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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 1805.0618.0325 Nov 19, 2013 Jun 20, 2018 142.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 12+
New in version 1805.0618.0325

• Bug fixes


The Xbox app brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments from across your devices. Stay connected to your gaming community on the go, control your Xbox One from the app, and buy new games from the store. With your gaming life all in one place, the Xbox app keeps you connected to the games and gamers that matter most.

On the go:
• Join Xbox Live Clubs to interact with like-minded gamers
• Use Looking for Group (LFG) to find a party to play a game
• Stay connected with multi-user conversations in Group Messaging
• See what friends are up to on Xbox Live
• Share updates and game clips
• Watch and interact with game content
• Buy games from the store

With an Xbox One:
• Use the app to navigate using your device’s keyboard and touch
• Use the app as a media controller for your Xbox One (play, pause, etc)

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Love the app bug small issue
$Batman$ on 7/20/2018
Everything works except the remote... Which is very inconvenient since I would use it to navigate.
It needs more stuff
aforl001 on 7/20/2018
It needs more stuff
AmarithaGreat on 7/20/2018
You say you had bug fixes.. no you didn’t every time I join a party I’ll be in there 5 minutes and it automatically leaves by itself I have to rejoin every 5 minutes the bugs aren’t fixed
I’ve got hacked
StxMontNA on 7/20/2018
You can’t give me my account back and I want it. I have rare oh skins in fortnite and I get hacked. Can u help me
everything is good except on thing
Tootles_luv_my_cat on 7/20/2018
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! please let me save my game clips somehow. my friend and i have been enjoying and laughing at some of them and i tried screen recording like i did before and i got the black screen -.- this is the only thing in my eyes i think you need to fix. so please!
Constant Crashing
Hazama_Unlimited on 7/20/2018
Anyone else crashing when they’re sent a party invite?
Slickbunny12370 on 7/20/2018
Every single time I try to view my captures on this app, the app just sits and loads forever. Nothing comes up. I just wanna see my captures while I’m not near my console. You need to fix this
Recording problem
Thisispatcke on 7/20/2018
When I use the app on my phone it works good but we try to record one of my videos the videos goes dark and doesn’t show anything so fix that problem please.
Buffers to much
harryizkool on 7/20/2018
Every time I try to watch a clip on my phone the clip buffers every 2 seconds and I have to keep restarting the clip, if that could be fixed the app would be flawless.
Screen Recording
xDragonSlayerzx on 7/19/2018
After the last update, I can no longer screen record my OWN clips. This is extremely annoying. Bring back that feature.
This app needs real fixes.
TannerThePlayer on 7/19/2018
I have been using this app for a while and constantly I have to reinstall the app. I gets really annoying and when I try to join a party, it says error code something. All I’m saying is to fix those major bugs.
Actually Garbage
Bhuudi Booper on 7/19/2018
When I try to sign in I put in my age and it just keeps going back to Month. What?
Xbox parties is trash
crap talker 45 on 7/19/2018
My friend has a problem with joining parties, he always lags out of parties and can join back but can not talk when he joins parties on app. Fix your party system xbox 😡
First Xbox Experience
Hmmmph... on 7/19/2018
And I can’t even submit my birthdate through the app on iPhone X.
Anoldbold on 7/19/2018
Rarely works
Cannon3 on 7/19/2018
On the iPhone X the app rarely works. It won’t load anything, friends who are online, activity feed, parties, nothing. On occasion it works, but 99% of the time it won’t.
Kind of glitchy but otherwise pretty good
patdabomb1026 on 7/19/2018
This app is amazing and works perfectly unless you are on iOS 6 on my iPhone whenever I’m in a party if I leave the app I get discobbected from the party xbox if you could please fix this I would appreciate it
Worse than before
BeeDocta on 7/19/2018
Ever since they did the update I literally cannot do anything other than load the app. That’s it can’t touch on the other tabs, can’t customize my profile.
Ps4 & Xbox
Iefalcon10 on 7/19/2018
Could Xbox & ps4 work together plzzzzz
Garrett Clayton on 7/19/2018
This app needs work!! It’s always crashing and half the time I can’t even view what I want to see. I’ve had this issue for awhile and it’s just getting old!
Andrew 🅱 on 7/19/2018
I like this app a lot, but the main reason I used it is so I could screen record game clips. Now they took away that feature, but why?
Fix it
adriona16 on 7/19/2018
This app would be great if it kept up with everything. It still has bugs. I’ll get messages on my Xbox that I won’t get on the app. It’s honestly frustrating. Please fix it.
Keeps kicking me out of a party and closing out my app
Shane007really nice lol on 7/18/2018
Every time I join a party it’s fine for 10 minuets after that my app closes on its on and kicks me out of the party
DylanMeff on 7/18/2018
It’s always worked fine but now my activity feed will load but friends or any other tab will always say “something went wrong”
Str8papi on 7/18/2018
Who ever is in charge of running this app should be fired This app is trash always “something went wrong”
Great, but a problem
Ninjagedon on 7/18/2018
The Captures page won’t load
Y’all have to to fix your Xbox
DrippySauce35 on 7/18/2018
Fix you bitchass Xbox
Issues with everything in general
Jomezly on 7/18/2018
Nothing wants to load really slow app. Nothing compare to 4 months ago
Online or offline
Xbox player1 on 7/18/2018
The app is wonderful and works perfectly in everything it is trying to accomplish the only thing I could ever suggest is to add the ability to change your status from online to offline or vice versa. Once it has that the app will be beyond 5 stars.
Good app, but....
Sheeeeeet on 7/18/2018
Until recently I haven’t had many problems other than some of my clips not being saved. Now my app doesn’t work at all. Activity feed hasn’t updated in over 2 weeks and I can’t do a single thing on it despite the fact I have the latest update. C’mon Microsoft..
Party function super buggy
Eta F on 7/18/2018
The party function is insanely buggy. please fix this because it’s the only reason i use the app
Deqhn on 7/17/2018
fix your garbage app it takes forever to load and you can never join parties. It always gives me this error message
Screen Glitches
FOCKYOURGAME on 7/17/2018
So I’m trying to upload videos of compilations of gameplay for my youtube channel it i cant screen record any of my clips because the screen all of a sudden turns black is this a bug or is it my phone please help! Thats really all i use it for overall the app is good though.
Add feature
Active Paco on 7/17/2018
App is good. If only they had a way to stream game play and use phone as a second screen. That would be great! Also an option to join parties and hear the game chat! Game chat is important
Cant accept party invites
Hammanlamsty on 7/17/2018
I mainly use the app to speak with friends but it will not allow you to accept party invites from the phone. You have to join from your console however that does allow the phone to be the communicator
birth date
Adkfmdj on 7/17/2018
i can’t even get past the point of setting up my birthdate. whenever i enter it (i’m above 18 btw), it just brings me back to select a month.
Great app
ADPhotography on 7/17/2018
It is a great app but some times I have an issue with switching my Always on Xbox one X even if I follow the instructions hope to see more from the app BTW the app more staple on iOS then Android please do something for the android users as well regards
screen record
davidgon1 on 7/17/2018
i have now the iphone x and it does not work when I start recording the videos through the screen record opcion idont know why this is happening . with my old iphone 7 i did it now is gone 😪
kinda upset
Mannyz337 on 7/17/2018
that when i try to screen record videos my screen goes black
AntimonyGT on 7/17/2018
It has some good features but it also has a serious problem with notifications. It can’t get a font right so there are symbols and stuff and it is crazy. But using the app is great.
Game Clips
Egezzy66 Pride on 7/17/2018
We shouldn’t have to get screen recorder apps just to save our clips please but a download feature on the Xbox app so we can save it to our gallery or photos
Great App but..
RocketROBBIE64 on 7/17/2018
Something went wrong with screen recording after its latest update. Every time I screen record one of my clips the screen goes black. If you have any advice on how I can fix this please let me know.
Awesome but....
NineFriend48016 on 7/17/2018
Its actually missing that will make it better, Connect to Xbox 360 I don’t have an Xbox one so this app is kinda useless so plz add connect to Xbox 360. :)
Message glitch
chemojrbeto on 7/17/2018
It’s a good and helpful app, the party feature is good one thing that gets me annoyed about this app is the messages, there is a glitch were it says I have a message but there is no message and it really annoys and bothers me
Awesome app
Macker1357 on 7/16/2018
Great app but use to be able to copy something off the phone and paste to the text bar but now can’t????
Simboulis on 7/16/2018
The app itself is great other than, 1. Flashing black screen whenever I use the app, 2. Looking for group parties are broken, 3. Crashes. Alot.
Fix your app please
metsguy122 on 7/16/2018
After the latest update I have not been able to join any party invites and haven’t seen the option to join a party for any of my friends
Actual broken garbage
dE3ZnuTZ1 on 7/16/2018
Never works, always crashing or glitching me out of the party
When it comes to communicating with your friends with this app online it’s not that dependable. 😒
Matthew lucero on 7/16/2018
Everything else works well with the app there’s only two major issues they need to work on this app . One of the issues is that you can have a lot of trouble trying to connect to a party, even trying to invite ur friends to a party. Thinking that we can use phones for mics are cool and all but on this app you just can’t depend on this app half of the time using it. The second issue is that there is some bugs that won’t let me connect my smartglass to the Xbox.
can’t screen record clips
Joshua.qFUJFFGJUHFD on 7/16/2018
when i try and screen record my game clips my screen goes black. tried restarting my phone and it didn’t change
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