Solitaire HD by Solebon

Solebon LLC

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.7.1 May 02, 2014 May 26, 2018 63 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.7.1

Thanks for playing this top-rated Solitaire! Our regular updates are always free and loaded with improvements.


If you love solitaire, this is the app for you. This classic Windows style solitaire (Klondike) for your iPad wraps high-resolution graphics within a clean, intuitive interface developed exclusively for the Apple iPad.

Solitaire enthusiasts will love this innovative solitaire app from the developers of the award winning Solebon and Solebon Pro. The entire experience has been upgraded to HD including the introduction of the first ever Deal 5 cards game play!

“Best cards of any app, big and beautiful.”
“Classic play plus innovative Klondike 5.”
“As usual another GREAT card game from this developer.”
“I love this app!”

• Deal 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 card options
• Tap to play, drag or one-touch card movement
• High-resolution graphics pinch to zoom seamlessly
• Traditional and minimalist card styles
• Autoplay into foundation piles plus an always-on feature
• Custom sound effects with in-game muting and volume controls
• Extensive game stats package
• Klondike rules
• Unlimited undo
• Custom themes and card backs
• Right or left handed play
• Control toolbar transparency and icon labels

For support and answers to frequently asked questions, head over to Follow us on Twitter @Solebon. Like us on Facebook Play everywhere!

Solebon is built in the USA.

iPad Screenshots
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Peggy Padelt on 10/28/2017
I love this app
Master Fire Dragon on 5/22/2017
Love this game. It is a good exercise to my brain. Thank you..
Labrat II on 5/24/2016
When you start throwing up 30 second commercials that I am forced to watch and/or listen to you have now gotten to the point to where I will on longer play. It was good for the 4,335 games I did play though.
Klondike 1
Rob Nibot on 3/1/2016
Thank you for giving me a great old fashion game of solitary. There times when it becomes a real challenge to win. It's what I need to keep my brain on track. It works for me, thanks!
Lesson in futility
Kdhander on 11/17/2015
Only played Klondike 3, and rarely did I win. Every time you re-shuffle after playing even 1 card, you have to watch an ad. That to me is suspect. Prevent one from winning to bolster ad revenue. I play this to win, not watch ads. Too many "issues" with the cards dealt, I don't trust it, and have deleted it for the last time.
Paid for advertisements??
K421 on 3/13/2015
Very disappointed, paid for ap but still have to close ads after every game
Happy Camper
mot925 on 8/30/2014
Garbage ADs ruined it. What were you thinking. Greed again. What a shame. New developer must have taken solebon over.
Bill12345 on 7/13/2014
Gameplay is great, commercial interruptions are maddening.
Bad ads
MikeF315 on 7/11/2014
Update: Spoke too soon videos back. One star because there is no zero. Deleted. Update: perhaps the complaints were heard and there have been no video ads for a couple of days. Upped to 4 star, but the ad after each game remains at a high level of annoyance. Nice game. Video ads that hang on. A very hostile treatment. Poor implementation.
Solitaire HD
Opeg on 7/7/2014
Love the ease and speed. REALLY dislike the game app ads after EVERY game. Very annoying. I would be willing to pay for the app to be rid of those ads.
Love the fast play and HD graphics
Cool Apps Rock on 7/3/2014
5 card deal is the ultimate challenge.
Bad app
JohnnysBoy on 7/2/2014
Too bad. I use a previous version of this app on my Iphone. I have played it for many many enjoyable hours. Got a new IPad Air and downloaded this version. Bombarded with ads. Ok I understand that they have to make money somehow but when they forced me to go the App Store and download some casino app before I could continue playing, they stepped over the line. I was just about to upgrade to the paid app so I didn't have to look at the ads but now will delete this app and look elsewhere for a solitaire app. Really bad marketing idea.
What a Card Deal!
Thumb Grooves on 5/8/2014
Intuitive, fast gameplay, and great graphics. If you love solitaire, this app is for you!
Foxie Lee on 5/3/2014
Well as usual another GREAT card game put out by this developer. Graphics and game play are so nice as I have all card games by this developer. THANKS to the developer.
Unique, great play
UberKids on 5/3/2014
Has the classic games, which are very well done, but also has Klondike draw 5 which I've never seen before and ends up being a really fun game to play. Highly recommend giving this a try.
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