GREG - A Mathematical Puzzle Game To Train Your Brain Skills

Marco Torretta

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$0.99 Games 3.1.5 Sep 03, 2014 Mar 07, 2016 6.2 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.1.5

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• Apple Best New Games
• #1 Puzzle Game App
• “A puzzle game that will test your speed and math skills, a gameplay mechanic both invigorating and challenging.” - AppAdvice
• “An excellent, fun way to kickstart the grey matter.” - Gamezebo
• “A solid game with nice graphics, good gameplay and a practical learning.” -

• Polished interface. Mentally beneficial and challenging gameplay. What else do you want?
• Extremely addicting and fun game. Who knew that adding numbers could be so exciting!
• Very fun game and it really helps me with my math skills. One of my favorite downloads.
• If you love numbers, this is for you. If not, you will learn to love numbers!
• In no overstated terms, I'm obsessed with the game. I hate phone games. But GREG is inescapable.

Do you think additions are easy?
Challenge yourself and play GREG, a simple mathematical game that will enhance your mental flexibility!
The main purpose of the game is to combine the numbers in the grid to match the given one. The more you go ahead, the more difficult the game will become.

Simple and addictive gameplay, suitable for both quick and long-lasting matches.
The better you play the more points and gold you earn!

Need some help? Use special items and spells to help you in the game!
You can easily get more items by using the gold you earn within the game.

Challenge your friends like never before in an innovative multiplayer mode!
Show your friends who is smarter by defeating them in a game where cleverness, reflexes and strategy combine.
Multiplayer is available only on iPhone 4S or newer.

Climb the leaderboards and prove you are the best player!
And if you feel good enough try to earn all the 35 engaging and unique achievements.

Enjoy GREG on your iPhone and your iPad too, so you can test your mathematical skills in every moment.

All your progress and game stats are synced between all your devices, so you don’t have to worry about having different data on your iPhone and your iPad.

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• Have a problem? Want to give us a feedback? Remember: we can't respond to App Store reviews, so email us at
• Developed in collaboration with Stefano Figurelli.

Have fun playing GREG!

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Great app for mental skills
acalderon52 on 4/9/2018
Offers a great space to develop Math skills. The time limit is useful to increase metacognition skills.
everimprovingme on 10/4/2017
Very interesting game I recommend it as something to play for fun and learning.
Djiydxjfwqi on 8/15/2017
Easy enough
Fun and addictive!
Mathmom97 on 7/24/2017
Good game. Fun and addictive.
I hate math but I love this game
-JoeLuis- on 7/15/2017
Awesome Game. Hopefully this game will continue to get updated for along time.
L'Zenki on 4/24/2017
Enjoy the math. It's the numbers!! Great fun. Give it a try you'll enjoy it!
Pablopicaso70 on 3/25/2017
Game keeps my brain energized. Hope it helps create more neuron connections and a healthier mind
Very good
JAUG on 1/28/2017
Very good
Great to stay sharp
My name is Ł‘š on 1/13/2017
GREG is a fun game to keep your mental math sharp. It's a game for all ages to challenge themselves.
Great game to practice math skills
KnittingMom6 on 12/21/2016
A great game to practice your math skills. Many levels to choose from. I get stressed with the timer and the color changes.
Solid game
jcwinton on 11/4/2016
Numbers grid good for attention retention
Ignacius0 on 10/31/2016
The first few times were frustrating but playing it more calmed the reaction to the action on the board and resulted in accumulation of more points and GOLD.
A game for everyone
Fyiwfc on 10/19/2016
Great game for challenging your mind and reflexes
Not Fun, waste of money
Flabbergausted on 10/17/2016
Much better things to spend your time and money on, painfully annoying, frustrating.
Burwyn on 10/9/2016
Fun game.
CommitKindness on 9/27/2016
junieb44 on 8/16/2016
I love math and this is a fun way to enjoy math. It help build your memory and speed. Two thumbs up.
Great game for my kids
Pghkitty on 8/14/2016
I like it too, but don't often get to play ; ) No annoying music or crazy blinding graphics. Thanks!
J54321stupid on 8/14/2016
This game is the perfect brain teaser. I love that my boyfriend and I can challenge each other!
Educational and fun
Kerry-reviews on 8/5/2016
Educational and fun!
Keeps your brain working
BrookeHighlander on 8/5/2016
Like it for keeping my mental math sharp.
Russthenerd on 7/21/2016
This game forces you to use your brain. And it hones your mental arithmetic skills.
Lvmath 2 on 7/10/2016
Easy to use Play and Learn
Supadoopadoopamodelll on 6/29/2016
Fun and good for your brain!
MrBoz2 on 6/4/2016
This app is quite fun!
Bee a fun game
Rosebuud on 5/27/2016
Enjoy this game!!
tekob357 on 5/21/2016
And oddly challenging
Fun game
Mikey3185 on 5/18/2016
Fun math game.
TDHeinz on 5/11/2016
The more it speeds up, the intensity grows!
Cool Game
JennyRocks <3 on 4/29/2016
Def gets my brain going! Love it!!!
Keep your mind sharper
cbwllms on 4/27/2016
Great mind exercise game that involves mental addition and subtraction, no time for pen to paper or calculator!
Great game...
Ghobgood on 4/20/2016
Simple, fun and challenging.
Lissa around the world on 4/11/2016
Helpful for brushing up on my math speed skills.
So far so good
Chris.yfc on 4/4/2016
Game keeps my mind active
Great game
Mamamama29mama on 4/4/2016
Makes you think faster than ever.
Imzadi922 on 3/29/2016
Fun and addicting! Very hard to put down after starting a game!
Fun game for practicing
fuch me senpai on 3/29/2016
It's a good app for practicing quick thinking and number skills because it puts you on a time limit which makes you either think faster or lose
Gbshjtgfdgywhjgcv on 3/28/2016
Challenging to think on the spot like this but gets boring after a while
Great game but needs variety
exlemor on 3/24/2016
I love thinking games and I like this one but after 30 or so levels it gets a bit boring - need a twist every so often to keep it from getting boring and deleted off my phone... (Hug)
Great game
vs80 on 3/19/2016
Meep your math skills sharp while having fun.
Bcdtws on 3/10/2016
Fun game
:/boot/: on 3/8/2016
Fun game!
Awesome game
Ignus Loki on 3/8/2016
Very simple, yet, a very challeging game.
CoolioQKninja on 3/5/2016
Fun math game.
Really great game
Mistercolombian on 3/2/2016
It is a really great game to keep your math skills sharp. Also helps you to keep your Brain working it is like a brain workout. Highly recommend it
Fun & challenging
Mikkim7219 on 2/28/2016
It's a good way to brush up on basic math skills and it's fun playing against the clock.
Great came, simple in concept challenging in play.
rmelson on 2/27/2016
Great game., tests your math skills,fun to play, easy to learn but can be challenging.
Challenging but Fun
juliusa on 2/24/2016
A fun way to sharpen your brain with math. Goes a bit too fast at times, but still fun.
Kill time game
iPandaX on 2/23/2016
App asked for a review to get 150 in game golds.
Brain training
Luis "mega" on 2/22/2016
Good game, addictive
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