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Shazam for Mac takes your music discovery to a whole new level. Catch the music playing around you without ever digging a phone out of your pocket. Go nuts, match it all!

Shazam runs quietly behind the scenes, but springs to life when it finds a song you should know about, creating a playlist as it goes. You can now effortlessly find it, share it or buy it.

• Operates magically in the background, ready to name that tune at a moment’s notice.
• Instant, seamless access to all the music that makes up the world around you.
• One-click access to lyrics, music videos or to listen on Apple Music.
• Discover like never before, share like always.

Let Shazam teach your Mac a few new tricks and bring the magic home!

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Useless button
Marklewood on 2/11/2018
Clicking on the icon does nothing. The application does not respond.
Shazam is magical just like it sounds!!
Ayeeeee2572 on 2/10/2018
Ever wanted to know the name of a song and the song after then the song after that? Or have you ever heard a catchy song in a commercial and wanted to know the name? Shazam is the perfect app for that.
Does Not Function As Advertised
Irritating_But_True on 2/3/2018
Title says it all. It doesn’t even know what some of the most obvious, popular, timeless songs are. Never recognizes anything. Most likely spyware.
Missing too many needed features
MysticPhil on 1/17/2018
1. doesn’t reliably recognize songs that the IOS version and the watch version recognize instantly. 2. Doesn’t seem to share tag history with either IOS or Watch. 3. A very NOT intuitive interface for connecting to (or disconnecting from) your Shazam account 4. cumbersom to enable/disable listening Sure hope Apple addresses these shortcomings...
Just sits there...
askjdhf lkjhafgadfbvljh on 1/13/2018
Downloaded the app and played the radio to test it out and the app just sits there, it doesn’t register that there is any music playing! Useless!
AndreOSx86 on 1/11/2018
The app does work. To get it to work you need to uncheck the “use ambient noise reduction” checkbox in system preferences > Sound > Input. Also make sure your input volume slider is all the way too the right.
Not working
kazuhiko4015 on 1/4/2018
Hello, This application is not working on my macbook pro macOS High Sierra! Please fix this problem.
not identifying songs correctly
Chloe the dog on 12/31/2017
I’ve been trying this on my mac mini and my sound input is a webcam. I sporadically pops up with a song but not even close to what’s playing???? I’ve been playing various works from my own music library trying to get more complete information and more often than not it doesn’t even recognize what’s playing.
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Why so negative reviews?
artemsyd on 12/24/2017
I don’t understand why most of reviews are so negative, and why the app has such a low rating. I didn’t experience any of the problems mentioned in those reviews, the app works just fine like it should. It’s very convenient that I don’t have to do anything for it to start recognising, it works by itself and also keeps the history, which is quite handy in case of listening to internet-radio.
Does exactly nothing
intret on 12/17/2017
Editor’s choice? What machine do they run it on? 2016 iMac 27’ with latest MacOS, running music off web via Harman Kardon Soundsticks on the same machine. My iPhones and iPad all recognize songs perfectly. Why is this piece of junk still offered?
Not Working With latest OS
IJustWant2Win on 12/17/2017
I use to use this app all the time and loved it. This app version and/or OS High Sierra version 10.13.2 (17C88) doesn't appear to be compatable with each other. As soon as the app is launched, my headphones audio quality diminished dramatically. I attempted to capture the audio through my laptop speakers, the app was still not able to recognize the music played via iTunes and through Youtube. The Music I was playing was never Identified. Please fix asap.
doesnt work -
Whatever whomever on 12/14/2017
enough said, doesnt seem to get audio from OS X, never matches. even on iPad its 100% wrong on 4 tracks so far as in not even close
Useless for anything other than default audio in
theloon2 on 12/14/2017
No support for configuration of…. well anything really……. For example if you have a Mac desktop using a webcam for audio, then you are out of luck here. There is no config options available, and therefore no way to config the app to point to it.
It Works but crashes more than Daniil Kvyat
Howzball on 12/12/2017
When it’s running it works fine but it crashes a LOT. As long as I’ve been using it no updaes have ever fixed the crashing randomly issue. It never fails that when you hear that one song that you want identified you look on your Shazam to find that it’s grayed out again, crashed. Oh well, you get what you pay for.
still not working
Flickkick on 12/8/2017
despite the update. please fix it!
still not working
Arwa'a on 12/5/2017
nothing change
Caveat: spoiler alert
Jakela on 11/9/2017
The folks at Apple ought to have their licenses revoked—or whatever these nincompoops get to allow them to make this a Pick! Please don’t insult our intelligence. Living with Shazam is like living in New York: a love/hate relationship. for years it never worked. then 6 months ago, it miraculoulsy came to life and actually ID’d music. Of course, in the past few weeks “no result” appears after every push of the button. if you’re a died in the wool masochist this is the app for you. For the rest of the world, drive on!
Shazam is great for check sound info at the moment, but you only need siri
johan44co on 10/8/2017
If you want to know "what sound is", in your laptop or external sound, just ask siri, what soing is?, and siri gonna check in Shazam server. For that reason I think this versión of shazam is a background checker and is not usual as phone versión.
Great app, but had to uninstall because...
PobreHombre on 10/5/2017
I’ve been having issues lately where two processes on my mac have been running like crazy, locationd and his trusty sidekick trustd. I’ve searched and searched to try and figure out why they’ve been gobbling up so many resources and running my fans on high. Finally I started quitting certain applications one at a time to see what is requiring these processes. Turns out it was Shazam. For whatever reason, this app is calling locationd and trustd to run at a high cpu rate whenever it is running. I’ve uninstalled for now but will gladly reinstall and give 5 stars if this issue is addressed.
Does not work
djsmits305 on 10/3/2017
Doesn’t work at all. Please delete from the app store so people stop wasting their time. Just web-base shazam you noobs. Ever think about how impossible it is to shazam a song that’s playing out of your phone??
doesn’t work
Esenbek on 9/24/2017
Useless… just takes space on my mac, doesn’t recognize any music, very bad mac support
Doesn’t Work at All on my MacBook
Lilkha777712 on 9/17/2017
Doesn’t work at all on my MacBook. No easily identifiable support feature or way to get Help. Unfortunate cuz mobile app rocks. Deleting and finding something better. Sound Hound? Any Recs?
It was really amazing!
TiffanyK1011 on 9/5/2017
I really feel that this app served its purpose. It listened and waited and whenever I unlocked my laptop it was able to identify songs. Even when I really didn’t want it to. I don’t understand how the app crashes or anything. It works completely fine. If you want to let it open when you unlock your computer, you can change that in the settings. And it will always be there like the stars. It’s there when you need it and it won’t bother you too much. So I’m not sure why it’s getting all the hate when it’s actually serving it’s purpose and works completely the way they had created it for.
Richard in Miami on 8/20/2017
Shazam is fantastic but the current version crashes like the dickens almost immediately on macOS 10.12.6. Crashes consistently and often. Crashed Thread: 2 Dispatch queue: com.shazam.siggenerator.queue Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Application Specific Information: terminating with uncaught exception of type std::runtime_error: Invalid sig: Invalid - No peaks in signature abort() called
This app have never worked for more than 6 years for my Macbook pro
eridan91 on 8/19/2017
This app doesnt work. It appears to be record your suroundings for hours and hours but it does not identify songs.
Something is not right.
Poet7rd on 8/6/2017
The app continually crashes. It will not stay opened.
Something is clearly wrong….
Skip Brenny on 8/4/2017
The desktop version identifies only 1/2 the songs your iPhone will. Even worse, Shazam for desktop doesn’t seem to interact with any other Shazam interface. When a song is identified on my laptop, I’d expect my iPhone to know shortly afterwards. Am I missing something!?
Impossible to save tracks to "My Shazams"
Roos Gold on 7/6/2017
The app does not ask for any e-mail or login. So, the shazams cannot be exported to Spotify or even to My Shazams. If i install on iPad, that’s OK. But when installed on Mac, there's no syncing at all! Please FIX IT!
Wrong most of the time (and always has been)
lipwak on 5/3/2017
Terrible batting average. Use Midomi/SoundHound instead. That IDs songs very well.
Not too bad
Makayla1j on 4/24/2017
Shazam can detect songs from far away and close by but sometimes it doesnt notice the songs at all whuch sometimes can be at an inconvenience
Doesn’t work
ChristopheMenassa on 3/12/2017
App stopped working after this update: can’t switch it on, it’s always off no matter what I do. Tried reinstalling it, still doesn’t work.
Lacks ability to sync with my Shazam account
mozzy72000 on 3/9/2017
Song recognition works resonably well, however, it lacks the ability to sync with my Shazam account.
Fast recognizing
Mrs.A.K. on 3/2/2017
Have been experiencing for a while. 90% of times when I used it, the app recognized the song. Usually it take from 5 to 10 sec to find the song. I like how easy it is in use.
Bug With Wireless Headphones (BeatsX)
Eamon N. on 2/19/2017
Makes audio tinny and really compressed-sounding when listening through wireless heaphones. The audio only sounds like this when shazam is open. Whatever they are using to monitor the mic is making the music sound aweful.
Doesn’t Work - No Results!
Opinnuendo on 2/17/2017
No matter how well-known or obscure the song, no matter how loudly I play it, the application doesn’t register ANYTHING. I’ve done Shazam’s troubleshooting to make sure that both the Built-in Microphone and Built-in Output devices are both set to 44.1kHz/2ch-24bit integer, and despite that supposedly being the definitive fix it still doesn’t work. Absolute garbage.
Absolute Trash
Jbetts624 on 2/15/2017
App is slow and has a difficult time picking up any detection of any song. This should be fast and reliable and its the complete opposite. ios app is a lot better. Expect better. Should be able to click the shazam logo to turn it on and let it detect music that way instead of turning it off/on with the 5 hour clock running for no reason. Should be able to delete previously streamed songs. All around mess! You guys need new Mac devs to recode this app from top to bottom.
Dolala JC on 2/6/2017
Interesting app,love it.
FluffyWhiteWolf on 1/18/2017
Hadnt used it in a fee years and thought id get the new version for my new MBP. Just give us a standalone app we can launch. Not another piece of clutter for the menubar. Let me tell it when to listen. Not sit there the whole time listening to everything. Make it more like the ios app. Only has recognized one song out of 10 so far. ios app got 5 of the 10 Not impressed.
Works - But Clunky
JimDoggy on 1/7/2017
I got this to work after a minute of waiting or so But….all it does is tell you what song is playing (which any app that monitors iTunes can do. But, the big deal for me with Shazam is that for iOS, it allows you see dynamic lyrics in the app. Here, for the Mac version, it links you to their website which will show the lyrics. Not the same thing, and rather pointless.
LChuckO on 1/7/2017
Purchased Shazam thinking it would be as good as the one on my previous iPhone. Man, am I disappointed! Playing a CD that should be easy to identify songs….BTW had immediately popped up on the iPhone. Several it could not find and any others took minutes, if at all, to find. This thing doesn’t work and I’m trying to not use the “S” word while look for how to get it off my computer.
Works for Me
sirnippalot on 12/31/2016
Just downloaded on my Macbook Pro and having no issues. Haven’t tried yet on my iMac. Thanks Shazam!
Not working at all
5stone23 on 12/25/2016
It’s not working at all for me either, wish I had listened to the previous reviews. Not picking up a single song, while Shazam apps on ipad and iphone are having no problem.
Absolute junk!
Jason02332 on 12/21/2016
I installed it and no matter what I played from something popular to obscure it failed to pick up anything. Absolute junk, save your time and avoid this.
It’s now horrible!
The outspoken voice113 on 12/10/2016
The last update made it useless on my mac. The phone version can find songs in seconds. The version on my mac either won’t find the same song my phone just did or when it does it took it 8 times as long. What once was a good mac app is now crap!
Do not download this
Iang iang on 12/8/2016
Used to love Shazam but the new version simply wont work at all. It’s a huge waste of your time.
DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
applefanboy93 on 12/8/2016
after the update the app wont open, please fix it ASAAAAP
Alfred E Neuman on 12/7/2016
stoped working after last to updates! 😡😡😡😡
for music fans
t0maszC on 12/5/2016
a great solution for music fans
Recognized ONE Song and NOTHING Else Since
SciArts on 12/2/2016
This app is crippled by it’s inability to recognize anything that wasn’t sampled at 44.1 kHz. It doesn’t matter if your hardware is configured properly. If the song was sampled down stream at a different rate, then you’re screwed. If you’re using the app to find out what song is playing in an internet video, then nine times out of ten Shazam’s macOs app is just going to waste your disk space and time. It’s also exactly four times slower on my 2012 MacBook Air than its iPhone counterpart on my iPhone 6. All told, they've delivered a deeply disappointing experience for what should be an amazing app.
Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: Shazam Entertainment Limited
  • Category: Music
  • Released: Jul 30, 2014
  • Current Version Released: Dec 04, 2017
  • Version: 1.2.5
  • Size: 5.4 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: Czech; Dutch; Flemish; English; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Chinese; Spanish; Castilian; Chinese;