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New in version 2.22.3

Introducing Bitcoin! Buy and Sell BTC instantly from your Cash App balance.

Bitcoin is not yet available in New York, Georgia, Hawaii, or Wyoming – but we’re working on it! Stay tuned.


It’s Friday. You wake up to a $15 Cash App notification. A pal paid you back for that pizza you shared. Your balance now reads $172.30.

You use your new money to buy a coffee with your personalized Cash Card. You even hit up the ATM after.

5PM. Direct deposit hits. Do you buy Bitcoin, or do you cash out instantly to another bank? With Cash App, you decide.

Protect payments with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode

Make your first payment within minutes

Sending money costs nothing, and we’ll mail you a free debit card within a week

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Awesome app
BleedBurgundyandGold on 2/19/2018
Easiest way to quickly transact cash with friends
Do not buy bitcoin using this app
cash app gets your cash on 2/19/2018
Cash app gives you a ridiculous price for buying bitcoin, higher than any average like they claim to do, then at the same moment you can sell and suddenly the bitcoin quote drops hundreds of dollars, go to buy a second later and jumps back up hundreds of dollars..repeat repeat, cash app is scamming people with bitcoin prices well over the actual real time bitcoin price. If you look at the price they quote to buy and the real time price for the coin the price they are charging was more than it’s been since December so how is that a real time average?? Its just their way of making a boatload of cash. Use this cash app for bitcoin if you wanna lose your cash to the cash app. I’m sticking to Coinbase to buy and sell bitcoin after trying this stupid app. One star for the fact they let me transfer my bitcoin to coinbase where it immediately was worth more than selling with cash app, a lot more!
Free $5 using FSQKLDV reward code!
FSQKLDV reward code on 2/19/2018
5 Stars for the easiest to use Cash App, a notch above Venmo and PayPal apps, and a free $5 with your first transfer by first using Reward Code: FSQKLDV
Social security?
Lastnamecrown on 2/19/2018
Why are they asking for people ss number?
Would Be Better If You Could Use Prepaid Cards!!
Kyecha on 2/19/2018
Can’t Use Prepaid Cards Smh Need To Do Something About It.
Not Happy!!! Use at your own risk!!
pyho on 2/19/2018
Great at first, then I ordered the credit card which I never received and when I try to talk to someone about it I found there was no contact number, I had to send an e-mail. Instead of getting a response back about not receiving the card it appeared to be an automated response and asked me for more details on my transaction! Now today, I was going to add some money and found that someone had tried to use my card at a Shell Station. You declined it but it the fact that it happened that I have a problem with! You clearly indicate my money is safe yet you have no customer service to help when things like this happen. Does the FTC or SEC mean anything to you? Get it together or I will be filing a complaint with them and telling EVERYONE on social media to stay away from your app! I’M NOT JOKING!! I don’t like people screwing with my money!!!
Lancealot8943 on 2/19/2018
It’s perfect for budgeting or setting aside “fun money” for your week.
Cash app is bomb
Jadajordansmom on 2/19/2018
It just makes things easy! Millennials love it...and I have to stay relevant
deststeplou on 2/19/2018
Love it , easy fast and convenient
Apple Watch app
Matthew Kimble on 2/19/2018
I love this new cash app but why can’t you add cash from your bank account to your cash card from the Apple Watch as well?
Can not retrieve my cash
lu Rho on 2/19/2018
I have gotten a txt notification that someone has sent me cash but when I open the app and where it normally gives you the cash out option with the amount you have received mine is empty. I have used this app several times before and never had a problem someone please help me receive my money!!!!
$5 coupon: CWFCNHW
sinrlfdw711 on 2/19/2018
First of all, if you haven’t used Square cash yet make sure to enter the reward coupon "RMMXSKX" on the sign up screen to get a $5 bonus after you send your first transfer over $5!!!! Enter it after it asks for your number. If you’ve already signed up you can enter the reward coupon on the profile menu if you scroll to the very bottom. The service itself exceeds the competition found in PayPal and Venmo in its ease of use. Sign up is super easy and very convincing for friends, particularly when out to dinner in NYC where asking the waiter to split a bill is like pulling out your teeth. I like the fact that I can send money to anyone even if they haven’t signed up with Square yet. The app is simple to use, swift and clean. There are two options for transferring money to your bank. Either instant deposit which takes a small fee, or the next day. Or you can keep the money in your account, and use the square debit card for any online purchase. You can even request a physical debit card and use that anywhere. The app itself seems secure, especially with the touch ID integration for quick payment. This app has changed how I exchange money with friends or even new acquaintances!! I've even started using it to pay rent directly to my landlord. Welcome to the new modern era. Square cash is now my go to for quick payment transfers to friends and family. Overall you should definitely give it a try, especially with the $5 bonus it gives you!!!
Requires my last 4 digits of ss# ? WHY??
confused😳 on 2/19/2018
Not a review, but a question? Why is it when I request to send money to someone Iam being asked to verify my information to include the last 4 digits of my social security number?? A little confused about this. 😳
Great app
mari2368 on 2/19/2018
I love cash app because it’s so helpful.
Great app
LaFromCali on 2/18/2018
I've had this app for a year now. It's been fast, easy, & convenient to send money to my family. It hasn't given me any problems. I recommend for sending money.
JennCee7 on 2/18/2018
It’s a great app ! Love the debit card 🖤 Just need to be able to take money out the ATM then it’d be the best app ever !
Herpaderpderpyhooves on 2/18/2018
The brand is brolic
Bitcoin alerts, graphs, etc needed
palzarena on 2/18/2018
Its a nice easy to use app. They have added bitcoin trading and user workflow is flawless. But there is much more needed than to just allow buy and sell bitcoin. If you don’t have these stuff then user will use some other app to get these details.
Incredibly useful
Boats7/2 on 2/18/2018
No matter what you use it for square should be on your phone. I use it daily for transactions in personal and business use. The option to buy and sell bitcoin now as well is just a super awesome perk for anybody to actively trade bitcoin whenever they want super easily. I love Square Cash! 5 year user and I’d never hold an iPhone without the app.
boi put that pie down on 2/18/2018
Great app
Good app
07kid on 2/18/2018
Best app
I used to like this app.
01 glamgurl on 2/18/2018
They are asking for too much personal information. My License, my full social. Honestly cmon you expect me to give all this information to an app when I don’t even give information like this to family. Crazy I might as well go through my bank to send money to my grandmother. It just doesn’t feel right.
How to generate my own reward code?
Prioka on 2/18/2018
It is a pretty simple app to navigate but I don’t like the lay out and sometimes things done work properly . How can I generate my own reward code to send to others if they already use this app ?
Help me add people to cash app
sexybrowngirl on 2/18/2018
So I’m new to cash app and I’m trying to figure out how to add people can someone tell me how to add people
Everything questionable!!??!! Something fishy going on with this app for SURE!
SarahLynnISConqueringtheWorld on 2/18/2018
The main HUGE reason I am displaying the ONE star ultimately comes down to the fact, it simply won’t allow me to rate 1/2 (half) a star or 0 (zero). After getting the app and receiving the black card by mail, I found out through reading other disgruntle reviews the fact that there is NO “over-the-phone” Customer Assistance! Only ANCIENT emailing!! I was floored!!!! However, we are suppose to feel safe about “Cash App” handling our finances/financial obligations and trust fully no flub ups, little or BIG, will occur because let’s just say a flub up occurs, (KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT A PERFECT WORLD AND SCAMS DO HAPPEN FREQUENTLY) for example, a payment of the upmost importance was scheduled to be made to such and such courthouse in such and such state, county/city for a FINE or CHILD SUPPORT and if the payment isn’t received that day, a warrant is issued for that individual (who trusted “Cash App”) and must report to Jail for a set period of time (days, weeks, months even years) depending upon the circumstances, the person, the sentence previously received, etc.....there is no almost immediate phone assistance to get this “potential problem” straightened out almost instantly! Benefits of this, being able to turn right around to the court house and show proof the funds were available and scheduled payment to be sent before or by due date. Also the fine, child support or whatever the case may be was not received due to technical issues and “Cash App” at fault and held accountable. Even then, it is the courts discretion whether to honor that or throw you in jail for the payment simply not being received. None of this would be possible waiting on annoying emails back and forth, so on and so forth. Ridiculous! That ruins it for me and until an update states: 24/7 customer service phone line added to App with a valid phone number, I will not be utilizing this app or card. I’ve seen reviews where people have hundreds upon hundreds of dollars just disappeared, not accounted for, and can’t be tracked down whatsoever through their personal bank for weeks on end.... still not resolved even then. I refuse to let that be me or potentially ruining my life by trusting this foolish app! Steer clear people.
I want my money
TennsseeGal on 2/18/2018
I have been emailing these people for almost a week now for my money that hasn’t deposited into my account. I hate the fact that they don’t have a direct number and you have go back and forth by email they rarely email you back. I started off liking cash app but since I’ve had this issue with my money being deposited into my account i’ve had second thoughts.
AMEX Accepted but.....
nikato123 on 2/17/2018
They treat Bluebird and Serve like credit cards. They should treat them as debit cards. Nice to see they support Cryptocurrency. They should have chosen Bitcoin Cash. People can risk that a transaction may take 1069 minutes.
No access
Moorgan Hart on 2/17/2018
I cannot access my account, the start screen just has the $tag creation page and says my $tag is unavailable and wont let me do anything other than create a new one. Their “support” is just an faq page, no actual customer support or alternate options. The only reason I got this crap in the first place is because a friend was insisting on using this instead of paypal which everyone already has anyway. Just use paypal people!
Can’t use without Debit Card
Vaxhacker on 2/17/2018
If you don’t have a debit card (I don’t because of direct access to my bank account plus credit/charge card protections), you can’t use this app. Hope my target (my supervisor) will accept PayPal. Support looks nonexistent. Funny to see the canned Developer Responses. Will be fun when all that collected identity information gets hacked.
Really starting to be an inconvenience
N. Grant13 on 2/17/2018
For some strange reason, Cash App will no longer let me use my Discover debit card. I’ve used this card numerous times on Cash app and I’m really disappointed in the inconvenience it has caused me. It keeps telling me that my card “invalid” when I have more than enough money and it doesn’t expire until 2020. Please fix ASAP. Going back to Venmo until further notice ✌🏽
Finger print security had me trapped
TheIneffable on 2/17/2018
Can’t get app open w security - doesn’t work w my finger prints ;) tried to change to phone number w text perfect but can’t get stupid fingerprint off - help
Great App for parents to use for sons/daughters in College
johnnybky on 2/17/2018
My sons bank was closed today and he was in need of some quick money. The Cash App was a huge saver. Use code JTNSTLF .... not a scam
Tex_Cali_Girl on 2/17/2018
If you log out or forget your password FORGET about being able to change or update your information THIS app will require you to make a new account and link the two together. NO WAY TO ASK FOR HELP! So your data is spread to two accounts and NO TECH Support.
Use my code so we both get $5!!
Encoun2er on 2/17/2018
Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! MHLNDKV
Journey 12 on 2/17/2018
Love love it
Great way to send and receive money
Jessi Lee1908 on 2/17/2018
I enjoy using this app. Especially when you need money right away. I also use it request money from girls on my dance team when I purchase their outfits or things they need but can't get right away. Then whatever the total comes to I just send it to them.
Le367829 on 2/17/2018
Log out lose your account BEWARE
MrPaul06 on 2/17/2018
If you log out of cash app you’ll never be able to log back into the same account with the app. Now the app has a bug that makes you create a new account. I wonder if that’s on purpose so that they can boost their number of users. From classy to trashy.
The new way to pay
c2.castillo on 2/17/2018
This makes life super convenient in times where you pay for the group’s lunch with your card and then your friends pay you via cash app for there food if they have no cash on hand.
Better apps
Ballsdeep12468 on 2/17/2018
I got this to test the btc functionality which is terrible they don’t have very good error messaging. it took over two weeks before I could withdraw my coins with their verification process and I’m going on day 2 pending waiting to send coins to my wallet after transaction started. Also you have to type in a character before pasting in an address. The ux on the btc part isn’t great. I was hoping to use this but soon as I get my btc it’s getting deleted.
It was all good until the last update.
Lfmaozas gbjj on 2/17/2018
It was all good until I updated the app. I don’t like updating apps for this reason. Now I can’t send money without my driver license or Facebook or SS #???? Y’all are bugging. Deleting the app
Yes!!! Love it.
Keekee2also on 2/17/2018
Super easy and quick. Thanks for creating an option that is better...
?!?!?😐 on 2/17/2018
Use code CXGCDQB and you’ll receive $5 free
Customer service doesn’t exist
Kennylivedbitch on 2/16/2018
I have never written a review before but I had to because I’ve never dealt with such terrible customer service. I have been trying for well over a month now to fix whatever problem there is with my cash app account (randomly told me I temporarily can’t send or get money due to suspicious activity) they never sent an email or anything as to what was suspicious or what I needed to do to fix it. I didn’t even know there was a problem with my account until I went to try and send my friend some money for doing my nails and it told me I couldn’t. I have contacted support 5 times now to figure out what was wrong with my account but every time I do I get the same automated message saying someone will be with me in a few business days but I never get an email from anyone so when I tell them I haven’t gotten a response they send out another automated message saying that “I took too long to reply and need to open a new case” BUT I NEVER GOT A RESPONSE IN THE FIRST PLACE. This has happened 5 times now and I have given up entirely on trying to use the app. I now use google wallet and haven’t had any issues. Something that can be fixed in minutes has been dragged out for months and STILL is not fixed. When you offer customer service you’re supposed to actually help the customer with the issue.
NüDisko on 2/16/2018
Wants to much.
Super stake on 2/16/2018
I downloaded this because I thought it was better than PayPal. I soon figurehead out that everything requires you to have a debt card with a bank. You can’t Transfer cash to bank, buy Bit Coin, honestly you can’t do anything but send money to people and that’s it.
Awesome app
Dokqua on 2/16/2018
This app is better than venmo. FACT.
Love it!
Dannie0711 on 2/16/2018
Life saver, easy to use.
bfkdxgg on 2/16/2018
Awesome app
Ohio 322 on 2/16/2018
Wonderful app! Whoever thought of this...pure genius!
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