Unitica - unit converter

Aleksandar Vacic

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$7.99 Utilities 4.0 Dec 18, 2013 Jul 06, 2015 5.1 MB iOS 8.3 or later 4+
New in version 4.0

• Advanced support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
• Great landscape mode with the keypad on the side for larger iPhones

Also includes lots of minor bug fixes and improvements.

• NOTE • if you like Unitica, make sure you review it here on the App Store - it helps others find the app and it gives me incentive to develop it further.
Thank you for your time.


A premiere unit converter focused on your favorite unit pairs, for iPhone and iPad.
Video: http://vimeo.com/radianttap/unitica

Main feature: Favorite pairs
It's good to have support for obscure units, but most of the time you need just several well chosen pairs.

Unitica allows you to choose any pair of units as a favorite, regardless of their category and have them all available from the same screen:
kmh to mph, km to mi, kg to lb, Celsius to Fahrenheit's etc.

Instant search
- Don't hunt down that particular unit
- Tap search button on any screen, type few letters and Unitica will instantly narrow down the results

- You can choose to use system font/size or choose between Avenir and Helvetica Neue Light
- You can mix and match between 10+ foreground and 4 background colors.
- Create your own dark or light theme

Hundreds of units across many categories
There is no room here to list all the supported units, here's just the list of categories:
- Acceleration
- Angle
- Area
- Data (base of 2 and base of 10)
- Density
- Dynamic Viscosity
- Energy
- Flow
- Force
- Illuminance
- Kinematic Viscosity
- Length
- Luminance
- Mass
- Power
- Pressure
- Speed
- Temperature
- Time
- Torque
- Volume

Perfected for iOS
- Advanced support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
- Fully supports iOS's dynamic type, with either system or custom fonts
- Layout will automatically adjust itself to accommodate changes in content size
- Uses advanced TextKit features for better display of numbers
- Uses iCloud to sync your favorites and whole app state between devices

Note: If you like Unitica, please consider leaving a rating and/or writing a review here on the App Store.
Every little bit helps and reviews goes a long way to support continued development of the app.
Thank you for your time. :)

iPad Screenshots
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Beautiful & Customisable
Schaeds on 1/29/2017
This app not only allows the user to convert almost anything, but is also beautifully designed and extremely customisable. In my opinion, it's worth paying for this app rather than using a free, inconveniently designed unit converter.
App Needs More Work
sensatec on 10/2/2016
Radiant needs to do more work on their Unitica conversion app. First of all, the demo video which is intended to demonstrate how to use this app, and which was once accessible from the support tab, has not been working for over a year. The problem I have had with this app from the beginning is that it simply does not work! Upon opening the app to show all of the various catagories for conversion I may choose the conversion of temperature category: on the left-hand side of the screen I choose the fahrenheit scale for conversion to the celsius scale on the right-hand side of the screen. When I align the two scales directly opposite one another, with the direction-of-conversion arrow pointing to the final conversion modality, there is then no further ability to imput any information such as specific numeric value(s) to be converted. A dead end is reached! Although the demo video is no longer accessible from the app's support tab it is still available from Radiant's web site. The problem with the demo video is that, in my oponion, is it does not demonstrate clearly enough how to begin and complete a conversion--it rushes too quickly through the process without an actual step-by-step demonstration, i.e., I should be able to perform any conversions by watching and copying each step shown in the video but I cannot because steps are omitted as the demo video is too rushed. I think this app has good potential but right now it's author needs to devote more time to improving the app by simplifying the steps used to make conversions, and especially, by adopting a much more intuitive approach to the User Interface.
Base 10 instead of base 2. No option.
brysonholland on 11/23/2014
I don't understand why conversion apps keep rounding bytes to 1000 per K instead of 1024. It's 1024. Every single conversion in the data section above byte-size is wrong. I don't care if OS X does it because it looks easier for non-technical people. If I'm converting numbers for my job, and I'm a Software Engineer, I need accurate numbers not round ones.
app review
DERIK-HVL on 8/22/2014
best convert app
Interesting interface but shows promise
Tkeva on 4/18/2014
Interesting design - and one I could get used to - but the units scrolling is kinda stubborn and takes several tries to get the scroll to work right. Developer also confuses "kilo" in a decimal context (1000) with "kilo" in a binary context (1024) - app indicates that 1 KB == 1000 Bytes. It makes me wonder if other conversions performed by the app might also be flawed...
Looks promising
Dave9531 on 4/18/2014
Overall design seems good. I like the “Favorites” screen. However, It’ll be better if this app has… 1. more unit conversions, for example frequency (Hz <-> RPM) or fuel consumption (MPG <-> km/l) 2. options to choose the start up screen between “Favorites” and “Units” screens.
Has everything
Autopsyguy on 4/15/2014
This app has every conversion tool you could ever need. I've downloaded a few conversion apps out there and this one contains the most units by far. I work in a research lab and it's nice to have lots of conversions on hand. The interface is easy to navigate and the units you use the most can even be bookmarked for faster access. The app does as advertised. A+
Great app
Jadd.not.taken on 2/20/2014
The favorites feature is awesome. Just added 4 things I always use. Great colors btw, this Green looks similar to my 5c.
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