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App last updated Dec 12, 2017
New in version 3.0.11

Thanks for joining us on this journey! If you were impacted by recent app delays or downtime, we deeply apologize - you can read more about steps we’ve taken to improve performance at Thanks for your support!

With this release, we've made a few updates we think you'll love:
- Improved identity verification (esp for iPhone X)
- Simplified sign up experience
- Optimized charts, buying and selling to make our app a bit more performant
- Bug fixes

Until next time!


Coinbase is the world's most popular bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin wallet. We make it easy to securely buy, use, store, and accept bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Coinbase for iOS has been designed from the ground up to to provide the best possible digital money experience on mobile.

More than 10M customers trust Coinbase:
- "Slick design and very easy to use to send bitcoin on the move."
- "Works like a charm for checking your account and sending & receiving bitcoin."
- "Send, receive, scan QR codes and monitor your Coinbase account - What more could you want?"

With the sleek and simple Coinbase iOS app you can:
* STORE BITCOIN, ETHER, AND LITECOIN SECURELY - Securely store it in your Coinbase wallet or vault for zero fees
* BUY IT EASILY - Instantly buy and sell bitcoin, ether, and litecoin using a combination of bank accounts, PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards
* START SPENDING - Send money to friends or shop with merchants who accept bitcoin

Additional features include:
- Send and request bitcoin, ether, and litecoin
- Track bitcoin, ether, and litecoin price anywhere with bitcoin price charts, bitcoin price ticker, and price alerts
- Check balance, transaction history and transaction details for all your accounts in a glance
- Send bitcoin, ether, and litecoin via email, QR code
- Bank level security means your bitcoins, ether, and litecoin are safe
- Set a passcode to protect the app
- Remotely disable your phone's access if it is lost or stolen
- Realtime and historical bitcoin, ether, and litecoin price charts

If you're having issues with the app, or have some feedback, please send us an email at

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Zero customer service!!
Robhendricks on 12/16/2017
Worst customer service system on the planet
Norrov on 12/16/2017
Won’t let me sign up..
I guess “screw old customers”
mjsd5 on 12/16/2017
You be used this app for about 8 months now and pretty happy with it. Checked it out today to see a $10 promo for new customers. Big app in the face to long time users who’ve been paying fees for a while now.
Expensive sending fees
Tonymazznyc on 12/16/2017
Expensive fees for sending
Easiest way to buy Bitcoin
MrStarzzzz44 on 12/16/2017
Coinbase is by far the easiest, cheapest and most secure way to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum especially if you are a first time user. Simple to use, great support team. My parents were able to figure it out within a few minutes. If you want to get into cryptocurrency start here
8 days and still have not received ETH after account debited
Enrique785 on 12/16/2017
I've lost out on thousands because I haven't received my ETH (to transfer to a different exchange) after 8 days, yet my bank account was debited days ago. Stay away - Coinbase is unprepared and has no customer service. I won't be using them again.
Great APP
Rogleu88 on 12/16/2017
Great, easy way to buy and sell basic crypto currency!
DanielPR13 on 12/16/2017
It has annoying features, but overall a fantastic crypto marketplace that makes it simple and easy and the fees are relatively low. Downsides are the 5-8 day wait times to credit your account after purchases, the relatively low spending and cashing out limits and the difficulty selling one or another crypto currency for others. I recommend this for entry then moving to another marketplace like Bittrex etc for crypto trading. One thing to note is Coinbase is FDIC insured making it a relatively safe investment especially as long as you are below $100,000.
$50/ transactions + $10k max is a joke
Sirjtagar on 12/16/2017
It took Coinbase 2+ weeks to get my $10,000 worth of bitcoin to show up in my account, sorry $9950, they kept $50. Couldn't buy more and couldn't sell anything in this timeframe. Frozen.
Doesn't work
Snawiggles Giggle on 12/16/2017
I really want to like this app but nothing works. From verifying documents to purchasing any actual currency. NOTHING WORKS. I've set it up correctly, but every time I try to make a purchase it's says it was cancelled, for goodness sakes let me spend my money!! *** Update. A software update was released and thinking it would fix the issues I was having, I updated the app. I didn't think the app could possibly get any worse... Wrong. The app does even open anymore. PLEASE FIX!
Game changer on 12/16/2017
Love it
ID verification took forever
Mize Properties on 12/16/2017
Very slow and ID verification took forever.
Good but app has glitches
kanrasha on 12/16/2017
There are some funny little glitches in the ipad app like the continue button not working or the number pad being so big you cant see the rest of the screen, or crrtain buttons being unresponsive Also the PIN security resets to OFF after signing out on both android and ipad apps
Me2012$ on 12/16/2017
Easy to use!
Why so glitchy
Skyfitsport on 12/16/2017
I don’t understand why this app cant remember passwords and has to sign me out all the time when i just want to monitor my money. Instead if i try to sign in without perfect signal strength it just locks me out and i have to reset my password and hope and pray that they dont do it again for a while. Bad service. Get it together Coinbase! There are others like you
Worst bitcoin service
sticky wiesel on 12/16/2017
Have had a large amounts of problems with this apps including buying and sending $50 worth of bitcoin they charged me $20 between both actions. Leaving my transaction incomplete. They will almost never reply to your support requests within a week and have awful customer support in general. Entire database has went down for “Maintence” almost every time I use it. There are plenty of better options of bitcoin wallets that you can find with a quick google search. Don’t waste your time and money with these scammers.
Glitchy and terrible non existent support
Tytywern on 12/16/2017
I wish o could give 0 stars
Expensive purchase fee
Send me your Bitcoins Baby on 12/16/2017
It’s good but very expensive
Murphyjake lol on 12/16/2017
I enjoy Coinbase and I am hoping more coins will be added to the three options
Need more coins
ARichRose on 12/16/2017
Beautiful interface and easy to navigate but when will more coins be added? ie ripple, dash, trx, neo and more??🤔
Easy to track and buy top 3 currencies
Carterward on 12/16/2017
It’s a breeze to login and buy/sell the top 3 currencies
Can’t log into my account
Jonathan4567 on 12/16/2017
It’s been over three weeks, and I still can’t get into my account. I could’ve purchased more coin or sold and made some money but I can’t. This is quite ridiculous. I understand they’re busy, but there is no excuse for this.
User friendly!
Erikmarlowe on 12/16/2017
This app is great for everyone. I was able to get my mom and dad onboard. I’m new to this but I’m enjoying it so far! Thank you for making it accessible for everyone. I also read the legal side of this app and I was extremely impressed that everything is set to go. Trustworthy and convenient for everyone.
Update ideas
Jehtbalgn on 12/16/2017
Y’all should really add Electroneum(ETN) to this app, but everything else is great I love it thanks for making it simple
@ozone_p on 12/16/2017
This is the best bit wallet on the market.
Coin Set up
BadgerBilly on 12/16/2017
Quite simple
Easy to use
Nantong60$$ on 12/16/2017
Love it
Why I don’t like this
BenYAHminj on 12/16/2017
This will not let you sell all coin you have in your wallet. Watch out
Garbage servers
SuperAkuma69 on 12/16/2017
Even with all the price spikes in cryptocurrency, they will not invest the necessary money in infrastructure to keep the app running. Customer service? Good luck! You'll be lucky if they get back to you SEVERAL DAYS LATER! Stay away!
Won’t let me cash out
Is it lit? on 12/16/2017
The app is amazing besides the main reason you use it, it won’t let me cash out! I’ve tried linking my bank account and PayPal many times on different devices and every time I do it, the app says that it has been added and is ready, than a message pops up and says error try later, I don’t know if this is just me but the app sees to not let me cash out! I’ve wasted hours trying to find a way and their customer service is terrible!!! Coinbase is making to much money for this, a million dollar app working like a homemade app, but even the website won’t let me do these things either! Thankyou coinbase for stealing my money!🙄
Don’t bother - verification
iambucket on 12/16/2017
I’ve been trying to verify for a week to no avail. I’ve used different lighting, cameras and backgrounds. Support is not helpful.
Needs stability
Telkyy on 12/16/2017
I’ll give it 5 stars when they are able to scale to meet demand. Serves its purpose otherwise to buy bitcoin and the other 2 shitcoins ETH and LTC.
Good app, but still growing.
Bashtord on 12/16/2017
The app itself is straightforward and easy to use, but perhaps due to the explosive heavy demand of crypto currency, its operation lags frequently. It took four days and more than ten attempts for me to get my identity verified due to high traffic congestion. The app currently only supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, leaving out Zcash and others that may prove to be of value. Nevertheless, I believe the challenges with the app is being met rapidly. Just like the industry, this app is still growing.
Zeek3303 on 12/16/2017
I don’t understand the limits placed even after I’m verified. It’s very frustrating
No customer support
jwryt on 12/16/2017
Very difficult to open an account, and customer support, with the exception of an automated robot, is non-existent. I’m looking for other apps to trade with
Money stolen by app. Locked out.
exactspace on 12/16/2017
I tapped “Don’t Allow” after asking if I wanted to receive notifications. This was on the screen where it shows how much BTC I have and I tapped a plus button I noticed up top. After tapping the “Don’t allow” button, the app froze. I quit out, and when I went back in, it asks me to confirm my state for my license. After this it is just a blue screen. Nothing ever loads, even after multiple app reloads, I’m completely locked out. I deleted the app and logged back in, and even though I charged a credit card to receive BTC, it does not show up in the amount even though it has cleared. (0.00000000 BTC in wallet)
Without shorting??
Hawkeye108 on 12/16/2017
Looking for a platform to margin trade to be able to go long or short. This is limited.
Useless app with fees not shown
ccg2007 on 12/16/2017
Just downloaded this app. I was to receive a confirmation email after I signed up. Never received the confirmation email so I can’t login to the app. Just noticed a $2.99 charge for this on my account but never submitted my passcode to authorize the charge. Obviously going to dispute the charge. I can only login to the website. Very annoyed!!
Poor service!!
Eric 101 on 12/16/2017
Coinbase very poor customer service. Bank transfers take longer than five days. Credit card funding is ok but high fees. The gdax registration is useless on iPhone. Poor customer service.
Get in the game!!!!
JamesMKP on 12/16/2017
Simple and easy to use platform. Guys, it is time tobquit playing candy crush and start making money!!!
Always a long wait
coinBaseScam on 12/16/2017
Always something when price are up or down, always some maintenance happening when the price is demanding for sale and buy, monopoly !? Ugh hate that I have to use coinbase
Love this app
Yousef Saleh 13 on 12/16/2017
Changed my whole life!
Verfication took days!
HollywoodBoo5s on 12/16/2017
Verification process failed multiple times, for no reason. Took almost a week to be able to trade.
No customer service
mad guy bc on 12/16/2017
App blocked my account because of an error on Coinbase server. Received an email stating it would fixed never heard back still can’t get a response from anyone
Not “quick and easy setup”
Willywop on 12/16/2017
After you enter your info, verify email etc. you enter your payment options. This app just won’t accept your money, god forbid it would be easy. Enter your account of credit card info, and instead of accepting it, it charges your account twice and asks you to enter how much it charged you. So call your credit card or bank just to get these amounts. Enter the amounts it just charged you and it tells you that you’re wrong. Try and enter the amounts 3 times and boom, go eff yourself, your locked out for 24 hours. Well right back at you. Deleted and will use a different app. Have a good day
Looks Promising
Runrunigetit on 12/16/2017
Need to double capacity of servers for what they have now, quadruple with introduction of new cryptos to their public offering. System crashes occur when you want to sell bc everyone is selling, not same with purchasing. Also, transactions are usually SLOW.
Small deposit verification fails
vintime on 12/16/2017
I was surprised that the third largest bank in the world was not listed as a choice for easy link. Ach small deposit arrived, but this app wouldn’t recognize the amounts, so I had to use another bank. The 3 crypto currencies available here all went up during the week delay, while I kept trying.
Needs work
Mark763 on 12/16/2017
Takes a lot of time for items to clear pending.
Delay in coin purchases
j'odell on 12/16/2017
When you use a debit/credit option it tells you its instant but it never goes thru.
Adding external bank account fails every time
Fake. on 12/16/2017
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  • Current Version Released: Dec 12, 2017
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  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
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