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Artifact Uprising, LLC

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Photo & Video 3.7.9 Oct 25, 2013 Jun 12, 2018 121.2 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.7.9

We've added three of our newest products to the app, including the Brass Tabletop Frame, Modern Metal Frames, and Brass & Wood Display Box! Plus, you can now work on multiple photo projects at once and add more than one item to your cart to make checking out even easier.

As always, we’re here to help and grateful for your feedback to help us continue making improvements!


Featuring high-quality photo prints and elevated design, the Artifact Uprising app allows you to move photos off your device and into your life. Seamlessly access photos from your Instagram or camera roll and print meaningful photo goods and gifts in no time.

New to the app: Artifact Uprising Volumes. Automatically turn your mobile photos into a cohesive book series. Each time you add 50 images to your chosen photo album, our Volumes service will create a new book to add to your collection.

Make a custom photo book with your iPhone photos, wedding pictures, travel memories, or everyday family moments.

As seen in Oprah, The Today Show, RealSimple, Travel+Leisure, InStyle,, and more.

"The best part of their product is the quality of the paper and the company’s commitment to tangible memories in the digital age.” – Travel + Leisure

Products include:
- Artifact Uprising Volumes
- Hardcover Photo Book with your choice of 8 fabric colors
- Brass Easel & Calendar
- Softcover Photo Book made with 100% recycled pages
- Gallery Frames
- Square Print Set
- Thank You Photo Cards
- Wood Calendars
- Instagram Friendly Photo Book
- Wood Block & Prints

Tips for using the Artifact Uprising App:
- The Instagram Friendly Photo Book is a photo album that can feature your favorite pictures, captions, and tags.
- Easily create a meaningful photo gift – the Wood Calendar includes 12 calendar prints, printed on high-quality textured-matte paper.
- Gallery Frames are perfect for displaying Instagram pictures. Each photo frame is made of real hardwood in the USA.

Off your Device, Into Your Life.™ // Honor that which is meaningful. Bettered by a community of inspired storytellers. Driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell. Tell On.

To see our complete collection of photo albums, prints, gifts and more, visit

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Love what you can do with this app
LDRLLA on 6/13/2018
I love the idea of bringing my photos to life by making gifts and coffee table items, but I want to create a true keepsake, something you want to show off even if there wasn’t a personal photo attached to it for it’s incredible design, high quality materials and usefulness not something basic b****, chintzy and cheap. AU offers these products that I’m looking for to DO SOMETHING AWESOME with my photos and it was easy to use and add photos from the new baby family photo shoot we just got pictures back from. I sent the block photos display with 12 photos off to my Gdad in America for Father’s Day and planned to create a calendar for my husband’s office in London when I was stopped in my tracks by the cost of international shipping + having to pay import fees. All this would cost more than the item itself. I’m on the verge of just paying it for the convenience of having it done! But I’m holding off. AU please bring your operation to London so shipping isn’t so cost prohibitive!! If there is any problem with the shipping or the gift I did send off to America, I will update this post. This app would get 5 stars if I lived in the US because it would completely solve my photo problems and they are so smart/thoughtful/experienced in production for eg: when you create a calendar, the first month will be the month after you create the calendar so that it can be used right away instead of having to wait for the new year like a basic b**** lol. Eg2: their reminders on the shipping page make it clear which shipping option to choose if you want your item to arrive on time for the upcoming holiday and which not to choose if you care about timing.
Great quality!
W Lynn R on 6/11/2018
For the second year in a row, I displayed pictures on fairy light clips for my children’s outdoor graduation party. Unfortunately, this year it rained for over an hour, but I was amazed at how well the pictures stood up in the rain! Although they were a little damp the next day, once they dried, they were fine. The service of this company and the quality of their prints are both excellent! I plan to try one of their books next.
Great app for gifts!
technboots on 6/3/2018
I have soo many photos on my phone and this app is such an easy way to print them. I’ve gifted my mom a photo of my family with the brass picture frame and I love the style of the photo display box so will probably make one for my dad’s birthday this month. Highly recommend this app, there is something marvelous about seeing your photos printed in real life!!
App doesn’t work
Krismacahn on 6/3/2018
I’ve been trying to upload my photos for over a week for the volume series and it’s always “uploading” but never connects. Even after an hour or so...I love the brand and would love to order their products if it was easier.
My favorite app for pics!
emg77* on 6/2/2018
I’ve loved every order I’ve placed! Never had a mistake in printing and arrives on time.
Either Buggy or EXTREMELY Unintuitive
Astoxk on 6/2/2018
I love Artifact’s products, but this app is impossible to use. It doesn’t allow me access to all photos, it doesn’t allow me to proceed with creating volumes, it continually tells me I have projects in progress, yet allows me no access to them. Sadly, for photo books, I have to go elsewhere. I work for a tech firm on UI/UX so it’s not me, it’s you...
Volume series crashes
asbcdehsj on 5/28/2018
Please update this app ! I previously ordered the volume a year ago and it worked ok (it would crash a lot), now it won’t let me continue my past series with new photos or start a new volume 😭😩 so sad when you want to continue baby photos .
Super concept / product with error-prone functionality
john-elaine on 5/18/2018
I love this brand and the products they offer; I recommend it to everyone I know. I do find that both the site and app are rife with not infrequent glitches that can lead to confusion, frustration and/or lost time. I know the company is working hard to resolve these issues and I’ll continue to use their excellent product.
Needs better functionality
Mnkmnjmnh on 5/18/2018
Volumes app does NOT work. Have been trying to use it for months and have many problems despite app updates
Love the site HATE the app
Jkotkows06 on 5/17/2018
1. You can only do a fraction of things on app compared to computer. 2. App has so many design flaws and constantly loses information I enter so I have to re-enter items many many times. 3. If you back arrow in app it loses all of your selected photos in the buy prints section. If you are selecting a lot of prints and make the mistake of hitting the arrow say goodbye to the last 30 minutes of your life 4. When checking out the app is so glitchy (working on iPhone 8) that when you enter promo code the option to place order disappears. Truly had to renter my information about 10 times for it to work and shame on me for not giving up. Probably due to the fact that I had just spent all that time chosing/and losing pictures. Disappointing
Mala calidad
Alex lilicaro on 5/14/2018
Estaba muy entusiasmada arme el album cuando lo recibi me decepcione esperaba otra calidad en el material las hojas finas el tamaño muy pequeño la califad de la imagen malisima sin definición una decepción no lo recomiendo no hay relación precio calidad muy decepcionada
Super Buggy and frustrating
rfgee on 5/11/2018
I have had so many issues using the “Volumes” function of this app. My first attempt got stuck in some payment bug and I had to reinstall the app and start again. I was finally able to compile and order my first Volume, and now cannot create a second one. Incredibly frustrating. A great concept but flawed execution. Updated: This just happened AGAIN on my second attempt at Volumes. Incredibly buggy!!!
Awful app
dryaet2018 on 5/6/2018
Love the products but wow, I can’t believe how terrible their app is. I ordered one of the volumes and there is no way of seeing what I have ordered, or how far I am from the next volume. I am sticking w chatbooks until they get their act together.
Can’t access volumes
🌷🌸🌷 on 4/30/2018
App keeps asking me to set up volumes. It’s unfortunate because the product looks beautiful, and I was looking forward to creating albums for our recent vacation. I hope they fix this issue soon.
Was amazing... just not the same
1739572957294$1$38 on 4/26/2018
*app interface ( 4 out of 5 ) *Quality of prints (5 out of 5) *Shipping cost is too high/and delivery takes too long (2 out of 5) back in September (2017) I have placed a few orders and loved everything about it... even the cost didn’t bother me. The prints used to come in these killer boxes, that are used as storage containers. I’m aware they were cardboard but the design was perfect for me... (some might even say brilliant.) Now the AU charges the same and they removed the boxes, all you get is a awful paper wrapped around your lovely prints. *A major experience lost while opening our orders. Overall I love this company, just want my experience be the same as I first found them.
AU 100% Top Notch!
CarolynH. on 4/25/2018
I’m impressed with the quality and full service support from AU. In addition, the marketing is awesome and inspiring. Thank you!
Super Buggy, Poorly Built
the Civilla team on 4/21/2018
This app is not well built - it crashes and errors out repeatedly. It also does not sync between mobile and desktop. Definitely behind the curve when it comes to digital products.
Not user friendly
CillaPFP on 4/12/2018
Very pretty app! I’m very skeptical of this whole volume subscription though. I can’t find where I entered my payment info. This app isn’t user friendly. I hope that I won’t get charged for something I didn’t approve of...I probably will delete the app.
Love The Timelessness Of These Books
SassySuzie88 on 4/9/2018
I absolutely love using the artifact uprising app. It makes everything so easy. The Legacy books are my very favorite. They are classy and I love displaying them. I receive so many compliments on these books. My friends love the fact I print out my memories so everyone can enjoy them! Why take pictures if your not going to look at them time and again? Print out your memories you will never regret it!
They have an incredible brand, but when will they actually make stuff that works?
Angelique1692 on 4/3/2018
I love Artifact Uprising’s brand. They really know how to market themselves. But I have an issue with their app, specifically their volumes series, which hasn’t been working as promised. When I first started the series, it would tell me that the project was there but wouldn’t show me where, and when I clicked on the volumes tab, it would repeatedly ask me to set up my payment and shipping options. Now I can actually access the project - except that it crashes every time I click on it. I’ve been following AU since they were acquired by VSCO (a camera app I LOVE), and like I said, I love their branding. So it’s really disappointing to see a company sink so much in their marketing to brand themselves as the best quality out there, only to not follow through on the quality of their products. I haven’t been able to even test their physical products yet because the one product I want, it won’t let me have.
Instagram sync fail
UCFKNIGHTS!!!! on 2/27/2018
First and foremost I love the creative idea behind AU. However mobile experience is subpar. Selecting pictures from IG to order IG friendly memory book does not work. Please fix.
Keeps freezing
Kgrimm16 on 2/24/2018
I can do one thing at a time and then the app freezes. I need to close it out, restart the app and start over.
App freezes up
SJOT on 2/11/2018
Cannot get past the GET STARTED prompt. Have done everything possible at my end to remedy the issue to no avail. Have wasted so much time trying to make a birthday present for a friend, that I simply gave up out of sheer frustration and exhaustion. Obviously the app has a bug 🕷 Rather disappointed as I had my hopes on giving the perfect gift of the wood block with 12 photos I painstakingly picked out and edited 😖
75cdr on 2/8/2018
I continue to be disappointed with this app. Not only does it not sync with the desktop experience or account, it’s functionality is spotty. I was excited to use the new Volumes offer, but continue to be unable to even load photos. I’ve emailed customer service, sent screenshots, etc. Nothing seems to work.
Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.
BBfromCO on 1/24/2018
Simple and easy to navigate. Only to be outdone when the product arrives! Highly recommend. Best gift-giving app ever. *EDIT the new hardcover book in the app is great. Glad to be able to have the option between softcover and something more permanent. #SuperFan
Beautiful products, app much improved!
hl192192 on 1/22/2018
I’ve always loved Artifact Uprising’s beautiful products and have used their app several times because it’s the easiest way to print photos from my phone. The app used to be a bit frustrating because I could only have one project at a time and I had to order everything separately. Not ideal! But now they fixed it!! I’ve already started projects for my parents’ birthdays and Valentine’s Day next month and I’m so excited to be able to edit each project in my own time and have everything shipped all at once!
Easy to create lasting and beautiful product
Gena Allyse on 1/22/2018
This app is easy to use on the go or at home to create a plethora of products that are of great quality!! I highly suggest making gifts for friends and family with AU!
Best Hardcover Option
photo45279 on 1/22/2018
I’ve been trying for months to find a good option to print our yearly photo book. SO GLAD I finally found AU to print, perfect quality and customer service!
Beautiful Product!
Eli314159 on 1/22/2018
App is easy to use and the product is so wonderful! Perfect for gifts. Made my mom a calendar and she loved it!
I love Artifact uprising
chelsearuff22 on 1/22/2018
Easiest way to print your photos directly off your phone, not to mention the quality of the printed product. By far the best I’ve ever seen!
Amazing quality, beautifully designed!
annamarie1010 on 1/22/2018
Easy to use, great customer service when needed, and the final product will make you cry!
Amazing quality prints!
Baker r on 1/22/2018
Top notch products with great customer service.
Easy, breezy, beautiful photo books
grandcentral on 1/22/2018
Such a simple way to make stunning gifts for the whole family! I’ll definitely be coming back to create more.
So easy for all gifts!
Adventures for days on 1/22/2018
This company makes top-notch gifts. I make prints after every trip to send to my friends and family with little notes, and they love the little reminders of our adventures.
Simple process, great print quality.
Reagan_Smith on 1/22/2018
I’ve been using this app for over a year now for various gifts and love the experience. The app is easy to navigate and all of the photo gifts I’ve created were beautiful. Highly recommend!
Could use some cool features
some girl with the name of chelsea on 1/20/2018
I’d really like to use this for whenever I am delivering clients their gallery. I wish you guys had a “gift” set up.. where I could write them a message and then make sure they don’t get a reciept😂😂 Also, I’d really like to know what it looks like when my clients get it! I’d set it up in a heart beat if I had all these answers
best quality on the market
MJJgo451 on 1/19/2018
everything from print quality to paper to the box is beautiful. this company really cares.
The only place I go to for printing!
LoveAU on 1/19/2018
The only place I go to print my phone photos. Their app easily lets me create gifts and prints that I can send to my family, which is always a lifesaver when I’m looking for the perfect gift. I’ve been impressed with their printing, packaging, and especially with their customer service. They’ve taken care of me every single time!
Recent updates helped AU app
Molly020904 on 1/19/2018
I had trouble on the app before, but since they have made several updates I've noticed quite a difference in functionality. The last few times I've used it to build photo books and they've turned out great! Excited I can make my beloved hardcover family yearbooks through my phone now.
Volumes needs help, buggy
That777 on 1/8/2018
I use the app for Volumes, but it is pretty buggy. When trying to edit the second volume, the app freezes. It also doesn’t continuously communicate with the photos app, so if you change something in the photo album, you have to start the volume all over in order for the app to recognize it. Also would like to see more color and size options.
Pictures wouldn’t upload and order canceled
H_jorde on 1/8/2018
I’m sure this is a pretty good service when ordered from a desktop. However, this mobile app isn’t the most user friendly. Twice my orders were confirmed and canceled because the app uploaded blank photos instead of the selected photos. Customer service was nice enough, but the whole process ate up way more time than just going to a physical store.
Customer Service - Awful
PHLAK69 on 1/7/2018
Quality of the prints were great but they messed up on 7 of the 25 prints I had made up. When I went to report the issue they acted like they cared but did nothing about correcting the issue. Customer service is a complete joke.
Does not link to desktop account?
Qwertypop123hi on 1/6/2018
I have an album I'm making on my laptop for a wedding guestbook. I have tried to access it from the app under the same account to add photos from my iPhone but the app and my account on the computer do not seem to link at all, and there is not even a way to make a wedding guestbook on the app. Very sad because I want to add some photos from my phone in addition to our engagement pics . Otherwise it seems to work okay
100% useless to edit projects or upload pics
Mergator on 12/31/2017
You need to get with the times and allow mobile photo library access and uploading in your app. And access to projects...AT LEAST to add photos. This app is pretty useless, not intuitive and not a good user experience
Alexduerto on 12/21/2017
This app is amazing. I got my photobook in just a few days. A little expensive but worth every penny.
Where are my saved projects?
TheOnlyEmily on 12/13/2017
Love Artifact Uprising but why would I download this app if I can’t even access my saved projects? When I try to, I’m kicked out to Safari. And then, if I wasn’t offered to create the project on the New Editor, I can’t access it from my phone at all and get an error message to try on my desktop! Yikes, AU.
Seamless Experience
LauraJoan0418 on 12/12/2017
Impressed! Grateful to have my photos printed so beautifully.
Barebones App
SCLEV99 on 12/10/2017
In order to view purchases you are redirected to a browser session and have to login again. I have 2 items in my cart on the web but they don’t show up in the app. All this time and the app still seems like they don’t care.
UX and UI intensely lacking.
jennaschneid on 12/8/2017
First time user and don't have access to a desktop, so the website sent me to the app. Upon download, I couldn't find what I was trying to order on desktop. And they don't even seem to have a location where you can review all products in the app. Frustrated and moving on to another vendor.
App needs work
StephC89 on 12/8/2017
Love their prints and website but the app is terrible. Doesn’t let me add more than one option/item to my cart (prints, books, etc) without wiping the previous item. They need to be ordered separately, resulting in $6.99 for shipping each time.
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