Inbox by Gmail

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.3.180408 Oct 22, 2014 Apr 20, 2018 215.9 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.3.180408

• Bug fixes and performance improvements


Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters.

• HIGHLIGHTS - Get the most important information without even opening the message. Check-in for flights, see shipping information for purchases, and view photos from friends right up front.

• BUNDLES - Similar messages are bundled together so you can deal with them all at once. And get rid of them with one swipe.

• REMINDERS - More than mail, you can add Reminders so your inbox contains all the things you need to get back to.

• SNOOZE - Snooze emails and Reminders to come back when you are ready to deal with them: next week, when you get home, or whenever you choose.

• SEARCH - Inbox helps you find exactly what you’re looking for— from your upcoming flight to a friend's address— without having to dig through messages.

• WORKS WITH GMAIL - Inbox is built by the Gmail team, so all your messages from Gmail are here, along with the reliability and spam protection of Gmail. All of your messages are still in Gmail and always will be.

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Ruined trust with Customer
Gautamnc on 4/24/2018
I, others like me, have been patient since iPhone X was released. Now with removal of swipe down to close, it’s making it tough to continue having trust on INBOX project. All of the google apps are now iPhone X compatible now. For FYI to the dev team, notch support is not just a cosmetic feature, it should be considered as a release blocker. Because you’re loosing customers. Or please come out and firmly say you’re sunsetting this poor guy and merging it’s good features to Gmail. That’d give customers to look forward for something inbox-y in their life.
No iPhone X Support
¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯ on 4/24/2018
I get that you have a custom UI but seriously, please support the iPhone X already
iPhone X support needed
mcflys82 on 4/23/2018
This is awesome app, but iPhone X support strongly needed. Shame on you google! 😆
Bad buggy
Photobombqqq on 4/23/2018
I have been using this for a bunch of years. Buggy on email forwards. And not updated to work on iphonex
Reluctantly Still Using This App
DevBandit on 4/23/2018
This app still hasn’t been updated for iPhone X. Also, it was just updated so that it got rid of the swipe down to go back gesture. You now have to reach up to the top left and press the back button to go back. Please fix these things.
Edit: everything’s fine. Old: Latest update is a nasty surprise
Nosaj544 on 4/23/2018
Edit: it got changed back. Hooray. Old review: For a long time, you’ve been able to pull down on any screen to return to the previous screen. The latest update removed that feature and just stuck a hard-to-reach back button up in the corner. I guess it’s time to change mail apps.
A different way to deal with Email
jec3975 on 4/23/2018
Outside of the iPhone X update (I don’t own a X) You need to forget the way you think of Email and try something different. For those of you who keep asking for mark as unread this app isn’t for you it’s not going to happen, instead you have snooze and pinning. I read a lot of reviews saying they did away with pull down to close... they didn’t it still works as intended and btw you can also swipe up to do the same thing. In fact inbox does almost all the things people are saying it doesn’t you just need to spend some time in settings and the help menu
Maximumzing on 4/23/2018
I really do not like having the swipe down down function redone into refresh, it felt a lot more intuitive in my opinion for me to swipe down inside a section to go back to the main inbox view. Please consider changing this or at least include it as an option in the settings. Also, I’m still waiting on an iPhone X display update :(.
Stay away
Young_0ne on 4/23/2018
App was good when I had an iPhone 7 but since the release of the x they have yet to update it to fit the whole screen and it seems as if the app has just become more buggy and less responsive than it used to be. Servers updates have came out since the release of the x and none optimizing then for the screen. Waste
Danyollee on 4/23/2018
Why no iPhone X visual support? It’s been too long this is ridiculous
Progressively getting worse
slothco on 4/23/2018
First no iPhone X support, now pull down to close functionality has been removed for no reason after months of no real updates.
Almost perfect
Arrowfi on 4/23/2018
Needs iPhone X support design!
Pull to close removed?
cactushackedus on 4/23/2018
Removing features out of the blue and no iPhone x support? Looks like this app is headed for the retirement pile. Back to gmail or something else I suppose.
Pull down to leave email or section no longer works
Black Bloke on 4/23/2018
The gesture of pull down to escape an email and return to a parent menu no longer seems to work. Without that Inbox is pretty much just like any other email box and I no longer have any compelling reason to use it over the Gmail app. Sad.
Left in the cold
SpencerAlger on 4/23/2018
Beware you who trust in Google to update their software. Based on the order that apps are getting updated, and the upcoming gmail redesign, I think it’s safe to say that inbox is on the way out the door. WOULD LOVE TO BE PROVEN WRONG
Time to check your scope creep
OMGITM on 4/22/2018
Meaningless updates for months now. Still no iPhone X support. What are we doing here Google? Fixing minor caching issues??? Stop focusing on the wrong things and listen to users here.
Fix for the iPhone X!
Will Stith on 4/22/2018
Seriously??? This is made by Google. Extremely pathetic that it does not work on the X.
6 months have passed, no iPhone X support
Tzach Alon on 4/22/2018
Amazingly humiliating to see Google's pioneered email project not being pushed to iOS users..
Quality of life features taken
Frequent Beaster on 4/22/2018
Swipe to close was so convenient! Why would that be taken out in the latest update??
Pull down functionality broken
tannertlh on 4/22/2018
I love Inbox, and it has changed the way I consume my email. But google recently removed the feature where pulling down an email took you back to the previous page, and it makes the app more difficult to navigate. Change it back!
Hate to say, but I’m uninstalling Inbox
drewcampbell on 4/22/2018
I have an iPhone X. I’ve had one since launch day. And every single day I force my App Store to check for updates - and I hold my breath - hoping and praying for an Inbox app update. Usually every week, one rolls out. I see it and I get all excited. I install it, and much to my dismay, no iPhone X full screen support. Every. Single. App. I use on a daily basis has been updated to utilize the full screen size of the X - MONTHS AGO. Stupid apps, with probably a few thousand users have rolled out iPhone X full screen support. And guys... you are flipping Google. I mean seriously. YOU ARE GOOGLE! Please.... PLEASSEEEE update the app ASAP. I love this app, and your company, but I am sadly going back to the Gmail app today. I just can’t take it anymore.
No support for iPhone X screen real estate
Kpeterk on 4/22/2018
After many months, Google has yet to support a full screen experience on the iPhone X. As a result, Inbox runs in a smaller window that wastes much of the screen real estate that could otherwise be possible. Please get with the program.
Please optimize for iPhone X
Stromme83 on 4/22/2018
Great otherwise- universal inbox would be great too
Update for iPhone X
Isaac54 on 4/22/2018
It's been over seven months. Please update for the iPhone X. It's the only app on my entire phone not optimized for Apple's flagship phone. And now you've taken away the swiping function to back out of emails.
Everything is good except for iPhone X support!
Zachzeyuchen on 4/22/2018
Please support iPhone x screen resolution! Been waiting for years !
Bring back "pull down to go back".
donutzman on 4/22/2018
Pull down to refresh is fine at the main inbox, but I don't understand why you took away from within each category the ability to go back to inbox by pulling down, that was so useful!
No iPhone X Support
Throw In the Towel on 4/22/2018
It’s been months and many updates later and Google has yet to optimize for iPhone X. It’s a great app, but I can’t help but feel shafted every time an update comes out and all I see “various bug fixes and performance improvements.” Inbox is currently my go-to mail app, but I’m actively looking to replace it.
App badge notification is driving me crazy
My Grande Review on 4/22/2018
Please fix! I’m seriously thinking about deleting the app. The badge notification is stuck on (2). I’ve checked my mail on my desktop and phone. I do not have any unread emails.
iPhone X support needed
travisj on 4/22/2018
Just about every other Google app is optimized for iPhone X, but not Inbox. Please fix this soon!
Font so small
Khalilramah on 4/22/2018
I love the app except the font looks so tiny on my iPhone. I don’t see any in-app option for increasing it
hi lol hehe whar on 4/21/2018
iPhone X support please!
6 months and still no support for IPX
perezdev on 4/21/2018
I love Google Inbox, but this delay is ridiculous. The app has been updated half a dozen times, but the UI still doesn't support the IPX.
Please support iPhone X
Walt_B_ on 4/21/2018
Please support iPhone X!!
naresh1p on 4/21/2018
Easy to use and well organized
Badge Icon Bug and Looks Stupid on iPhone X
DeathShrike on 4/21/2018
Guess what. That badge icon bug showing phantom messages? Still there. Oh, and it looks dumb as hell on an iPhone X. Even Domino's updated their app FFS.
Navigation changed for the worse
Peril Sakens on 4/21/2018
Latest update removed swipe down to close group. Added fade in and slower fade out effects. Don’t like it.
How has this app not been updated for iPhone X?
Xboxremotes on 4/21/2018
How on earth has this app not been updated for iPhone X yet? I waited before submitting this review, but here we are in late April (almost 6 months after the iPhone X release) and it still has not been updated. Great app overall but the iPhone X implementation of it is no good.
Swipe Gesture Removed
Cd andrews on 4/21/2018
Please restore the swipe down to close gesture. This was one of the best features of this app and now it is gone.
Still No iPhone X Update?
AustinXXX on 4/21/2018
Inbox by Gmail is BY FAR my favorite email client but going on 7 months now, there’s STILL no update for the iPhone X. What’s going on over there, Google folks? Soon, I hope.
iPhone X Support - still nothing?
DeltaVolt on 4/21/2018
The iPhone X has been out for about half a year now and there’s still no support for it. I used to use this app all the time but at this point I’m thinking of uninstalling it.
How is this app STILL not updated for iPhone X?
Loanhighknight on 4/21/2018
This is the ELEVENTH update to this app since the iPhone X was announced. Why is it STILL not optimized for one of the Big 3 flagship phones?
Still no IPhone X support
EgoNazgul on 4/21/2018
It’s now months since the iPhone X was released, nearly every other Google app has been updated to support the screen size, except this one. Now navigation has been updated to get rid of all the gestures? This is getting worse, not better.
Bad experience!!
Timothy Tong on 4/21/2018
I think I’m going to switch back to Gmail just because Inbox isn’t getting enough attention. In this update the feature to drag down to close an email group got removed, and I found myself super dependent on that feature. The UX has now turned to a load of crap.
No iPhone X + No pull to close
The Chris 321 on 4/21/2018
All other google apples support iPhone X. This is ridiculous. Also they removed swipe down to close email. Will update review to 5 Star once these are resolved
iPhone X Layout is STILL Missing
darcilicious on 4/21/2018
Five months after the release of the iPhone X, this is still true! Despite regular updates since the release of the iPhone X, Google has yet to update Inbox for the new resolution/size. Get with it already!!
Pull up and down
Vyazovoy on 4/21/2018
Why have you removed most coolest feature of app? The pull down returns you to previous level and it was amazingly useful feature! Please, bring it back!!!! Single finger mode is the most valuable invention of the app
All around awkward
mindctrl on 4/21/2018
This app is just weird. I can appreciate the desire to “fix email”, but the attempt fails here. This app is not good. Also it still doesn’t fill the iPhone X screen, despite receiving numerous updates since its release. And several more updates and still no X support.
Great concept, no iPhone X support!
JoeBlack_ on 4/21/2018
Really disappointed with the no iPhone C support. Also missing the “Mark as spam” option.
Plain & Simple
gjh1978 on 4/21/2018
You’ve abandoned this project, put it in maintenance mode. This is more than obvious. What you SHOULD do is update to support iPhone X native resolution before you sunset the app. Shame on you Google...
Had to finally ditch this
xtopher1974 on 4/21/2018
It became clear since the Launch of iPhone X and Google’s refusal to update the app that Google isn’t putting thought or effort into this project anymore. I switched back to Spark which I hadn’t given up in favor of Inbox several years ago as I needed a desktop solution. Inbox no longer has that advantage or any other.
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