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New in version 4.1.1

We're thrilled to announce a brand new product page experience. Key features of this update include:
- Larger product images
- Quickly and easily customize product options
- Revamped template forms
- Discounts displayed in-line
- Improved errors and alerts system
- Better support for Artisan Products, Zazzle Heart products, rubber stamps, and foil cards
- Paper Selector and T-Shirt Selector Comparison Tool
- Shipping estimates
- Improved design space layout
- Font sizing tool
- Advanced color picker tool
- .... and more!


With the official Zazzle app, you can create a design or choose from over 200 million pre-existing designs to add to one of 500 different product types, which range from invitations and iPhone cases to pillows and skateboards. We carry some of the most respected brands in the world, including Nike, OtterBox, Zippo, Hanes and Champion sportswear. You can also choose artwork from our officially licensed brand partners, like Disney, Warner Brothers, Sesame Street, Getty Images, Marvel, DC Comics, Looney Tunes, DreamWorks, Outlanders, Hallmark and Coca-Cola.

In the Zazzle app, you can:
· Design one-of-a-kind products with our product design tool
· See real-time order status updates and tracking
· Get app exclusive deals on customer favorite products
· Enjoy a safe and secure shopping experience

Sign up for our mobile push notifications and we’ll keep you up-to-date on exclusive promotions and our latest discounts.

We promise 100% satisfaction on all orders. If you don’t love your custom creation, we’ll take it back within 30 days. It’s that simple!

Comments? Suggestions? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at

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the best, love it!
jc31812 on 3/14/2018
May it be in a desktop computer, laptop, or App in my phone Zazzle never fail me. Thanks!
Very disappointed in Zazzle
Charity for Dogs on 3/1/2018
I ordered fabric to be used for a fundraiser for homeless dogs. I was entitled to a discount by using the password Zazzle provided. The discount was not taken off my order. I was unable to reach customer service by phone. I sent 2 emails to Zazzle regarding the discount and explained the importance of the fund raiser They did not reply to my emails. To date I have not received my order so I am unable to comment on the quality of the fabric. But I am able to comment on their lack of communication and business ethics. Buyer Beware
Love the website, app is a little awkward
Hopegrrr on 2/25/2018
Product selection and ability to customize is why i love zazzle. However app doesn’t make finding orders to contacting customer service easy so I find myself going back to website instead.
Just1armyguy on 2/24/2018
The app operating system has too many glitches to be functional. For example, changes made were often not saved. It is extremely difficult to change any of the pictures. Please don’t waste your time.
Invasive app
DDay on 2/21/2018
I have unsubscribed numerous times via email and notification settings to not receive promos/ads, but that hasn’t stopped Zazzle from sending me notifications. Deleted the app today. Love the company. Hate the marketing.
Too buggy, bad user experience
SHN1111 on 2/11/2018
20180212: 1. Why are you putting captcha on a mobile app login?? I have hundreds of apps on my phone and none of them does this. 2. Browsed a few pages and the app crashed (iPhone 6s Plus with latest iOS and 96% battery). Relaunched the app and was asked to login and do captcha again. DUDE. 3. After successfully logging in, there was another box on the homepage that asked me to login. WHAT. 4. Cannot edit my existing products. 5. Cannot view a designer’s product description. 6. Cannot unsubscribe to deals notifications. I turned it off and it immediately turned itself back on.
App switched on 2/8/2018
Very nice business card selection. Had a few issues with saving the product to work on it later, only to find it reset. But I'm happy with the overall experience. Great site
Hard to navigate
Shawna8567 on 2/6/2018
This app is so hard to navigate. I can’t figure out how to design through the app or when I go to a certain page there is no back option. It’s very frustrating
Bobby T. on 1/24/2018
I run the app, I click search... I’m given a list of trending searches. I’m not, however, given a search box where I can type in a term to actually perform a search...
Love Zazzle!!
Music for free on 1/18/2018
I love Zazzle I'm a professional groomer and make my business cards, referral cards, and price chart off this website . Always come out the way I made them and have many designs to choose from. The only thing I wish was different was pricing I spend 40 dollars for 100 cards when on vistaprint I could spend 10 for 500 cards.
Awesome Prices
Country 67 on 1/11/2018
My daughter found her save the dates and invitations plus reply cards all in one spot. All under $400 this was great and they coordinate with her wedding theme. Very happy.
Used to be great
Banksr123 on 1/6/2018
This app used to be great. Used it before thanksgiving to create and order save the dates. I was able to customize and preview exactly what I wanted and now I can’t! I want to order stuff from this app but I refuse to do so blindly. Fix the customization part of the app please!
Can’t setting a Account in APP
TAKUMA1216 on 1/5/2018
Zazzle website is can setting a address and others. But this APP was can’t setting these. If can you next update, please widget adding to APP.
Amazing for buyers...
Mine rafter on 1/2/2018
Amazing app for buyers, however I’m a designer and have a store and neither the iPhone nor iPad interfaces really support anything for sellers, i use the desktop website which is fine but it would be really amazing and earn my 5 stars if the app would accommodate for sellers more.
Sergivs007 on 12/24/2017
The app is ok, but the notifications are a disaster. You can’t turn them off. No matter how many times I turn them off, the app reverts all the notifications to ON, and it keeps informing me of thing I don’t want to be informed of. Can you please fix it?
Awesome Service!!!!
Malikah F on 12/21/2017
I've used Zazzle through my tablet and the app and they both are easy to navigate through as well. Their sales are fantastic as well and ordering is a breeze. One thing I would request is offering more shipping options for international shoppers that are cost effective. That would be my only complaint. I save money through promotions and sales but the shipping is sometimes more than the items I'm ordering.
Can’t login with user name
NOLAbatgirl on 12/18/2017
I can’t use this app to log into my Zazzle account. That’s because my account requires logging in with a user name, not an email address. But this app only allows logging in with an email address. So I have to use Safari to log into the Zazzle website in order to access my account on my iPhone or iPad. Other than this issue with the app, I have had good experiences with Zazzle.
Didn’t receive order
Lol I did it for the rewards on 12/13/2017
I even emailed support twice, no reply. My order was cancelled for no reason? Why?
Krissy1925 on 12/11/2017
I've made over 10 orders. And was pleased with each one. Love my Zazzle sales!
wmlbrown on 12/11/2017
The useless app not only doesn’t recognize my sign-in name and/or password, it makes me go through a tedious “click on all the blurry pictures of cars” captcha before it tells me there’s something wrong with ID or password (NO, actually, I keyed the correct ID and pass and I even tried typing them in plain text in another application, copying and pasting). I deleted this piece of junk. Don’t waste your time with it.
Not thrilled Edit: updated review
blkwabbit on 12/8/2017
I can’t even get to the “cart” part of the app to buy things. This is utterly ridiculous. I like zazzles quality, but this app is sh*t. I can create something in this, but it won’t post it to my shop. No, for that I need the dedicated sellers app, which doesn’t work at all... this works a little for certain needs, but primarily I think was intended as a shipping tool for people who want to browse pre-made designs. Zazzle, as a whole, really really needs to get their act together and craft apps that actually _ahem_ work, before their competition figures out the weakness and capitalizes on it.
Kimchi1975 on 12/8/2017
This app is awful. There is no way to filter anything...I certainly don’t want to go through every single holiday postcard and card, but price is the only thing to narrow down by. Awful!
Where is the search on the iPad version?
Lansdowne0910 on 12/5/2017
The REFINE feature is terrible - something as basic as refine by color would be helpful to sort thru the 86,000+ category results. There is no free text search on the iPad. These are basic app requirements. Zazzle should remove this app until these items are available.
No order status
Rolsby on 12/5/2017
I uploaded a custom design — small clip art. It was slow to appear but neat to see on products. Biggest drawback is can’t see order status.
Awesome deals and great service
AndrewOrtizthegreat on 12/5/2017
I absolutely love Zazzle. I ordered my wedding invitations just yesterday and received the email this morning that they are ready to be shipped!! I received such an awesome deal and had fun customizing them. My only complaint is that the site itself is a bit glitchy. It times out a lot and you can’t edit your product after it’s in the cart. I had to re customize my invitations again and redo the part that needed editing and then add to cart and delete the previous one. Aside from that I love the price and product! Will be using again in the future.
Adamoir on 12/1/2017
It might just be my phone, but I couldn't log into the app whether I used Facebook or the manual log-in. Please fix this infuriating issue developers!
Nothing Works
Mammal Fur on 12/1/2017
Okay setup, wouldn't let me sign in through Facebook. No size option on thickness of ties. 0/10.
Love it
HarDPhil06 on 11/26/2017
Zazzle is high quality products for an affordable price.
invite experts
Ghost272719284 on 11/26/2017
this is my go to for invitations...the app is easy to use...
annie34761 on 11/25/2017
I love Zazzle...but recently I’ve been working on projects and the app is slow, crashes and loses everything in my cart.
Can I play?
Jchondroz on 11/24/2017
This app seems so fun but I can’t open the app what on earth 🌏 is going on!? boo 👎🏽😾😤😩😫😡👿. Quarter star ⭐️
I love this app
King shamsuddin on 11/22/2017
There are definitely lots of bugs to fix like for instance when you create a design it's difficult to add it to your collections or refresh, the skate boards are out of stock, theses are just a few but beyond that the app has several options for designs to be implemented on which gets my vote hands down
Frustrated & Disappointed
Lady_Lin on 11/17/2017
After spending over an hour working on a design for leggings I finally got them to look the way I wanted them to. Unfortunately, when I opened the app this morning EVERYTHING had reverted back to the initial look of the product. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I could’ve posted the leggings for sale from within the app.
Never again!
boucheya on 11/13/2017
After struggling for hours and having to restart multiple times, I finally got my design finished and my order placed only to receive an email stating my order was cancelled due to copy right violations. The email did not specify what in my design was violating their policy so fixing the design was difficult. I used a promo code when I placed my order. The email from the support team stated to contact them for a replacement code so I did, TWICE! I never got a response or a replacement code to either message I sent them. Overall a very disappointing experience, will never use zazzle again.
Bad App
xzyrs on 11/11/2017
Kicked me out of site 4 times. Basket didn't save 30 minutes later I just gave up
Frustrating, limited, AWFUL!
Zaggirl on 11/8/2017
I was working on my design for over an hour. I almost had it perfect... and then, ~gasp~ I received a text! I replied and went back to the app, the entire project was GONE! There was a message that I needed to login to view my projects. Well, when I downloaded the app and started working on my project, it never had me create a log in, so goodbye hour of my life and my entire design. 😩 The colors are extremely limited. I was only able to get the project to "good enough". You don't have the control and options to achieve perfection. I think I will stick with my current printing company. I just don't have this kind of time to spend on "good enough" projects. 👎🏽
Terrible company! NO customer service
George Wilbanks on 11/6/2017
Ordered over $1000 in specialty tiles. Arrived with a 10%+ breakage rate...obviously packed by an idiot. 45 minutes on the phone twice and unable to get any response. Never do business with these guys, sham operation!
Unfinished project
CarlSaiyed on 11/4/2017
Password reset in app doesn’t work- link tries to open in app but app can’t do it. Links from email say ‘no permission for product_id’ when opened in app but work fine on web site. Errors when trying to make a custom print about an empty template field, but no indication of what field. Custom photo prints of all sizes are out of stock. All in all, I spent about $20 when I came to spent $250. I’ll do the rest of my shopping elsewhere.
Frootbat31 on 11/1/2017
I wanted a Zazzle app that includes my earnings and my orders. You have to download the zazzle earnings app which often does work. Both are useless.
Great Apo
stand898BCF! on 10/31/2017
O problems. Love my product!!!!
Creative fun stuff
KeebaKoyle on 10/18/2017
I'm happy with the app. Works perfectly in my iPad but my tiny phone screen is challenging to use with it. Love all the products and options. Really fun, creative and timely stuff. Always get my orders on time. No complaints.
Marisssah on 10/12/2017
I am looping in endless circles of misery trying to create postcards. They don't update or then they don't save right. I access my cart and try to buy and it says my cart is empty. Over and over. I am so frustrated.
Loading slowly
harrystuck on 10/8/2017
Not a great experience. Spend 30 minutes on a design. clicked Save and it was not in the saved folder. Slow. Zazzle was a great company once. Will move on.
I am not a fan of the app.
Ageekymom2 on 10/2/2017
It is very limited in its abilities when creating new items. It is not intuitive to have to select the section and then move the wheel (or however that works) I don't use it very often when it comes to creating new items. EDIT 10/2/17: I wrote the above review for the previous version. The current version is an improvement, but I’m deducting a star because there is still no way to contact customer service, and several of the items are sorely lacking important information, such as actual sizes (exactly how big is the baby blanket?!)
The app doesn't let me sign in
Ersonotopic on 9/29/2017
It's an endless loop of misery and I wanted to smash it but instead I just deleted it. Tried to contact Zazzle support which wanted me to log in (which it wouldn't do - yes my credentials were correct)... Tried to call them - 20 minute hold time. I'm thinking Zazzle isn't going to work for my needs as my primary need is not to get frustrated using an app. Other notes: if I select an image on the website it should automatically recommend the best/optimal dimensions to use. I shouldn't have to anguish for half an hour trying to make my image fit incorrectly into something. Zazzle needs A lot of work to be user friendly.
Liars and non professional !!!! 3 points to mention!!
Tanko Junior on 9/25/2017
-I placed my order for 4 T-shirts since Sep, 13th. Received only 2 of them & one of them wasn't like it was showed on the picture. This is of course after paying for the annual shipping service as well. -Also the app isn't good. No updates, a lot of gletchs, and slow. -Don't do business with them won't recommend them honestly. I was gonna tell my friends and family about how great this app is, it wasn't nothing but a great disappointment!!!!!!
The BEST Invites on line!
Lilrred on 9/24/2017
I have ordered many invites from Zazzle. They truly have the Best. Outstanding service and A+ quality. Reasonably priced and quick to ship. Will never disappoint. So don't hesitate, order yours today. 👌❤️
Zazzle review
Pusskillerz on 9/22/2017
First off The app worked great. Second of customer service is OK and when it comes to ordering don’t expect to get your order delivered when you need it to. I placed an order well and advance for my wedding anniversary I call dozens of times talk to multiple supervisors customer service agents and I still will not be getting my card for my wedding anniversary because they cannot make a three dollar card I will never buy anything from these folks again
Nothing works anymore!
Megs2Hooligans on 9/18/2017
I was really happy with the business cards I ordered, so I tried to make a personalized rubber stamp. But the app made it impossible! I would create everything, only to have the whole thing revert back to the sample when I tried to check out. I took a few months away from Zazzle after that. I just tried to go back to the app to order something else, and it claimed my password was wrong. So I tried to reset it, and it just keeps taking me back to the password reset button. Zazzle, you just lost a long-time customer. Fix your app.
Good for merchandise but...
Hotdoglover06 on 9/17/2017
This app is great for your merchandise! The only problem is that you can't add transparent images. Otherwise, it's great!
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