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The Amazon WorkSpaces App connects you to an Amazon WorkSpace. Amazon WorkSpaces provides a fully-managed desktop service in the cloud. You can use Amazon WorkSpaces for all of your day-to-day computing needs such as editing documents, accessing web applications, and sending/receiving email. You need an existing Amazon Web Services account and to have provisioned a WorkSpace to use this app.

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Need some improvements to offset mouse mode
Cataclyst on 2/3/2018
With Microsoft RDP, you can double tap and then drag to simulate dragging. As it is, offset mouse mode seems to have zero support for dragging which makes it almost a none starter for me. Every time I have to drag, I find myself having to switch to direct mode, and even then direct mode is too chunky to accurately drag what I want.
Nice App
Yuchao Zhou on 11/16/2017
Nice UI! Easy to use
Solid Showing
Stevie Stets on 10/23/2017
Little inconsistencies stop this from being a 5 Star review. Bluetooth keyboard works seamlessly, as expected. Typical iOS pinch to zoom work as expected as well. Obviously there is no mouse support, perhaps Apple Pencil support is on the way? For some reason, when I have video overlay playing the Bluetooth audio cuts out when I switch to the WorkSpaces client, weird!
Great app, just need split screen support
Bishicreature on 6/21/2017
Great app, but absolutely need split screen support ...please....
TimbaKing on 2/21/2017
Unable to connect last 2 days- while trying to connect goes into either a windows gray screen saying login or password invalid or a black screen
enable split view iPad Pro
Alexp507 on 9/9/2016
Love this app. It allows me to work from any where. I use it to run Quickbooks and it allows me to be mobile with my business. I would love to see split view enable for easy multitasking. It would be nice to be able to look at emails or PDFs doc when trying to type out estimates for customer.
Needs Bluetooth Mouse Support to be a true replacement for laptop
thesuepahfly on 4/19/2016
Both Citrix Receiver and Jump Desktop have Bluetooth mouse support (X1 mouse or Jump's own mouse). Without it, this limits the iPad's ability to be a true laptop replacement.
Great App, poor integration with external keyboards, no mouse
Mr Lovell on 12/26/2015
This iPad app clearly is on its way somewhere, but in its current state cannot be used for developers without better integration with external iPad keyboards. Without any form of mouse support it is hard also to do basic tasks.
Closing Keyboard crashes app- must fix ASAP
PeteMav on 10/19/2015
This bug basically makes the app unusable, please fix immediately
Keyboard Crash
jbudet on 10/7/2015
Before iOS 9, I would use this app all of the time. However, using the onscreen keyboard causes the app to crash with iOS 9. Using an external keyboard isn't a solution since some on screen controls are still needed. I have to say that I was expecting Amazon to have this app ready for the iOS 9 launch. Isn't a working client a part of the Amazon Workspaces service?
Plz fix keyboard
Billsjeep on 9/24/2015
I love this app on my iPad with iOS 9, but every time I tap the hide keyboard, it crashes and exits. It's very frustrating, please fix this.
Yeah! Bluetooth keyboards working now!
mitchellmom on 6/21/2014
The latest update does allow me to use my bluetooth keyboard which dramatically increases the effectiveness of the app on my iPad. The next defect to resolve is support "tab" to move from field to field in a form.
Great app, butt having connection problems
supersal on 4/1/2014
Trying out the app to test the virtual space. Fiesta days where great. Then lots of mouse lag and connection problems from Mexico ISPs (telcel. Actel, Telmex )
App crashes
Xgkdcmyaclidxnk hi on 2/11/2014
It won't run on my ipad mini retina iOS7. As soon as I enter my registration code it crashes. Updated the app on 2/9. Still doesn't work on ipad mini retina. Hangs at "connecting".
Now works on A7 devices
Pall Choice Mesa on 1/3/2014
Getting there…
Excellent App
Win7Fan on 1/2/2014
Excellent app; very easy to use and works great on my iPadAir. Finally, good way to access a Windows 7 desktop from an iPad!
Sounds like kind a creepy animal.
Sherap6 on 12/27/2013
Expensive subscription. I got MS office 2010, but I can't afford almost $50 monthly. I just use "Jump Desktop", just one time payment. It works flawlessly.
App crashes
ChrisChrisChris! on 12/23/2013
iOS 7 iPad air
W Bradley Fisher on 12/19/2013
Ipad mini retina... crashes after registration
Confirmed to crash
shawnhank on 12/17/2013
This new app does crash on iOS7 and my iPad Air. Not sure if it'll work on older iPads running IOS 7. Will check and update.
Application does not open
fctn76 on 12/12/2013
After entering my registration code, the application no longer opens successfully. I tried reinstalling the application but as soon as the registration code is entered, the application closes unexpectedly.
Nice try
Yuchao Guo on 12/4/2013
Good idea
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  • Publisher: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Category: Business
  • Released: Dec 03, 2013
  • Current Version Released: Feb 05, 2018
  • Version: 2.4.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 17+
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