Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 1.8.91 Dec 30, 2014 Jul 16, 2018 113.9 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.8.91

Minor bug fixes and UI optimizations


Unique 3D car configurator!
More than 1000 cars in photorealistic quality!

Current update:
- custom chopper builder;
- possibility to vote for the cars to be added or updated;
- minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Unique 3D car configurator!
More than 1000 cars in photorealistic quality!

1. Huge selection of cars, exterior design and tuning options;
2. Brand new car models, as well most popular cars of the 20th and 21st century;
3. Unique collection of wheels, front and rear bumpers, grills, headlamps and tail lamps, spoilers, fenders, mirrors, as well as a variety of air intakes and much more;
4. Available features include exterior color change, suspension level customization, car paintings and many more;
5. Application is integrated with 3DTuning.com, so your unique car garage is always at your disposal, while constant and frequent site updates are immediately available on your mobile devices.

Create and share your garage of unique cars with individual tuning projects!

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More cars!
realTurkX on 7/15/2018
You guys should add a X6M and X5M PLSSSSSS!!!!!
Very Cool!
J.luke3 on 7/15/2018
I really enjoy the app although I would really enjoy it and this would make the app 100 times better is by updating the Chevy cobalt SS and definitely keep the cobalt SS on here cause that’s my favorite part
Why Money
Huyminhnguyen on 7/15/2018
I want the camber and the wheel thing but why does it have to have money. That is like a rip off. Whatever you do please fix it.
Fresh2x on 7/15/2018
Can you guys plz add the ss Monte Carlo
tremars1993 on 7/15/2018
You have to pay for nearly everything. Best way to to make sure it’s deleted as quick as it’s downloaded.
Great game
daddy long neck on 7/14/2018
Great game but please make parts free and please add the Ford lighting svt and the Chevrolet 454
Great game, needs one thing though
Dark souls 30 on 7/14/2018
Needs a Vaydor Car (look it up if you don’t know)
Add a Subaru brat
itlbs on 7/14/2018
I really want to tune Subaru brat. This game is pretty cool.
Please please
Policia3030 on 7/14/2018
S10 and more mini trucks
Jeep Cherokee
TY792 on 7/12/2018
Please add the Jeep Cherokee not the grand Cherokee just the Cherokee other that that great game!
Add more things....
Jgvr1104 on 7/12/2018
The game its ok but it would be nice that you put camber and off set in all cars That would be awsome and add more cars like the Toyota CHR Suzuki SX4 Suzuki jimmi ect hope you read this
Needs more cars
Hatedguitarist94 on 7/10/2018
Add an r33 skyline, 03 Sentra see spec v, Honda beat, Mazda cosmos, Nissan gti-r or some other to the app
1998 Vw Jetta
Oiled up potato on 7/10/2018
I would love the 1998 Vw Jetta to be added with all options. Thanks
Add more cars
CayenneColin555 on 7/10/2018
Like the toyota markX,crown,mark2 110, brevis
3D Tuning
studfrick on 7/10/2018
Pretty awesome app, I think it just needs more off-road vehicles with more mods.
1970 corvette
Cowboy7691 on 7/10/2018
It’s my dream car
To 3DTuning
Vgk1366 on 7/9/2018
Dear 3DTuning, It is a really cool customizing cars on this app and I played it a lot on my computer and I finally switched over to playing it on my phone and also can you add a Hyundai Veloster and a Honda type r 2018 and possibly the 2000 type r too. Sincerely, Vgk1366
Add more features
Iceman Huracàn Don on 7/9/2018
Add the Porsche GT2 RS Put more interior customization
Subaru SVX
novaomega745 on 7/9/2018
Totally put a Subaru SVX in the app!!
WillardCrafto on 7/8/2018
I’d like the 1969 Dodge Charger To be upgraded to HD.
hbfbfbfbfhf on 7/8/2018
It’s the best
Love it
Cebaum on 7/8/2018
Please make a crown victoria
JuanA619 on 7/7/2018
Can you please add a 2006 Infiniti M35 Sport. Current car right now would like to see it for future ideas. Thank you!.
Dope!!! BUT.....
Turbo501 on 7/7/2018
This game is sick! But it needs a broader range of vehicles! My dream truck isn’t on here 2006 Chevy duramax four foot long bed! Should make every option of every vehicle.
Excellent time killer!
Dang Bumble... on 7/6/2018
I paid for everything, and I really enjoy the options. Though there are several things that I would like to see improved upon. Things that need to be updated: 1. Separate front and rear suspension settings for more accurate stance. 2. Tire SIZE options, especially for trucks. 3. More paint options, such as flake, pearl, and chrome. Also, multiple paint “zones” would be appreciated. Such as top and bottom half, or front and back half with gradient options. 4. Wheel sizes could be broadened, 15”-26” wheels should be available for all vehicles, as that is the typical range of custom wheel sizes. 5. Better vinyl selection. Take a look at CSR2’s customization options for inspiration.
add cars
Happyfatbatman on 7/5/2018
Y’all should add a tesla model x and s add those cars
carmaze on 7/5/2018
I love it ,but it would be cool to add your own design or upload your own vinyls just for fun and creative purposes .just an idea
elanadgamer on 7/4/2018
add monster trucks
85 cutlass
85 cutlass on 7/3/2018
This app is great. I would like to see a 1985 cutlass salon.
Love this app but needs more cars
Markus1007! on 7/1/2018
I own a 2000 Subaru Legacy wagon modified to death but it’s not an option here. We need more cars that aren’t very common to modify please!
Awesome game
gibbsl on 7/1/2018
An Amazing game with tons of cars and lots of customization options there were a lot of cars that I didn’t even know existed in an amazing app. I do have one suggestion update the list of cars for 2018
Great game
hhhanes on 7/1/2018
Good game
I love this game
ndjsms on 6/30/2018
This game is a dream game that I love but what I hate that u have to pay for surten cars to either keep them and save them and also u Can berly upgrade any cars but it’s still a good game and needs new cars ik it’s not easy to make to cars but we need new cars like 2019 cars more like the 2019 ZR1 the ZL1 1LE camaro and more
Car that you should add in
scridealong on 6/29/2018
You should add a Buick LaCrosse 08
Ford's are awesome#1 on 6/29/2018
I suggest adding on side vent options on the 2007 Audi R8, and also add the 2018 Audi R8, Koenigsegg Regera, Aston Martin Vulcan and give it AMR Pro Options please. Other than that, it’s an amazing app.
DJCHRISNYC on 6/28/2018
Good app just need to add more popular car that a lot of people have like family cars Infiniti QX60 Honda van Acura MDX Nissan Pathfinder a lot of car need to be added al
New cars
10eson on 6/27/2018
Add a bronco 2
Tigershark101 on 6/26/2018
Awesome app and concept. Would love for you to add more lexus's id love to tune a 2009 es350 to get ideas for my car
All ram 1500 generations
the app criticist on 6/26/2018
Please add all ram 1500 generations because I want to see how road armour looks on a 2002 ram 1500
New Cars
Kersee on 6/26/2018
Please add the grill that is on a HellCat Charger, other than that I love this app!!!
New vehicles
faszer on 6/26/2018
Where are the old school square body’s ? Bring out the k5’s and k10’s
New car
Beastboy051105 on 6/26/2018
Could you add a new type of car that I just found out about it’s called a Ferrari 812 super fast it is an awesome car that I think would make a great addition to the game
Fix and I will give back the 5 I had
DavidjsRox on 6/26/2018
Wrote the original review 3 years ago. I went from 5 stars to 2 now to 1. The app 3 years ago was much better. All of this "ultra realistic" stuff is junk. It's ruining the app.
Okay but needs more fixing
Yo boy yousif on 6/26/2018
This game needs to put way more parts on some cars and this needs more cars and also they changed my view so it got really annoying and no matter where I tap it goes on a other car or freezes but over all it is fine I rated 4
Need some changes
Kade006x on 6/26/2018
Add some American force, and fuels rims, and some Detroit steel rims .And a better rim selection.You should add to where you can change your tires to different ones.
Please add older cars like 2000 Silverado and Sierra
Mattobamo on 6/25/2018
Older pickup trucks and please add more modification variety’s I nodded the 1996 e36 m3 and there isn’t much availability for it thanks
Great app
Ghfghuhhigdfgefdjifsvhkdtb on 6/25/2018
I’d love to see more updates and models of Audi.
FortniteY -PUBG on 6/25/2018
Add Tesla Model X, And add Other Diesel trucks and add stacks for the trucks also add Side by sides Like Polaris, Canam Yamaha and other brands
Great potential
DParson24 on 6/24/2018
I love the app, would love to see this go even further. Personal request is that the 1971 Ford Torino would be added. Hope you guys read this, I would love to do a mock up of my favorite car.
Bring camber
indy&caden on 6/23/2018
I would like it if u bring camber into this game and being able to widen the tires to fit the wide body kits please and thank you
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