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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 6.6.2 Aug 06, 2014 Jun 22, 2018 157.2 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 6.6.2

As always, bugs were squashed and performance was improved. Keep the feedback coming—we're listening and working on your suggestions.


This is Mercari. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. From fashion to toys, sporting goods to electronics, jewelry to shoes - all the brands you know and love. It’s a snap - list your item in minutes. Got something you don’t use, never used or simply outgrew? Sell it.

* List in a snap - just take a few photos, add a description and set your price.
* No meetups. All items ship.
* Printable shipping label emailed to you. Just print and ship.
* Listings are free - a flat 10% selling fee only charged when your sale completes.

* Save up to 70% off a great selection of new and used items.
* Over 100,000 new items for women, men, kids and home listed each day.

* Buyer Protection Guarantee - payment is held until item is delivered and buyer confirms it is as described.
* 24 hour customer support.

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Needs improvement
Nikilove98 on 6/24/2018
If the package was delivered and you’re on the fourth day and the buyer still haven’t rated you. You have to wait another 24 hours for them to send a request and if the buyer don’t respond you have to wait another 24 hours for them to release you your money. This is beyond ridiculous!!!! After the fourth day the money should be released. Apparently the buyer is satisfied with the purchase. You know from day one if the item is not described you will say something then. I don’t like how they do this and will not be selling nothing else on this site.
Kill j on 6/24/2018
I feel like you guys should add if the person is active or not active, like online or offline. Also, I wish you knew if the seller read your message so you know if they did or not. It will benefit the app a little more because there was some seller who ignored my messages and even said oh I can’t stuff like that. After a while of messaging them.
Beware if your product breaks during shipping!
Bd826 on 6/24/2018
It doesn’t matter how well you package something with TONS of bubble wrap, if it’s a small box it will be piled on with heavy boxes during transit and eventually one of your products will break. Guess what...Mercari isn’t going to file an insurance claim for you and give you your money back. Matter of fact, they won’t even allow you to file one with the carrier. These shipments ARE insured. I’m assuming they end up filing the claim and keep the money for themselves (great ethics). That’s why they ask the buyer to send photos of the damaged item(s). It’s complete BS. They will write you back stating your case doesn’t qualify for an insurance claim. Really? The product was shattered by the carrier and this is my fault? Here’s the message you’ll receive: After reviewing this case, it was determined that this package was not eligible for an insurance claim. Be careful, you’ll end up loosing money on this app.
Great for buyers but not sellers
depop_allows_scams on 6/24/2018
My friend with hundreds of reviews was recently scammed by a new buyer with zero reviews. My friend is an honest seller and has sent exactly what was bought by the buyer. The buyer lied to mercari saying my friend sent her facemasks instead and mercari accepted her return. Mercari would not let my friend present her case at all despite the fact that she has evidence! I personally have not experienced this issue but I am very scared and hope that mercari would enforce a stricter return policy.
Full of scammers and sellers are not protected
resellercommunity on 6/24/2018
Useless customer service and cannot get a hold of anyone. You will lose money on this app. Sold on here for about 2 years and have over 300 ratings and a SCAMMER bought something for me, A NEW user, shipped promptly and it was delivered and buyer claimed they received some trash I have never even heard of. Customer service accepts return without even asking me anything or letting me contact to back myself... Utter waste of time trying to build up your selling profile just to be scammed over and over again.
User friendly
Eastoidman on 6/24/2018
Why am I not able to post a well known brand that wasn’t listed?! Disappointing!
@tita1 on 6/24/2018
The best app I have I can sell anything’s and everything here very fast. love it the only thing I don’t like is that when someone want to return and item they don’t ask any question to the seller they just approved I have one return where the lady said the jeans was Brocke when it was brand new with tags and they approve the return. I was very mad because I work hard to fix the package very cute for her to be happy with her new item and them I receive the item back I’m no happy pls change the way let us help to understand why. Other then that very good.
Selling and buying
Myia75 on 6/24/2018
Everything is always so easy and they have great items and excellent prices
Too many spams - better filter could help buyers
asifasif on 6/24/2018
If there is a filter showing seller stars more than 0 or is 1 should help buyers filter easily instead of going through all low prices spam and offline sellers. And also filter my seller joined date. Most of them create account on same day. If I can filter the seller who joined Mercari before this current month ... think of how to avoid spam
Contacting help center
sarah726392$/)3)! on 6/24/2018
They are fast responders when you email them about a problem
A suggestion!!
liya💙💖❤️💓💜💗💕 on 6/23/2018
Love this app great app to sell on, cool features and items!! I do have a suggestion, can you do a feature where you can add things to your cart?
Horrible app
heath_bars on 6/23/2018
I had just bought the pair of shoes I had always wanted and Mercari deleted my account without telling me why. All they said was, “we reserve the right to delete anyone’s account on behalf of suspicious activity.” I didn’t do anything to incur suspicious activity. If Mercari could please reach out and help me get my account back before someone else buys those shoes that’d be great.
Screen jumps very quickly
Concern Shopper on 6/23/2018
Loving the app I have brought a lot of items but I’m having a problem every time I go on the app the screen is alway jumping Please Fix ASAP
Topbridge on 6/23/2018
I usually edit multiple listings at a time. But it distrusted me how every time I finish editing a listing from the bottom of all my closet it jumps all the way to the top and I have to go all the way back down to get to the next listings. It’s really distrusting because a lot of time is wasted scrolling back till the point I give up. All the sold listings have no reason to be on top of listings for sale. I want to push to the bottom all those listings taking up space at the top that have been sold. You need to fix it so most recently edited listings automatically move to the top of the closet. It’ll make it easier to know what was recently edited and without having to go down in the order they were first posted. They is no way to rearrange and organize my closet and it’s driving me insane.
Very easy place to sell
moonssoul on 6/23/2018
I like the fact that this app keeps control of every thing that is put for sale , not only for the sellers but for the buyers also, keeps track of every transaction to make sure seller/ buyer get 100% satisfied.
Please help!
briannel64 on 6/23/2018
I usually love this app but I ran into a problem. I ordered a phone case from someone and I never got it. Me and the seller have been working together trying to figure out what happened. It says online that it was delivered but I NEVER GOT IT!! I have yet to get it and I can’t contact the mercari ppl at all no matter what I do. This is ridiculous!! I need to speak with someone to find out what happened to my package!!
Morally ethically challenged
J.E.Squatlll on 6/22/2018
And this app knows very well of the problem is the seller will encounter and get this there are many yet they do nothing and in some cases are complicit in helping exacerbate the problem. Yet legally they cover their culpability on these issues. And they will take your money and keep it they got me for 40+ dollars there's a sucker born every minute they use that proven factOf the grifter to ut mostAnd then they have a nerve do you have attitude about it sad very sad you use at your own risk!Update update they still have my money Watch out everyone specially Californians
more serious people buying than in other apps
Mschavezzz on 6/22/2018
Easy transactions
New way of shopping
Michelle Krejci on 6/22/2018
I’m going to shop mostly on this app because the deals are insanely great! You can find almost anything you need and it’s a great way to make money. I so far, have no complaints.
Don’t waste your time.
bbridge567 on 6/22/2018
Worst selling app ever! I’ve been selling on Poshmark and eBay for years. I’ve should have listened to the other sellers when they said to avoid Mercari. Experienced problem after problem,and customer support ?what customer support. My answer from the “support team” was try turning off your phone and turning it back on. I will admit this is a pretty good solve all problem but in this case it wasn’t going to fix the problem. I’m out money but at this point I’m going to cut my losses and be done. Save yourself and go sell on any other app.
RaeSmith121197 on 6/22/2018
While the app does a very good job protecting your money, I wish the app would review sellers more. While looking for a ps3 I have now tried to buy 3 different ones from three different sellers with each one ending in disappointment and a refund after I gave each seller more than a week to ship. I wish it was more reliable.
Ahsidi575sja on 6/22/2018
Do NOT use this app. It’s a scam. All their good reviews are probably fakes as I know MANY people that have had issues with this so called app. They delete anyone who they feel the need to even when you haven’t done anything against their so called rules. I tried to purchase an item but they deleted my account for supposedly having another account that was suspended. I’ve never had an account on there before. Ridiculous. Many people have had the same issues and they delete anyone when they personally feel like it, over trivial issues regardless of if you’re aware of the rules or not. Customer service is horrible, they always send you an automated response and you never actual talk to a human it seems, no matter what the issue you’re facing. Many people have complained that they are scammed by mercari, because they protect buyers over their sellers. Some buyers have scammed people on here, you end up losing your money and your item you were selling. Do the research on this app via google do not trust these reviews! This company is VERY shady. I have a friend that used this and got his account deleted and blocked from ever using it again, because he started a claim with his bank because they didn’t issue a refund after a seller tried to scam him out of his money. Mercari canceled the transaction but did NOT issue the refund so he waited, and then started the claim with his bank as they were not answering emails via customer service. They then decided to ban him from the app because he started that claim. This is not normal, professional behavior of a company that is supposed to be legit. They are scammers.
Aelin1 on 6/22/2018
Great app and easy to use. It is a bit difficult to manage if you have a lot of items listed. Might be nice to see folders from a sellers standpoint or for the feed to not automatically scroll to the top when you’re editing listings.
Rls523 on 6/21/2018
This app is great if everything works out. You can find really great items at a fraction of the cost. The only downfall is- if it doesn’t work out and you have to get a refund, you can’t leave a review to warn other buyers. I purchased something broken and couldn’t even let others know this seller was selling broken products.
Caution, attempts to use may cause you to flip a desk or throw your phone
Sarah DeLe on 6/21/2018
THIRD update to my rating. Still less than 1 Star. For an app. meant to allow users to buy & sell things, the glitch that causes the app to crash after looking at a few posts is *really* “frustrating” (though I prefer to describe it differently...). How can I even try to buy things if I cannot use the app to look for things to buy? How can I continue to sell things if the app crashes while users are looking through posts. Seriously-without fail, the app STILL crashes whenever I try to use it. To add to this irksome frustration, when opened (or more often, reopened) it take anywhere from 3-6 minutes for anything to load-seriously, that’s not an exaggeration. I did a screen capture to time it in real time-5+ minutes, just waiting for it to load. Given how adults typically use apps on their phones, literally, ain’t nobody got time for that. All the while, Notifications pour in, yet given that nothing loads right/in any semblance of quick timing, and that the app will inevitable crash shortly after finally getting anything to load, it’s really hard to “sell anything” let alone “sell anything fast.” I won’t be creating any new posts any time soon; & my willingness to buy anything, my true use for this app, is gone. While the developers may respond to ratings here, it’s generally with little more than a request to email them (why? I’m literally telling you the issues right in this review...). I would love to rate this app better; yet to do that, I have to be able to use it...and I’m nearly on my last nerve even trying.
JessaDoubleU on 6/21/2018
This app is so easy to use!
No PayPal, Forced Ratings
w0w kween on 6/21/2018
Please add a PayPal direct option. For those small sellers who do not sell often i need the money immediately and depositing funds once a week or withholding funds isn't fair. Also if you're gonna be withholding funds, please make the "rating request" less than 24 hours! I dont want to wait 2 days for a rating close to the weekend only to wait another 1 1/2 weeks to get a small amount of money. Other than that functionality is great but you need a PayPal option asap. Bank transfers are slow and cumbersome and just not fair for us small sellers. Depop has this feature and that is why they are #1 on android and ios apps. If you had a PayPal feature you would do a lot better than them. PayPal also has a second layer of protection against scammers. Bank transfers do not offer protection.
Search filters
PtvReneeKatz on 6/21/2018
This app is cool but the 10% seller fee is quite a lot and the search tags are hard to navigate it's really hard for me to find what I'm looking for.
Garbage app
Sari Luna on 6/21/2018
I did enter my CORRECT POSTAL CODE!!! Multiple times and you’re telling me it’s incorrect? This app is terrible!!
SingleCierraTon on 6/21/2018
I love this app so much!
Please fix!
Bonnie Guan on 6/20/2018
I’m not entirely sure when this started occurring, but in the past, my “saved searches” would include filters such as size and brands. Every time I launched the app, I would be able to see newly listed items in my saved searches with the set filters. But now, all my new “saved searches” do not save filters entirely even after adding it repeatedly. Once I relaunched the app, the filters on the “saved searches” are removed, leaving only the saved name of the item. It is a nuisance to keep inputting the filters as it removes the “new” mark on an item. I am not aware of items I have already seen in the saved search. Please fix this issue. It may not be a huge issue for sellers. But for someone who is a buyer and is looking for something more specific, this is really a big issue.
American Girl Dress
heartsland on 6/20/2018
The dress fit perfectly on my daughter’s doll. It looked very lovely.
Love this
BreeNicoleEvans6615 on 6/20/2018
Great stuff. Always ships fast. Easy to use!
maluma2026 on 6/20/2018
Shipping have went up for small stuff
Thank You
8ball83 on 6/20/2018
Shipped immediately. Very responsive.
Suspended for no reason!
Tristan Vaughan on 6/20/2018
I’ve been trying to sell my iPhone 7 and when trying to communicate with buyers my account will be suspended at first I thought it was a bug in the system but then I got my user privileges revoked again I didn’t do anything wrong and am upset by the stupidity in this app. Would not recommend for anyone serious about selling
Mercari app review
xtrpetite on 6/20/2018
Search could use a personalized setting. Bundle option could really help when trying to buy multiple items from one seller. This is from a buyer’s point of view. Any changes in these areas would be nice.
bmRtin on 6/20/2018
Great experience with seller and easy buying experience on this app I will definitely do it again
Romie95 on 6/20/2018
Very happy with this app and company yeah a few rude sellers but if any issues Mercari helps is there always ty for everything it’s easy sel ship earn
Very Convenient Selling Site
TootsieRoll8 on 6/20/2018
Mercari is GREAT!!!! It’s easy because you just have to send the items out that you sell as opposed to some of the other apps where you are supposed to meet up with someone and they are a no show. Are a potential customer leads you on for days at a time. That’s not the case with Mercari! Once something is sold, they will send you the label and off it goes! 💰💰💰
Old functions
Yuppitsme on 6/20/2018
I’ve been a seller on Mercari for over a year now and I absolutely love it! I’ve had many painless transactions, both buying and selling. I rated 3/5 as they removed a key feature that many sellers use to use, as it was the “favorites” tab. You can no longer contact potential buyers to negotiate a price on items they’ve liked. That’s how I made the majority of my bundles!! Please bring this feature back!
Buyers Beware
Forrrddd on 6/20/2018
There is no way of getting a refund if you receive a defective item that needs to be thoroughly checked for defects. Do not rate the defective item if you hope to see your money again. App doesn’t care about its buyers. But good for selling. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to sell so I will be leaving this app. Not worth it getting scammed by their sellers.
Not good anymore
Kaytlynn2015 on 6/20/2018
I’ve had this app for a long time and I’m done with it now because they used to have no fees but now they just take your money. First it started with a sellers fee but now they charge for a direct deposit. You have to sell things cheap for you to even sell so basically your getting like nothing back. So a waste of time.
Flaming pandas of justice on 6/19/2018
Great app. Only thing I do not like is that you cannot search other sellers by their username.
qadira bint dawud on 6/19/2018
Loved it. Nice Please let me know when u post again
Easy to get scammed as a seller!!
Officialclouds on 6/19/2018
I usually don’t write reviews on apps but I am already stressed over selling a Canon camera to a user. They sent it back because it had “technical issues” on it. But when I received my package they automatically gave the other person their money back and i never received my camera back, I got a box with boots and a romper???? I tried messaging the other user (myCloset) and I couldn’t because they blocked me now I have to go back and forth on emails and stress out. They shouldn’t just refund the person back the moment the package arrives! There should be a was to say to verify that you got back your things when doing refunds.
Beware the fee
criticMurica on 6/19/2018
10% flat rate fee is excessive when you can sell your items elsewhere. Sell something for $1000, costs $100 to sell it.
Gsale718 on 6/19/2018
This app is truly a blessing. Would and do recommend it to friends and family. Happy haunting.
Patience is a virtue
bloodbayou on 6/19/2018
Originally I had placed a bad review for this app because of a bad experience with a seller. Ratings here in the App Store should not be about user to user experience but about the app itself, so I have decided to revise this review. I have been selling online since 2008 and I have tried ALL of the other apps and websites from eBay to Let-go and all points in between! MERCARI has a decent app, for the most part is stable and functions, but just like any other app, there are glitches here and there. Most problems in the app can be rectified by killing the app and reloading. I think the most annoying thing that happens is every once in awhile while I’m typing a response in messages the entire text box where I’m typing starts shaking up and down rapidly and I can’t finish my text. So I have to close the app and reload. It’s the only app that does this on my phone and the previous versions did it too so I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch in the software somewhere. Also, I get sounds about notifications, but not always an app badge even tho it’s turned on in my phone setting. This tends to hurt my business because I miss messages from potential buyers. Otherwise, I’m happy with the app, it’s very easy to use, no payment processing fees is a bonus, cheap flat rate prepaid shipping labels are a breeze to use, and to all the haters out there :10% commission is not a high commission compared to eBay + PayPal which can equal up to 15% per sale! I sell on all platforms and MERCARI and CL are my best sites for consistent sales!
soundslikeihitabump on 6/19/2018
I downloaded the app and began to try and buy some items with a discount coupon they offered and within the day my account was shut down and I was not able to buy anything or write anyone back for items I had already been told I could buy. I tried to get in contact with the company and they decided I didn’t need the account anymore so overall I did not like this app.
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