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Everalbum, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.78.0 May 16, 2014 Mar 22, 2018 207.3 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.78.0

We regularly update Ever to provide you with the best experience possible. Please let us know how we can improve your experience with Ever by emailing support@ever.com.


Never run out of photo storage again!

"One of the Fastest Growing Photo Apps Worldwide in 2016" -- Source: App Annie
"Ever, a challenge to Google and Dropbox for storing photos online" -- WIRED
"Bringing the emotion back to photos" -- The Next Web


Ever protects your life's photos so you never have to worry about losing them. Across devices and photo sources, Ever automatically backs up your photos and videos so you can access them at any time. You can then free up space on your device by removing photos from your camera roll.

- High-resolution photo backup from your device's camera roll
- Easily import photos from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google, and more

- Easily free space on your device with just a few clicks
- Make room for more photos

- Your photos are always private until you decide to share
- Automatically back up photos on your device, as you take them
- Add an extra level of security with Touch ID protection

- Collaborate on shared albums with your Inner Circle
- Share your favorite moments with friends & family

- Engage with your #throwbacks and flipbooks
- Rediscover and share your cherished photos

Questions? Please reach out to us in any of the following ways:

Email: support@ever.com
FAQ: help.ever.com
Facebook, Twitter, Medium: @ever
Instagram: @get.ever

Privacy Policy
• http://www.ever.com/privacy

Terms of Service
• http://www.ever.com/terms-of-service


Ever will always backup your high-resolution photos. If you choose to upgrade to Ever Plus, you will receive a free trial that provides unlimited full-resolution photo and video backup for 7 days. At the end of the trial period, your subscription will automatically renew each month at a price of $11.99 per month unless canceled at least 24 hours before the date of renewal. You can manage your iTunes subscription in the App Store settings after purchase.

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Decent cloud based app
Dfloyd888 on 4/20/2018
After the developer’s response, I am changing my review and rating in respect for the reply. Thank you.
Bar50bara on 4/20/2018
I love "Ever" especially when I get Throwbacks. I smile when I receive memories.
Ever...great app!
Yuppeeeee on 4/20/2018
So nice to free up space on my phone for free (even though i picked the standard only quality photos)
Non-Functional App
AngieBangie15 on 4/19/2018
The app crashes constantly. App freezes when I open it, in the middle of scrolling, when I click or select a photo, and even if I try to download the pic. The app is not functional because all it does is freeze. Wish I could download all my pics and delete my account and the app.
JadahLM on 4/18/2018
I love this app
No help
Fla papergal on 4/17/2018
I’ve had this for years. I love it. It has worked perfect for me UNTIL I wanted to save my videos for a monthly fee of $11.99. First of all it won’t show me all of my videos. And of the ones that it does show, only half of them will play. I’ve contacted 3 times and NOTHING IS EVER DONE. I want my videos back but can’t get anyone to help me.
Great app so far!
Phat78387 on 4/12/2018
I've only just started using this app, because my phone had no memory left (and almost 4K pictures 😱), my little brother & his girlfriend both use it & suggested it. So far, everything seems great!
Come on now
skeecurtis15 on 4/10/2018
I love this app but y’all need to do better. It seems like the app is updated frequently yet nothing changes. Photos and videos are skipped, the app crashes when you’re trying to look at old photos. I can’t even open the app on my iPad or it’ll crash. Come on now; I have faith in you.
A ++
No it wasn't good on 4/7/2018
Great for storing your photos as long as you don’t care that they’re in low res- if you do you can upgrade for a relatively low monthly fee. (The fee isn’t that much lower than just buying more GB of storage, though) I think it’s helpful and after it saves your photos it will even ask if you want it to delete them for you. Backs up Social media too if you want. 10/10 would recommend
Ever photo storage
kurado3 on 4/7/2018
How do I cancel?
KaKaForReals on 4/4/2018
This is is good because Issa good app
Mishka123321 on 4/4/2018
App continually crashes but good other than that
0/10 - Do Not Recommend
Jay.Lew on 4/4/2018
It literally took THREE months for me to get a response from their customer support team over an issue I had. Ridiculous. Terrible customer service for an average app at best is more than enough reason for me to never use it again.
Charged me for a free trial
Cp300300300300 on 4/3/2018
Signed up for the 7 day free trial of the premium version & cancelled within 5 days. But they still charged me $12 for a monthly subscription. I contacted their customer service twice over the last two weeks & got no response. Very disappointed. Feel scammed off of a free trial. Been a user of the free app for years and always had a decent experience with it until now!
I don’t like it
😀😀😀😄😄😄😬😬😬😁😁😁😂 on 3/31/2018
I can’t even log in I enter a password and it keeps saying something went wrong
Need to save videos too
quitamoe on 3/30/2018
I hate the fact they suppose to back up the videos as well but they don’t give other then they save every pic u ever took 💯
melaniee😇 on 3/28/2018
LOVE ITTTT , it's great
JenA143 on 3/24/2018
When I go into Ever to save a saved pic back to my camera roll the entire app freezes up and you can’t do anything.
Angieeewow on 3/22/2018
i love this app, it saves all my pictures is very easy and havent have any problems at all
Great app
Hthrrql on 3/17/2018
Love this app! Great to have my pics backed up, just in case!!
Nice app! Great for storage. Only one flaw
UnicornsandRainbows68602 on 3/15/2018
Awesome app for backing up my storage and keeping all my photos even if I delete them off my camera. But I wish I could see the videos without paying. I have videos I would like to save without having to pay 2.99. Other than that the app is basically magic.
A great app but...
Jumbeeeeisrad on 3/15/2018
Ok so ever is a great app but you can only save pictures not videos that’s the only downside to the app there is never adds and overall it’s a great app
Love this app
Ejo06 on 3/11/2018
Organises all your pictures it does everything you need with unlimited storage you have to get it
best app ever!
belela throne on 3/5/2018
i love this app i'm so happy i found it! i've been using it for two years and have never had a problem. i have over 10k pics and vids all in order and perfect quality
3 outta 5
mfrosty11 on 3/5/2018
I like this app but I hate the tagging of friends because if you tag WRONG BY ACCIDENT... you can’t DELETE IT OR EDIT IT!!!! Developers Do an Update that changes that!!! I’ve been asking for a year for that option!
I love it
Getapicluv on 3/2/2018
This is one of my favorite apps you save my life so many times 😘
First Review Ever... (I Think)
Reverend Slug Slime on 3/1/2018
I LOVE this app. It has saved literally 1000s of my pictures and videos from being forever lost to the iCloud ether. Extremely easy to use. Automatically backs up new pics and movs upon opening. The only app I have ever suggested to anyone. Can’t say enough how much I appreciate and love this app/service.
Amazing Everalbum
Blliing on 2/28/2018
It really cleans my phone up. It also has great features it shows you groups of pictures you can look at an reminisce over without messing up the save feature.
Videos not loading
Dspahr on 2/20/2018
I would give it 5stars but I have two very VERY important videos saved on here that won’t load or play and I don’t have them saved anywhere else so if I lose them I will be devastated! I’ve been trying to save it else where so I can get them put on a disc but it won’t load 😕 and the app has been crashing like crazy!
Mind boggling
Garlee57 on 2/20/2018
I'm so sorry Ever But I don't understand a thing or word about this app... There are no settings to fix or choose things to do with this app.... No place to do anything.... To me its weird.....
Videos AND Pictures
Tvogl15 on 2/16/2018
I had 12 Thousand pictures on my phone and over 300 hundred videos. It took a while to download all those, but I am happy to say that all are accounted for and my phone is available for other storage!
Great app
Asianmami86 on 2/14/2018
Would love to know how they got into my account to put up 5 stars and a great review , I had this app and it worked, then one day they sent ab email and deleted all my stuff permanently that I backed up SCAMMERS¡ never again, can't change the icon and pretend to be another company 😑
RANVEER k Rajput -MALVIYA (Jullundur) Panjab.
RANA on 2/14/2018
This app have ALL IN ONE.
Excelente app
MarsaMrdz on 2/12/2018
Espero no baje de calidad como hasta ahora!!!!
I love this app
Violinlver04 on 2/12/2018
I have ever for about a year and I really love this app. The only thing I would like is for the app to download the pictures faster, because usually it takes about a month so I would really love if the app could download the pictures faster
Erased all photos
anewberr on 2/6/2018
All my photos are gone from app. Doesn't allow me to put in my password anymore and I can't find my pictures anywhere. They're all gone
Cannot download the images
Nayefb on 2/4/2018
I usually browse the old pictures but recently I am facing an issue and it’s been a while now and still it’s the same . Whenever I want to save an old picture or any picture in the app the app freezes and the same thing happens again and again . I reinstalled the app it worked once and then it went to the same error . Would appreciate a fix to iPhone X.
nuvostef on 2/3/2018
I thought this would be a nice alternative, or at least a safe backup, to Google Photos, so I set about installing it. Only after I had begun the process of connecting various apps and beginning migration of my files to Ever did they happen to mention that using their service would cost $12 a month - that is, if I wanted the unlimited storage they initially led me to believe was available without cost. And any images I stored, without paying the $12 per month would be low res. It would have been polite, at least, to have mentioned this fact before I acquired the app and wasted time installing it!
Shko Wise on 1/28/2018
I love this app
organicallyhannah on 1/24/2018
Love it. (Snapchat sent me)
Mishi Bear on 1/22/2018
Thank you so much in saving my space
give me my videos back Please
Darlina123456789 on 1/21/2018
i’ve had everalbum for a couple of years now so you know I have tons of pics/vids saved. and it used to tell me I can trust their app with my videos and that I can get more storage by deleting them from my camera roll. WELL PLOT TWIST, they got a whole new update that made me pay $12 a month to get my videos back?! I trusted you so please give me my videos back ASAP
Can't even sign up
Lunar E on 1/19/2018
This app is absolutely terrible. I only had it for ten seconds- wait scratch that, five seconds and when I tried to sign up GUESS WHAT?! It took me out of the app completely and at fort I thought, oh this isn't probably anything too concerning. So again I tried to sign up and the same stupid thing happened to me. I have been trying for the past ten minutes just to sign up but it is constantly taking me out of the app. So if I where you, maybe think about the way you might get a headache from just trying to sign up. And I got excited to get this app. All. For. Nothing. Hmph!
diamondz_gal on 1/19/2018
Are people able to see the images it backed up
Brings back memories
Jamsline on 1/18/2018
This app is great! It finds pictures in my phone that I never knew I had. Brings back some great memories! I love it.
Bellassa on 1/14/2018
This app isn’t free. Makes it seem like it’s free high resolution storage but after you make an account, it says you have to pay for it to save high resolutions. It’ll be low quality if you skip the “upgrade”. Uninstalled.
Best app ever!!!
Holly S. Punkinhead on 1/13/2018
I absolutely love this app!!! My phone was recently destroyed😢. I am so very fortunate my brother told me about this app several months prior to my phone disaster, if I hadn't had this app I would have lost the majority of my photos, most of which are of my baby, for whatever reason my now dead phone was not backing up to the cloud. So all my photos were lucky backed up by this app which I can now, on my borrowed phone, view again!!! Seriously best app ever 💗!!!!!
Can’t save photos
Matrix9 on 1/13/2018
Photos freeze and can’t be re downloaded and saved
magda😀 on 1/11/2018
How can you change the passcode if you forgot the code
Bratface35f on 1/8/2018
I forgot my code . How can you change it ?
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