Nike, Inc

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 3.3.3 Feb 12, 2015 Apr 17, 2018 167.9 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.3.3

Bug fixes and enhancements.


Explore, buy and share the best Nike sneakers. Nike SNKRS has insider access to the latest—including launches, drops, and the stories behind all your favorites.

Learn about the inspiration, benefits, and heritage of featured sneakers with exclusive content, straight from the source.

Set notifications about upcoming releases, and share news, photos and videos with friends.

Buy sneakers in seconds, directly within the app. Store your billing, shipping and sizing information to expedite the process.

Submit your entry into a randomized selection system to purchase key releases.

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App doesn’t work - can not log in
pynzrz on 7/14/2018
Cannot log in. Blank screen appears.
nockviss5 on 7/14/2018
What’s the point of having this app if everything on it is always sold out?
They Cancel Confirmed Orders on their OWN
Z-HOU on 7/14/2018
Everybody who used this app knows how difficult it is to get a pair of sneaker on this app, but the worst part is NIKE even cancel confirmed orders on their own! I just bought a pair of collab jordans this morning, and they even had the money removed from my bank. But even with a confirmed order, they can still cancel it however they want. 5 hours later the order was confirmed, my ordered was cancelled by nike for no reason. I called the customer service, they said sometime it could be identity verification issued, but they already successfully charged my card! And they will look in to the matter and reply me in 3 days, but only for FUTURE PREVENTIONS. Seriously?! Definitely the worst experience I had buying shoes from anybody.
DJ LeAk on 7/14/2018
They make getting shoes allot less stressful thanks!!
App Bug?
Yeshdg on 7/14/2018
I’ve had this app since February and have tried to purchase multiple sneakers prior release date. Unfortunately it has always sold out, but for some reason my app has not showed me any of the upcoming releases unless I delete the app and download it again. I knew this because my friends would show their apps and those were fine. On top of that I’ve tried on the laptop and it had me RE FILL OUT the address that was already selected. It’s a bummer because I’ve missed out on so many shoes because of dumb errors like these. I’m very frustrated at this app, I hope that it gets fixed soon.
edwin1221 on 7/13/2018
Fire app, many people take Ls on this app but this year I’ve gotten every shoe I wanted the most special being the Sean Wotherspoon and the Air Max Element 87
Wilb37 on 7/13/2018
This app needs a update it will not let me login to my account??
Katherine1221 on 7/13/2018
Lags, doesn’t have releases in app when they are in computer
Needs work
ticked off shoe lover on 7/13/2018
I’ve missed out on the 4th pair of sneakers in the past 3 months now. It does a good job of letting you know of shoes to drop. However whenever o tap the “notify me” option, it doesn’t notify me. Even worse it’s deselected when I go back in the app, so I’m forced to continue to reselect “notify me” every time I go into the app. But it’s pointless I guess since it doesn’t do that.
can u see deez nutz? on 7/13/2018
Dear Nike, how many times am I going to have to RE click “notify me” on a release?
bgodfrey20 on 7/13/2018
App doesn't notify me when i clearly select to be notified when a shoe is releasing. Missed out on a few pairs of shoes already 😡
Epic react 87
CatchCarter on 7/13/2018
This was my second time using the app. 1st attempt to get the Travis Scoot 4s was a complete failure. Used  pay this go round and process was seamless. 🙌🏽
Ls upon Ls
Smg789 on 7/13/2018
THIS APP WILL HAND YOU LS LIKE NO OTHER. I’ve been using snkrs for over 2 years and I have taken two Ws. Two. And I’ve gone for well over 40 shoes. If you’re looking for a place to get Nike shoes this is not it
Good for people who want normal nikes
SF_Okami on 7/13/2018
If you are like me and you want more limited sneakers, tough. Nike does not care about bots and they let them scoop up all the size of all the limited sizes. I have attempted to buy about 30 pairs of sneakers in the year I have used this app and have not been able to receive a single one. I will continue to use it in vein to get some other releases but I know it won’t happen. Meanwhile, I get every rare adidas and yeezy sneaker no problem, so it appears I will be an adidas only person from now on. Thank you for nothing Nike.
Term5431 on 7/13/2018
SNKRS is a hit or miss. Today I was blessed with another “sneaker of the year” shoe so you know ima give a 5 Star.
Yourforehead on 7/13/2018
The app didn’t even remind me of a shoe drop I specifically chose. I made sure my notifications were on and everything. Now I missed out on the element 87’s
Excellence Nike
heartbeatcinco on 7/13/2018
I have been a member since 2009 but also a family member since 1992 the age I can buy my own sneakers. I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness left went to college played for Nike and also had my kids in some Nike projects I was the cover of battle grounds pamphlet in 2003! NIKE HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOOD TO ME AND I NOW HAVE A PLATFORM TO SLAUTE THEE!! #BLESSINGS Sincerely, HEARTBEAT
W’s only
w's only on 7/13/2018
I’ve had nothing but good experiences using Nike SNKRS. Releases and raffles are fair game for anyone and gotta appreciate the free shipping too.
True native gamers on 7/13/2018
This app is trash. It’s supposed to be a place where people can buy highly wanted shoes. However time and time again I find myself not even getting the chance to buy the shoes. Why? Because when it comes time, the app doesn’t load the shoe that’s supposed to drop on time! Most of the time it’ll take a couple of minutes to FINALLY load the shoe and by then, it’s too late! The shoe will already be sold out!
Very Clean App but has Many issues
jake_colby on 7/13/2018
The app looks good and it’s easy to use, however when a shows drops, good luck trying to purchase before they’re sold out. Sometimes the shoe won’t show up on launch day so you can’t even buy them. I tried switching to the browser version and then also have issues with grayed out screens when trying to purchase. It’s a real shame because the resell on some of these shoes is ridiculously priced. I know it’s almost a raffle for some of these shoes but come on Nike, please fix these bugs and issues. I love your products but for shoes releases I may be switching to adidas.
"9"644357$ on 7/13/2018
Says sold out but not
hshevehdehue on 7/13/2018
I try to buy a shoe size 9.5 and as I waited it said sold out so I try to get another size but it still said 9.5 was available. I clicked it and then it said sold out
nike react
lilzacky on 7/13/2018
great site with very easy access to purchase products
Xtrek29 on 7/13/2018
High heat launches need to be done through a draw. Everyone is running bots to resell.
Eli9433 on 7/13/2018
Love the site wish it was easier to get all the drops and wish they had special vip awards for those who always are on the site
App works
godbessanetic on 7/13/2018
Happy to get these shoes!! First time I used r app. God bless Nike !!
aleece01 on 7/13/2018
I find it very frustrating because it says a sneaker releases at a specific time, but when I go to find the sneaker 10 minutes before it drops it’s nowhere to be found. Finally, 5 minutes after it released it shows up and by then, everything is sold out.
5 stars
$$$ Man 46 on 7/13/2018
Love it!
DannG505 on 7/13/2018
Hell yeah nike on point with the releases
Great app
sunnimanolo on 7/13/2018
The best
Best sneaker app hands down
booger504 on 7/13/2018
The title say it all!!!!🤯🤯🤯👍👍
Jhood 23 on 7/13/2018
Overall decent app ! Let's people have a fair chance copping limited shoes
Easy to use
Chrisn54 on 7/13/2018
As long as you add all of your info upfront, this app is amazing!
Fairst way of getting sought after shoes
jorge rene on 7/13/2018
Ive gotten my fair share of L’s, but every once in a while nike will slide me a W and it feels so good. Like melted cheese on anything kind of good. So if you like melted cheese kind of excitement this is the app for you.
Ojkitty on 7/13/2018
It’s always great buying shoes on the app. Everything seems much easier and better? Great stuff.
Great App
Devin_Snkrs on 7/13/2018
Gives everybody a chance to cop exclusive shoes for retail
Swagrjs on 7/13/2018
Good but glitchy
Lime00 on 7/13/2018
This app is very good and organized to get second wave of drops and the shoes arrive within a few days but my purchases do not show when I open the app and say I have not purchased anything.
Long-standing issues
JohnQship on 7/13/2018
For the better part of a year (if not longer) SNKRS has been suffering from major issues. Bringing them up to Nike CS personnel hasn’t done a thing. 1) Notifications will not persist. ‘Notify me’ is the equivalent of writing a letter to Santa Claus and hoping he’ll actually read it. Any time the app is closed or you log out/back in, the notifications reset themselves. This brings me to the next point... 2) Sneakers just disappear arbitrarily or don’t appear at all. “Oh man, I can’t wait for those 1’s to drop. Let’s check the date!” Spoiler alert: they don’t show up even through they’re supposed to release on Saturday. Constantly having to log out and back into the SNKRS app just to get content to load is extremely annoying. Is it a server problem? The app is always up to date but this has been going on for a very long time. I’m not even going to discuss actual releases because I realize there are an obscene amount of people trying to get sneakers at one time. This has gotten better over time.
Notify me
adrenaline2110 on 7/12/2018
Why is it every time I log on I have to re click the notify me button? Exclusive sneaker app that you can’t trust to notify you.....
App won’t let me sign in
Funstuff5462 on 7/11/2018
When I sign in it goes to a blank white screen and sits there indefinitely. I’ve tried deleting the app, and changing my password. Neither of those things work.
Lif3Th3rapy on 7/10/2018
I attempt to login, type in my Email and PW and I just get a WHITE SCREEN with an X on top. It doesn’t log me in nothing, I am trying to turn on notifications to buy ELEMENT 87’ and the app won’t even let me log in! I have uninstalled the app from I phone 7+ and reinstalled it and nothing. I have tried to use on Samsung Note 8 same problem occurs. Your making it harder and harder to buy your shoes NIKE!
Dissapointed and Sad on 7/10/2018
Loooove the app and that I’ve gotten so many dope shoes from it but I wish the bugs would be fixed, things are always disappearing and not being remembered from last time I favorited something or said “notify me”. But I love how easy and quick it is to check out
Add to cart?
iPhone overrated 404 on 7/10/2018
Why no add to cart option for new launches? You have to make multiple purchases.
Greatest App
Pwdone on 7/10/2018
Great app. I've scored many sneakers.
Great app
cheek clapper96 on 7/10/2018
Easy to use, no issues.
Tmc04 on 7/10/2018
The Notify Me boxes get reset every few days, upcoming shoes disappear (several shoes are supposed to drop in a few minutes yet the only release I can see is for a few days from now). Could be a great app...
gtfohnikedev on 7/9/2018
Timeline is inconsistent every now and then. Logs you out everytime. "Notify me" always getting cancelled for no reason.
Text Verification broken
T~wing on 7/9/2018
Asks for a password reset, then text verification, but does not send text. I've attempted this several times.
J Lemar on 7/7/2018
This is the first pair of shoes that I have really that I have been able to get in the two years I have been on this app.
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