepstakes are also amazing every week! I just might win once. It is very useful!
convenient app
1989cassie on 12/8/2014
it can help compare different stores which helps me choose the cheapest one in a second. Also it provide availability and rating details. The app itself is also very cute and attractive to kids. I just used this app to choose a gift for friend’s kids. Very satisfied.
Really Useful
Rivenbbcaeks on 12/6/2014
This app helped me find last-second gifts for Christmas. Thanks so much
Jasminemali on 12/5/2014
Perfect app to find gifts for children if you are not sure about kids toys out there. Thanks!
Holiday shopping blues? No more!
ND8472 on 12/2/2014
Do you have children? Need to get them something for the holidays? Well look no further! Not only is this a shopping guide/ store, but it also gives detailed information about the product! Super useful!
Great for parents!
Gchui123 on 12/2/2014
This is a really great app for shopping for Christmas gifts. The app layout provides categories for different toys like action figures or pet toys. Clicking on an item brings up links to online retailers like Amazon or Walmart, and it even offers to give alerts for sales on that item. What's really great is that the app also offers daily giveaways to retailers like Toys R Us which is always fun to enter!
Great app!
MyPrincess8512 on 11/30/2014
I love this app because not only does it give you reviews on toys but it tells you where to find the item for the best price!
Good for Parents
slamjam28 on 11/29/2014
This is a pretty good app for parents who want to shop for their kids. Amazon would be able to do the same thing though, plus much more.
luis_munoz98 on 11/28/2014
This is a very interesting application , you can find lots of cool items. Try it.
Perfect timing for Black Friday
Tanstaafl5 on 11/28/2014
It's tough to shop for the best prices for children toys that you didn't know existed. I love seeing the reviews to get ideas. Especially the replay value. Great idea!
Very convenient
fufu212 on 11/27/2014
It's tough finding that perfect gift for the little one. This app makes that super easy and gives you all the best prices right at your finger tips. Shows you best sellers too so if you need ideas this is a great app too. Super easy to shop and buy and find the perfect gift for the little ones in your life.
Perfect for Christmas!
samberlin on 11/26/2014
This app makes it easier to buy gifts for kids, perfect for Christmas shopping! Great shopping app and very unique, makes you wanna be a kid again and collect all the awesome toys available
Ready for the holidays
pawnticello on 11/25/2014
I discovered this app just in time for the holidays. It gives me great ideas for what to buy for my little cousins and shows what’s trending. You can easily click through and shop on popular websites directly from the app.
Shop ttmp
Kiven.robert1 on 11/25/2014
Beautiful app I've liked gorgeous graphics and fun and easy to use. With nic shop of much product
Good tool
Gameplayer00007 on 11/24/2014
Really great tool to compare toys. Shows quality retailers that will have competitive pricing. Interface is easy to use lots of the most popular toys to search and compare.
Love it
3m0xx5k4t3r on 11/22/2014
This is a great app especially for this time of year with Christmas coming up. It's easy to use and the fact that there are videos on the items makes deciding what to get even easier. This app is perfect.
doeeeeeh on 11/20/2014
I can get Christmas shopping done in a flash with this great app! You can search, look through categories and scan items! It's extremely useful especially around this time of year! It's free and it has been a great help so you should definitely download this! It's flawless
Asirmohammed111 on 11/2/2014
This app is really useful.. It's easy to surf products... I use this app a lot.
Great app for parents
Kevinpwnseveryone on 11/1/2014
This app allows me to buy so many things so easily. I could shop wherever whenever.
denzelt93 on 10/31/2014
Great app i know what i’ll be using to do my christmas shopping
Twinnywinnie on 10/31/2014
It's a great app for parents. I like that it'll compare prices at different stores for you, notifies you when there's a sale and it gives you a review video of the product
asiannnj on 10/26/2014
This app is really handy when looking for the best prices. You don't need multiple tabs no you can just use this app great idea.
excellent idea
nuryreyes on 10/25/2014
very good application where we can find everything in one place is very light and simplifies everything in a way truly magnificent
Really nice to use!
Anjingdog13 on 10/24/2014
This app is awesome! It's so easy to use and I love how you can scan barcodes to find that product. Nothings wrong here!
awesomefor parents and family pets
SuperNovaArianaLaBellaChiki on 10/23/2014
i like this app is so good for parents to shop for their kids. it is made easy and comftable to shop on with categories for anything and everything including pet toys
Doesn't Work
Tim14031 on 10/23/2014
I don't know if it is just me but for some reason every time I try to view the an item or even load the app, everything keeps popping up the spinning circle of loading and it never actually loads. It just keeps loading and loading and etc. Please fix it.
Simply Great
coolgarry on 10/23/2014
Its a great app for all the parents out there you can shop for your kid no matter their age from infant to adults all kind of stuff is available Great for gifting occassions Its a nice app and worth try
splay31 on 10/23/2014
This app is very helpful for finding gifts for your children which can be a very frustrating and confusing task. I will be using it for Christmas.
A good resource
cherjam826 on 10/23/2014
This is a nice app with popular and trendy toys. I scanned several toys, but could not find them on this app. It is a good resource for the more popular toys though. Good to have around the holidays!
Great Shopping
Nakill on 10/23/2014
This is a great shopping app for parents that want to buy different items for their kids. There is a huge selection to chose from and surely there will be something for your child.
So convenient
abrav008 on 10/23/2014
This is one of those apps you don't realized you need until you have it. With the huge amount of baby and kids products out there it can get a bit overwhelming trying to search for the perfect item. This app not only helps organize it all into one place but gives you the best deal out there. Super easy to use and a huge stress reliever.
Best Mommy App EVER!!
Wahoo Graphics on 10/14/2014
Seriously. Is that toy worth it? Check. Where do I find it? Check. Is that the best price? Check! It's all rolled into one fabulous app! Love it!
Fav app right now!
Crys_tal on 10/12/2014
Love this app! I don't do reviews, but right here at Christmas time with two kids, this app is perfect. Reviews toys, daily giveaways, video review. I'm in love!
Great shopping app
Kparonable on 8/3/2014
This app is extremely simple, efficient, and useful for parents or individuals shopping for children. The app is great because it shows items that are trending, which gives us ideas of what to buy for our kids if we need ideas. It's also great because it has a scanner feature for us to use when were out in the stores and want to get information on the product. The simplicity and efficiency of the app layout makes it practical and easy for anyone to utilize.
Awesome for finding birthday gifts
Zadai1 on 8/2/2014
This app is simply amazing. It is easy to understand and extremely helpful. You are able to look at the trending items to get and idea on what to buy for any occasion. Also you could have your child go on the app and mark his favorite toys on the favorite lost then you can later go back and purchase them.
Love it!
devon1656 on 8/1/2014
I can't get over how amazing it is to have all the competitors prices all in one spot. Love getting deals!
Great app
TheoSkittles on 7/29/2014
I love this app and the components of it. I love the trending section, seeing what products are well made and trustable is always good to see and something good to rely on. I also enjoy the fact it shows the item at more than one store and usually all different prices. Great app!
Great way to find new toys!
WilliamTBK on 7/29/2014
This app is a great new way to discover new toys and products for kids all ages! This app can really come in handy if there is an upcoming birthday! With this app you find new products for kids and can check the reviews to make sure it is worth your time and money! Great app for parents to help kids!
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