Google Calendar

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 2.38.0 Mar 10, 2015 Apr 15, 2018 145.4 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.38.0

• Bug fixes and performance improvements to address freezing issues some users have experienced.


Get the official Google Calendar app for your iPhone or iPad to save time and make the most of every day.
• Different ways to view your calendar - Quickly switch between month, week and day view.
• Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations and more are added to your calendar automatically.
• To-dos - Use Reminders to create and view to-dos alongside your events.
• Goals - Add personal goals—like “run 3 times a week”—and Calendar will schedule time for them automatically.
• Quick event creation - Smart suggestions for event titles, places and people save you time when creating events.
• All your calendars in one place - Google Calendar works with all calendars on your device, including Exchange and iCloud.

Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically.

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Update freezes me calendar
Deez45 on 4/20/2018
I can’t create new event or set reminders and goals without it freezing and clearing out of the app. I dislike this update for my phone. I have to log in on my computer to add events to my calendar and that’s a hassle when it isn’t with me 24/7. Fix it please!!!
'SkinsFan on 4/20/2018
ABSURDLY slow! Heavy lag no matter the connection (cellular or WiFi) or platform. Events take too long to populate, even when adding directly from invitation in Gmail app. Freezes often.
Laggy and Slow
Jill1205 on 4/20/2018
This app used to work fine, but for the last few months, I can barely open it. It takes many minutes to stabilize and then tends to freeze up anyways after some time.
Latest update causes crashes
Gougviyc on 4/20/2018
Latest update causes crashes on startup.
nyccowgirl_ on 4/20/2018
Totally useless for over a month, maybe two. I can only use website version now. Crashes every time I open the app!
New update ruined this app
Em_1013 on 4/20/2018
Lived of my google calendar for 2 years now. Updated the other day and either froze for minutes or crashed. Now it crashes every time it’s opened. New update said fixed bugs and crashes, guess they didn’t realize it’s now doing it to others.
Crashing even more after “fix”
Naillil53 on 4/20/2018
This is the second fix in a very short time. I love the calendar when it works, but it’s barely working after the second patch! As soon as I open the app, it crashes. Or...the first screen of the current day’s events actually displays, but then the app crashes. Please fix this! My phone battery can’t handle the constant use I require of Google calendar.
Freezes Multiple Times Daily
YUPGHJ on 4/20/2018
I used to like Google calendar. However, lately it freezes constantly, if you have to look something up give yourself time. Open it then close several times just to see what is going on. Adding someone to an event, forget about it - go to your desktop and do it. But Google won’t read this, so I guess I’m just venting to make myself feel better.
Doesn’t work
Putyourshoesonlucy on 4/20/2018
This app does not work anymore. Since the last update it won’t open for more than a second until it crashes. I’ve tried restarting my phone and closing and reopening the app to no avail. PLEASE FIX THIS APP NOW.
Slowest app of all time
Theronnyshow on 4/20/2018
Takes me 10 minutes to type in an event name, very frustrating and slow app
PLEASE fix the app for iPhone!
DebiBaldwin on 4/20/2018
The freezing issue is becoming ridiculous. I’m a long time Google Calendar user, it pretty much controls my life, but it’s almost unusable at this point. The constant freezing should be fixed by now. I’ve been patient.....
Jwasyod on 4/20/2018
App had been unresponsive in last few weeks. It will load and then take minutes to begin scrolling. Cannot use app
Avoid this app!
Missed event on 4/20/2018
I’ve been using this app for the past nine months, and everything was fine. But for last month it continues to freeze when opened so I can’t reliably add appointments when out and about. Now its starting to affect my iPhones functionality. Hate to have to move all future appointments to new app and lose history of pass appointments but that’s what it had come done to.
The Best
lance.p on 4/20/2018
Best calendar there is. Easy to use, fast, and always works.
Wish this worked better
Amateur Puzzler on 4/20/2018
I love the online version, I manage my life on it! I have 3 different calendars, 1 is shared. The app has had a ton of issues in the past few months though - crashing, freezing, etc. - that make it useless when I really need it! I hope it goes back to working like it used to. :(
This app is like winter in New England—just keeps freezing
jsmith873 on 4/20/2018
Every time I get disgusted enough to look for a better calendar app (I.e., one that doesn’t lose data and/or freeze up) an update comes out that says they’ve “addressed the freezing issues that some users are having.” Not so. Again.
What happened??
SpArKlePiXieDusT on 4/20/2018
I've used this app for years. Loved it.... Until 4-16-18. The latest update is super delayed. It was never like this. What happened? Please fix it. I hate change. But if it takes me 20 minutes to put an event in... Just not worth it.
What happened?
DrTFH on 4/20/2018
Use this app ALL THE TIME, and typically find it very good and helpful. But, over the past few weeks it has grown increasingly unreliable and now will not even stay open. It crashes seconds after opening it...every time. I have looked for an update, restarted my phone, etc., all to no avail. Hoping a fix is sent out today...having a productivity app that can’t be used is not tolerable, even for a much depends on it.
Awful after last upgrade
(v1.43) on 4/20/2018
It was working fine before the last update but now I can’t even open up the calendar, it keeps crashing.
App freezes but usually great
E Chandler on 4/20/2018
I had an update a few days ago and I’m not sure how to contact anyone about this, the update was to fix freezing issues but i am still having them. I’ve deleted app and re-downloaded as well. Please help. This is my go-to calendar and I’ve always loved it.
Please make it work again!
Froglet76 on 4/20/2018
UPDATED BUT STILL NOT WORKING. I loved this app for a long time but within the last month it freezes up EVERY time I open it and even freezes/ shuts down my phone. The app itself is great when it works, easy entries, nice graphics. But all this is useless now. Also would be great if reminders actually reminded you: there is no notification option on these so it's only useful if you regularly go into the app to see what reminders are there.
Bug fixes caused bugs
TheMexicanMusician on 4/20/2018
This is normally one of my most-used apps. Since the latest update dated 4.16.18, I’ve gotten nothing but freezing, even when I simply open the app. Google, please fix this immediately. This is a great tool, but you’ve shot yourself in the foot. iPhone 5S. Version 11.2.2. Model ME344LL/A
Latest version is unusable
Adskfjfjdfjk!! on 4/20/2018
Loved it in the past, latest update renders it on my iPhone 6s unusable with freezes, glitches galore. All other apps and functions on my phone are fine. Going back to Apple calendar for the time being. Please fix!!!
On iPhone 7+, slow and laggy
w3chen99 on 4/20/2018
I’ve been having major issues lately where opening the app to add or check events results in the app being frozen and unresponsive. I have been hoping for an update to fix these issues, but nothing has fixed this problem that has gone on for months.
Slow slow slow
Solid app ! 👍 on 4/20/2018
Not sure what happened to this app but I moved to the Apple calendar. I can’t the calendar to even scroll let alone use it.
Great app before last update!!!
KrazyKarl816 on 4/20/2018
My wife and I use this app to guide our life and kid activities. We use this app multiple times a day and rely on it for planning. Since the last update all the app does is freeze and force close. Come on google we need another update from the last update to fix whatever changes were made!!
C’mon folks....
Loud1 on 4/20/2018
This used to be my “go to” app for a calendar. Now, it is unusable. It crashes constantly. -2 stars. Can we, please, get a substantial update?? Thank you.
Crashing on iPhone OS 11.3
CluelessDad on 4/20/2018
For the last few days, the app has been crashing about 5 seconds after I open it up on my iPhone 8 Plus. Before this latest issue, app has been working great for me. I love the app and use it all the time. Using Apple Calendar as a workaround until this issue is resolved.
So close to awesomeness
C-Grint on 4/20/2018
My only complaint with this app is that it always has a 31 on the app icon. Please make it function like the calendar app that comes with the iPhone and have it change with the current date.
Update doesn’t fix bugs
BrittaKristen81 on 4/20/2018
Despite downloading the update this app continues to freeze and crash. On the rare occasion this app works I love it and prefer it over the iPhone calendar app. Switching back though because this app just won’t work consistently.
Please fix
Rcb321 on 4/20/2018
This would be my go to calendar and it used to be until some recent updates which have rendered it useless. Crashes EVERY time I open it. Google, this is embarrassing... please fix
What happened to the app?
Meghan_09 on 4/20/2018
This app has gotten horrible! It freezes consistently and force quit’s daily, to where I cannot even do anything with it. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app multiple times. That will work for a couple of days and then I start having issues again.
App crashes
Heavensangel on 4/20/2018
I use this app because my boyfriend has an Android and it makes scheduling things easier. I love this app and the functionality but recently every time I go to use the app it locks up or crashes. Makes it very hard to see what is scheduled and add things.
Get it together Google
Mama keesh on 4/20/2018
I’m on the market for new calendar app. We are a family of five with two working parents, a high schooler, middle schooler, and elementary schooler...all with activities, events, and travel. Have a collaborative calendar environment (that works...hint, hint Google) is an absolute must for my family. Minus the youngest crew member, we all have google accounts so google calendar was initially a life saver as I provided that collaborative environment we needed to keep track of all the activity. At this point I’m only giving the app one star because I can’t give it zero. It freezes, is lagging, changes times, shuts down...all functions I’m certain aren’t a compliment to an app. We use a calendar because we are BUSY so using a calendar that takes a LOT of time to use is counterproductive and the reason why I’m on the hunt for sometime better. Wish you hadn’t let me down Google. You were so good to me at first and now your just a bum.
So many issues
robbhi2137 on 4/20/2018
Google Calendar is a fantastic tool, and I have happily used it via PC for years. I've had the iPhone app for almost as long, but recently it has not been functional at all. It freezes when I open it, and then when it finally loads I can't open any event descriptions or swipe through my calendar because it freezes again. This is even after two updates in the last month claiming "bug fixes." Please find a solution.
Constant freezing and closing of app
Slater8888 on 4/20/2018
I wouldn’t even call this trash, that would give trash a bad name. This calendar freezes or force closes at the slightest thought of navigating through the days, week, or month.... not to mention the almost impossible task of adding something to ur calendar...this used to be such a good calendar. Google I’m not mad at you... I’m just disappointed in you.
Should work better
tri2bee on 4/20/2018
I wish this calendar would work better! About 50% of the time it freezes - upon opening, or if I get it open it freezes trying to open a date & if I can get that date takes forever to load anything. Please fix these bugs so this calendar stops freezing!
Crash after crash
manimetales on 4/20/2018
Title says it all. I love the app, and use it daily. However, I find it difficult to get my full use of this app when it forces to quit back to home screen after a few scrolls. This is extremely frustrating and I hope with a new update this problem could be solved.
Please fix it!
HotMomma71 on 4/19/2018
I love this app, but since upgrading it a few days ago, it crashes when I open it.
Freezes & crashes every time
JayM916 on 4/19/2018
Useless. Freezes & crashes every time. Reinstalling helps, but it eventually becomes a mess again. After several updates, still a major fail. Been reporting for months.
Mandatory calendar to have
Oh boy 123 on 4/19/2018
With google as dominant as it is on the scene, the calendar is a must. The issue, however, is that with iPhone, i find the app to crash a lot. Either the app freezes or it simply crashes, issues that I don’t have on my laptop. So, gentlemen, if there was a way to improve the stability of the app on the iPhone, we would greatly appreciate it.
Not working
AlyCat0909 on 4/19/2018
The app was fine until the last 2 days and it just keeps crashing! How am I supposed to do anything on the move without this app? Maybe I need to find a new option...
Freezing and crashing
Seahawk244 on 4/19/2018
This just started in over the past few weeks. Before that the program was flawless. Idk what has happened all of a sudden, but it is really unacceptable. Fix it Google!
Slow/Frozen, Unusable
BadSongNinja on 4/19/2018
On a good day this app is slow and unusable. The other 98% of the time it is completely frozen when you open it. You cannot scroll through to see current appointments entered, you cannot add or edit appointments. The concept is there and when it functioned it made for a useful app. As it is now it is worthless. Once I can actually access and use the app I could give more constructive and useful feedback.
Use your Android instead.
J1022T on 4/19/2018
iOS 11.3 (iPad 9.7 2017) Suuuuuper buggy. Completely unusable.
Pretty but buggy
JCohio on 4/19/2018
This is almost as good as a paid app calendar I used to use, and the syncing between devices works well. The event entry system is a bit clumsy (worse on the iPhone app than tablet due lack of screen space). I do get a kick out of the Google Street images it uses to decorate most events. The big problem is crashing and freezing, which seems to be worse recently (I did update 4/19/2018, and it crashed again). Usually closing the program and restarting works; on occasion I need to turn off and restart either iPhone or mr iPad. Other than the above, it works well, the color-coding of events is handy, and entering alerts and repeating events is easy.
App crashes immediately on iPad Air 2
WutangChan on 4/19/2018
This app is central to my operations, but something has happened recently on iOS or Google’s updates that makes Google Calendar crash immediately on my iPad Air 2 when I open the app. Possible relevant network info: 1. Operating in Taipei, Taiwan (Asia) 2. Working on Wifi 3. Google Calendar has been slow when starting up and scrolling through calendar entries on both my iOS devices for a few weeks already, but now it’s completely crashing. Please fix this immediately so I can continue happily using Google Calendar, which worked in such lovely ways previously on my iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S, and of course PC (Chrome). Thanks for your support, Google team.
Version 2.38.0 is frozen
CMO'H on 4/19/2018
Awful!! Freezes, unresponsive. I want the old version back!
Google broke it
Chicago Watchmen Fan on 4/19/2018
This app is essentially non-functional. Tap on anything and the app crashes. Can’t scroll or advance, nothing. Any interaction and the app crashes.
Freezing issues
App123456678 on 4/19/2018
Not sure what was done, but this app runs horrible after the last update!!! Constant freezing, extremely slow. Ready to move on to something else
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