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This app was last updated on: Jun 14, 2017
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New in version 3.6.5

Booking with Hopper just got faster!

Hopper now offers automatic credit card scanning when you book. Simply and securely scan your credit card. Then save your card to your Hopper account so future bookings are even easier — just 2 taps and 1 swipe and you're done!

Have feedback about a Hopper notification? You can now react to your notifications, which helps Hopper personalize your recommendations (that way, we'll only send you deals and updates you care about most!).

This release also includes a few bug fixes and polish.


Save up to 40% on your next flight! Hopper predicts the future of airfare. Watch your next flight in the app and get a notification as soon as the price drops to its lowest point. Never miss a deal!

Users save on average $50 per flight by following the bunny’s advice. Know if you should book now or wait for a better price using the price prediction feature.

Hopper is like a super-fast, all-knowing travel agent that analyzes up to 15 billion flights prices every day and predicts the future cheapest price with 95% accuracy!

• PREDICT the best time to fly and buy so you’ll score the cheapest fares.

• WATCH a trip to receive price alerts via push notifications the instant prices drop.

• BUY cheap flights in 60 seconds or less with just a few taps and a swipe.

• FLY with confidence knowing you’ve found the best plane tickets on the airlines you like.

Hopper is an award-winning travel app. No spam. No ads. No popups. No time wasted. Just the confidence you’re booking the best flight and saving money.

Other things you can do with Hopper:

• Find the cheapest travel dates using the color-coded calendar
• Get smart travel tips about nearby airports and dates to save even more on your trip
• Use filters to get custom predictions about the best flight for you. Remove long layovers, stops, or basic fares that have lots of extra fees and restrictions
• Compare prices and amenities from over 250 airlines around the world including most low-cost airlines
• Use our price tracker for round-trip or one-way flights
• Receive personalized recommendations about deals to destinations you might like based on flights you are tracking, your past vacations and your travel budget
• Find out about breaking fare sales, hacker fares, and exclusive deals available from your home airport
• Last minute travel? Find great travel deals that leave in the next days. Check out our companion app GTFO for more last minute deals
• Save your traveler profile and your payment details securely for even faster booking
• Get an overview of all of the important details in the fine print from Fair Bear. He’ll let you know about the policies and fees related to flights cancellation or changes, carry-on allowances, first & second checked bags prices and seat selection
• Receive help 24/7 from our support agents if you need to cancel or modify your flight

Download Hopper and let’s start planning your trip!


App Store Best of 2015
“The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME
“23 Life-Changing Apps We Downloaded This Year” - BuzzFeed
"How Well Do Airfare Predictors Work? Hopper: 8/10, Kayak: 6/10, Google Flights: 0/10” - WSJ
"Hopper, Expedia and Skyscanner Use Big Data to Find You the Cheapest Airfares" - Paste Magazine


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoppertravel
Twitter: @hopper

Have a question or some stellar feedback? Give us a shout at support@hopper.com

Don't use this app! Google is better.
Oimayey on 7/21/2017
I've always watched flights through google search (has always done a great job) and in hopes of saving money wanted to use this app to try something new. It did the exact opposite, by listening to Hopper telling me to wait to purchase a flight all the seats sold out for cheapest flight and now it's way more expensive and the cheapest predicted flight is still more expensive then first one I should have just bought. At least with google search it sent me warnings of how many seats were left. I would have just purchased the ticket if I knew all the seats were going. Nope this app didn't warn me of that and it's still telling me to wait to purchase the ticket which will still be more expensive the first choice! So irritating.
Robby2003 on 7/21/2017
Hopper has been great with getting me the price possible!!
Bluemoon10011 on 7/21/2017
This app is primitive, short on choices, and impossible to navigate easily. Promises far more than it delivers. Forget it. Sticking with Google Flights.
Stuck at the airport on 7/21/2017
Hopper sent the wrong itinerary and my daughter and I were stuck in a small country airport for 10 hours. I can not reach anyone from hopper by phone or email. Do Not USE THIS APP!! Zero accountability from hopper.
Great app
Robsambo on 7/21/2017
Simply put.... the app works
The Best!
Run_Away05 on 7/20/2017
The Best App
ryguyho on 7/20/2017
Verry awesome that bunny finds us great deals
Price watcher didn't work
BBC123456 on 7/20/2017
Watching a flight should be easier with this app but wasn't accurate. App told me that the day I started watching that the flight would go down. Price increased and increased and today it suggested buying the ticket-- it had increased $200 since I first started watching it! If I had just booked the flight that day 😡. Fool me once...
Best app !!!
tazmalia5 on 7/20/2017
Very easy omg love it !!!
melie360 on 7/20/2017
I can't speak highly enough of this app! It notified me when the price of the flight I was looking at plummeted! Because of this app, I was able to purchase round trip flights from Atlanta to Paris for $450 total!! it probably saved me over $500! I love the app so much that I made my friends download it for future flights! it's the best!
Do not trust this app
Fouwst on 7/19/2017
I was watching a trip when all of a sudden Hopper told me there were no flights available for my dates. I checked Google flights and found literally dozens. Either the app is broken, or Hopper only has access to a tiny subset of the flights that are actually out there. Either way, I'm out.
I Love this app!
Onestopchicagl on 7/19/2017
The best way to keep an eye on specific flights! I love the notifications as well! Great app!
So wrong
WooWoo2222 on 7/19/2017
I have used hopper for 2 major international flights and its so so so very wrong. I blew money waiting for flights that would definitely be cheaper in the future. Hopper is clueless.
Great App
Christann Chanell on 7/18/2017
This app is great. The recommendations on when to book and when to wait are spot on. I even got a better deal going through Hopper. I was going to book a flight on a major airlines (who shall remain nameless) and their website kept telling me the flight was no longer available but it still showed in my Hopper app as a possibility. I booked through Hopper and saved about $45 per ticket. That's significant. Hopper is my go to for sure!
A waste of time!
ChrisH3040 on 7/18/2017
Downloaded this app to watch a non stop to Zurich. After several days of saying "wait" for 30 days, we received a "buy now" when the fare was the exact same price as the days before. We bought two tickets and three days later received notification from Hopper (later confirmed thru the airlines web site) that fares had dropped $200 per person!! Too bad Hopper and its makers don't stand behind there bogus claims and information! Getting a good price on airline tickets is challenging at best but this app is a waste of time!
One of the best apps out there.
fkaragul on 7/17/2017
I have been using it for a while. Nothing but awesomeness.
Da bomb
Jamjamregae on 7/17/2017
Simple, effective, and fair commission. Nuf said.
Highly Recommended
Pmmcinlou on 7/17/2017
Always the best price. Love how it watches and alerts you when to book, wait or watch. Use all the time nationally and internationally.
Great Idea, needs work
Sweet_Bizkit on 7/17/2017
Not all airlines or routes are included, especially outside of the US, do it makes the tool not very reliable
Love it!
cbold4 on 7/16/2017
Great app, easy to use, relevant trip suggestions.
blueskies09 on 7/16/2017
While the app is easy to use, they do not have access to seat assignments, so when you go to the airline to check in before your flight, you get the last seat pickings. My husband and I are separated during a 13 hour flight to Europe which is causing unnecessary stress. WARNING: book directly with the airlines
Very easy to use.
Dogdive on 7/16/2017
This app made it super easy to watch and then book a flight.
Zimjig on 7/16/2017
Makes watching trips and booking them easy A+++
Very useful
btc afficionado on 7/15/2017
Only thing missing is to allow flexible dates
Radiant Heart on 7/15/2017
I love my app and have recommended to everyone I know!
Does the hard work for me!
CaiqueMom on 7/15/2017
The best! I love not having to watch fares every day for a trip a year in the future !
Jazz8610 on 7/15/2017
I'm not a airline traveler. A friend recommended this app and compared to what a travel agent quoted and the current price, I will have saved over $200. I think it's worth the time.
Fancy Nancy moo on 7/15/2017
Booked flight to Hawaii ... totally amazinggg
Jug-hunter on 7/15/2017
Most amazing app. Told me about a sudden deal on united and I was off to Hawaii for cheap .. totally A+
I love this all
Germany02@ on 7/14/2017
Is very helpful!
Great app!
The Beautiful Dion on 7/14/2017
This app is perfect for someone who loves to travel, but wants a great deal!
Frequent flyer- first and last time using this
Broke for 24 hours on 7/14/2017
They attempted to put unauthorized holds on my account for $8,000 until it maxed out my credit card and my bank declined new charges. After hours on the phone hopper "couldn't find" the authorization code to give my bank to reverse the hold. They made repeat holds on the same tickets and held my entire credit card line (that is not low) for 24 hours until it fell off. Eight THOUSAND dollars They held that were unauthorized! As a result I was unable to book a connecting flight due to lack of funds. (Among other inconveniences associated with not having a CC.) When the funds were released the flights had gone up $500 dollars! Not only did this situation cause me to spend HOuRS-yes HOURS- on the phone while they looked things up, it cost me hundreds of dollars booking a last minute flight. It's like they keep you on the phone and wear you down until you give up. 20 minutes would pass and I would have to say "hello" to verify that they were there. And don't bother transferring departments or a supervisor... they do nothing. It's just silence on the phone for extreme don't periods of time to "research." 4 hours total on the phone yesterday, and that was not including the breaks we took when they "researched" and called me back. The app is great to use but don't book through them. I never received an itinerary email, more or less the ticket info. I had to look up the airline to find flight Info and times. I'm terrified this is not even booked. I can't make any changes or look up things to my flights bc the airlines says it's been booked through a travel agent, but hoppers customer service is literally 100% useless. I am a frequent flier, and this is my first and last time booking through here. This has made this flight so much more work, and such a higher cost than I could ever imagine. Please do not use this!
Great app
dooley411 on 7/14/2017
Used it on my old iPhone loved it ever since
Great app
Buco juice 1208 on 7/14/2017
Love hopper
Awesome Flight App!!
Lkymome on 7/13/2017
So far this app has truly impressed me. Not only does it give you a current ticket price, but tells you the best time to purchase, and around when the price will drop or rise! What an awesome app!! I recommend this app to everyone who travels a lot like we do.
Geneva Switzerland to Washington DC
UN flyer on 7/13/2017
I have just used Hopper for the first time. I travel at least once a month and have done so for the past twenty years. I am impressed with the ease of use and completeness of information. Thanks rabbit.
Data isn't even close
Tecsi on 7/13/2017
Selected multiple green ($325+ RT) dates for SFO-Costa Rica. All that I tried came back as red ($475+). Google Flights predictions are MUCH more accurate.
Love the app
Chrissy112810 on 7/12/2017
I haven't used it as of yet but I've been watching flights and the flights price for RT are cheap
Well worth the fee
Heidi1974 on 7/12/2017
Great transaction very easy to navigate. Easy to look into different flights. Will definitely use again.
Great for getting a fair price
Panamomma on 7/12/2017
I set a watch for a particular trip and then wait for Hopper to tell me the right time to buy. It has saved me a fair amount of money which is always appreciated.
MandySwan10 on 7/12/2017
This is the only way I buy flights now! The predictor is very accurate and reliable, and easily allows me to view/change options and prices! Can't rave about it enough!
Great app!
Conniefal on 7/12/2017
It helps a lot since I travel from NY to LA frequently and tells me when to book!
Jachatico on 7/11/2017
I just saved almost 400$ from a flight they found me, Mia-Madrid for 471 dollars next month!!! I love this app
Poor prediction
Poorly predicted on 7/11/2017
Hoppers price prediction was entirely inaccurate for my flight. Their prediction to wait for it to drop in price never occurred and ended up costing me an additional $200 before I cut my losses. If you still feel like trying out Hopper I would advise you to give it a few "tests flights" to see how well it works for you.
'Cuse Girl on 7/11/2017
Saved me $100!
Worst app ever
Franny 1 on 7/11/2017
I'm actually angry at an app for the first time. Hopper kept telling me to "Wait" for better ticket prices. Finally, it said prices were going up & even though my tickets weren't a good price, I should just buy them. I wish I never looked at the app & just bought my tickets when I knew they were a reasonable price! Worst app ever.
Josephchargersfan on 7/10/2017
Just booked a trip and couldn't do it as rakish without this little bunny
Best deals
Jaiene on 7/10/2017
Absolutely love hopper have the best deals and let me know whether to purchase now or wait for a better deal.
No premium class watching
lagw54 on 7/10/2017
First and business class fares also fluctuate. I would love to see these fares included in a future update.
AleBenites on 7/10/2017
Always works and help me to safe money! Thank you
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