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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Utilities 0.8.7 Dec 17, 2013 Aug 19, 2017 54.7 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 0.8.7

* Bug fixes


MyGlass allows you to configure and manage your Glass device. Use it to set up Glass, get directions on the go, screencast what you see on Glass to your phone, and add Glassware and contacts.

If you don't have Glass, sign up for one at

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Does this work with iOS 11? Can’t seem to download.
Zombiehead95 on 8/20/2018
Does this work with iOS 11? Can’t seem to download.
Please add the adapt for iPhone X!
可怕的胖哥 on 6/23/2018
Thank you Just can not bear the small screen space 😑
Sad it won’t connect over WiFi or BT
Nellson1 on 6/5/2018
It was able to set up my WiFi using the QR code, and the headset paired with my iPhone. But my plan blocks “hot spot” so it goes no further. 😞
Not compatible with iOS 11
Doiducndhshdisshhbeggv on 1/2/2018
Fix it
Thanks for the Update!
JaredJF on 8/20/2017
Glad to see that the MyGlass app will make it into iOS 11! Thanks!!
$1500 paperweight without app support
JB3rry on 6/9/2017
Really? Great way to abandon old products. This app will no longer run at all in iOS 11. Disappointing.
iPhone7 plus cannot work?
vvvvvgoolxx on 11/10/2016
iPhone7 plus cannot work?
Doesn't work with iOS 9.3
Cruisso78 on 7/22/2016
The setup flow doesn't even start. And after setting up glass with the computer even then the app cannot connect to glass even though I have it connected through Bluetooth and it's tethering through personal hotspot.
Doesn't work on my iPhone 6s (iOS 9.3)
simplejiuhao on 7/18/2016
When I log in my account it was always loading on my 6s but if i change my iPhone 5s (iOS 8.2) it'll be work...
Poor product
OrangeLion on 6/26/2016
There are lots of problems that prevent me from doing basic things. It looks like nobody tested the app or the glass before they shipped.
Perfect driving companion
Chicag0Carter on 6/14/2016
Thanks Google for the update! Directions while driving makes it totally worth having all the time while driving, without getting distracted or reaching things out. Awesome.
My Glass no working on iphone 6 plus?
DrDung on 2/23/2016
My glass app stuck when checking account
Freezes on sign in!! iOS 9.0.2
SURSMOKEY on 2/22/2016
Can't sign in don't know if I need to register my device online first but can't sign in it just freezes update this app or loos it!! I know Apple will remove it if it dose not work!!!! I'll be reporting this issue directly to apple today!!!!!!!!
Very easy to use
Jinks7177 on 1/6/2016
It works very well and seamlessly
Can't register.
Jacob Ryan Hughes on 12/4/2015
I can't even set up the account. I'll click on mine gmail account and it will just freeze every time. Waste.
Always freezes up when setting up new glass
MDCDM on 10/11/2015
As of late, when I try to set up my glass using this version of the app or skip the setup option altogether, it freezes and will not progress. Deleting/reinstalling is ineffective at addressing this issue.
Doesn't work with iOS 9
Yuja on 9/28/2015
After installing iOS 9 the app will get stuck at 'set up new glass' or 'skip' step. No matter what you do it just becomes completely frozen. Tried reinstalling but still the same.
It works just Do a little Work!
EddieBlog on 9/22/2015
The my glass app doesn't work right off the batt, therefore register your device through the computer. And you'll get the square bar code you're looking for. Then it'll work.
Doesn't work
Malsimhalm on 9/16/2015
404 error... Seriously?
It's doesn't work
KiraWesker on 9/8/2015
When I sign in to glass ,It is 404
Doesn't work, on iPhone 6
D.Merchant on 9/4/2015
Can't sign on or use google glass. Gets 404 error every time
We are testing it now
Ramzi Rihani on 8/15/2015
After test we will speak!
silkymilkysmooth on 7/6/2015
Google Glass is very useful for gym settings, GPS, and home videos.
I like the app except for one thing
cheddargetter on 3/14/2015
you can't use SMS through apples iMessage it also the GPS feature does not work with the iPhone goes to sleep other than that a great app
Excellent but not totally 6 compatible
iChazel on 11/8/2014
For some reason everything works perfectly except for directions. It can't seem to link up with my GPS.
Totally awesome!
M-Dawg Marion on 10/2/2014
Thanks Google for bringing the new update! I like that we can access all our contacts now through our Glass and the photo sync is so much easier for sharing.
WAP secured access points?
stury on 8/18/2014
Why does the Glass app not allow you to generate QRCodes for WAP enabled Wi-Fi routers? I find this very frustrating. I found out I had to use a different QR code generator in order to get Glass to connect to my Wi-Fi router correctly. I thought the Glass app used to allow me to set this up correctly, but maybe I'm mistaken...
Works great!
KynarroAetone on 8/17/2014
It has never lagged for me, and for the people who want it compatible with other devices... There is no glass internet connection in iPads and iPods... There is really no reason to have compatibility with those devices. If you need to load glassware, do it on the MyGlass website.
Please Fix
iRandyApplePR on 8/2/2014
Please bring back support for other iOS Devices to use this Amazing App with Google Glass on iPad/ iPod touch 5th gen
Fhfvgrfh on 7/30/2014
I was reading reviews the other day about google glass and the app my glass. I was unpleasantly surprised when I went to download the app and It told me that It was not compatible with my 5th gen iPod Touch. Please fix this problem in a future update.
Better than "Cats"
Shaper42 on 6/27/2014
This app is a critical part of the Google Glass user experience. It is frequently updated and the developers work hard to improve and respond to customer feedback over time. I think it is much better than "Cats". I am going to use it again and again.
Oxiaxe on 6/9/2014
Way to go Google! My biggest issue with MyGlass was the app itself, it was slow and choppy, and some of the features were simply unaccessible,and you guys managed to fix most of the bugs. I applaud you all! Keep up the good work!
Never knows where I am
rcltrh on 6/2/2014
Unless I can connect both the iPhone 5S and Glass itself to a wifi network, neither updates the location since the last time they were on wifi for four square google plus features like weather and traffic. Navigation and field trip seem to update once you open the app on the phone but nothing else. Even then the map doesn't change until you connect to wifi. I have all location services and background refresh set correctly. Please fix.
Improvement is progressive.
Tory :))))) on 5/28/2014
Currently, I have no issues with the app, only one minor nag. The wifi scanning barcode section should offer you all the wifi connections in your area. Maybe, include non-verified developer apps.
App doesn't work with iPad Air anymore in compatibility mode
Alleyrat on 4/30/2014
Compatibility mode now broke for iPad Air running iOS 7.1.1 . Controlling glass from even the iPhone on a good wifi network is laggy as can be. Seems that the entire glass product line is unfinished and unprofessional.
Neds iPad mini
29muffins on 4/27/2014
This app does not support wifi iPad mini and it needs to
Not so great
Suddencasper on 4/27/2014
I have glass. This app is not good yet. Glass customer service is painful. I will google would be like apple.
What the hell
Carmine yevoli on 4/25/2014
I have glass and I don't have an iphone why don't you make a wifi only app for glass so that way more users to by the google glass for a variety of apple products such as the iPod touch or ipad with wifi only
Not Apple easy
67mgbgt on 4/24/2014
This feels like MICROSOFT made it. Clunky, not easy to install, and minimally useful after installed. Does not integrate seamlessly with iPhone. Download it because you must.
Work in progress
JonathanTL on 4/23/2014
It works smoothly most of the time but there isn't that many functions. Controlling the glass from your screen is a must glad to see that on the update, maybe add a keyboard function please! That's what it really needs to start browsing easily. Also if somebody could please please please please look into why you need to have the glass app open and on the screen when using maps? If you lock your phone it looses gps signal and glass is useless. It should run in the background with iphone locked not killing the battery with the screen on. Many thanks.
Colplament man on 4/23/2014
Works completely with glass and dose everything
raymondlo84 on 4/23/2014
I just wish Google Glass can make the Glass application more consistent. The application installation process is a nightmare, especially most applications requires many layers of signup and so.
Can't load it up!
Imuser364 on 4/18/2014
Imagine that, a Google software not responsive on an iOS device.
Claims to be compatible air but still can't be downloaded?
oliver18754 on 4/16/2014
Claims to be compatible air but still can't be downloaded. Why?
Glas not kombatubl
Ur face looks like a buttcrack on 3/29/2014
Gugal glas is not kumbatipel with ipod toch 5 genretion
Just got it
Maozhou on 3/26/2014
So far great! Since most of these are going to developers I find some of the complaints funny, since, it's a development version and if you have and glassware or particular support is not there yet you could write your own app to do this, right? I mean, you ARE a developer and understand this is still ramping up, right Chase? JK, buddy.
Not working anymore
Leorl on 3/5/2014
I just upgraded my iOS to the latest version. Now the app won't work and when I try to re-download onto my iPad mini retina, I get the message that the "myglass app is not compatible with this version of iPad." Please fix!
Chase Keeling on 3/3/2014
I personally hate seeing reviews that the MyGlass application is "Fantastic" and "Finally here!". Most reviews also show no signs of being upset that messages aren't supported. First of all MyGlass is lightyears behind for iPhone. (They advertised it was compatible for iPhone when I purchased and MyGlass wasn't even available for iPhone). Pebble and other smart watches have made messaging possible by sending the message raw data through the hotspot or Bluetooth connection to the app and have it handle the SMS/iMessage. It is not a hard task and any basic programmer could achieve it. If the limitations of the OS are holding Glass back, why not just use that solution stated above? It is highly unlikely Apple will change the guidelines for a company they cut ties with a few years back.
Next update pliz..??
Milly kitty luchu on 2/12/2014
Waiting for next update :)
Great work so far....
c4pet0wn on 2/1/2014
It's still early days for MyGlass however the app runs solid and I don't get many disconnects if any at all. Screencast is a little laggy but great when you want to show someone else what you are seeing through glass without having to give it up. I would have liked to see support for 5Ghz wifi networks but I'm not sure if that's in the hardware at all. The ability to install apps sans a computer browser and now directly on glass is a welcomed change and makes upgrading glass's apps much more enjoyable and even simpler than before. Battery life is passable when you use the device simply as a quick email/tweet/Facebook notification check or a brief few web page views. The battery takes a beating when running the video recorder or using its playback feature for more than 10 mins and more importantly surprisingly heats the unit up to the point that even the OS tells you to "give it a break and let it cool down" as you will notice a definite slowdown in the interface when things get hot. On the whole the iOS MyGlass app is a welcomed addition and a must have to any glass / iPhone owners so what are you waiting for ? GoGetIt!
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