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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 3.9.10 Nov 02, 2014 Mar 25, 2018 112.1 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 3.9.10

Bug Fixes, power efficiency improvements
New music
Even better ways to earn coins



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TREBEL is a music app for iPhone that lets you download songs and albums, and play them offline, for free. Now you can listen to music you download anywhere with no WiFi. TREBEL is engineered for unlimited music downloads and uses less phone battery and cellular data than streaming music apps.

Downloading free music on TREBEL is as easy as tapping a button. No more wasting time on torrent sites or converting YouTube videos to MP3 in order to get the music you love.

On TREBEL you can download the hottest new albums from your favorite artists for free, such as:

Taylor Swift - Reputation
Ed Sheeran - Divide
Drake - More Life
Macklemore - GEMINI
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
Imagine Dragons - Evolve
Post Malone - Stoney
Thomas Rhett - Life Changes
Linkin Park - One More Light
Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
Migos - Wins & Losses
Jack Johnson - All The Light Above It Too
The Weeknd - Starboy
Portugal. The Man - Woodstock

If you have a large iTunes collection already, TREBEL automatically syncs your existing library so you can combine your own music with songs downloaded for free on the app.

Product Features:

No Wi-Fi connection needed to listen to most downloaded songs
Play offline on mobile
Unlimited music downloads enabled by caching technology
Use less cell data than streaming apps when playing music offline
Saves phone battery life when playing music offline
Download complete albums at a time
No need to use an MP3 converter or torrent site
Syncs with your existing iTunes MP3 collection


Top 40, Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronica, Punk, Classic Rock, Metal, R&B, Gospel, Christian, Holidays, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Indie, and more!
High quality audio
Album cover art and information
Customizable playlists
Search by artist, album, or song
Sort by artist, album, genre, song, or playlist


Campus function allows you to discover music from students at your college or university
Interact with campus influencers for new music recommendations
See what your friends and followers are downloading and listening to
Download the same music as your friends

What's New in This Version:

We’re constantly updating and improving the TREBEL experience. Keep your Updates enabled to make sure you always have the current version.

We’re working hard to get more free music content for offline playback. If you see a song or album that we don’t offer, hit “Request Download” and we will let you know when it’s live on the app.

TREBEL is a licensed service with the best music in the world from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.


If you love the app, please rate and review it with 5 stars!

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Amazing but one thing...
Blueblue03 on 4/21/2018
Ok I love this app! but i wish it had Roku and Chromecast support other than that it's a amazing app!👍🏻
It’s ok..
mari gomez on 4/21/2018
Now, this app has some pros and cons. The things I don’t enjoy about this app is that it has me wait for the song to download. It won’t let me close out the app or go back to wait for it to download. If I do go back or close out the app it will stop downloading. Like, really?? Another thing I loathe about this app is that when I search a song, sometimes it will say “coming soon” 🙄 Even if it’s an old song that came out in like, the 2000’s or the 80’s. Honestly, that’s straight up dumb. Why does it let us download the newest songs like “Gods Plan” for example but yet, it won’t let me download Dear Maria, Count Me In?? Dear Maria Count Me In is an old song soo.. I think it should let me download that. ALSO it doesn’t let me download Lil Peep songs! It fact, when you search “Lil Peep” they have no songs of him..explain! But, something good about this app is that it lets you listen to music offline. And I think that’s great. But yeah.. THANKS FOR READING.
Ok but could be better
rach14f on 4/20/2018
Overall I like this app. I can download music very easily and be able to play without wifi which is the reason I got the app in the first place. The only thing that really is annoying is their music selection. It takes forever for music to become available on here to listen. Once it is finally available to download on the app the song is now old. I wished they add songs when a new song is actually being released to the public. This app seems to be behind when it comes to their song selection. Also, if a song is still not available yet I wish there was a wishlist we can add those songs so when they do come available for download we can be notified. The app's wishlist now only works for available songs which doesn't make sense. I'm constantly having to go back to see if it is available... Still waiting while songs have already been released months ago.
Love it!!
xo.hails on 4/19/2018
Personally I love this app because even if it doesn’t have all my favorite songs, it still has many that I enjoy and can LISTEN TO OFFLINE!! Finally I found an app that I can use when my data runs out!!
Nansmznsnzn on 4/18/2018
jake&shay on 4/18/2018
Not bad for an app to download musics
App Review
Smilez5524 on 4/17/2018
Very convenient for me to be able to listen to songs offline, especially since my cell phone is currently off and when I’m out places sometimes I just want to listen to music, but instead I just play the offline games. Yet there are some major problems with this app; The Coin system is very inconvenient. I’m not exactly sure the entire point behind it, yet what ever the reason it is a down fall to your app in which could possibly decrease the amount of downloads you all obtain. I realize when downloading songs you get points only to listen to them and points be deducted . I also realized while listening to songs with internet connection my points do not decrease . At one point I’m unsure if it was a glitch but it did decrease than increase. But when there is no internet it decrease. What exactly is the reasoning for that if the benefit of this app is solely to listen to music offline? Also many songs are unavailable and/or coming soon. I’m sure you all know many listeners like to hear the updated music. Another problem is some songs you can only listen to with internet connection. Lastly, you can’t listen to a song before or while downloading to see if we want to continue with the download. I understand downloading songs will make you get more coins, yet it’s a waist of time to download a song and haven’t heard a snippet and now you have to wait until download is complete or go on another site to hear a snippet. As well as you cannot search for your next download while your currently downloading a song.
Please respond developers
Person who's name is hidden on 4/17/2018
Hey guys! I love the app and how it saves me money but please add J cole songs,Chance the rapper and please fix were it says download for free and it takes me to the music video instead of the i need wifi to do that and this app comes handy on the road so please do those. Otherwise this is the most helpful app on the market😊
Please fix this
trapicalkidd on 4/17/2018
It says we can listen offline, but whenever I’m offline the music doesn’t play, the app stops, and says stuff like “No internet connection”. I was really hoping to listening to music offline 😐
Pop cookin on 4/17/2018
It was good at first but if I already downloaded the music why are my coins still being used and if I have a low count I can’t listen to anything that’s frustrating so what was the point of downloading it
Too many ads!
mommammmaB on 4/16/2018
I love it but too many ads but I guess it’s worth it. But this is just my first music download. Still need to check others out. Wish I knew which one was the best
I love this app but...
Naruto_Uzumaki9tails on 4/16/2018
I really enjoy this app and it's amazing for playing music offline, but there's just one small problem with it. When i open the app and start playing a song, the app will just randomly crash in the middle of any song. I would love for that to be fixed so i could play my music without having to restart the app and the song.
Lovvvve it
bobica gjsfggg on 4/15/2018
Love it
chin0.b on 4/15/2018
Is it in America?
Showing that not available in my country 😒😒
Sabei Htoo on 4/15/2018
Help !!!
I luff it
twentyonefalloutboysatthedisco on 4/14/2018
I luff how you can listen to your music for free offline while sitting on the bus with no friends 👌🏻 although i don't know how to get more coins and it's slowly and painfully killing me so ya :/
Good app
PJDAF on 4/14/2018
I am still confused on how to export ur downloads tho.
Nagisa Hazuki 50% off 🐧🦋 on 4/14/2018
Treble is an amazing app, but I wish I could get more coins
47833689623 on 4/14/2018
I’m not getting any coins with I download so I can’t listen to music period.
Para la compañía de esta aplicación
fabi.25 on 4/13/2018
Me gusta esta app, todo esta muy cool, espero que esta app no me decepcione..
I’m not liking it
xxcritxzx on 4/12/2018
Yes it’s a good way to listen to music offline and I understand it takes time to put the music into the app, but why’d you have to start with songs nobody listens to or even limit the good songs to WiFi. Also you STILL have the better songs on COMING SOON. Like what are your intentions exactly, let us suffer the limited amount of music until you make more songs that are again restricted to WiFi or purchase
gejeorge on 4/12/2018
Can you please add some CCM ARTISTS AND SONGS because honestly u may be attracting others but not me nor others who like to listen to CCM thank you.
Pretty good
Parshall Motts on 4/12/2018
There needs to be an option to auto play ads so when I leave my phone to charge I can turn on ad auto play where I can get coins easier, I use music A LOT so I need more coins so the idea works because you get the ad revenue I get coins, plz make this happen other than that ITS GREAT
It’s Okay
Bally and sue on 4/12/2018
Even though it doesn’t have a lot of the music I listen to it’s a great app and I suggest it, I’m going on a road trip without WiFi and this is now my GoTo! Can you just add more albums (gorillaz) or any other that isn’t just pop music! It’s mostly just Drake and Taylor Swift, not everyone likes that, but it’s a great app!
Does NOT always load
501820490 on 4/11/2018
-Does NOT always load -Jumps out of app if phone is turned off -Stops mid-song and have to get back into app to continue the song Recommendations: -show specific songs that are explicit, not just the albums -order the songs in the same order as original -put songs that cannot be downloaded at the end -show “deluxe” albums (i.e. indicate which albums with the same title that have more songs) -show number of songs -show year of album release -show if the album is a single -separate the single albums from the regular albums -a way to go to specific letters -notify if a downloaded artist gets more music available -show if there is more than one disc and the titles of the discs -if the song is a part of an album, be able to get to the album from the song -if all the songs are downloaded in an album, make sure it says “play album” instead of “complete the album”
Free downloadable music
pabss on 4/10/2018
Who woulda thought it would be possible to download music legally without having to pay for it. Trebel is just that! Love this app!
Please stop the coin system.
Darwin Paddington on 4/10/2018
Hello, I have been using Treble for only a week and have already run out of coins. Though this is disappointing, I had a good time with this app! The music selection is great, everything but the coin system is good. If there were ads in between switching songs maybe I’d rate it a bit better.
Help!! Please.....
kjlh17 on 4/10/2018
New to site. So far loving it. Question? How do you use coins to buy music?? Can’t find any information on the site except that I earn them.
Ojos❤️ on 4/9/2018
La app no esta disponible en Latinoamérica, cuál es el problema? 🤬
Could be better
Mrbigs1078 on 4/9/2018
Fix your app!!! It’s crashing and glitchy. Other than that love using it! Has a decent library and many opportunities to earn coins to listen.
It has the potential to be amazing!
360 Canine on 4/9/2018
In my opinion you guys need to incorporate Spanish sung music to obtain millions of more downloads. I would definitely say it is one the greatest music apps of this could happen.
Get rid of coins
Guitarman80 on 4/9/2018
The whole coin thing is just pointless. If their are no coins to use, how are you going to listen to your music? Just get of them please.
badbihzhzjhs on 4/9/2018
It’s all good at first but then as soon as you start downloading a lot of songs and listen to them your coins go away a lot faster and you can barley listen to music .
Slow and bad
Flex JG on 4/8/2018
Nothing even pop up and it’s not my phone slow cause my WiFi fast and I got iPhone 6s
Thatgurl101 on 4/8/2018
I love this app but whenever I use it, it drains my battery and my phone overheats. This is very frustrating since I love playing music off this app but it kills my phone.
A great app, but...
Afgrguh on 4/7/2018
This app is a five-star app, or would be if not for the coin feature. I do not see the purpose of uselessly frustrating your listeners by cutting off the music. I understand that coins help you know what songs are played, but maybe you could just track that data without suddenly stopping the music. I’m no tech genius, but that seems unnecessary. I would probably recommend this app anyway, though. It is a free and legal music downloading application that allows me to listen to music without using up my data. While the coin feature is annoying and, in my opinion, should be removed, the rest of the app would likely get 5 stars from me.
Janucraycrayforlife on 4/5/2018
It’s not so good I prefer spotafi
Needs more music
Mineshaft 23 on 4/4/2018
I love this but (yes also a but) it doesn’t have much music. A lot of the music I want it says “Coming Soon” very aggravating. I also don’t like how you can not leave the app or go to another page while it’s downloading. My big concern is not having a bigger music variety though.
Guns-A-blazin on 4/3/2018
It’s a nice app
Simmerkittenmia on 4/3/2018
Very good 1 complaint
babygirl629725 on 4/3/2018
The only complaint I have is that I wish it didn’t cost coins to listen to music offline. I work long hours and download as much as I can but I end up not being able to listen to much music
Swaziey Kudos on 4/2/2018
Definetly categorized within my TopTen most used applications.
Good, but problems
Trevor Rulz on 4/2/2018
I like this app, however, it is easy to run out of coins. You can earn them from ads, however if you disable this, it can’t be brought back, so if this could be fixed, that’d be great
It’s really good 👍🏾👍🏾 but....
zoomingunicorn7 on 4/1/2018
Yeah, it’s pretty good when it works offline but how come when I search something it like doesn’t want to pop up at the bottom like it used to? This was after the update too.😑😑😑😑 sometimes it doesn’t even play some of my songs when offline, like wtf🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ help please
R u there....?
MCRxxxxxLover on 4/1/2018
Hi I love this app it’s very helpful only one thing I would like a change on it’s really annoying when it pauses and says are you still there that’s really annoying plz fix
Takeachamce on 4/1/2018
In love
Kasey George on 3/31/2018
I never thought I would love a music app so good but this is by far the best app I have ever had...Takes seconds to download and ready to download another song...I also love the little filters they have... You also get to spend coins on fun stuff!!!Also every time you download a song you get extra coins just for whatever you want!!! Best thing is you don’t even have to have coins to listen to music!!!Also you can listen to where ever whenever without WiFi or internet its hard to find a music app that lets you do that!!! There is a lot of ads but just watching them gives you coins!!! Enjoy!!!
Well...good but..
cici547 on 3/30/2018
I like how it’s put together but all of a sudden it made me download songs and it needed WiFi without saying it needed WiFi I’m getting mad because it keeps doing that in everything I download on the app and one more thing even when I download them they say I need WiFi to listen to them and I get aggravated because it did that 10-12 time on 10-12 songs
kq001kq001 on 3/30/2018
This app seems really nice and amazing! I always wanted to download and use it, but there’s a problem. It says that this app doesn’t work in my area, Lebanon. So I can’t use it at all. I really want to use an app like this, and I heard people say that Trebel is the one. Please fix this problem very soon!!! Thank You.
Impatient Mayo on 3/29/2018
I’m pretty sure this qualifies as piracy, I LOVE IT!
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