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App last updated Jan 18, 2018
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Performance enhancements for iOS 11 and stability improvements.


Your comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather.

° Coverage from 75,000 publications
◦ Instant-load read experience with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
◦ Headlines carousel - quickly browse headlines, tap to read, swipe to read next. iPhone, iPad only. iOS 9 and up only.
° Simple swipe-access to categories such as Top Stories, Technology, Sports & Weather
° Tune your layout with any of 60 country-specific editions and personalized news sections such as ‘Hollywood’, ‘NASA’, ‘Fashion’, or anything else that catches your fancy
° Tap any story for a deep selection of viewpoints, including in-depth articles, Opinion, and local perspectives

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Turn for the Worse
Johnny Proton on 2/18/2018
This was such a promising app before, but recently it has become terrible. Entire major cities apparently have no news at all? I guess nothing has happened in Osaka for months.
Way unhappy on 2/18/2018
Ads keep popping up and resizing making the news unreadable.
App Frequently Crashes
Creaky John on 2/17/2018
This app now ALWAYS crashes when you try to open a Spotlight article. Also, recently almost half of the articles are from the Washington Post or the New York Times, so after you read the few articles free to non-subscribers at the beginning of the month, you are SOL on many of the biggest news stories of the day. I understand and support a news source using a pay wall, and Google News need to fix this bug, particularly when we want to keep up with news about a certain Nutjob American politician.
Crashes a lot
MikeCQ on 2/17/2018
This would be a great app if it did not crash as much when selecting articles.
Needs to be fixed
musicule on 2/16/2018
This is my go to news app and has been for years. Since the last update it constantly freezes. Please fix!
Wish you could choose news sources
Mcdonaldh05 on 2/16/2018
I used to love this app. Lately, it seems the primary news sources are the NYT and the WP, which only allow 5 articles per month, before you have to pay to read the articles. If I wanted to do that, I would just get the NYT and WP apps.
Bias Much?
xSikks on 2/15/2018
I personally sit right in the middle of American politics. I find great arguments on both sides of issues. But there is a ridiculous left leaning bias in the headline portion of this app. I find way too many articles that I can easily tell are pushing faked stats and misinformation. For this reason I am deleting this app and looking for a more balanced news app.
Paywall Dead-End
Narrow.Margin on 2/15/2018
I got stuck on a new york times paywall while using google news. No back arrow, no way out. Closed app and returned later and app was still on the paywall! Maybe intentional. iPhone 7.
Surprisingly bad
Zombie lover23 on 2/14/2018
Often crashes or locks up. Will lock entire phone until app can be swiped away. It’s shocking that google would make such a bad app.
HawgNut on 2/13/2018
App causes iPhone to lock up. App is unusable.
Fake news I don’t wanna see it or I will kms
Anonymous Nischal on 2/13/2018
How do you block cnn fake news
Used to be better
dcd442 on 2/11/2018
If you like to gamble, this is your news app. Sometimes your story will open, sometimes it won't. Sometimes, if it opens, you can read more than the first line. Sometimes, it will ask you to pay to read it. your bet. And, click on a story.
Cjbvfgjcssyihg on 2/11/2018
It’s a functional app that does its job as news aggregator, though it’s not something that would wow you. I read news on google news daily and it’s reliably. That said, I wish I could have more control over the news sources I want and don’t want. You could argue that it would exacerbate echo chamber, but I don’t want sensational news from tabloids or alt-right or dumb trending topics. I want hard news and investigative reportings. That’s what news is about.
Crashes and hangs
MikeInAustinTX on 2/11/2018
I can’t imagine how Google let this app get so broken. Clicking on certain stores causes the app to crash. While I can’t predict which stories will do this, it is repeatable. If I restart the app and click the same story it will crash again. C’mon Google. Repeatable bugs are the easy ones to fix. The app also often hangs, forcing me to force-quit it. I used this app for years without any problems until recently.
Crashes when clicking Spotlight articles
Dalmuti509 on 2/10/2018
Many of the articles in the spotlight section crash the app when clicked. This has been happening for months.
Buggy crashes. Freezes iPhones
Rtaffy on 2/10/2018
I’m finally sick enough of the crashes to write a review. 1. Crashes frequently, freezing iPhone. Did this on iOS 10.2 and still does it through iOS 11.x.x 2. Headline sources are often biased. If more than 20% of the top articles are from the same source (for instance Washington Post) then either Google’s algorithm needs work or it’s intentional. 3. Feeds with old news are common, some with articles days or even weeks old. ThT is NOT news. 4. Sharing by mail feature sometimes put ... in the mail body as the article description. Useless.
Worse Than Ever
Fireandfuel on 2/10/2018
Not only does sharing not work, now buggy buggy buggy. Tap on a headline and get bounced back to the home page. Essentially useless.
FarmerKE on 2/7/2018
Latest update has made it an awful experience. Crashes more often than not, or won’t let me click on anything. I’ve been a google news user for years, but this update is frustrating.
Kills my battery
con41 on 2/7/2018
Background activity is killing my iPhone 7 battery. Background refresh is disabled.
My brother Joe on 2/7/2018
Keeps “jumping” to the front app page when going “back” from webpage. Useless.
Google News app crashing
PlainviewNY on 2/6/2018
Recently Google News app has randomly started crashing when a link is clicked. When restarted it crashes consistently again. No obvious pattern on links that work and those that crash the app.
Freezing/crashing constantly
ebayhacker on 2/6/2018
Ever since the newest version released, the app freezes and/or crashes constantly. It can lock up the entire iPhone at times. Ridiculous.
App freezes and causes iPhone slow down.
Winmanc on 2/6/2018
Please fix it ASAP.
Please fix
formwalt on 2/4/2018
Please fix. Terrible update. Slow, stalls/hangs. Borderline unusable. Worked fine before last update. Extremely disappointed.
Good News app, however...
BAR112 on 2/4/2018
Way too many annoying and distracting ads and videos!
Constantly Freezes and Slows Down Iphone
Chumby Wumby on 2/4/2018
This app used to be good. Now it freezes constantly. When you try and close the app, the whole Iphone gets latent.
Good app
Shiva135 on 2/3/2018
Good app, but why is news and weather together? Why not two different apps? Very easy to create custom categories, but these these categories never gets updated.
Wmlandis on 2/3/2018
This app is extremely glitchy. I have an iPhone 8 and am up to date on software but this app routinely freezes and crashes.
Unopened articles
nova67z on 2/3/2018
Can’t read articles on right side of copy or editors picks What’s wrong you. One largest companies in the world and you cannot fix your own crap. My son built his own computer from floor up. Jeezz
Used to do the job
Sillyguy48 on 2/3/2018
Then google got cute and made it pretty and now it's broken junk. It's supposed to be a list of news stories from reporters all over the world - now it's AMP'D crap that never loads (white page of doom). Go back to just basically making links to news stories. Apple news still is awful as well so you have time to fix. UPDATE MAY 2017 - bad again. Update Feb 2018. Bad again. Just deleted.
Constant crashing
Cupcake2344 on 2/2/2018
Click and crash!
Does not update quickly in some areas
Zelduh on 2/2/2018
I find it frustrating that it will not update financial news (like today’s stock market crash). I do not want two-day old news in my NEWS feed. That is not “news!”
Embarrassingly bad
tdex on 2/1/2018
Crashes frequently. Slow when it actually works.
spanillacupcakes on 2/1/2018
I loved the update where the general layout of the app was made better. However it crashes on me A LOT now. Especially in the spotlight section: every single story that I try to read immediately makes the app close the second I tap the article.
Freezing and pay to read
Noname828282739393 on 2/1/2018
Lately the app has just been freezing randomly when opening and even when trying to force quite, it just locks up the phone. Another problem is that it seems they are favoring articles from the New York Times and Washington post over recent weeks. I am not paying to read the news from them that’s free on other sites. I’d rather see ads on the article
Sharing button does not work
TrailerGuyBob on 2/1/2018
This problem has been around for over a year. Please address it
Wsquared2 on 1/31/2018
All the linked articles on the right side (iPad) under Spotlight just cause the app to crash. Only started day or so ago.
Freezes iPhone
PFL2000 on 1/31/2018
My iPhone freezes when I use this app.
Freezes iPhone
Tarabine on 1/31/2018
This app regularly freezes my phone. I used to like it.
Causes phone to freeze
rahhatesfacebook on 1/30/2018
I loved this app initially, but it recently started freezing my phone. Not sure which update started the problem, but I wish they would fix it.
Really slow
bertdawg76 on 1/28/2018
As far as performance, it's the worst app I have on my phone. Constantly freezing and crashing. It uses way more memory and battery life than any other app, even more than Facebooks terrible app. If anyone has recommendations for news apps, please share. I am erasing this app because it's pretty much unusable. I'm confused how google can approve such an awful app for release. I am using a new apple iPhone se with updated operating system. I don't have any other apps that are even close to as bad as this one.
Lots of news listed that I have to pay for
Allan1975 on 1/27/2018
Until recently there were news stories listed that I was interested in and could read at no cost. Now I am seeing quite a few news stories listed that I would like to read, but I can’t read them without subscribing to the news paper that published them.
JerryRoss on 1/27/2018
I can’t login to my New York Times account. I pay for that and yet google news has me in an endless loop when you try to login!
Makes my phone crash
trb321 on 1/27/2018
Recent release makes my phone, iPhone, completely bug out and crash. Had to delete it from the phone.
Crash, crash, working, crash
Redquill on 1/25/2018
Consistently crashes on certain articles. Going back to more stable news aggregators.
Try again
Sfl2487 on 1/24/2018
Locks up my phone constantly.
Temporary review- app freezes on iPhone X
Last Paying Customer on 1/24/2018
Love this app. Use it constantly throughout the day. Ever since the latest iPhone update most of my Google apps freeze. News being the worst, but calendar is pretty bad too. Please fix soon!
Buggy Release
The real volfied on 1/23/2018
The most recent iOS update freezes the app when you reopen it and temporarily takes the operating system with it. Rebooting fixes it for a little while, but the problem comes back.
Finally an iPhone X update
jekoch on 1/23/2018
Constant crashes since the last update
Chil7 on 1/23/2018
Since the update 3 days ago, touching almost any of the links causes the app the crash. iPad Pro and IPhone 6 Plus on the latest 11.2
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