WeTransfer B.V.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 2.6.0 Mar 04, 2014 Aug 17, 2018 42 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.6.0

You can now enjoy an improved receiving experience. Organize your WeTransfer boards while downloading a transfer!


The WeTransfer app is a simple way to express and share ideas

- Use it to collect pictures, movies, documents, or songs from any app
- Organize and view on visual boards from wherever you happen to be
- Easily share boards of unlimited size with colleagues, friends or family

The WeTransfer app makes the sharing of visual and more varied content easier for everyone. It can help you create a mood board for a client, inspire the wedding of your dreams, compose a storyboard for a video, or plan your business year.

Boards of unlimited size can be quickly shared with a simple link. You can share boards by email, text or through any channels, such as Slack or WhatsApp, right from the app. What’s more, users can receive WeTransfer files on the app and instantly view them as visual boards.

About Us

Since 2009, WeTransfer has enabled the effortless transfer of ideas from one creative mind to many. Over 40 million people use WeTransfer every month to share creative ideas. With mobile redefining the way we live our lives, WeTransfer is extending its offerings with a beautiful and easy workflow on mobile.

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What happened?
CoderDoc on 8/19/2018
This used to be a great app for sending large files. Now it just creates “boards.”
Unable to use
Lana_cutey on 8/18/2018
It doesn’t work.
ges7766 on 8/17/2018
Great stuff!
We transfer app
briarpatch100 on 8/17/2018
It’s horrible. No explanation of how to do anything. When someone sends You a file via we transfer,They make you download the app and then it won’t open the transfer. And the app wants you to upload all your photos. Bad bad bad!
Is not we transfer....
Philli P. on 8/15/2018
This look like, Pinterest or something for social sharing, even the link to connect ni pro account disappear. Bye uninstalling, #useless
This app doesn’t work
cvssidy on 8/12/2018
Lost my textbook :(
Disapointing App great Website
NYgamerGuru on 8/12/2018
See title
This isn’t working
edgar alllen poe on 8/12/2018
Pictures will not download
So disappointed!!
Shoe-gal 1969 on 8/10/2018
My wedding photographer sent our pictures via this App. I can’t download. Can’t view. Your App is the contracted method of sharing our photos. I have n recourse but to hate this app.
Vrcheg txjdhdycjbuj on 8/10/2018
I can’t download the James Charles thing that I need for the giveaway competition thing he is doing
Huayrura on 8/10/2018
Hi, I have an iPhone and an Iapad and there is no way I can sync both, haven’t find the way in help either
This doesn’t work
Nlion19 on 8/10/2018
This is not working at all
Much to complicated
Darlingleeman on 8/9/2018
I have never successfully used this app. I hate it when people suggest transferring photos or sharing in this format.
Mickey and Joey on 8/7/2018
Been trying to upload to iCloud no luck It only downloads 20 pics of 248
Better before
Ginett2000 on 8/7/2018
Better before...
Not a file transfer application
ballaack on 8/7/2018
Anymore..:( greed.
Bring back old versio
KETUMBER on 8/7/2018
Please give back the old versio, because its more easy and fast..Why we have to transfer the file to the board..
tioforall on 8/6/2018
Love the app... thank you so much
kiunngnnhsnttttmo on 8/5/2018
Umpire my name right in my
Nothing works
katythekitsune on 8/5/2018
When trying to share, the items takes forever to update and it's always at 0%
casa984321 on 8/4/2018
This thing keeps crashing
Uploading failure
Nick MicKensee on 8/4/2018
The major issue with this app is that it stops loading videos from your phone when you leave the app or your phone’s sleep mode kicked in, forcing you to have to start the upload process all over again. I love WeTransfer and use it a lot when I am on my laptop, but this app need some serious modifications to ensure functionality.
Photos won’t download
lcm0036 on 8/3/2018
I am getting my wedding photos transferred from the photographer on this app and it’s been 3 full days trying to get my photos and it only downloads to 40% and then stops. I can’t get my photos! Not a reliable platform for large photo albums.
scpictures2018 on 8/3/2018
Just let me download my files
Thatgreekgeek on 8/3/2018
The pathology used to send out files is ridiculous. It’s not user friendly and you can easily run in circles for minutes on end. The app should be able to operate as simple as the website.
Continued to charge me
Stef Marie on 8/3/2018
Could not stop auto renewal
Not an user-friendly App
MBarEgu on 8/3/2018
Good luck if you want to download photos to your iPhone. Not very clear how to do it. Not a good App at all.
This is not WeTransfer
RHCrestive on 8/2/2018
What is this app? I can’t even log into my account. Why isn’t like the desktop site. I should be able to see what I have uploaded and forward items to clients. Do you think you can actually make an app that does what your web service does?
Do not like it
dg gi on 8/2/2018
It force closes about every 4 minutes. Don’t recommend
Flameous on 8/2/2018
I can’t see a link sent to me at all, all I get is a purple screen it’s a waste of time to make an app that doesn’t work.
It’s a pain
calypsohi on 8/2/2018
It’s a royal pain in the ars I can’t even send them to family via email or text message. Great photography and quality but hard app to work with when dealing with individual pictures...I don’t want to send a link-I want to send a photo and can’t...incredibly difficult and irritating. Wish my photographer never used it.
Life Saver
star57 on 8/2/2018
I often have to send video auditions shot on my phone. WeTransfer is the only way to send!!!
God child. on 7/31/2018
This is a helpful app.
Waste of time.
Boom28292 on 7/31/2018
Tried using it but it keep downloadingh Picture and never actually do it.
Can’t see small video files on app
wallysu2 on 7/30/2018
Not with it to have it if I can’t open video files from clients.
Free Awesome app
奇谋 on 7/30/2018
Easy, fast and secure. And it’s absolutely free.
Does We Transfer still transfer files?
Veloce916 on 7/30/2018
The app seems to just post photos to a board. This doesn’t work for me at all. I need to send photos to a client. Been using this service for years but now using the app via iPad or mobile device I only get a board. Please give us back the free transfer service...
Tonybahama on 7/30/2018
When someone sends you a file it prompts you to the App Store even if you have the file downloaded, then the app never opens the file. God awful waste of time
Kristine W Megamix
Orchids59 on 7/30/2018
Outstanding from start to finish
Video/Movie transfer
MissPRn on 7/29/2018
It’s easy to share video transfer with WeTransfer but recipients using have trouble opening the video/movie. I sent a video less than 5 minutes long in 780p and recipients can’t open it. Disappointing. I’ll have to look for a better app
Old version was perfect
anastasiation on 7/28/2018
I don’t understand why you would have to upgrade the app that was perfect. It was simple and understandable. With the new update it creates more unnecessary steps. I don’t want to save or keep albums in wetransfer app, I have my camera roll for that. As simple as it is, people use it to share big amounts of pictures with each other. Mostly through email. Now with all these overwhelming options of sharing it makes it even more confusing. I love the idea overall and I love that website. Use it all the time but that is exactly why I care about success of this app.
This app is trash
KiaHoliday on 7/27/2018
This app is trash. I’ve been trying to download my pictures for 3 days now. Still only gets me to about 40% downloaded
Update - Simple file transfer app now made worthless
GDHouse on 7/27/2018
It used to be simple. Upload files. Get a link. Send the download link to whoever you want. Now it’s overly complicated garbage with boards. The app pauses the upload every time you exit the app or phone locks. Unless you plan to sit and stare at the upload percentage it is useless. It doesn’t upload in the background. Your entire phone is useless until the upload is done. A once great tool turned into worthless designer garbage. Update 7/27/18 Today I deleted this app. It’s now a worthless piece of garbage and in several updates they still haven’t made it a decent file sharing app like it used to be. It is easier to get onto the website using a browser with desktop mode (dolphin or similar) and do the file transfer through the website. Yes you read that right... it’s easier to get on the website and transfer than it is to transfer using the app... the very definition of a worthless app. Complete garbage in every possible way.
Maxuno Caracas on 7/27/2018
It doesn’t work... worst app ever
AdGjL16 on 7/27/2018
UPDATED REVIEW: I used to love the app with one exception (the random picture order) but now with the recent update I feel the need to drop my original rating from a 4 to a 1 star. The recent update made the app stuck in ‘optimizing storage’ for DAYS and when I reached out to cs I was told I would need to delete and reinstall the app. When I did so, I lost all the previous content. Reloading and now (sorting) all the pictures is going to be a daunting task!!! 😡
App isn’t intuitive
Kayla Steen on 7/27/2018
Do better
jweaselfat on 7/26/2018
can’t figure out how to use it or if it is actually sending.
Delete this app!
mammieshay on 7/26/2018
Delete this app and content. Grand daughter loaded this with out permission while using my phone. Thanking you in advance.
Not simple enough to use
Hern At MMFG on 7/26/2018
Keeps telling me to go online, to share my stuff. But it’s not clear enough. It needs to be simple to use, a “click here to go online” would be nice. Or a quick intro video. But if I have to figure out every step of the way on my own YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME.
xcxxccccxxxxccxxccggg v on 7/26/2018
App doesn’t work. Can open the file that was sent to me.
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