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The bunny has secured some incredible deals to South America, Asia and Europe. Be on the lookout for routes with Secret Fares — available only to Hopper users. Then just watch that trip to unlock exclusive deals!


Save up to 40% on your next flight! Hopper predicts the future of airfare prices. Watch your next flight in the app and get a notification as soon as the price drops to its lowest point. Never miss a deal!

Users save on average $50 per flight by following the bunny’s advice. Know if you should book now or wait for a better price using the price prediction feature.

Hopper is like a super-fast, all-knowing travel agent that analyzes up to 15 billion flights prices every day and predicts the future cheapest price with 95% accuracy!

• PREDICT the best time to fly and buy so you’ll score the cheapest fares.

• WATCH a trip to receive price alerts via push notifications the instant prices drop.

• BUY cheap flights in 60 seconds or less with just a few taps and a swipe.

• FLY with confidence knowing you’ve found the best plane tickets on the airlines you like.

Hopper is an award-winning travel app. No spam. No ads. No popups. No time wasted. Just the confidence you’re booking the best flight and saving money.

Other things you can do with Hopper:

• Find the cheapest travel dates using the color-coded calendar
• Get smart travel tips about nearby airports and dates to save even more on your trip
• Use filters to get custom predictions about the best flight for you. Remove long layovers, stops, or basic fares that have lots of extra fees and restrictions
• Compare prices and amenities from over 250 airlines around the world including most low-cost and north american airlines
• Use our price tracker for round-trip or one-way flights
• Receive personalized recommendations about deals to destinations you might like based on flights you are tracking, your past vacations and your travel budget
• Find out about breaking fare sales, hacker fares, and exclusive deals available from your home airport
• Last minute travel? Find great travel deals that leave in the next days. Check out our companion app GTFO for more last minute deals
• Save your traveler profile and your payment details securely for even faster booking
• Get an overview of all of the important details in the fine print from Fair Bear. He’ll let you know about the policies and fees related to flights cancellation or changes, carry-on allowances, first & second checked bags prices and seat selection
• Receive help 24/7 from our support agents if you need to cancel or modify your flight

• NEW: you can now watch & book some of the best hotels in New York City!

Download Hopper and let’s start planning your trip!


App Store Best of 2015
“The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME
“23 Life-Changing Apps We Downloaded This Year” - BuzzFeed
"How Well Do Airfare Predictors Work? Hopper: 8/10, Kayak: 6/10, Google Flights: 0/10” - WSJ
"Hopper, Expedia and Skyscanner Use Big Data to Find You the Cheapest Airfares" - Paste Magazine


Twitter: @hopper

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10000/10 would recommend
Kennah G on 1/21/2018
I’m about to take my third and fourth trips booked through Hopper and they’re the best deals I’ve gotten so far! I’m going to New Zealand, round trip from Columbus, Ohio, for $830 or so. After that I’m going to Manchester, UK, round trip, for about $730. I couldn’t travel without Hopper and I’ve told at least fifteen people about it. Booking is so easy and fast and you don’t have to do the work of watching the flights. It takes all the guessing out of traveling. The app itself is super well designed and easy to use. I absolutely LOVE this app!
You need this app
@abigstar on 1/21/2018
I love Hopper. I fly about 5-6 times per year and it saves me hundreds of dollars and a bit of time looking for flights!
Money Saved
Tysmith22 on 1/21/2018
I just started using this app for a trip in April. The alerts and predictions saved me $300 per ticket. The alert fired off and I was able to quickly secure the tickets that I had been waiting on. Highly recommend using and using far in advance if that is possible.
Great app
piasford on 1/20/2018
What a great app and a great way to safe money. You also allow cancellation if need to. You guys are awesome.
rtoo66 on 1/20/2018
Hopper helped me fly friends in from Bordeaux and meet them in New York ! Tickets were super cheap, since the app helped us buy at the right moment! And booking went great through Hopper- everybody got the info without me having to write endless email. What else is there to say?
About all you can ask for.
HeyJohnBoy23 on 1/20/2018
Good service. Charges fees, have found better prices bc of this. Still ability to track flight patterns and dates are great for finding the best deals.
Your info saved
enfermera1001 on 1/19/2018
I love the way hopper saves the travelers' info. Streamlines the booking...every click counts!
Please add set-day repeated search!
lax33nf on 1/19/2018
Haven’t had it for long enough to really see the benefits, but please, please make a feature where you can search not just a set time period, but set days repeatedly (ie. Friday-Sunday, all month, all year)! For a job that’s not as flexible as the “flexible” deal watch, this would be a huge time saver
This app is like a magic wand!
the xan on 1/19/2018
Three days ago, following a friend’s recommandation I downloaded Hopper. Plugged in my destination & dates. Flights were outrageously expensive until today! I received a notification informing me a new low flight was available. I followed the ease filled steps prompted on the app and booked a VERY reasonable fare, I’m thrilled!
The Best
Jaz👊 on 1/19/2018
I’ve been using this app for 2 years now. I’ve scored so many great deals on here.
Good job
cxdsfhnyf on 1/18/2018
Highly Recommended
Iris' Laptop on 1/18/2018
This app is great in showing all of the "hidden" fees, gives a great variety of traveling options, and is user-friendly.
Makes life organized
The real Trin on 1/17/2018
Byeshi on 1/17/2018
Love Love Love this app for making traveling (which sometimes can be the bain of any vacation) so painless!!! Quick and easy to search flights, best rates you’ll likely to ever find with legit airlines!!! Thank you!
The best ever!!
f.sonderegger on 1/16/2018
Forget about Expedia, Travelocity, blah blah blaaaaa. There is nothing better than hopper! Thank you. ❤️
So simple!
SocialJustis on 1/16/2018
Great way to travel!
Rache26 on 1/16/2018
I just downloaded this app for a trip I am taking over spring break. Flights were super high when I first checked. I was skeptical but I thought why not try and see if Hopper can find me a cheaper flight. Well the app came thru!! I just bought my flight for less than half of what the flights were when I was checking. Thank you!!
Great App
Evy2583 on 1/16/2018
Great app! But I have to keep looking on myself because I don’t get notified when the prices dropped. I have it set up to get notified but I looked and the prices dropped and I never got notified.
Buzzworks1 on 1/16/2018
I couldn’t imagine traveling without Hopper! It’s saved me a ton of money and booking is so easy and fast!
Didn't seem to work as well this time!
Smerrittory on 1/15/2018
We really like the convenience of the app, but the notification system didn't seem to function properly for this trip. Also the app recommended waiting and as a result of following the recommendation, we paid more per ticket and were forced to connect through Dallas when we would've gotten a non-stop had we booked earlier.
Great App!
JustinTlownote on 1/15/2018
Easy one-stop shop for airfare and the notifications let the app work for you and get a great deal. 👍🏼
Off the Rails Magazine
Meechi Meech on 1/15/2018
I got an amazing deal last minute flying to Miami, Hopper saved me money and time.
Ana Ceragioli on 1/15/2018
Achei o aplicativo interessante, mas pra mim, falta poder trocar a língua. Gostaria de ver em Português
blakewad on 1/14/2018
I had the hopper app for a few weeks as I was planning to visit New York. Hopper informed me early on that flights were around $400+ and that the time to book was now, prices will only increase. Based on that advice, I booked. For the next few weeks I proceeded to watch prices increase here and there, as well as finally decrease down to $300 or so a week or so before my flight date. I actually steadily watched prices fall a couple weeks after I had already spent what ended up being over $100 more than where prices ended up. I get that is app is trying to predict, but if you’re going to waste both my time and money what are you good for?
Jaspervdz on 1/14/2018
Great app!
Chewbympm on 1/14/2018
This app is garbage. Put in flight for MEM-SFO and price was $311. Hopper said to wait. Price goes up to $346. Hopper said to wait. Price is now over $400 and Hopper sent me a note to say that I should buy soon. What?! Thanks for costing me over $160. Absolute garbage.
Non intuitive, poor interface, incomplete listings
Journey4Truth on 1/14/2018
Not sure why this is getting so many favorable reviews. I gave it a try but found the interface nonintuitive, some examples being: 1. Lack of a home button so I can go back and start fresh. 2. No way to view your current watchlist so I have no idea what flights are currently being watched, and when setting a watch for certain flights, I only had the option to tap X or tap Cancel, making it seem like by doing so, I’m canceling the watch. There was no way to confirm the watch was active and indeed when I go through the same flight searches I see a prompt asking if I want to set a watch again, so it appears the previous watch I set was never saved. Just very confusing and not helpful. 3. Flight prices only cover certain airlines, it contains no Delta listings for example, which is not the fault of Hopper since Hipmunk has the same issue. However Hopper should make it CLEAR what airlines they don’t cover so we can check these airlines separately. 4. No way to clear notifications: all I can do is give them a thumbs down, which appears to do nothing, so what’s the point? Overall I wanted to like this app but way too many issues for it to be of any use to me.
Not the cheapest flights
Usaohiorandomguy on 1/12/2018
Google flights showed me cheaper flights.
Can only Select one Airport
FalconsATW on 1/12/2018
Seriously, you can only select one airport. I live in DC and have the option for DCA or IAD. Google Flight is a better choice
sportchirodoc on 1/12/2018
Very helpful! This app takes away the anxiety of booking flights!
Minimum duration is longer than weekends
newusergm on 1/12/2018
The app will find flights for trips that are at least 4 days long, therefore excluding weekends.
AbiChoco18 on 1/11/2018
Por los buenos precios
Love it!!
Ffguru on 1/11/2018
Best app for predicting flight prices. Saved me a ton of money
One tweak for five stars!
punifloyd on 1/10/2018
I really like this app! I just downloaded it because I’m going to spend a semester abroad in Belgium this fall, and I want to use the opportunity to travel cheaply around Europe. Right now, I’ve set up the watch function so that I can get keep track of the best deals leaving Brussels, BUT there’s one problem... the minimum number of days I can set for a trip is 4, which I get by selecting weekend. Last I checked, the weekend is 2 days, not 4! I’ll be a full time student when I’m abroad, but cheap flights to nearby countries will make it easy to see Europe on the weekends... if I can find flights that are actually for just a weekend. I don’t want to miss too much class! Please update the app so that I can watch for 2 or 3 day trips, or tell me how to apply that setting if I’m just missing something!!
Better, still unaddressed shortcomings
Asan110 on 1/10/2018
Have booked many flights through the app; the actual booking process is a dream compared to direct through the airlines. But searching leaves much to be desired and still doesn’t give nearly enough control over dates — in particular, I may be interested *only* in evening or morning flights in the end date of my trip, if I’m trying to avoid taking time off work. The shortest option in the ‘flexible’ section you can choose is “weekends”, but this gives me results for 4-day trips like Tues-Sat. Do you understand what a WEEKEND is, Hopper? And let me blacklist specific airlines I don’t want to fly with, not just discount airlines! Lastly, PLEASE respect my locale settings—it’s very confusing trying to book travel when my iOS calendar starts on Monday but yours always starts in Sunday.
Great App
Chighashu on 1/10/2018
My first experience with this app so easy n helpful 👍👍
Saved while I slept
love the Rabbit on 1/10/2018
Saved while I slept $100
Great concept, frustrating glitches
Kamrausch on 1/9/2018
I just discovered hopper and love the flight alerts it sends me. They arrive before alerts from other companies like hipmunk and kayak. However, twice in the two weeks since I downloaded the ap, I am unable to access the notifications and searches. I am still getting texts that I have new flight alerts which is super frustrating to not be able to access. The ap shows an error message that there is server trouble and to check if the problem persists. The reload button doesn’t work. The webpage shows that everything is working fine and there is no problem. The first time this happened, I deleted the ap and reloaded it. They solved the problem... for about 5 days. But it just happened again. If there was a place on the website for support, I would be going there instead of writing this review. Please fix this!!!!
No Hidden Fees
EadieC2 on 1/9/2018
This is my first time to use Hopper and I was surprised to find the price quoted to me is what I actually paid!! In addition, I love how Hopper told me to wait (because the prices were likely to drop)to purchase one trip I was looking at and to buy now for a different trip (because prices were going to go up). It seems Hopper really does have the customer’s best interest at heart...a rarity these days!
Doesn’t work
Mrloofer on 1/9/2018
Can’t even select flight times!
Save money on flights
Avid Listner - San Francisco on 1/9/2018
I must say, I was a little skeptical when I first started using this, but I am completely sold. This is a great app that will really save you money on flights – it sort of reminds me of that game Battleship, where it specifically tells you where your opponents battleships are!
Can Save $$$
hustlin'4life on 1/9/2018
Using this app has save lots of $$$. It eliminates the need to constantly check for deals. I simply enter my dates and location and alerts me when there’s a deal. It will also let you know if you need to wait.
Can’t beat the fares
Rickjack1216 on 1/9/2018
Can’t beat the fares.
Thank you Hopper!
AsiaAshley on 1/8/2018
Hopper has saved me hundreds on my travel!
Happy Hoppy
MrsAliKee on 1/8/2018
It was very fast and friendly (as a machine can be) to book a flight. Saving money.
Great app!
MakeWaffles NotWar on 1/6/2018
Great app, very helpful and efficient. But it doesn’t seem to allow you to up from basic economy class flights, which I can do online w Google Flights. Great besides that!
Team Save $ on 1/6/2018
It was easy to use and it works. Saved me $300.
Can’t sign in
Gabe Moya on 1/5/2018
I went from the iPhone 6s to the X. When I downloaded the Hopper app again on my X it was signed out. The UI has “Log in/Sign up” SIDE BY SIDE ON ONE CLICK. No separation to let me sign in. No matter how I click it it keeps making me sign up. So I go through it KNOWING I have an account and then WHAT DO YA KNOW IT SAYS THE EMAIL IS ALREADY IN USE. OKY COOL THEN LET ME SIGN IN. I love to travel and I love this app BUT I CAN’T SIGN IN. PLEASE CHANGE THE UI INTERFACE TO TWO SEPARATE ACTIONS SO I MAY SIGN IN PLEASE. 😭
Better off doing your own research
Effthismagne on 1/5/2018
If you have any idea what you are doing when hunting for cheap airfare, you know you’ll be severely overpaying with hopper. I routinely find better deals than what hopper notifies me of for both cross country and in state travel. Subscribing to southwest emails will find you better deals.
Does not show all major carriers
KiddyWhompus on 1/5/2018
I have been using this app for over a week, before I noticed they do not show Delta fares or flights! They are a non stop carrier in my area, and they do not show Delta? Do they only show carriers that pay them to be shown? In that case, how can I trust them if they are only looking out for their bottom line, and not for the best deal for the customer? Purchased my ticket directly through Delta at a lower price than Hopper was quoting with other carriers.
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