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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 4.9.5 Feb 13, 2014 Jul 22, 2018 120.2 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.9.5

Performance and stability improvements
We regularly release updates to improve your experience.


Speak & Translate is an indispensable voice and text translator that allows you to communicate effectively in any corner of the globe.

* Apple Speech Recognition Technology support - real-time voice recognition significantly enhances the speed of your translations
* 117 languages for text translations
* 54 languages for voice translations
* Language detection for text-to-text mode: if you don't know what the language of the source text is, select Detect language from the language list
* iCloud integration: the history of your translations is synchronized across all your Apple devices
* Voice settings: choose male or female voice and its speed

Note: The Free version may be subject to limitations (ex. number of daily translations) and the limitations are subject to change.

Parts of service translated by Microsoft®. Parts of service translated by Google Translate™.

Speech to speech translations are supported between:
Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Dutch (The Netherlands), English (Australian, Canadian, Indian, UK, US), Finnish, French, French (Canada), Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Moldavian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Swedish, Thai, Turkish.

Speech to text translations are supported between:
Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Croatian, Filipino, Icelandic, Latin, Lithuanian, Malay, Persian, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Zulu.

Text to text translations are supported between 117 languages, to check out the list of languages please visit Developer Website Link (http://www.apalon.com/speak_and_translate.html).

Get Speak & Translate Premium and enjoy:
- Unlimited translations
- Offline mode for text translations
- Ads-free translation experience

* Choose from different subscription options. Our standard subscription options are:

1-month Subscription
3-month Subscription
1-year Subscription

* Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service.
* Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.

For complete access to all Speak & Translate features, you will need to allow access to the following:

*Location – so that automatic language selection can be enabled for your host country when traveling.
*Microphone & Speech Recognition – so that speech-to-speech translations will work.
*Notifications – so that you can keep informed about new app features and interesting language facts.

EULA: http://www.apalon.com/terms_of_use.html
Privacy Policy: http://apalon.com/privacy_policy.html
AdChoices: http://www.apalon.com/privacy_policy.html#4

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Not worth it
Creel8788 on 8/20/2018
App works slightly better than google and you want a monthly subscription? Look at all the fake reviews.. wow what a dirtbag company.
I used to recommend this app to everyone
Vampaliciousss on 8/19/2018
The response given to Spidercat is total BS. I have had this app for 2 years and I was completely locked out and unable to use it AT ALL. If by Limited features you mean that I can see the interface... please. You people are thieves. I used this app and to my friends who play mmorpg games, I recommended it as the best translator out there for the years I’ve that I’ve had. And then they came out with a second paid version. Well, little did I know that the next time I tried to use the app that I’d had for a couple of years at least, was now completely useless. It’s not even as if they had Limited the languages, which would still be wrong in my opinion. In my eyes, I beta tested this app for them. I publicized it for them. I helped get them a following because the gamer circuit is a fairly well connected circle. And what is the point of the second app? I can’t believe that any company would think that it is ethical behavior to essentially take your app back from the people who helped it break out in the first place. Shame on you. I know that you could obviously care less because I didn’t give you money. But I gave you publicity, testimonials, legitimacy and even if I hadn’t how would you feel if you any company sent you a free product and then 2 years later started sending you bills? Be prepared for the backlash. Because as much as I was impressed and talked about how great this app is, I am twice as absolutely disgusted and I will definitely advise everyone I know that anything from this developer will only waste your time because like drug dealers... they pretend it’s free to reel you in and then take it away unless you pay. And yes still, leave it fraudulently in the free category because they consider a TWENTY FOUR HOUR free trial as this being a free app. So that’s the idea. You can buy the new app. Or you download the one they call free that they’ll bill you for or block you from using after 24 hours. As a company and as human beings, you are as low as it gets.
Not user friendly
Teague_heather on 8/18/2018
Unable to use
Doesn’t provide speech for Igbo
BlkCurant on 8/18/2018
How do I cancel this subscription? This app isn’t useful to me if it doesn’t provide all features. Your site doesn’t say how to cancel. I emailed support, please ensure I am not charged. Thank you.
Armenian language
Kyankas on 8/17/2018
I’m deleting this app because it doesn’t translate with Armenian speaking to the other party guests! Sorry I really liked the concept just needs more options! Please do not renew the trial subscription! I’m requesting you to delete my subscription now today!
They keep charging me!
shescrafty92694 on 8/17/2018
DO NOT PURCHASE!!! How the heck do i cancel???? PLEASE STOP CHARGING ME! More $21.00 later finally got info on how to cancel. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS TRIAL!!!!
Congratulations on your scam
Pamerz on 8/17/2018
I haven’t looked closely enough at my bank account and will admit here that I didn’t realized I’ve been charged $6.99 every month for an app I never use. Congratulations on the sneaky way you do business. I’ll bet you folks are taking it in. Trying to figure out how to put a stop to it now and it doesn’t have an obvious way to do that. Any chance you’ll respond with some instructions? It says to do it in setting in the App Store. I’ve gone there but don’t see how to proceed from there.
IlliterateinTaipei on 8/17/2018
39.99 with 3 day trial without directions about how to cancel. Product could be ok without thieves behind it.
Great app and Customer Service
Newcomb12345890 on 8/14/2018
I did enjoy the app. It translated properly. I didn’t really need it and was testing it out for a family member to show how this worked. I didn’t like that I had to subscribe to test it out but I did like the quick response back from the customer service that explained how to cancel the subscription. While I personally don’t need this app, I find it very easy to use and accurate. I highly recommend it.
Unable to stop subscription
Greggoac on 8/14/2018
There is no way in hell you can delete your 3day trial inside the app
Don’t waste you $ and time
ALVAM on 8/14/2018
English - German speak to translate does not work. Need to get a subscription to be able to use off line, nevertheless, any work / phrase needs to be typed. Near impossible to find out how to cancel the trial. subscription.
Ok app has potential
Princessd215 on 8/14/2018
At first glance looks great but I downloaded it and can’t get it to stick with Spanish and English. If there is a menu it’s not right up front. I am busy and having an easy to use uncomplicated app is key. I also think I bought subscription by accident when something popped up and now I need to spend the time to find out how to cancel easily without easing my time.
łuv Rosexx 💓 on 8/13/2018
Thought this was a FREE app cause it was free to install this app but nevermind cause I started using it and 1 minute into it I can’t use it no more, to use it I gotta pay now, I got this app cause I thought is was free. I’m not paying no money for apps. I’m on to the next app!
Monthly Charge
helpmepleqse on 8/13/2018
Please help me I literally had this app for one day and purchased it and now I get charged every month. Help me stop getting charged for a app I don’t even have anymore! Thank you!
sophieboo2015 on 8/13/2018
Can’t seem to figure out how to cancel.
It’s not free
LeDork on 8/12/2018
That’s it basically not free they should probably mention that right off the bat . The developer responded to my review . Thx u must stay busy .
Now they’re getting greedy
Mlance on 8/11/2018
I bought the program it works well however they want to change to monthly billing and they’re trying to erase my purchase and they make me sign into restore my purchases every single time I open the application I really resent this I don’t like going through the steps I bought it once in good faith I should be able to use it flawlessly you make me feel like you were cheap and petty I would recommend the usage but I don’t like your billing tactics
How do I unsubscribe?
lansard on 8/9/2018
How do I unsubscribe?
Took me about 5 seconds to delete it
nineteenth on 8/9/2018
What junk! This app starts up asking you several times to upgrade, then to allow notifications, then again to upgrade. Ads everywhere. I did not even make it as far as a single translation before trashing it. Added after developer response: Even if you are supporting the app with ads, if I try it and value it, I will definitely upgrade as I support paid apps and good developers. However, if an app — like this one — does not even let me try ANYTHING while still bombarding me with ads and popups, then there is no chance of that.
Jasdejadde on 8/8/2018
Was working well outside of the pop ups. Now it’s completely unusable because it will not let you continue without signing up for the 30 day trial.
Dr_Tox on 8/8/2018
Costly, add charges for everything, limit translations, beware this rip-off app
Makes no sense.
Sweetbratt1 on 8/8/2018
I want French and English. Keeps giving me French and Spanish.
GonzalezSierra on 8/8/2018
I guess that this app has really done some damage to my iPhone because now I can’t even open my phone without this app coming up and plays an ad. It has way too much ads to the point where you begin to feel annoyed. Don’t get this app. You’re wasting your time.
Cannot use & Pop Ups Galore
T45G on 8/8/2018
It says I have to go to settings and turn on “speech recognition”, yet there’s no option for that anywhere, so I cannot use this. The pop up ads to get premium are everywhere you click! Deleting ASAP so please don’t respond, developer, not coming back to read your repetitive responses. Zero stars would have been more appropriate. Using another app.
Best app ever
pstella413 on 8/7/2018
This is seriously the best app ever brilliant whoever started this
How do you cancel??
socalanix on 8/5/2018
Can’t find a way to cancel this apps auto subscription. Very shady
HartlessOne on 8/5/2018
Tried this out while in Colombia...between poor cell reception and some difficulties with the UI I was not able to use it...
Hidden charges
stutz234 on 8/4/2018
I installed the app and only after installing was I notified that it was a 3 day trial with a subscription fee after that.i immediately uninstalled the app but was still charged a subscription fee for 5 months (while the app was uninstalled!). Contacting customer service they wouldn’t refund for the charges which is ridiculous.
How do I even cancel it?
Mother destroyer on 8/3/2018
I didn’t mean to buy it just meant to check it out now if I try to send an email I need to set up my email on my phone and download the mail app. Help .
Speak & Translate
samsamsame on 8/3/2018
Idnt want to renew cancel pleas (Speak & Translate
How do I cancel subscription
shinn trish on 8/2/2018
I wish to cancel my subscription before my card is charged I do not like this app at all I just downloaded it this morning and have the 3 day trial I well delet it but want to make sure I’m not charged Thank you in advance
Completely trash
Spider120 on 8/1/2018
Downloaded it for 2 seconds then deleted it since I found Rosetta Stone. Turns out they have been charging my account for the last 4 months due to my lack of checking all of my charges but I never agreed to pay anything nor did I agree to a recurring charge. Would not recommend. Go on google.com and type in translate it’s free and won’t charge you every month.
Running ads every other second.
john kai 226 on 8/1/2018
It is junk. Ads all over. I have deleted within two minutes. Google translator millions time better than this cheap money ads suckers developer.
They charged me even though subscription was canceled way before the deadline
3rick) on 8/1/2018
I got charged for this service even though subscription was canceled and application was deleted it.
Waste of time & $
mal2mam on 7/31/2018
HORRIBLE! Didn’t translate basic simple words. So angry I wasted the $ for our trip. More successful entering in Google search for translation.
Why can’t I just pay for a one-time purchase?
Spidercat on 7/30/2018
While I really wanted to like this app, I’m deleting it from my phone. Was going to use it for an upcoming trip to Girona and Barcelona, Spain, and wanted to learn some Catalan and Spanish. Every few minutes I’m bombarded with pop-up ads and interruptions to pay for the premium service. Why do I need to pay 6 bucks a month for eternity when I just need this for a few months? Let me do an outright one-time purchase. You as the developer get to make some money, I, as the consumer, get to buy an app that will have a great short term value for me now, and might have use for later, also. Long term, I won’t feel like I’m getting ripped off with a hard to cancel, “what is this monthly charge on my credit card?” situation. That angers and turns off potential customers to your otherwise good product. This is simple marketing and branding common sense. Don’t be greedy. Yes, I know what your response will be, I’ve seen all the responses you’ve already posted to numerous others complaining about the same thing. The ads are annoying and cause terrible glitches, the constant pestering for the premium service turns potential app buyers off. Please reconsider your pricing structure. You’d be surprised how many more takers you’d have buying your app if you would allow a one-time premium purchase, for say, $30. My 2¢, for free!
Pringl_ez on 7/30/2018
I HATE this app. Whenever I press the language thing, a Premium ad pops up. NEVER get this app. It’s a waste of your time.
Translation incorrect
Izt66 on 7/30/2018
Translations are not correct
I’m not using yours app, why you still charging me?!
Sekator13 on 7/30/2018
I’m not using yours app, why you still charging me?!
How do I stop getting charged
SPC ELWOOD on 7/29/2018
How am I able to stop The monthly charge and stop using the app?
Beware you will be charged!
Mogger19631234 on 7/29/2018
When you push trial it charges you a subscription.
Chriz_Wiz on 7/29/2018
Not legit.
Not worth it! Google translate can do everything and more for free.
Korry504 on 7/29/2018
Don’t buy this app.
TERRIBLE! You can only did it it you have WiFi
RobbieDeShong on 7/29/2018
Don’t Get it !!!!! You can only did it it you have WiFi
wabram on 7/28/2018
Just horrible and i have to cancel my card, because there is no option to take it off. Doesn’t work.
Bug293 on 7/28/2018
used to be a good app. Now it’s full of pop up adds and limited on number of translations unless you upgrade, which every few seconds it reminds you. Look elsewhere...
CoyoteCountry on 7/28/2018
So bad y’all. How can you charge money for this app and be adel to sleep at night ???
Glassman. Tony
glassman.tony on 7/28/2018
The app asked if I wanted to continue free and I press yes and charge me anyway!
Great app
cronzu on 7/27/2018
Lovely 👍🏾
price 2 on 7/27/2018
They trick people to download app once you download you find out it’s $7.00 a month. That’s cheating.
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