Valiant Hearts: The Great War


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.2.61 Sep 04, 2014 Jun 02, 2016 779.5 MB iOS 7.1 or later 12+
New in version 1.2.61

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** IMPORTANT** This game requires an iPad 2 (or newer), iPhone 4s (or newer), or iPod touch 5th Generation.

Immerse yourself in the touching story of four unsung heroes swept up by World War 1 in this unique interactive graphic novel that combines action, puzzles and adventure.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a 4-part, episodic game inspired by letters from World War 1. Additional episodes are available as multipack or individual in-app purchases.

An emotional adventure game delivered with a unique tone and art style.

Move into action and help your heroes survive the Great War by solving puzzles or sneaking through enemy lines…

Lost in a maze of trenches, play each of these characters and help a young German soldier find his love! All of them will be helped by their faithful canine companion, Walt.

This fictitious story takes you back to famous WW1 locations, revisiting historical battles on the Western Front, such as the Battle of the Marne or the Battle of the Somme!

In partnership with Apocalypse World War 1 and the Mission Centenaire 14-18, learn more about the Great War through historical articles and share them with friends.

Included: FREE Art Book and Interactive Comic Book inspired by the game.

***Save 20% on additional episodes by purchasing the Multipack directly in the game***

iPad Screenshots
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Farnawwm on 8/18/2018
Point and click adventure games are my favorites and this is the best ive ever played!
Fix the sound - Bluetooth issue
Kre001/SA on 8/11/2018
Fix the sound please. Air pods horrible. Only with your game. Anything and anything else Is perfect.
Valiant Hearts
Bindirini on 8/10/2018
Truly wonderful game. You get a little bit of History with your adventure. I love it. I am not a big fan of this type of material, re: History, but I found myself learning little tidbits. The characters grunt and groan mostly, but that adds to the charm! It is not difficult to get through the objectives........but it's not easy either! Very inspiring and informative. All games should provide such a perfect combination of game play and story! Absolutely love this game!!! I can’t say enough about it. I love it!
jameskid57052002 on 7/25/2018
I have never wanted to right a review before but this game it literally the first and only game to make me cry it is beautiful and shows the struggle and horror of war and it is so simple in it design but yet so good in its message
This game is great!!!
Leseifer on 7/25/2018
This game is so fun and so addictive. It’s full of fun puzzles that teach you more about the Great War. The story is very intriguing and it's also one of the only games about WW1. It's all very historically accurate, and the artwork is amazing. The gameplay and controls are pretty good too, although sometimes clicking on things that are too close to each other can become slightly irritating. I hope they add more content or a second version. This is definitely one of my favorite games in the AppStore.
Crashes but really good!!!!!
Pluton360 on 7/21/2018
Honestly this game is amazing I played it on pc back when it first came out and it was an amazing experience. Too bad that I can’t even start it first time for me
Good game
GamingIsLove on 7/16/2018
Install Final Episode 5
Crazy Ma Joe on 7/16/2018
Hello Ubisoft, I happened to notice on the Episode selection of 1918, hasn’t came around ever since you have all made this beautiful and dramatic game in November 2014. Can you please help to create the final episode on 1918 in regards to the final characters still in the war Freddie, Anna, and Walt? Much appreciated!
This game is amazing.
gshsjjdducjcjnddj on 7/7/2018
First of all, I’m not someone who generally likes narrative-focused games, I prefer solid mechanics. But this game, oh boy. If anyone’s thinking this might be interesting, try it, it surpassed my expections. One thing though, brace yourself for the feels.
I’m playing this game again for the 8th time and it’s still brilliant
Mitchp1120 on 7/2/2018
The first time I ever played this game I felt trapped in the story, but it is not anything like your average ww1 story, it is challenging yet so interesting and I can’t stop playing it.
Awesome just can’t explain it
Yo Yo gamer on 6/23/2018
I LOVE THIS GAME 10/10 because it has awesome gameplay and never lets you down with boring moments. There’s no ads and it’s almost like your watching a movie. You crave to just keep going through the story and never stop, and when it’s finally over your crying at the end because of 2 things: 1, the story ended VERY sadly. And 2, you want more content to play.
So good
Mustache zquid on 6/11/2018
This game is amazing it's graphics are cool and it's story is great it's one of the best games I have played on the app store
It doesn’t open
LoryeGoldz on 6/2/2018
I heard so many good thing about this and I had high expectations because the story line would be so good. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and whenever I try opening it by clicking the app it doesn’t work. It automatically gets me out. So can you fix this so I can play it.
Always level we can't not playing
belal h u on 5/25/2018
Belal hassan
Best iPad game Ever!!!
Narekkm on 5/13/2018
This game is amazing! A combination of art,history,emostions, passion, dignity and freedom is what you are gonna experience in an amazing gameplay! Well worth it. I loved the narration and parallel stories, well written dialogues and letters are based on true story! The ending is very emotional and I loved how the characters become players friend. You make emotional relation with each character and you feel the sadness and happiness with them. I just finished in but want to go back and play from the beginning. We need more games like this.
Appears a good game but actually awful to play
seventtqqll on 4/29/2018
Buggy action control and noise in the sound tracks ruin the game.
Great Game
Wizardpig02 on 4/22/2018
I honestly love this game and I believe this game honors those who fought and died in the Great War. Great Job!!
I love it
ghrgfgf on 4/21/2018
I love it’s amazing make a 2 one please
Me encanta
Aldjiwvk on 4/18/2018
Es un juego sin comparación y muy buenos gráficos
GermanGamer7 on 4/15/2018
Germany Germany Germany Germany is awesome this game is awesome I wish Germany won the war but still awesome game 5 stars
Fun and challenging at times
Mapmaker6473 on 4/14/2018
The price is totally worth it. I got this game awhile ago and currently going through again and some parts still have a challenge to them. A must play
Speed Is Key! on 4/11/2018
I like the game, but something happening with my headphones is ruining the experience. Please help.
Superiacovelli on 4/9/2018
I wish more games were this artistic. Very few games truly draw people in emotionally but this one does. I’ll not forget it, and I even learned a lot about history. High quality.
Amazing game
Debdarlee on 4/2/2018
I got pass the part were you have to pay and brought the whole game which is 10$ and then when I got to the battle of vmy it turned into a black screen also there was some other glitches such as every time I try to play the battle of the Somme it glitches but(After this I updated it) I managed to find a to play that battle then I found the ending😰R.I.P. Emile (not kidding) but still great game👍 also the Somme glitch is gone too PS also can you valiant hearts two on World War Two plz
Good game, bad controls
Guy_Dude on 3/31/2018
It is a good game. Good art style and characters, but the controls are very hard too use. I try to throw something and I end up moving. I click the screen to move but I completely overshoot where I want to go. And one more thing... you get halfway through the first chapter and you have to pay to continue, and just as the game is getting good. Maybe a warning next time you make a half free game.
Update please
hamaafaraidun on 3/31/2018
This game didn’t support for iphone x Update it please ...
jdjdejdjd on 3/18/2018
I lone this game
The most beautiful mobile game
simaster1 on 3/14/2018
I have never ever written a review for a game on mobile but this game deserves it. The art style is beautiful, the characters are amazing and the story telling is by far the best I’ve seen on a mobile game. It took me about 4 days playing off and on to finish this game and I enjoyed every second of it. As for the price it is definitely worth it to but the 9.99 bundle and get the full game (it also has a a lot of replay ability value) so overall it’s an amazing game with great storytelling and characters. Thank you so much for the game!
Please make another!!!!
BPC2503 on 3/4/2018
I have played this game over and over again and each time it only gets more entertaining. If you could make one based on ww2 that would be the best thing ever!
Best Game
AghylarQTR on 3/3/2018
I remember playing this game in the PS4 it made me cry at the end simply the best game to play if you just want to chill. Also teaches you about history a little bit.
A little something
scottgamez on 3/1/2018
First thing this game is absolutely beautiful but all I have to say is why do you have to pay to play more this game that’s all I have to say today hope you fix this..?!
Awesome Game
✋👏🙏. BOI on 2/23/2018
Even though you could only play the first chapter overall masterpiece by Ubisoft!
Great War Great Game
Hana Nia on 2/23/2018
A best knowledge based game ever
This is a great game
Simonthebest on 2/18/2018
It mix action with puzzle solving while following a story. What’s surprising it’s how it mixed well with education about WWI. It’s a game worth devoting time to
Breath Taking
TheStereotypicalDude on 2/16/2018
This game’s story is incredible. From heartbreaks to happiness, and incredible sound design, this is an amazing game. The art style is stunning, and the history of the game is incredibly in depth. The characters are incredibly relatable, as if you are on the front lines with the brave souls who are incredibly unrepresented in history, but have been brought to new light by use of this game.
Ziaxite on 2/14/2018
I don't know why I hear all these "great game but...." because of finicky navigation which is understandable but the game isn't about the actual gameplay it's about the story and it's an amazing one at that the ending nearly brought me to tears and it was a great experience worth the money I had to pay for the other chapters however I recently got a new phone and redownloaded the game and it wouldnt restore my purchases and I couldn't afford to purchase them again other than that it's a 10/10 game
DenysIII on 1/28/2018
This game is so beautiful and amazing! From the short and cute, yet very heartbreaking, comic about the dogs of war, to the main story that’ll keep you on your toes. It kept me wanting more and gasping every step of the way. If I’m completely honestly, I shed a few tears because that’s how well this story about WWI was told. I highly recommend giving the game a play!
Un juego con historia
Fran2910 on 1/27/2018
Este juego está basado en hechos históricos, La Gran Guerra, fue algo espantoso, y el juego y sus notas históricas nos llevan de la mano a través del tiempo, vemos actos de heroísmo, de valor, de amistad y de ingenio. Y por supuesto el fusilamiento de los que se hastiaron y se revelaron de tanta muerte sin sentido. Felicito a los creadores y a Unisoft por este juego. Lástima que no hay más de estos para IOS, por ejemplo con el tema de la II Guerra Mundial u otro evento histórico.
How worlds become
Chenar Slave on 1/26/2018
When i saw this i started to learn how to develop like this Such a good graphic and story, everything ❤️
Good concept, bad controls
Nicnac1020 on 1/13/2018
Not a game meant for an iPhone, perhaps the controls are better on an iPad. I had the hardest time doing simple tasks like making a character run or throw when he is supposed to. Badly made controls and very frustrating when you know exactly what you need to do but can't succeed due to game failure. Disappointing.
It neeeds money 😡
omar ska on 1/3/2018
It need money 💰
Noahc0214 on 12/22/2017
Good game
Excelente juego
Nahimfer on 12/18/2017
Definitivamente es un juego estupendo, por los toques históricos y la jugabilidad
Great concept, but UI unplayable
briankangaroo on 12/15/2017
I love this idea for myself or those younger to mix learning and play for a more apreciable and memorable experience. Sadly I cannot get past the horrid controls. Half the time I want the character to one way he goes another, stalls, is missing behind a screen (needs to walk a bit further to trigger next scene). If these small tweaks are made, im all over this and would highly recommend. As it is, I’m done after five minutes.
Ajack2 on 12/11/2017
This game is very historically accrete and is so much fun!
WWI Nerd
Wizard13 31 on 12/10/2017
I am a Word War I nerd and I have been studying this war. The game is fun and I love the little information and collectibles that you can learn about. This is probably the best game Ubisoft was a part of.
Awesome game
ElDough on 11/28/2017
I found this by accident and it is one of the best games I have ever played. It is fun and at the same time allows one to learn more about WW1. The artwork and storyline are phenomenal.
navy4444 on 11/22/2017
Amazing and Beautiful
Bella&Belle on 11/20/2017
This game is one of the best games ever. It’s hard to make me cry, but playing this, I cried. It’s very beautiful and it’s a huge eye opener. I enjoyed it very much. But it’s also a great puzzle game, and challenges your mind. I highly recommend.
Great game
Elpasoid on 11/19/2017
This is one of the great games. Really more a series of stories about friendship, loyalty and stubborn nobility possessed by the characters. It invoked genuine emotions following the characters through their story arcs. Especially impactful, was the short story concerning the War Dogs. The poem at the end has great truth to it about the inherent nature of our canine friends. While 10,000 people will surely let you down in a time of need, dogs are our true partners in survival! A true gem.
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