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$4.99 Education 2.5 Dec 21, 2014 Sep 21, 2017 4.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.5

Ready for iOS 11.


Ask MathStudio gives you instant answers to your math questions using natural language on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! Ask everything from basic math to college calculus to everyday questions like the weather. See some of the examples below to see what you can do with Ask MathStudio!

• What is 1 plus 2 plus 3?
• What is 12% of 150?
• What is 2 million divided by 50 thousand?
• square root of 48
• cubed root of 27
• 4 to the 5th power
• factorial of 6

• How many seconds are in 30 minutes?
• How many seconds are in 2 hours?
• How many days are in 5 years?
• How many grams are in a pound?
• How many nanometers are in an inch?
• What's 82 degrees in celsius?
• What's 30 degrees celsius in fahrenheit?
• convert 2 feet 3 inches to cm
• 2 tablespoons to teaspoons
• tablespoons in 1/4 cup
• 100 cups to gallons
• 4 miles to inches
• What is 2 feet plus 24 inches?
• What is 5 miles plus 5 kilometers?
• How many cups does it take to fill a gallon?
• I walked 3 miles today. How much is that in kilometers?
• How many bytes are in a megabyte?

What is 30 miles per hour in meters a second?
What is 25 square miles in square kilometers?
A car is traveling at 85 km/hour. What is the speed in meters per second?
Bromine has a density of 3.12 g/mL. What is the density in pounds per gallon?

• How much is $5 in euros?
• What is $5 plus 5 euros?
• 25 dollars minus 6 euros
• 5 dollars plus 5 euros plus 1200 yen
• What is 12 canadian dollars in american dollars?
• How much is 10 bitcoins in dollars?

• Solve 3x + 5 = 0
• Solve x^2 + x + 23
• Factor 3x squared plus 10x plus 8
• Factor x^2 + 3x + 2

• What is the determinant of the matrix 1, 2, 3 row 1, 8, 6 row 2, 7, 9?
• What is the inverse of the matrix 1, 5, 6 row 2, 4, 5 row 1, 1, 7?
• What are the eigenvalues of the matrix -1, -1, 2 row 0, 2, -1 row 4, -6, 2?

• What is the standard deviation of the list 3, 0, -5, 0.5, 4?
• Mean of 3, 0, -5, 0.5, 4
• Geometric mean of 10, 1, 3, 15
• Variance of 3, 0, -5, 0.5, 4

• What is the limit of sin(5x)/(3x) as x approaches 0?
• What is the limit of negative 1 over x as x approaches 0 from the right?
• What is the limit of x times e to the x as x approaches negative infinity?
• What is the derivative of sin?
• Derivative of 3x^2+2x+14
• Derivative of sin x squared
• Plot the derivative of cos x squared red.
• What is the integral of cos?
• Integrate x^2+3x-6
• Integrate arc tan x
• Plot the integral of sinx*x
• Integrate sinx times e^x

• Plot sin x
• Plot sin x from 0 to 2pi
• Plot sinx cosx red blue
• Plot cos(x^2)*x and sin(x) red blue shade bottom
• Parametric plot with sin 7u and sin 8u from 0 to 2pi
• Polar plot sin 3x red
• Plot a vector field with x and y
• Plot a vector field with x and negative y red

• Plot sin x plus y
• Plot sin xy yellow red
• Plot x squared plus y squared
• Multiply cos x squared by sin y and plot it red and yellow
• Plot cosx * y + siny * x

• Plot sin x plus time
• Plot sin(x+time)*x red shaded
• Plot sin(x+time) and x*cos(time)+sin(time)
• Polar plot sin 4x plus time red shaded
• Plot a vector field with -y and cos x plus time

• What is 10 in binary?
• What is 200 in hexadecimal?
• What is 1000 in octal?

• When is sunset?
• When is solar noon?
• What is the azimuth angle of the sun?

• What is the ticker symbol for Apple?
• What is the close price of Apple?
• What is the close price of Apple in Euros?
• What was the close price of Apple for the last 6 months?

• What is the temperature in San Francisco?
• What is the temperature in NYC?
• What is the wind speed in Miami in kilometers per hour?
• What is the barometric pressure in Chicago?

• How much potassium is in a banana
• How much protein is in an avocado?
• How many calories are in a hamburger?

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Pocketjam12 on 7/31/2017
Awesome I don't know what to say this app is so incredible
Natsfan113 on 2/9/2017
A fantastic math processor. Listing it as a calculator is unfair. A Farrari is a car.
Zero Stars really
Zio John DC on 12/18/2016
Crashed upon the very first query entered, then refused to even open after that, not even after reboot.
Not bad, but PLEASE add this feature
Bananaworkout14 on 11/20/2016
I would get a lot out of this app if there was a way to easily access previous inputs. Often I make a small mistake inputting something, and then it is very annoying to type the entire command again. I tried to copy/paste previous inputs, and that didn't work, however there is like three ways to make the app re-evaluate a previous input. adding a button that pastes the previous command into the typing box so we can edit it would make this app vastly more useful.
Absolutely Awesome
LQROC on 10/31/2016
I've never seen anything like this math computation app. This is a must have for every body. This app should be featured as one of the editors best choices for the year 2016
Ask math studio
Norman H. on 9/30/2016
This app crash and don't open up. I have Email the company about this a few days ago, but they have not got back to me. I think that I have wasted my money.
Good if it doesn't keep crashing
Embiyo on 7/14/2016
Every time I you ask a question, the app crashes. When you reopen the app the answer to the previous question is displayed. Deleted the app after several tries.
Much potential
djn1010et on 7/12/2016
Just got for the first time. It crashes often, but I'm not going to give up on it because it has a lot of potential. Once bugs are eliminated, it will warrant a higher rating.
Ignore some review, it works well. :)
Steven Campbell on 2/2/2016
Please, allow to edit previously entered calculations! And remove the "see in the other app" link in the middle of the screen! Thanks. I usually don't write many reviews but, after reading some of the comments, I downloaded the app to try it (today is free with an offer). Yes, it has predetermined questions organized by argument, but they're there to show you how app work. You can edit them with your values, create your own and save them to use later. I don't like the link to the other app in the first page, it's always in the middle of my business, I hope they'll add a way to hide it. For the rest it's a good app so far.
Spanish please, great app.
Amin Pérez on 6/17/2015
Spanish please
USForces on 6/17/2015
The app crashesd when I tried to delete a result by swiping.
2.2MB worth of junk
ekoandrew on 3/24/2015
Don't buy this, this app is nothing but to Scam you for money. Once you run it, it does nothing but show and tell! Good luck getting your Refund from Apple.
Perfect math reference app for all level math
Chrisgoo123 on 3/23/2015
Love this app! Really helps in AP Calc class.
MIKE'S RATINGS on 1/11/2015
A joke. It does NOT work. It's just loaded with PREDETERMINED questions & answers!
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