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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Utilities 1.2.2 Aug 13, 2014 May 26, 2017 119.2 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.2.2

**Minor bug fixes


Hanx Writer expands recreating the permanence of a typewriter with the convenience of your iPad and iPhone.

As ever, the report of SHOOK SHOOK and KLOCK-KLOCK is mated with the luxuries of the DELETE key. Your typewriting will be true word-processing with the look, feel, and sound of a classic writing machine. Every Hanx Writer document can be emailed, printed – shared! – with a personality as unique as the person who creates it.

And, Hanx Writer is on the go! Enjoy the tactile thrill of typing up text messages, emails, notes and more in most third-party apps that use a keyboard.

Explore the complete Hanx Writer typewriter collection: The Hanx Prime Select is writers best friend (and it’s FREE); take the Hanx 707 on any journey and admire the elegance (and the fitt-fitt) of the Hanx Golden Touch. Each machine is unique.

And now, there’s more! The Hanx Matterhorn is born of Swiss Precision - sharp & imposing; The Hanx Del Sol glows bright & brilliant with promise; and the Hanx Electric will help you write your story, your way.

You already know how to work them – so get writing!

Tom Hanks

iPad Screenshots
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PDF Issue
salvador_gg on 7/14/2018
Please resolve the pdf issue as soon as possible. I losing words after pdf is created.
Typing back into the past.
Simterr on 7/12/2018
“Okay class, all together now...” “AAA space SSS space DDD space” and so on and so on. Here’s to you Mr. Westmiller for teaching me how to type on most all of these Hanx writers. I love being brought back into the past with the selectric typewriters that I use for most of my paper correspondence. Thank you for offering a great app, it’s my new happy place!
So Far So Good
Shel_E on 7/9/2018
My only request would be the ability to choose one typewriter frame WITHOUT having to go through them all. For instance, to write this review I had to click the "world" button twice to get to the keyboard that I wanted- instead of it being permanently selected.
Please update the app
Nathan Pierce @MicroBrewr on 7/3/2018
It’s kinda fun, and it’s a neat way to get people excited about typewriters again. But none of it is formatted for iPhone X. Instead of posting a complaint here, I’d rather email my request to support, but the app doesn’t have that option. I’d also be able to include a screenshot to show how the keyboard doesn’t fit on my screen—even the upgraded keyboard extension, which I paid for!
Dr Review on 6/30/2018
Gexah95 on 6/28/2018
bugs and bugs and stops playing music all the time. keyboard switches over whenver and it glitches on the screen. so many bugs and its not worth any ones time
Can’t paste
fifi3nn3 on 6/25/2018
Overall, I find the app easy to use but the design needs some update. The keyboard is off and the app doesn’t allow pasting—which is a shame.
wont work anymore
boiHarley on 6/12/2018
for a while i was enjoying using the app to write and reply back to text messages but now when i go to toggle to the hanx writer typewriters (i purchased all of them) they wont even pop up as an option. loved everything about this app when i first purchased it, now i forget its even there.
In App purchase on iPad not on iPhone
Lil'click on 6/10/2018
I purchased the Matterhorn, Electrix, and Del Sol package for $5.99 on my Hanx Writer iPad app. These purchases do not show on my iPhone Hanx Writer app. Even after clicking “Restore” on my iPhone Hanx Writer app, the three newly purchased typewriters do not appear. I am prompted to purchase them again for my phone. Very sad. Hope it’s a glitch that can be fixed.
that weird crazy artist on 6/10/2018
Okay, Hello, again. Remember me? The girl who gave you a “5 stars” with the title of “lovely app”? So, my first mistake was not reading the reviews. After downloaded the app I found multiple reviews involving the person having the app take over every single thing they type, and it being sent to you! Now this isn’t for all people but it’s for those who paid for keyboard customization. I’m 95% sure that this is ILLEGAL. You don’t have ANY right to invade people’s everyday lives by using a writing app!! They didn’t pay to be spied on! So, stop what you’re doing, or you might have a SEVERE problem on your hands, “Tom Hanx” (also, we know you’re probably not Tom Hanks so, stop that too it’s immature)
So much better!
Knitedreams on 6/8/2018
UPDATED: The bug fixes were exactly what this app needed! Before, the app would crash after a few paragraphs while I used a physical typewriter. (I can’t use the touch keyboard while writing anything more than a sentence or two). I love, love, love the different typewriters (I bought the entire collection). The autocorrect is unobtrusive and convenient. Perfect for a person who’s ideas flow while listening to the thoughtful noise of a typewriter. OLD REVIEW: I love this app! For the last few years, I've been trying to motivate myself to write my fiction novel. I'm always writing academic papers, essays, books, etc., but it's always like pulling teeth. Since my first typing experiences were with a typewriter (I took a typing class in high school), I find that the typing sound motivates me to write. I was looking for a typewriter, but do not have an adequate set up for it and a typewriter is hardly portable - even though there are portable typewriters. After downloading this app, the soothing sound of the typewriter seems to make the ideas flow easily. Writing is no longer like pulling teeth. Because the world processing is limited, I get all my ideas out with this app, export the document, and edit using Pages or (on my laptop) Scrivner. Having said all that, here's the downfall. I can't use the onscreen keyboard and always carry a portable keyboard when I go out to my local coffee shop to write. This app has a problem with outside keyboards because it crashes after typing out a few paragraphs. Please fix this problems. Now that the ideas are flowing, it'll be a shame if something as minor as a crashing app slows me down.
Ihatewritingdambreviews on 5/27/2018
You can practise writing and I love it!
No updates for 6 months?? Update: 11 months
MFPM77 on 5/26/2018
Original Review: Inexcusable. Is this abandonware? I wouldn't think that Tom Hanks would want his name attached to an app with such infrequent updates and bug fixes. By the way, we're officially in iOS 11. Update: Hitcents blocked me on Twitter because I complained about the lack of updates. Really professional, fellas. Why not just admit that you're no longer developing this app? Pathetic.
Mikamacs on 5/24/2018
I love this app. I love the sounds and the sentiment. The only qualms I have with this app is that I can’t copy/cut and then paste without the entire app forcing shut down. The other is that there is something funky going on with the fonts, in that the entire document changes into that specific font or size, even though the differences were intentionally placed. If they could fix those things I’d be grateful.
Wanted to like it
jlmcdurango on 5/23/2018
Great concept but unusable as a built. Continuously changing to numbers screen or alternate characters. No settings except sound on/off.
Tgjhsjbxgkgdcdjvxjhxxjogffs on 5/17/2018
Hi I’m in 7th grade and we were doing this old fashioned project for school and this app was super easy to work with and very easy to get around!!!
katti-katt on 5/15/2018
It brings me a happiness I cannot describe. Thank you for this.
Restore Button
Isaac1976 on 5/14/2018
The restore button does not work for iPhone X otherwise, I love this app. Thanks!
Very buggy and lagging
L.C.Neverland on 5/13/2018
Even on the iPhone X this app is lagging and you can’t use the keyboard extension on the X as it doesn’t fit the screen. It is surprising that this app has been approved by Apple. On my iPad Pro 12.9” the app starts to ring the margin bell 16 characters before reaching the end of the line (!!) and each of these 16 characters the bell rings, making the use of this app very frustrating. No sound is not an option for me, thw hole point is hearing the sound of a typewriter but not 16 times the frickin’ bell. Ah yes, you can’t set the margins. I know Tom Hanks has knowledge of how a typewriter works and sounds and feels, but this developer has not. This app could be so amazing if the developer would just update this app to work with the latest devices. Other issue: PDF export breaks the page and text is missing. I really regret having bought all the typewriters and seeing that this developer does nothing absolutely nothing to improve this app. It’s been a waste of money. Last update has been 9 months ago... Minor bug fixes... when is it time for Mayor bug fixes?!? This could be such a good app, it is beyond me why nothing is being done to it. Developer has not responded to my email yet, sent several MONTHS ago. Maybe my typewritten letter to Tom Hanks will get him to respond....
IPhone X Support?
lime.pie. on 5/13/2018
hi, love the app. doesn’t fit iphone x screen tho. keyboard and app run off the edges, impossible to use as secondary keyboard. last update 11 months ago 🤔.
Periac on 5/13/2018
I found this app a serious whoops by me. I bought the signature just to change indents and such. Only saves in pdf. Regardless very unhappy spent 10 bucks for the app to sit .
In LOVE with typing⌨️
SquirrelKat1248 on 5/12/2018
I love this app I enjoy the added senses I just wish there were two additions. But these suggestions aren’t enough to merit a lower than perfect💯rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1. Optional vibrations 2. Selecting certain typewriters in your collection to be added to keyboards so the user doesn’t have to scroll through the entire collection when going flipping between emoji keyboards and other languages. Please consider
7julio on 5/6/2018
Too many bugs for a simple app and the $0.99 keyboard with sounds does not work with Apple Bluetooth keyboard and when it is in the screen it does not fill the entire area.
GigaPan on 5/6/2018
How can this be an Apple editor's choice app and yet be so flawed? And no activity see in fixing the problems?
Good but has some issues
Solochekeando on 5/6/2018
Once a project is done and need to be printed The letters are way to big and there's no way How to fix that other then that I believe is good
Yoko's My Favorite Beatle on 5/6/2018
it’s apparently been MONTHS according to other reviews but they still haven’t fixed the keyboard size! it’s too big for the screen! i’m on a 6s+!!! JUST FIX IT!!! my app support hasn’t been answered yet either!!!
Good at beginning
Diglett12 on 5/4/2018
It’s a good app at the beginning letting you type to your hearts content until you want to make several documents. Then you have to pay for one of the typewriter skins. It’s a good deal for the features you get for paying for one but I wish formatting wasn’t something I had to pay for. But 3/5 stays for the clicking of the typewriter that sounds good.
There's little bad to say
Lee Creighton on 5/2/2018
If, like me, you're a typewriter fanatic, you won't regret buying this app and all the optional machines. One gripe: when using Hanx Writer as a third-party keyboard, you have to cycle through all your Hanx keyboards to change back to, say, the regular iOS keyboard. Most keyboards let you hold the globe key down to select another keyboard, or you can repeatedly press the globe to cycle through your keyboards. Hanx Writer only allows the latter, and you can't cycle iOS -> Hanx -> iOS. You must cycle through all the Hanx writers, with no way to select the ones you want to use as a third-party keyboard. Personally I like the Selectric, but since I bought the whole collection, I spend lots of time cycling. Please add a way to turn off, or to select, which typewriters are to be used as 3rd party extensions, otherwise Hanx Writer is only rrally useable as a standalone app. Normally that would be fine, but it seems PDF is the only option for exporting results. So, I docked a start. at any rate, Thanx Hanx!
RedFaux on 5/1/2018
Don’t download this thing. It’s garbage. The typewriter might work in the app itself, but when you try to plug the keyboard into another application it literally doesn’t let you type anything. It isn’t worth my time to fight for the $.99, but what a scam. Well done. No Hanx.
Reset my iPhone and lost all my keyboards?
Angelous214 on 4/30/2018
I reset my phone and reinstalled hanx writer and when I click restore, ...nothing happens! I paid ten bucks for those options please restore it back to my phone thanks.
IOS keyboard
t0xygen. on 4/29/2018
Thank you for creating this app it’s wonderful. Could you please fix the double on the caps lock. I would like to write in caps without having to type like this PlEaSe FiX ThE CaPs LoCk So It LoCkS IOS KEYBOARD NORMAL CAPS LOCK HaNx CaPs LoCkS I understand this is to mimic the old style but some of them had a way to lock the caps for full capital typing. Please make the IOS keyboard using Hanx keyboard to lock the caps key. Thank you.
Wish I could get my money back
3 Remain on 4/25/2018
This app was great when I first got it, but I got a new iPad and now it won't download. I contacted the company and have received no response
Hello! (Love this)
hiLOVEcake on 4/25/2018
I got this app recently and it is amazing! I love hearing the clicking sounds of my typewriter and the font. I feel more encouraged to write with this app than any others. Im also very happy with my purchase! I recently bought the three dollar golden typewriter to unlock multiple documents. It was worth it. Im completely in love with this app! ❤️❤️ I have yet to see lag or anything else.
Need help
Meloon 11 on 4/24/2018
I just bought a new iPad and when I re-download the apps, my purchase couldn’t be restored. Please help
To the Developer: Purchased Signature Collection and can’t reload
DorseyTV on 4/24/2018
I see that others have purchased the Signature Collection and can’t reload it. I’m having the same problem. How can I reload it?
Color paper!!
sickei on 4/23/2018
I want color paper! I want more colorful!!
Great App Potential but buggy and zero support
Darkrob on 4/23/2018
Two years ago this was an award winning app. However its been abandoned. by its Devs. It has a few bugs that crash the app. Support doesn’t respond. Frustrating cos with a little developer love it could remain a great tool. The lack of support is unacceptable. Do not give them your money until support reappears. Update April 23, 2018 - 2 months no reply from Devs Pasting into the App will crashes it. Don’t waste your money building out on the platform. I will readily update this once the Devs fix. Sadly they don’t care or respond. I plan to migrate off the app in 1 month
Cheesecake_48 on 4/22/2018
Cant export like some paid versions
GurglingScarab on 4/20/2018
What a let down it was to find out that I cant really export to facebook or google docs. Other apps which you have to pay for gives you those options. Just search for typewriter apps and you would be surprised.
Yani_Davidson on 4/18/2018
Absolutely adore this app. I expect bugs and improvements taking time. What is EXTREMELY disappointing is when you purchase in app and now the app doesn’t restore your purchase after apple has updated their software. I’ve tried reaching out via the app support per direction directly from apple support to no reply!! Marvelous idea, management and problem solving for the app issues that arise need CERTAIN and THOROUGH review to ensure the customers you have and support you are being taken care of!!
Kinda Klunky
Jerry7242 on 4/18/2018
This app is OK, not great, but OK. I have not. Found it useful as a main word processor. It takes quite a bit of getting used to, and the options they promised have not been available to me.
no refund and restore purchases still not working!
tafteh on 4/14/2018
I purchased signature collection package about a year ago. I reset my phone and I can no longer restore my purchases again! I have contacted the company who designed this app BUT they ignore my words, avoid responding to my emails and have not yet tried to fix the issue neither refund my purchases. This is very upsetting,
Keyboard lag
GeniusRabbit on 4/11/2018
Take out the fluff, I have a paper to get out! -this. Pepper
🍰Nope on 4/9/2018
The deleted text with signal but the type location is wrong. such as hellp- hell(p) then u input the ’o’ is “hello every one(p)” not “hell(p)o every one”
I would pay for in a heart beat with two things:
ShatteredxOblivion on 4/8/2018
It’s been a while since I wrote this review and nothing has changed. Guys?!?? The keyboard stretches beyond the screen. Making it hard to type with the q and p letters. Also (and I realize why it's like this inside the app) but it doesn't do auto correct. I realize with a type writer the whole point is that what you put on the paper is hard to correct and there is no autocorrect feature. BUT the whole point of using my phone as a writing space is that it does do that for me so my fingers can move as fast as my mind does. I don't have to go back and correct things. Just in writing this review it's corrected about three words in a sentence and it helps so much. Can we have that as an option? Focus on getting the screen to fix my phone properly and I'll buy every typewriter you have in a second. I just don't want to buy a flawed product. ✌️
Great for First Draft, Bad Export
adreanaline on 3/28/2018
As a visual person, I loved the simulated mechanical aspect of this app as it helped me focus on just getting the text out while keeping my senses engaged with the visual rhythm of typing. However, the app crashed a few times while writing on my iPad Pro, losing some text in the process. When I tried to export the text, I was limited to a PDF and single-page copy/paste actions. That is disappointing as I want to be able to move the text to a more comprehensive word processing program for in-depth editing and formatting. In sum, this app is great for initial writing but needs work. Hopefully the bugs will be fixed soon!
Won’t install on iPad
I<3thisBoy!!!! on 3/26/2018
The app installs fine on my iPhone, but fails to install on iPads. I’ve tried on my own iPad and friend’s iPads multiple times, but the install bombs out with an “unable to download” error. I’ve twice contacted the developer for support, but no response yet.
Kitsune003 on 3/25/2018
I really love the vintage look and feel of this app!
A. Nice experience but....
ReubenDunn1 on 3/25/2018
It is a nice app., and one that I enjoy using. The only problem is that I am not able to shift paragraphs, the cut and paste command closes the app down, I still have the file when I reopen, but am having more problems shifting paragraphs around. The typewriter sounds and the keyboard on my iPad are in sync, it’s easy to forget that I am on a computer. This will do until my typewriter arrives.
Update needed for iPhone X
olfester on 3/22/2018
On my iPhone X with iOS 11.2.6 the keyboard seems to not fit the screen correctly, like its slightly too big for the screen. The app also crashes when trying to paste text into a page. Other than that, the app has always worked great.
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