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App last updated Dec 07, 2017
New in version 2.21.2

Various bug fixes and improvements


Pay your friends instantly, and cash out to your bank for FREE! Standard deposits show up the very next business day. You can also spend directly from the app with a free Visa debit card that can be delivered to your door.

Protect payments with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode

Optionally cash out to your bank in seconds for a fee

Just link your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit card to transfer money

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I can’t log in
brittnlove on 12/13/2017
Cash app will not let me log in! It s asking for me to set up anew tag and and a new debit card. . I had a friend send me money and my tag and account are still active. I have emailed someone twice within the last two weeks and got no response. I expect better customer service from a business that is dealing with people’s money.
Let’s get each other cash
hope_thelove on 12/13/2017
Simple and easy
Treallen on 12/13/2017
I'll use it forever!!!!!
Broken app, support requests unanswered
ShoobyTaylor on 12/13/2017
I had several clients try to pay me through this app and it never worked. I contacted support and they never bothered to answer. They sent me a form email saying someone would be in touch, and then they just never helped me. A month later I wrote them again to tell them they had lost my business, and they sent back an email offering to help but demanding much more information than I could possibly ever provide ( including the private email addresses and phone numbers of the people who tried to pay me---as if I'm supposed to call and bother all the people who were already annoyed that I told them they could pay me through Square and then they couldn't, for all the contact information they used to sign up with the app---rather than just go with a different service). The service just plain doesn't work, the support is lousy to nonexistent, and obviously they don't want my business. We don't owe you anything, Square. Try offering a working service next time. I went with Zelle from my bank, which actually works - imagine that! App deleted.
Best and quickest money transfer app I’ve worked with thus far.
5Star2017 on 12/12/2017
Haven’t had any problems thus far 👍🏾
I like it!
Tamcat71 on 12/12/2017
Easy and convenient
Be careful!!!!! They will keep your money for ever!!!
Bradeli2012 on 12/12/2017
Bad bad bad bad no other words to describe my experience with them, I need help from any one please they kept $ 838.00 and I’m still waiting to get my money they just put my account under review for ever, they must stop tricking people this is not right , they have no number or any other way to comunícate, SOME ONE HAS TO STOP THEM PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!! Free advise to everybody
BEWARE Cash took 400$ 10/27
Savanahlovelyyyyy on 12/12/2017
On 10/27/17, I attempted to pay my roommate 400$ for rent via the cash app. However, after realizing (immediately afterwards) that they were going to be out of town, my roommate "refunded" the amount. However, that amount never showed back up in my bank account. (And on my profile the entire transaction mysteriously disappeared) I sent 8 emails (because you can't call customer service) to both Cash and Square, and never received any type of response. It is now December... still nothing. This is now after I have filed a BBB complaint with Square, and disputed the amount with my bank. Do not use this app, and if you do do not count on customer experience to provide any type of help when you need it. This was an app that I had told all of my friends and coworkers to use. It seemed like a great idea when someone needed money quickly for a work related event, or when you went out with a group of friends and wanted to split costs for the night. I've now warned everyone I know to stop using the app, and advise everyone to look at all of the negative reviews claiming fraudulent charges.
Great app !!!
Deezy the greatest on 12/12/2017
My friend told me about it and I love it !! The best thing since slice bread. Most definitely recommend it to anyone who is tryina get bread quick. I would of given it five stars but I didn’t receive my five bucks after referring a friend.
crazyladiesman21 on 12/12/2017
This app is awesome. So many times you go hangout and order some food but not everyone carry’s cash on them nowadays but now no worries just download and send them your share and everyone’s happy and no ones mad because someone keeps forgetting to pay them
Athertonian90 on 12/12/2017
I think you guys removed the BitCoin transfer to external virtual currency, feature. Is there anyway you guys can add that back in. The Beta is awesome and there are room for improvements but overall seamless experience. I just want to be able to export to an external wallet. Otherwise it is a closed loop. Thanks
App keeps crashing
Thomison Edison on 12/12/2017
My cash app keeps closing😡
My issue is resolved finally
TinaQA on 12/12/2017
Yes, it takes a while to get a response but once I got it, my problem was solved. Thank you to Beronte 🤗❤️
LilOl'Mi89 on 12/12/2017
Made life so much easier
I still get a few taken out
Kammy cakes on 12/12/2017
I’ve had this app since 2014 and back then the app would take out a percentage of the money you send and receive. Apparently there was an update that allows peope to send money with no fee but I was excluded from this update I don’t have the option to wait 24 hours for the full amount of money and I wish that It would work for me.
$15 COUPON CODE: XSQHQWQ use before it expires!
MeetThePetersons on 12/12/2017
BEST APP EVER TO TRANSFER MONEY WITHOUT FEES. Unbelievably easy! Will NEVER use anything else.
The King xFSUx on 12/12/2017
By far the best money app you can ask for! Thanks for helping a brother out lol
Love this App!
124?;7&;68;8&;)!7$;!9 on 12/12/2017
My friends and I use this app all the time. It’s so much easier than all of the other apps like it. Also the physical card they sent me so I can choose to keep the money in the app and spend it is awesome. And free!! I have started to use it as a way to manage my money. I’ll transfer 250.00 to it every month for eating out and gas. It’s working great so far.
App currently won’t open
Sjndnfnsjs on 12/12/2017
Help. Bitcoin in app.
Thank You Kindly.
Angel Raphael on 12/12/2017
Thank You so kindly for being the reason I can send my Lovely Sister and Daughter and Sons and Daughters money. Amen
Nothing Beats It
alkel101 on 12/12/2017
I'm not sure why people have problems with this app but, for me, it has worked flawlessly with ease, dependability, and effectiveness. IPhone 7 Plus
Love it ❤️!
Mickieb2001 on 12/11/2017
It is so convenient and easy to use!
I have a love hate for this app!
Britteebritt on 12/11/2017
I used to love this app! I was very impressed at how instant the money came into the accounts. But since then that has changed without a warning and now if you want your money instantly you have to pay a 1% fee. NOT COOL! So I wouldn't say I completely hate the app; now I will only use it for money I don't need right away. Which is opposite of its purpose of you ask me... Update: Now I’m use to the fee, and just avoid it at all cost. And I think that it is neat that they now have a card, though I have not ordered it to try. Overall decent app.
Seems pretty tight
meangeeen on 12/11/2017
So far...
Daisycx3 on 12/11/2017
I have been using this app for as along as I can remember and have never had a problem until now. I instant deposit a payment into my account and have yet to receive it! If you are charging me a fee for it being instant make sure it’s in ones account. I have reached from from multiple emails and get the same someone will be with you soon. It’s been 3 days and no one has yet to get back to me about my money. Horrible customer service try investing in a number for better service. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Sjsjdjvsis on 12/11/2017
Where my five bucks
Lnrttfytfstrfhhtdchffb on 12/11/2017
Great app, Use code RWDTVTV to get $5 bonus!! No fees and secured!
They stole my money
Lilith Fury on 12/11/2017
I received $60 from someone who bought my bike. I tried to withdraw it, but it wouldn’t work. I tried to send it to my bf’s card, but they blocked the transaction. I contacted customer service requesting they send me a check if they weren’t going to let me get my money any other way. They decided to send the $60 I got back to the person who bought my bike, and then close my account, still never responding to me. When I went to Twitter, email, and every other site to teach them,I got the response that they decided to close my account cuz they saw me as high risk. High risk? How? By never having any disputes? By never abusing my card since I never even got one? I checked around and found this is actually pretty common. Square cash has the tendency to block accounts, and steal the money from people they might not like the business of. This included strippers, fetish models, etc. EVEN IF THEY DONT USE THE APP FOR THOSE TRANSACTIONS. The fact that I model, but use OTHER money apps for that, shouldn’t translate into you STEALING from me, and blocking my account. You owe me $60. The guy who bought my bike was a tourist from another country. He isn’t even in the US now. I can’t get my money back. That’s on you.
Not worth it
Alaw41 on 12/11/2017
Only reason I used this app was to get the $5 which didn’t work because I didn’t know to put in the reward code nothing me too s reward code how am I suppose to know it was the referral number and now it’s too late. So I’m deleting this app and sticking with PayPal! Thanks for nothing!
kilio15 on 12/11/2017
Add me kilio15
Favorite Payment App
SandMansFlag on 12/11/2017
CashApp works great, is straight forward, and in general is fluid and user-friendly. Unlike Venmo, Cashapp gives you a Visa Card that's linked to your account, doesn't use PayPal (thank God), and doesn't function as a social media service. Not only that but the aesthetic of the app is MUCH better.
Top shelf
Uncle Stromboli on 12/11/2017
Light weight, efficient, intuitive
Slowjulius on 12/11/2017
First of all enter reward code XHXMJTX and receive $5 FREE from CASH APP for using the app for first time users. Enter it in the rewards section at the bottom of the settings page when setting up your profile. The app is not complicated, and easier to use than Venmo, PayPal, and other money apps.
Simple & Easy
Steve from GA on 12/11/2017
Works great
deejdray on 12/11/2017
Thereal_jr on 12/11/2017
This app is incredible I love it a lot and thanks for not giving us an app that doesn’t take much from you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 💵app of the year goes to 🙌🏽
Won’t let me download to my iPhone 6plus
I lost my leg ❕ on 12/10/2017
It has the circle but it’s literally been a weeks I’ve restarted my phone and everything and it won’t get off the downloading symbol.
Use code: MSNPMFW to get $5 free
thomas908 on 12/10/2017
Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! MSNPMFW
Easy & quick
shelziebellz on 12/10/2017
Definitely remember to enter the code when you sign up to get the $5 bonus when you send money the first time, free money, I got my code from a friend, we both got the $5 bonus. This app is quick and convenient, I have had no problems with it and unless I ever do, I will use it whenever I need to send money to someone.
The best thing to happen to money!
SyncereTheRealtor on 12/10/2017
Try Cash App using is code and get $5! KNSHKLV Wait until you see the free customizable debit card!! Unlike PayPal you have the option to transfer and deposit money at no charge!! I’m a landlord of 18 properties. My tenants pay their rent through this. Quick, easy, free!
Where is my money?
AngelGreenLove on 12/10/2017
I signed up with a code and never got any money.
Keeping my money
Janaelly on 12/10/2017
I tried to send money to a friend, cashapp canceled the payment and would not let the money become available to me until Wednesday 🤔🧐
The Best!!!
Pashhfashh on 12/10/2017
Literally this app has saved me so much time and effort! It is so easy to send or receive cash, and the best part is you don’t have to wait days for the money to deposit in your account. Honestly the best app for sending money!!
Reoccurring Issue
Bornlwilson on 12/10/2017
When i first started using this app i thought IT was great; I bank with chase but not everyone has the luxury of quickpay unfortunately. I had no issues until my recent transactions started failing. I contacted customer support and they fixed it, I guess for one time only because I have had two refunded/ failed transactions for my “protection”, since then. I absolutely don’t understand why this keeps happening and I have messaged the support team twice and have gotten no response. To make It worse, my “instant” translation option is not very instant. It used to be when I first started using the app but now it says “deposits shortly.” If no one can explain this problem, I’m just going to have to delete the app for good.
Fake advertising.
Red121 on 12/10/2017
Refer a friend and you get five bucks and they get five bucks until that actually doesn’t happen when you use the code sent to you by your friend.
Doubledown112 on 12/10/2017
Very easy to use..extremely convenient to use to transfer cash!
Didn’t get my reward referred a few friends didn’t get anything
Adoresillyshy on 12/10/2017
Not happy at all
Bank log in required
Iflywithej on 12/9/2017
I’ve used this app several times and it’s easy and convenient. Never had issues. This last time I had to enter my bank login info to get the money to transfer and that made me uneasy. I’ll have to change the password and I’m not sure why that was necessary. I don’t remember having to do that before. For that reason I’m giving it a 3.
boiibaby on 12/9/2017
gcanino on 12/9/2017
Love this app Have never had any problems with it!!
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