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App last updated Jan 29, 2018
New in version 2.1

Crash bug fixes.


Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a high score!

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Don’t do updates!
GameAddictToDeath on 2/17/2018
... if you have an IPhone 6. I did latest update and now this game is too slow, too frustrating to use
Great game, new bugs
cjshores on 2/14/2018
Great game to kill time, but the recent crashes (past month or so) are making this game a pain to use. It’s erased my high score and constantly locks my phone with a black screen that forces me to restart my phone
They ruined it
davemes on 2/11/2018
Why do vendors insist on changing things. I loved the old colors etc. now it is hard to read. I won’t play any more
Unplayable due to add interrupting gameplay
1010er on 2/10/2018
The ads used to only pop up when you lost but now it pops up multiple times in the middle of the game. App deleted.
Lags horribly!!
Biggggmannnnn on 2/8/2018
This game is fun, but very defective! The more you play, the more it lags until the app finally crashes! Fix it!! Update: still lags, but now the constant ads have sound that you can’t shut off! So I have to exit the app, it crashes, and I’m back to square one! This game could be so great... but the CONSTANT ads and CONSTANT lagging make it a chore to get through. I’m deleting this game... it’s too bad 😔
Loud ads stink makes the game a zero.
Rickyotis on 2/7/2018
I love this game. The problem is when you lose a LOUD ad comes up and you can't do anything about it for 5 seconds. Nowhere to turn the sound off or even down. I can't play it waiting in doctors offices or anywhere I'm concerned about noise being obnoxious to anyone around me. Thanks for nothing.
TW NC on 2/3/2018
Thank you for fixing the crashing, I was starting to shake. Love it. 👍🏿👍🏿
Problem with 11.2.5
MikePluta on 2/3/2018
The recent update has fixed the crashing, however, now the restore purchases to remove ads no longer works.
Nice game!!
DatCrazyMonkey on 2/2/2018
I love this game so much and it is so fun! I play it all the time and never get tired of it! I don’t have much time to write this,but overall I think it’s a spectacular game!
Been playing this for years
Chickydew on 2/2/2018
I like the game a lot and have been playing for years the only issue I have is it will not select other players for me to to multiplayer games. That is so annoying. It just gets stuck on the screen that makes you wait to be matched then never matches me.
New boards please!
jakirocks on 2/1/2018
Can’t there be something!? New colors or boards or differences variations? Something! Shake it up a little creators! Also every time I try to play multiplayer, I can’t get past the first screen!
1-800savethetryhardz on 2/1/2018
Dear Ketchapp, Your game has caused one of my friends to become addicted and now she’s playing it during class and is starting to fail. We not only need to get her grades on track but also her life from this addictive game. It makes her go in full try hard mode and turned her really competitive. I would gladly ask for you to take this app down to save this poor soul. Thank you, Billy Mays
Mjpsr on 2/1/2018
Purchased this game because I was tired of dealing with the ads on the free one. Guess what - the ads are still there. I verified the purchase thru my cc. Have uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times but the ads are still there. At least they fixed the crashing problem (iPhone 8) but I wonder if that affected the paid version regarding the ads. Rip off on purchased version.
Works again
panickedthumb on 1/31/2018
Woo, thanks for being quick to update the game to fix it after the iOS update
Planned obsolescence
Gyreandgimble on 1/30/2018
With Apple’s planned obsolescence for iPhones, this app is slower than a Cupertino traffic jam. Terrible. 1 star is too generous.
Recently started crashing
jfmorris73 on 1/29/2018
Below is my review. The 2 star rating is because lately while playing the game it’s it will go to the home screen on your phone. Kicks you out of the game. Deleted and reinstalled thinking that might do the trick but it didn’t. Happens around he 4th or 6th swipe I do Really like this game. Relaxing. Helps especially if your waiting on someone or something and you don’t feel like reading at the time. Other than the crashing it deserves a 4.5 Star
GoldenArt 772 D on 1/29/2018
Well, no one else will tell ketchapp, so I will. A game being inspired by another game is not the same as copying the exact same Idea but with a few graphical changes. Some examples of games being actually inspired: Getting over it was inspired by “Sexy Hiking.” However, getting over it has a different map, and a different main mechanic, as well as different graphical designs. Portal Knights was inspired by Minecraft, however, the game features a different plot, different items, classes and character customization. This... This is EXACTLY another developer’s work with just a reskin. Case in point: I will not enjoy plagiarism. Thanks Ketchapp.
Problem under IOS 11.2.5
Swordsman70 on 1/29/2018
Love the game, but after updating to IOS 11.2.5 it suddenly quits after just a few moves. Needs a fix. UPDATE: downloaded the update on 1/29/18, and all seems to be working fine now!
Impossible to Play
Caleb is Balling on 1/29/2018
Every time I open the app, it crashes after a few swipes. Very annoying
Good game but....
blvnu on 1/29/2018
Good and addictive game, but it’s been crashing for the last week. Hope they fix soon...
Saxman09a on 1/29/2018
The app was great until it began to crash. You start a game and it crashes within minutes. Please update and fix this or 1 Star will be to high a rating!
2048 needs a fix
jaymesaschmidt on 1/29/2018
Ever since the latest iOS update (11.2.5), 2048 will crash within a few moves after opening. I enjoy the game. I, however, DO NOT enjoy the crashes. Please fix before I uninstall.
Great app at one point
brandeezy on 1/29/2018
I use to play this game all the time without any problems. But I re-downloaded this app recently and every time I start to play it crashes after a couple of minutes every single time. When I start a new game it does it again. Please fix this issue.
Nice game
Philipp11111 on 1/28/2018
Addictive game, however after updating iOS to 11.2.5, the app crashes every time
Fun game, but crashes
MegamiMoon on 1/28/2018
Crashes with latest iOS update for iPhone X. Please fix. Thank you!
Fun1264 on 1/28/2018
This game keeps crashing like 5 seconds after closing the ad when I open the 2048 app on my iPhone 8. Please fix this.
Doesn’t Work on iOS 11.2.5
JustDaisy on 1/28/2018
Updated iOS to most recent version, and now this app shuts down within 6 moves every single time. Totally useless at this point. So disappointed.
Frog addict on 1/28/2018
Worked fine until new update. Now it crashes!! Please fix
Now Crashes After Last iOS update
Larry in Indy on 1/28/2018
App worked fine until the latest iOS update, but now crashes after a few moves.
iOS 11.2.5
dtrumpet89 on 1/28/2018
I have enjoyed this game. However, after the latest update has cause the app to crash after about 2 to 4 moves into the game. Hoping for an update. Thanks
Keeps Crashing
A Lovely Subscriber on 1/28/2018
Cool app but it crashes every time I use it.
Keeps crashing
Teknotim122588 on 1/28/2018
I updated my phone to the latest iOS and now the game keeps crashing!
Pirate0306 on 1/28/2018
Game keeps shutting down since the onslaught of iOS 11.2.5. Really wish that someone would fix it. When it worked, this game was great for killing time!
Not working
Sir lady emily on 1/28/2018
Updated my phone and now the app keeps shutting off 15 sec after I open it. Please fix.
Constantly crashing
PW232241 on 1/28/2018
This was fun for a while, but it no longer works properly with the new iOS. Game constantly crashes after about 10 moves, and advertisements of other game pops up at the beginning of the game uninvited. I am giving up the game due to frustration.
auuuhhh on 1/28/2018
I like this game, or at least I used to. Now, it is constantly crashing after about 3 minutes into a game. I don’t think it should be crashing considering I have an iPhone 8 and 2048 is a very simple game.
Game keeps crashing
xdxkiller on 1/28/2018
I’ll open up the app and start playing, but after 15 seconds the game usually crashes and resets the progress I’ve made. I’ve tried closing and opening the game multiple times, uninstalling and reinstalling, yet the problem still persists.
Crossword fun fun on 1/28/2018
Since updating the app won’t work gets glitching out. I’ve even uninstalled & reinstalled
Latest iOS update killed the game
RLK, NYC on 1/28/2018
Last iOS update (wk on 1/22/18) killed the game, which now crashes consistently on iPhone X after 4th move. :( Time to update the game to make it playable again.
Started crashing
dpshutup on 1/28/2018
I have playing for at least a year with no problems. Most recent iPhone update yesterday and now game crashes after a few swipes. <sigh>
Love this game but now unstable
Baron1138 on 1/28/2018
I loved this game. It has been my go to for years. But now on a 6s with 11.2.5 it is totally unstable. Just dies a few moves in. It is a bummer.
App Crashing
sba182 on 1/28/2018
I’m a fan of the app but since I updated to the new iOS, it’s been crashing. Need an update ASAP!
Crashes within 30 seconds
Jns2020 on 1/28/2018
I loved this game until it stopped working suddenly. The game froze and shut it self down. When I reopened it, the game had started over and only lasted for a few seconds. This happens every time now. I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but it still crashes within seconds. So frustrating....
App crashes on 1.2.5
Fayiz Shaffaq on 1/28/2018
The app doesn’t work on iOS 11.2.5
Game Crash
Andrew Piersol on 1/27/2018
My game keeps on crashing, I’m on the newest version, it takes around 5-15 seconds before the game crashes, I’ve tried shutting down my phone, still crashes, restarting app, still crashes, deleted and installed again, still crashes… what do I do?
Dads dab on 1/27/2018
Since latest iOS upgrade, game crashes.
3kidsandhubby on 1/27/2018
I play the game for less than a minute and it kicks me off. Need to fix. Ty
Game keeps crashing
BeachsideHades on 1/27/2018
I really enjoy playing this game. It's very fun and always different. However, on my iPhone X the have will allow me to make a few move then it crashes. I really hope there's an update soon too fix this issue.
App kept crashing
jyharp on 1/27/2018
I was excited to play this game, as many people I know enjoyed it. However, every time I opened the app and tried to play the game, it crashed and continued to crash every time I opened it until I finally decided to delete it. Very disappointed.
No fun
nautidog56 on 1/27/2018
Totally unreliable
Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: Ketchapp
  • Category: Games
  • Released: Mar 18, 2014
  • Current Version Released: Jan 29, 2018
  • Version: 2.1
  • Size: 16.4 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English; French; Japanese; Portuguese; Russian; Chinese; Spanish; Castilian;