Google Docs

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.2018.14206 Apr 30, 2014 Apr 12, 2018 214.3 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.2018.14206

* Bug fixes and performance improvements


Create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the free Google Docs app. With Google Docs you can:

* Create new documents or edit any that were created on the web or on another device
* Share documents and work together with others in the same document at the same time
* Get stuff done anytime -- even without an internet connection
* Add and respond to comments
* Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type
* Directly insert photos from your camera
* Open, edit, and save Word documents

Permissions Notice
Camera: This is used to takes photos to insert into documents.
Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos Application to let the users pick images to insert into documents

iPad Screenshots
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Parrotfish King on 4/22/2018
Google Documents has made it such a relief with getting homework, and projects done. As a student who is looking forward to graduating, I recommend this app, to anyone in general.
Cduckworth86 on 4/21/2018
Won’t open my files keeps saying oops
Sallyisaac on 4/21/2018
Super convenient! I can work and print directly from my phone and easily collaborate with colleagues around the globe!
Word docs app
Puddingsky on 4/21/2018
Great word app for easy access and user friendly. Thanks, Google!
hfyi on 4/21/2018
How to “easily“ print from Docs?
Mobile not as good as Computer/Chrome book
Nickname Name Nickname on 4/21/2018
Although It is still very good, I wish the Mobile App had More fonts, also it is organized a little differently than with the others and although it still works fine, I prefer the other organization personally.
Great program for all your documents and more!
Sean_R.A on 4/21/2018
A full 10 out of 10 on the rector scale in my opinion great work, I applaud the developers.
16002711Wok on 4/21/2018
majesticmango on 4/21/2018
I like this app
Love the sync and super easy to use
sacranicko on 4/21/2018
Ten stars
good but could be better
emereak on 4/20/2018
i love google docs. ive been using it for five years, but something ive always wanted is a night mode. i do a lot of my work in the dark, and because i live in the woods i get a lot of bugs in my house. im sure you can guess where this is going. a night mode would be wonderful, if possible. ty!!
Love it!
G-Docs on 4/20/2018
Love Google Docs! Planning to transfer All my stuff to Google Docs!
Replace Apple Notes
Natethegreat2344 on 4/20/2018
FINALLY!! No more “iCloud is out of storage give us your money!” Notifications from apple the scammers! Google delivers a well executed product of value that will surely be functional and useful in your everyday life, free of subscription charge. Even though they are probably selling my data, it is okay because I can type effortlessly without a predatory notification interrupting me. Thanks google!
Good app
Sk8r 4lyf on 4/20/2018
Slides app is horrible but this app is good
Great app
HealthyMe! on 4/20/2018
Easy & convenient! Store all my docs here making them easily accessible to all devices at home or on the go! Thanks to the creator for making my life easier!
Google Docs is widely used but...
hooverlaw on 4/20/2018
I personally know any number of widely published professional journalists, successful attorney wordsmiths and others who use Google Docs every day as their go to word processor, easily accessing their work from virtually any device whether running on Microsoft, Apple, or Google Android platform, both on desktop and/or mobile device. BUT! While I too frequently go to Docs loving the convenience of computing, far too often am often I find myself badly stymied by it's really annoying, if intermittent, connection and usage issues. Typically I will then decide to switch over and use a traditional word professor in a local, (non-cloud driven) program, like Apple Pages or Micrisoft Word. I find Goigle Docs will frequently screwup, usually when I'm in the middle of drafting and I will start to loose consistent control of the cursor, so crucial to wordprocessing. It's extremely frustrating and often times the problem can only be fixed by closing out of Docs, then reloading it and then picking up work on my document where I'd left off. Neither connection speed, whether I'm on mobile or desktop device, available memory reserves, or number of other apps running in background seem to matter. When it works, Google Docs is awesome but as anyone who must write often, will attest, nothing is worse than a sketchy WP...
Works on iPhone not iPad
Hfsdjdfiddhagt on 4/20/2018
Can’t explain it but I have this app on my phone and my iPad. The documents are totally different. The one on my iPhone is current, the one on the iPad is not. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and still shows an old version of a document I’m sharing. Love on the iPhone, but not on iPad.
Docs is an excellent cloud drive
Prince Skaterboy on 4/20/2018
though i have other cloud drives i docs is excellent. primarily because google has so many elite tools that are free and they're tied into the drive. you can use all google apps across all platforms. they are completely universal. the free apps and universality is everything. all companies should learn from googles model. this is what makes me choose google over all of them. hands down!
Azil_a on 4/19/2018
I have no way of saying anything to him but I’m gonna way I wanna is your way back from a lot later today
Can’t save
Matt is da bomb on 4/19/2018
It won’t let me save it onto my iCloud. Not very convient
100% pleases
AlicetheJacibite on 4/19/2018
Flexibility plus
Joninoni on 4/19/2018
Whatever device from phone to computer..easy review and share
garvancito on 4/19/2018
Muy excelente la recomiendo
JustcallmeSophia on 4/19/2018
Works perfect! It’s convenient when I’m on the go and I have no WiFi.
Can’t open my files
Jon523 on 4/19/2018
No mas!
Easy creative & concise!
denisecollinslaw63 on 4/19/2018
I'm a disabled individual with a thankful heart I'm able to serve others. Sharing true events by way of enticing & enlightening stories will encourage others to courageously live in all ways, always. Thanks again "google documents"
Reading comments on Google docs
Phone's dead on 4/19/2018
It’s difficult to read comments or edits people have made in the app
Thank you
Michelle Rhnea on 4/19/2018
What I can do in my phone using Google Doc is amazing.
A google doc just for me
shutupsfe on 4/19/2018
I can create docs with app
Maybe it’s me
veggiegirl70 on 4/18/2018
Shared group document I can’t open in the application that’s already open.
Worthless impediment
JazzBoneDaddy on 4/18/2018
What a waste of time and effort. Yet another password to keep track of just to view a document that has the misfortune of having been formatted as a Google Doc. Stoopid. Worthless. Waste of time. Total garbage.
Docs on iPhone
Napa zip on 4/18/2018
I wish it would open documents easier on my iPhone.
Google Docs
Rafael.1 on 4/18/2018
Google Docs is an excellent app. It responds fast and is easy to work with on both my laptop and iPhone.
Angel 😇(APPLESAUCE) on 4/18/2018
I use this for school and it works good
Great resource!
rrja on 4/18/2018
Always getting better!
Handy as Heck . . .
perspicaciouslady on 4/18/2018
on my iPad. I use it all of the time. Thanks.
I’ll tell you later.
thats not true on 4/18/2018
Later. . . .
Google docs
latinbomber23 on 4/18/2018
Helps me a lot in my class so I can get a good grade
Document at my fingertips
$sgssm on 4/18/2018
I love this app. I can use it on the go.
Great mobile processor even on the phone
braineel on 4/18/2018
Google docs has become a go to for me for many of my needs as a writer and actor- To leverage so much power on the fly is outstanding- folks should use this early and often and get used to it- Document sharing is a great way to handle edits and instructions and to be sure one’s team is on the same page- 5/5 would doc again-
Needs a “Dark Skin”
rawrimirm on 4/17/2018
Hi Google! My eyes are sensitive and I would absolutely love some sort of “Dark skin” on your apps. Youtube already has it, I would absolutely LOVE a dark skin so it’s easier on my eyes. Please. It’s so much more helpful rather than having to mess with the settings within my phone. I don’t want my entire phone to be inverted, just that the app accommodate to my sight. Thanks.
Plenty of features
666Annie666 on 4/17/2018
No glitches
Very good!!!
Nikcfg on 4/17/2018
I use this app all the time for school work, and for writing stuff over all. It is very good, and I recommend this as your go-to writing app. The tools are the best, and it even allows you to choose templates! What other document app lets you do that?! So yeah, this app is outstanding if i do say so myself.
Great for school work 📝👍👌
Buckmg#~•=12987 on 4/17/2018
I love it, I have arthrogryposis and can’t write a lot so I type my work instead and then I sign into Google docs on a computer and print it out for my teacher I can also sign in to google docs and do my work at home it’s really great and super helpful!
The Best!
I_Need_Servers on 4/17/2018
I’m a student and this app is amazing! I love that it saves automatically and doesn’t delete over a certain amount of time. One request I have to ask is that there can be folders to help keep more organized. Like I would want to have a folder for History, Science, L.A, And etc. I think that would be great! But everything else is amazing!
km2084 on 4/17/2018
My only qualm with using the app is that it is a little difficult to format papers. I would love it is there was a way to see where new pages start and end. Other than that love it and it could not possible be more convenient.
hahahbdkfigahrk on 4/17/2018
I can’t open my docs in my docs app making the app pointless!
yayayagirl on 4/17/2018
The best saves everything & very useful even offline!
Glitchy on all devices, all iOS updates
Nightowl4272 on 4/17/2018
While using voice to text with google docs, if you move the cursor by touching a spot in previously entered text, whatever you've spoken during voice to text will be inserted where you moved the cursor to. I can't believe no one has reported this…I've had this weird issue for six months. I work around it by remembering to deactivate voice to text before I move the cursor but sometimes I forget. And it's infuriating. -This does not happen with Google Keep or apple notes… Only Google docs. iOS 10.3.1 10.3.3 11.xx Highlighting text causes the app to hang…having Speak Selection activates makes it worse, having a Bluetooth headset connected makes it even more worse. -these problems are consistent on my iPhone 7+, my iPad air 2, and my iPad Mini 4. And the problems have persisted for the last year on all iOS updates.
Intuitive, useful and solid
Erik8675309 on 4/17/2018
With ms-office in the rear view window, I screeched my tires, a grin on my face. Thanks google docs.
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