Globo - World Clock and Weather

Marco Torretta

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$0.99 Utilities 1.3.3 Feb 26, 2014 Sep 22, 2016 5.8 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.3.3

Fixed a critical bug that caused the app to be completely unusable when opening a location on iOS 10.


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What time is in Tokyo right now?
What will be the time in Melbourne if in Milan is 9:42 AM?
What’s the distance from Abu Dhabi to Miami?
Can you remind me when in Madrid it’s 23 o’clock?
What’s the weather in San Francisco right now?

All these questions easily have an answer with Globo, a stunning world clock with a gorgeous feature-rich yet easy to use interface.
If you travel a lot, need to stay connected with other people around the world or you're just simply curious to discover informations about different locations in the world, Globo is the perfect app for you.
With a clean graphic, an innovative and simple navigation and a great user experience, Globo is your best companion for your time check needs.
Last but not least, did I say Globo is completely offline and also the WHOLE world map is covered?

• Gorgeous user interface with time-based colors.
• Find every location in the world.
• Create a list of your favorite clocks and manage them in a completely new way.
• Useful data for every location: time zone, time interval and distance from another location, coordinates, weather and much more!
• Change the time in a location and instantly see how it change in other places in the world.
• Create up to 64 custom location-based alarms.
• Can work completely offline.

• Long press the clocks screen and then drag around your finger to quickly change the date.
• Swipe left every clock to delete it.
• Tap everywhere on map or weather section of every clock to display informations in different formats.

To fully enjoy Globo's features location services are required.
Internet connection is not required but necessary for some features (weather, all world map coverage).

If you're going to download Globo, please rate and leave a comment!
And if you find a problem, want to give a suggestion or simply your thoughts don't hesitate to contact me. With your help I can improve Globo even more!

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Beautiful app
travels2 on 5/21/2018
This is a beautiful app and I’ve had it since it first came out. Very nice design and interface. I do hope that the developer continues to update and maintain it because there is nothing in the App Store nicer looking than this for time zones and travel. Maybe even add a widget or Apple Watch support in the future and that would be fantastic.
Still works, but...
Jeron Moore on 12/2/2017
This is a great app, but it hasn’t been updated in over a year, which is an eternity in App Store time. No updated support for iOS 11 or updated UI/UIX for iPhone X. This is an app that’s lived on my home screen since it was released, but I’m disappointed it seems to have been abandoned. I’d love to see this app refreshed for the latest generation of devices.
SanBobbie on 8/27/2016
I am a Weather enthusiast & have several weather apps that were free! This is the worst app that I have tried! Half the app is in F & M? I am not interested in the times of each location, I am interested in the temperatures & weather conditions. I also want to know the weather outlook for the week in each location, that includes the temperature. I have paid for this app, which I have deleted & deserve a refund!
Lady Brooke on 5/4/2016
It would be nice to be able to move the cities where you want, there is a 4 arrow circle when you hold on a city but I can't get to it fast enough to see what it does. If that's how you move them to me it would be easier to just hold your finger on the city and be able to move it up and down where you want it. The light colored background (yellow) makes it hard to see some of the cities. My home city is in such a color and you have to really look really hard to see it. Still a great app regardless.
Beautiful, clever app for time zones
David Chartier on 4/17/2016
It's one of those apps with lots of nice little details. One of my favorite features: long-press, then drag your finger left and right to skip forward in time to see how each time zone changes at specific hours.
good app - needs a little change
Acgrammy on 4/4/2016
you cannot delete any cities that are in there. like most everything else on the app.
Very Useful & Fun
bquin on 3/29/2016
The time feature is very nice and the weather feature works great. The cities are not stock. You can search for any city. Very generous of this developer.
Small size won't take up a lot of room on 3/28/2016
Good coding but there is no second hand so we can't calibrate our computers and watches to the time. Please update this function and I will change to five stars!
GREAT アプリー
ラマ🅱 on 3/28/2016
Amazing, pleasing to the eye design
RB3Photography on 3/22/2016
This app is great. I love it because it enables me quick and color coded access to what my friends and clients around the world might be doing. The only thing I would say is if you could include the day that each time zone is in somehow? Apple would be so lucky to have this kind of design in their own OS. Update: make a Mac App too!
Gamereviewerman on 3/7/2016
Stunning color palate and aesthetic combined with clean, modern, flawless interface. Beautiful and efficient at the same time. Highly recommended.
Wonderfully Awesome!
Robert Morrison on 2/19/2016
This is a great app for any user! Marco you have done an outstanding job with this concept. If you travel or have friends, clients, or co-workers in other time zones this app really is useful in not only letting you know what time it is but when to expect to hear back from someone in another time zone. The weather section is also very helpful for travelers. If you don't travel don't think you don't need this pulling up a city and looking at the weather allows you for you for a short moment to dream of being there. Clean, crisp and simple makes this app a great addition to your phone. Marco if I had to suggest anything I would recommend two things. A notification widget that allows you to pick two or three locations to appear on the notification screen so you have section. The other is compatibility for the iPad.
Great app
Gabriel . Q on 2/14/2016
Great app
great app
minorisoprochrome on 11/11/2015
NitrousMike 8 on 9/11/2015
This app is great! No problems encountered. Easy to use when on the go! Great for traveling! Nice for when I communicate with friends from around the country and the world! Just buy it you won't regret it! Keep up the great work!
Great App. Easy to use. Great user interface.
Maddolyn on 5/16/2015
Use for business every day.
907timone on 2/25/2015
Nice easy to use app. Helps me keep track of the weather where my loved ones are. Good for keeping an eye on the time difference where my son is deployed.
It's a winner!
iphonefun on 2/5/2015
Quick, helpful on 1/7/2015
Get accurate timings of multiple cities with a cursory glance. No need to ask Siri.
Good app just don't like the color scheme
Lgl57 on 12/30/2014
Visual appeal is huge. I suggest changing the color scheme or making options do people can pick their own color scheme. Other than that, the app is good.
Widget please
Δbdullah on 12/26/2014
Can you guys please add an iOS 8 widget and adding the weather next to the clock would be really useful, love the app! Thank You
Doesn't work!
Methos3369 on 12/25/2014
Would be fine if it actually read correct time. Puerto Rico does not follow daylight savings. So until that changes it will not keep accurate time from here. So the broken clock will be accurate half the year.
Change color scheme
Celeron Hubbard on 12/25/2014
Not a bad app but the color scheme is HORRIBLE. Please allow the user to change themes/colors so the text is actually legible. "The World Clock" is still the best app in this class. Removing a star because this still hasn't been fixed and it's been months.
U.INC. on 10/26/2014
I really enjoy the design of this application, and the functionality is getting better with each update it appears! I knew it would be a great app as the developer is the creator of Amount, which I love as well. Keep up the great work!
Really good
Cordial Savage on 10/25/2014
Just 2 requests: 1. A new icon. Not bad, but it doesn't match many others. 2. Today Notification capability. That would be awesome.
Drew-sd on 10/23/2014
I really like this app, simple layout and user friendly
Awesome, but ugly.
Pictrola on 10/11/2014
I absolutely love everything about this app but the color scheme. I wish there were options to customize the look, cuz the warm browns/oranges are so dull.
We're waiting for widgets.
AATDAA on 10/11/2014
The app is very useful and it can be more useful and practical with the widgets.. I think it's time for an update.
Excellent App
warnes20 on 10/8/2014
Nice, simple and clean interface. Good extra features such as weather. My go to app for time zone information.
Extremely useful app for glob trotters!
Traveling2 on 10/3/2014
A great tool for those of us who work across multiple global time zones. Simple interface and interface. Highly recommended.
It does include San Juan, Puerto Rico, BTW...
EduardoJB on 9/21/2014
But it's called "San Juan, United States"
AnneRitt on 9/10/2014
Good app. Interesting. Works! Always interested in the time! Love the colors for the cities where I have lived;or visited; or do not know! Thank you. Anne R. Neumann
Simple and effective
Zite = Awesome on 9/8/2014
A very clean interface and it does what it is supposed to do well.
Mreeble on 9/3/2014
Love the info for each place, such as weather.
You must be kidding
DrJim on 9/3/2014
I cannot believe this app does not have San Juan Puerto Rico and no Cabo San Lucas. Even the new update does not. Put in a search for Cabo and get Van, Turkey!! Put in a search for San Juan and get San Juan, ARGENTINA!!! Do you have any idea how large San Juan, Puerto Rico is???
Clean design, easy and functional
Rowanknight on 8/2/2014
Great app, I love the colour range and that it's easy to see time zones at a glance with the assistance of colour.
Good. Simple. Reliable.
Day Hike D on 8/2/2014
And quick. Very useful.
Time Zone Reference
sunnylrob on 7/7/2014
Love this app - if you need multi time zones at a glance this is the best app out there. Beautiful interface and easy to setup.
A good start
WUT?? on 6/9/2014
I can see this app being very useful but has some glaring deficiencies. Please fix the search, only allows 1 or 2 characters and finds them regardless of their position in the word. Not very useful. Second, no UTC or GMT entry? Finally, how about an auto add all time zones or at the least, allow multiple selections when adding rather than forcing me to scroll through the entire list one at a time.....
Issue with order of cities
SiaosiDC on 6/3/2014
Thought I would like this app. But the only 2 options I could find were to order the locations by either acending time or descending time. What about in time zone order!!! The one option that makes most sense. Anyone know how to do this?
Simple, clean, and pretty
Muhlakai on 6/2/2014
Globo gives you everything you'd most want at the flick of the finger. Want to keep track of lots of places? They're listed in time order with color-coded lines so you can tell at a glance who's asleep. Want to figure out what time will be X:00 for them? Click and hold, then dial in the exact time with a quick, precise slide. Diving into the detailed screens for an individual location gives you more information, including weather, other time options, and more. If you ever need a multi-timezone tool then this is the only one you should bother considering. I tried plenty of alternatives with limited numbers of cities, poor display options, cumbersome selection, lack of "what time will it be here when it's that time over there?" capability, etc. Nothing was simpler, cleaner, or quicker to give me the information you most need when comparing time zones.
Great for the time zone challenged
Raygan on 6/1/2014
I just can't reliably convert between time zones. I always end up adding when I should subtract or vise versa. This app does exactly what I want. More than just showing the current time in a variety of cities, it let's you input a time in any time zone and see the equivalent time everywhere. Useful, and also a very attractive app. Thanks!
Invaluable app
nathanph on 5/27/2014
This has become my go-to app to keep track of the time for colleagues I need to call and visit around the world. It's one of my most-used apps for travel and international calls. Unique to this app are two invaluable features: (1) set alarms based in different time zones (when you have important calls) and (2) track time not just in individual cities but for entire time zones, e.g. London and Central European Time.
Great simple app
@sylvainww on 5/13/2014
It's staying on my phone! And keeps improving
jdog32 on 4/30/2014
Great for wondering if you're going to wake up the person you're trying to reach
Beautiful Design, Tons of Functionality
DJG33KD0UT on 4/27/2014
See the title of this review ^
Change Color Scheme
Fearless Maddog on 4/27/2014
Need to change to make text easier to read but also to make it easier to know time of day.
A tad confusing at first, but a great tool when you get it
BudhlyaD on 4/27/2014
Now finds a place on my homescreen
Not good
Kgskgs1 on 4/25/2014
Why have a app that does not show true numbers and also one that does not use all it's functions. It's very windy were I'm at and it shows no wind, I also checked temp by other apps and airport it's off too
Best world clock!
SparX on 4/20/2014
Any city, any place; it's in there.
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