Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.3 Mar 18, 2014 Jul 09, 2018 21.9 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 2.3

Bugs fixes.


Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a high score!

iPad Screenshots
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Love it eh
Buddy 85002 on 8/18/2018
I absolutely love this game!! It’s awesome and so fun. Except, of curse the ads. The second you open the app the adds pop up and when you think your clicking to start the game you just clicked on an ad, and of course it takes you to see the game that is advertising. Great game, hate the ads
It would be great to bad you can’t turn the sound off
RodLf on 8/14/2018
There is no way to turn off the annoying sound I like to buy it at work and can’t camp I turn the sound down on my phone but I don’t hear my phone calls what the hell are they thinking
The amount of ads is ridiculous
duckit877 on 8/13/2018
The amount of ads in the game makes it utterly impossible to play. It use to be a great and addictive game but not since the tremendous amount of ads were added.
Hate how it won’t let me look at the game board when the game is over
amykhar on 8/12/2018
I’ve owned this game for years and come back to it from time to time. At some pint, it changed so that the screen is covered when the game ends. Drives me nuts.
5kidkrazy on 8/12/2018
I can’t invite any of my friends to play co-op or vs mode as it will not allow me to add recipients to the message.
Mangia Tropo on 8/11/2018
If I make a dumb move I deserve to lose, but as soon as you get close to reaching the next level the game spits out numbers that are impossible to play Congratulations you just wasted an hours time and you are now cross eyed
Darlene129 on 8/7/2018
Why does this game slow to a crawl as your numbers get higher. Very irritating. You tend to have to swipe twice just to get one more in. Also, the app has a tendency not to open on first attempt (have iPad Pro). Then I have to clear it from memory and try again.
Addison5578 on 8/6/2018
I heard about this game from a friend and and downloaded it now I can’t stop playing it! It’s quite amazing but the only thing bugging me is how it’s not that challenging.
2048 is great
OPLYN on 8/6/2018
This app is fun, quick and challenging. I can seem easy but a slip in concentration may suddenly lead to a loss. Great exercise for focus and seeing the whole picture.
Terrible, volume-blasting ads
ProfessorDADGAD on 8/4/2018
The game is fabulous. But even with app sound muted, it injects blaring ads from time to time.
Could be fun
Needs to work out bugs on 8/3/2018
The ads are annoying. Pay to get rid of them? I’d rather delete the app.
Ads not kid friendly
ABQ babydoll on 8/2/2018
Think!!! Before you let an ad on your game please think! Kids play this and they don’t need to sexually explicit ads. If you are not allowing these ads please be aware that they are on your game. Kids don’t need to see sexual ads on games like this. This is an everyone type game not a adult only one and those ads are just so inappropriate. As an adult i don’t want to see that either.
cc287372881616 on 8/1/2018
Really addictive
Stoopid ads pop up.
Sal4416 on 8/1/2018
Annoying. Stay away
Mike eleven dustin lucas max on 7/29/2018
Its fun but it bothers me and agervates me
Ads are loud app is muted. Cmon!
D> on 7/29/2018
I have app set to mute but ads BLARE sound!!?? C’MON GUYS FIX THIS!!
Great game... of buggy torture.
Braddogh on 7/28/2018
Game is awesome in its simplicity, challenge to think ahead, and sly intermittent element of randomness offering either death or life extension. ——> Irresponsible suckiness: Game crashes without warning. I have played the most patient, careful games, over days, developing strategy and building a great campaign, and then, …screen goes black. Little spinny thing. iPad wakes up, and my game is GONE! _u n a c c e p t a b l e_ Finally hit and passed 2048 w screen grabs along the way. All other apps closed. Best game ever, tiles in perfect order... > dionk! < Black screen. App bails on me. Again. Developers, go do community service. Pick up other people’s garbage w your pizza-stained fingers. Use them never more to write slapdash game code. Finally I can delete the horror you wrought.
GuyWhoListenstoSermons on 7/27/2018
How often do you have to interrupt gameplay with an ad for some of your other absolutely un-fun games?
Etta1975 on 7/24/2018
I enjoy it but don’t get to play often, my game playing time is at night while laying in bed and listening to audible books, well this game lets you mute it but the adds won’t mute and hey get loud and wake husband up lol. Find a way to make it like my other games with no adds or no noise while add plays and I would play more.
Ashton's_mommy on 7/24/2018
the app keeps crashing on me
Ads stop,podcast playback
Manchineel on 7/24/2018
I have loved this app for a long time. But the ads have become too annoying. I listen to a lot of podcasts while playing this game. Sometimes (way too often), the ads will cause the playback of my podcast to stop. I have to switch over to iTunes and press play again. This is going to kill it for me.
What happened?
Vigzilla on 7/22/2018
The ads are killing this game. I’ve had it. It’s just too much.
Abhorrent play
Shsnebzjenmzls on 7/21/2018
I’ll preface this by stating that the Co-Op play hospitalized me for nearly a year. After a mere minute of gameplay my blood pressure reached severe hypertension and the palpitations began. Nearing the five minute mark the arrhythmia was so intense I could feel colors and vibrate through walls. I tried to cry out but what had once been joyous squeals had morphed into nothing more than a nefarious, hissing mephitis which was fumigating my very soul. At this point I knew it was over. I dropped the phone and called an ambulance. From here, the exposure was limited to about 4 seconds, but in that time I watched days pass, the seasons change, empires rise and fall. The long term severe brain damage I undoubtedly suffered only added to the effect. Today 2048 “cooperative play” is banned by all 148 signatory nations to the Geneva convention as a crime against humanity. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t be a statistic.
The only thing to get me to do math 😂
Kady Lewis on 7/20/2018
Lol I'm actually addicted 🙃
Yes. Horrible.
Dimadu123 on 7/18/2018
This game’s fun
Eyeless Fish on 7/18/2018
I just downloaded, and started playing this game. I appreciate how easy the tiles are to read. The numbers are nice and big. I have low vision. So thank you for the accessibility.
This game is so...
Sargeant пояйф on 7/16/2018
This app is wonderful! The only problem most people talk about is the unpredictability. That can be a pain in the butt, especially in a tight situation when you have anywhere from two to none squares left; they give you a unnecessary two instead of a necessary four to make a pair. We all probably have that Deja Vu. But, a lot of us don’t understand that the point of this game is not to be in a tight situation like that! So, just get to the actual USE of the game, it isn’t supposed to be easy. But overall nothing bothers, very little ads, and they don’t crash! What else could you & I ask for? Thanks!
My review on 2048
yo mother trucker on 7/16/2018
The games fun and all but like it’s full of doing the same stuff you know. Like if your trying to connect 2 numbers and there’s no other way to do it you might be swiping left then right then left then right and over again. It gets really annoying after a while and it just makes you want to delete the game.
Good game
Erithian1 on 7/13/2018
This game and I are in a love hate relationship!
Have had the app for forever
daniimonsterr. on 7/13/2018
It’s my go to mind numbing thing to do. Have played for years but will delete soon cause the ads have gotten out of control
How do you get rid of the awful noise!
Swimbit1 on 7/11/2018
I listen to audiobooks while I play so I can’t just turn down the volume. PLEASE add a way to turn off the clattering noises!
Ads are too invasive/annoying
Kyiuygghj on 7/10/2018
Could be vastly improved if it took more skill and less chance. An option to correct an accidental swipe would assist those who enjoy a quick game. Again—- I’m sick of ads. Hate them enough to delete an otherwise mindless but enjoyable distraction.
I pid for no ads, I want my money back
Don't Spam Me Bro on 7/9/2018
In the settings for the app I purchased the no ads option and leaving the app after that I got an ad, a big noisy ad. I have played this game a lot in the past but recently deleted off my phone because of the obnoxious noisy ads. I understand ad supported development but when you disrespect my changes to the settings & override my volume control for ads you can keep your game. I want my money back.
Noise in Ads
HacksawSA on 7/8/2018
Turned off the noise in the game, but when I ended one, an ad came on and made a big glass crashing sound. That’s hateful. After a time of delightful silent game play, a huge noise was like a slap in the face.
Good game, poor customer service
4fun2rlx on 7/8/2018
I like the game. It can be addictive. But I don’t like the apps. I purchased the paid version on my ipad but it doesn’t automatically update my account so on my iphone the apps keep annoying me. I don’t believe it’s right to pay twice for the game and so I’ve sent an email to Ketchapp asking about the policy but got no response. There you go developers, two stars only.
Love the app, hate the ads with sound
Aunt Jenn on 7/5/2018
This is one of my favorite games, but I am very close to deleting because of the ads that display with sound, even though the game’s sound setting is set to mute, and my phone is set to do-not-disturb, and all sounds are off. I hope this gets fixed soon!!
Why is it so unpredictable?
Thesamlord on 7/5/2018
The game is okay, the concept is nice, and the adds don’t ruin the game. The one thing that ruined it for me is how UNPREDICTABLE it is. You’ve might seen a similar review about how unpredictable it is. And I agree. Way too unpredictable. Every time I try getting that glorious 2048 block, some stupid 2 or 4 pops out of nowhere. And yeah, the unpredictability is good, but it’s getting to the point where it pops out in this corner and in that one and, well, everywhere. So yeah it’s a good game, but try to make it where it’s not that crazy. Thanks.
Addictive game, but...
Long Time Excel User on 7/5/2018
The ads are very obnoxious and don’t entice me to purchase or download anything. My response to that abuse is to remove the app.
Literal click bait
Cardozzza on 7/2/2018
Ads are designed to pop up only after you start playing, so that you accidentally click on them. Dishonest.
THE legend
EpicFoxx on 6/29/2018
If you guys saw my review on the new 2048, it is terrible, but this 2048, I don’t why I didn’t even bother making a review on this, it’s so awesome, easy to understand, controls are ez, it’s just awesome, so stop hating and start LOVING. This has got to be the best game by Kechapp, because they say it’s a legend and a famous game, which it is, but the thing I want to see on this game is goals or missions that you have to complete to get coins, and use those coins to get skins like in the other 2048, that is only an opinion, you don’t have to do it, do it or don’t, I don’t care, I just hope you guys make more games 😘 later
Used to be great
Tejano68 on 6/29/2018
This game is an awesome game up until all these pop ups came up. I understand the need for them but it has become so annoying that I hardly play anymore. Such a shame for an awesome game.
Fun game but
DJ678274748849393 on 6/29/2018
The ads load really slowly and cause the app to crash, completely resetting your progress. Too bad, the game is fun.
Can't play for the ads popping up every time you finger goes too far left or right
Batch999 on 6/29/2018
Would be a great game if not for the double click ads. Swipe too far left or right and an ad loads. Impossible to play
Fine app
GuidedImagery on 6/29/2018
No problem :)
cmdispa"mxowla on 6/29/2018
Love the game except how the game’s rating says 12+ and lists a bunch of bad stuff but all there is in this game is combining numbers. Please fix the 12+ thing bc it’s inaccurate.
It makes you fail quickly so that it can show two advertisement after each game.
Just for All birds on 6/24/2018
It makes you fail quickly so that it can show two advertisement after each game.
READ DIS REVIEW!! on 6/22/2018
This game is so fun and entertaining but when i started to get into this one round and almost got 2048 it gave me a app and it wouldn’t let me exit out of it i kept on trying and trying but it didn’t let me exit so then i got really mad and quit...
Get. It is great on 6/16/2018
You can’t win in this game. it’s such a waste of time and i hate it. this game deserves to be taken off the internet. you can’t win. so there’s no point.
Ads After “Removing” Them
Sopey on 6/15/2018
It’s a joke that there are ads after every game after paying to “remove ads.” Sure that removes the annoying banner ads but it doesn’t remove all of them.
Ad video in the middle of the game.
stoutp on 6/13/2018
While your playing the game a ad video will suddenly appear. And that's how you get me to delete your app.
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