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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$3.99 Photo & Video 2.2 Sep 22, 2014 Apr 19, 2018 3.9 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.2

– iPhone X support.
– Fixed crash triggered by volume button shutter.
– This a hold over release while we finish up a big new version of Manual.
– The daddy of this app got distracted trying to follow his dreams. Thanks for your patience <3
– I miss being held in your powerful arms..


RAW capture now available! Shoot RAW in DNG format with full control of exposure. Amazing.

RAW is available on iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus. Requires iOS 10. (Manual controls available to any device iOS 8 or above)

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Custom exposure for your iPhone camera.

Featured in the NYTimes "If you like to manually adjust camera settings, you’ll love Manual".

A powerful camera app with full control over your image. Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image. No more tapping and hoping automatic can understand what you want. Take control.

Full independent control of

• Shutter
• White Balance
• Focus
• Exposure Compensation

Cool Things®

• Full RAW DNG capture (6s and above, iOS 10+)
• Live monitor automatic exposure values
• Live Histogram
• Level
• Photos save directly to Camera Roll
• Focus zoom
• Optional delayed shutter for long exposures
• Fill Flash Mode (Flashlight)
• Grid Overlays (Rule of Thirds, Square)
• Light & Dark Themes
• EXIF viewer

If you're a photographer tired of trying to tap your way to the exposure you want, then this is the app for you. Fighting to get the sweet spot between a blown out background and a silhouetted subject? Stop tapping and just set the ISO and shutter yourself, you know how, stop letting your silly pocket computer decide what looks good to you.

Be better than automatic. Shoot Manual.

Requires iOS 8 or later. Please note: iPhone lenses are fixed-aperture by design and do not have an adjustable iris.

RAW capture requires iOS 10 and only possible on iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and above.

Made by William Wilkinson & Craig Merchant

Photos featured in screenshots shot by Kevin Russ with an iPhone (licensed via Stocksy).

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Wet frustrating and waste of money
joegu on 6/12/2018
The app use to work. I’m taking pictures and I have no idea where the photos are being stored. It’s nowhere to be found. It’s a piece of clicking toy dummy camera. Shame on the developer for not fixing app.
Adan4Real on 1/29/2018
There is a bug with iPhone 7, that causes the app to crash when you try to use the volume rocker to take a photo. Please fix, then I’m happy to give 5* rating.
One of the best!
GIULIO SCIORIO on 11/23/2017
Love Manual! The haptic feedback and slow shutter speed options with RAW shooting makes this app near perfect for me. It’s simple and effective and I love the lock screen widget. I’m happy to help support indie devs and hope to see the following updated: iPhone X support Depth Effect support Apple Watch app to for remote trigger Maybe an in-app purchase would make sense here. Thanks dev!
Cannot find saved photos
EmDrei on 11/13/2017
OK, it looks like the app works nicely but every photo that I take disappears into the ether. It’s not saved in my Photos app, and there is no thumbnail of the photo in the lower left of the window (like they show in the website’s Screenshots) for me to tap on and view the picture I just took. So is this not compatible with an iPhone 6, or what?
Jumped the gun!
Jangogigalo on 10/4/2017
Nevermind. It’s working as it should using photoshop express! Will update once I compare raw capabilities!
Terrible photo quality
robhallphoto on 10/2/2017
Photo quality is just not sharp at all, very disappointed
RAW doesn't work on anything less than iPhone 6
Pattysnake on 7/18/2017
I bought this app specifically to use the RAW setting but I didn't find out that RAW won't work on my phone till I bought it.
Nice app
Jwsudd on 6/11/2017
One of the few apps that lets you control the ISO setting of the camera. It needs a way to change the ISO but still do auto-exposure, and a way to do burst photos.
Drjap338 on 5/27/2017
Don't waste your time with this piece of junk. It does not work !
Doesn't work on my iPad
CDanz on 3/20/2017
I specifically purchased this, after reading an article, about how to take raw photos using my iPad. This was the app that was recommended in the article, however, I apparently need a 6s or above iPad for this app to do that. The article didn't say anything about that. Now I'm just out the money for this useless app!
RAW is worse than jpeg
blindreaperlp on 2/25/2017
Paid for this app to shoot in RAW and get the higher quality DNG files it claims it can produce. These DNG files are very blurry compared to the "lesser quality" jpegs. Apparently, they say that the iPhone cannot view DNG files properly and you need an app that can view them properly. I've got Lightroom Mobile which handles my DSLR DNG files just fine...but the ones from this app are still terrible. Save your money and pass on this one. Wish I could get a refund for this false advertising...
Simple, works perfectly
noisetosignal on 12/24/2016
First off - the files are not blurry. I use Manual to shoot on my phone and edit in Lightroom (desktop) and the files are gorgeous. Second - nope, it doesn't have other features. You already have thirty editing apps on your phone. Use those. This one is just for shooting with a simple UI. Realistically if I could set the regular iPhone camera app to shoot in RAW, I'd use that. But until then, this is a simple app that works well and isn't crapped up with a bunch of annoying junk on the screen.
After reading online reviews
A DSLR user on 12/11/2016
I was very hopeful for this. But compared to the other apps out there that do the same thing (pro camera 4),this one does not hold up against the competition. If I could get reimbursed I would. Not worth it even if it was free.
Disappointed with Raw
jack2100 on 11/14/2016
I'm not sure if it's the apps fault or apple but I'm very disappointed with raw which was the reason I purchased. The experience is far better if limited in Lightroom Mobile I'll be trying to get a refund
It's OK.
Dave's Triple on 11/8/2016
This app has a lot going for it. It shoots RAW. The use of the haptic engine is nice on the control sliders though I always find myself moving them wrong way to make changes. The picture taking interface isn’t overrun with tons of little doodads. The pictures are saved into the camera roll directly instead of its own camera folder. The RAW quality is not an issue despite what the other reviews say. The developer even notes that the default preview that’s saved into the RAW file is of poor quality. The built in iOS Photos app, ironically, does not support RAW so you will be seeing that low res preview instead of the actual RAW file. I use Lightroom mobile, which does support RAW, and the files look fine. There are a couple of biggish bugs in the camera. The histogram does not display correctly. That is, if you have a blown highlight, the rightest most bar should be showing it. That bar just doesn’t budge even if most of the screen is pure white. The other big bug, which is probably related to the first, is the tap to set exposure. When you tap a blown highlight. The camera should bring the exposure down (bring down to middle gray), it doesn’t. I have written the developer a couple times about these little bugs a week ago, but I haven’t received any response or acknowledgment. Maybe it's in his spam folder. In a nutshell (TL;DR), app is mostly ok but will not use because of the bugs and have no idea if it will even be fixed.
Blurry raw file
Mike3786328378 on 10/28/2016
Got this specifically for the RAW file support. As others have commented, the raw file is pixelated and useless. This app was highly rated in several articles, looks like the price doubled in the last few months as well. Even if the RAW feature worked, it doesn't have editing capabilities and is vastly overpriced.
HartleysTechCircle on 10/23/2016
This app has great potential. All the tools you would need to take control on your iPhone 7 camera. However, I have notice Raw images are very low quality. Raw images are supposed to be unedited images straight from the sensor with no post processing, but with this app the images becomes worse. I'm not sure if it's just the app can't DMG files. Hopefully they fix this soon.
RAW does not work
aotero on 10/17/2016
Bought this app just to shoot raw but the files it produces are awful. JPGs look fine but the RAW file is blurry / very low quality. Kind of defeats the purpose right?
Great but not perfect
Datminer69 on 10/14/2016
This has amazing features but it's missing two key features imo, hdr/hdr+, and video recording functionally, if those get added this will easily be a 5, also the focus seems backwards, if you swipe down to the flower it's actually selecting the mountain which is in the opposite direction.
Simple, Intuitive, Powerful!
incineration on 10/14/2016
App Store is full of camera apps for iPhone offering full control over settings like exposure, focus, ISO and shutter speed. And while these kinds of apps aren’t always necessary, a great one is a good tool to have in your app arsenal. Manual is fairly easy to use for those who have the desire and patience to actually control the photographs they take with their phones. It doesn't hide behind "freemium" veneer and the interface is intuitive. There's zero setup for Manual. Upon first launch, a quick tutorial walks you through how to adjust ISO and shutter speed, or activate automatic mode. You can also check out histograms live, all in a beautifully designed and easy to use package. Manual gives you total control over your photos' exposure, and with the arrival of iOS10, it can now shoot raw DNG photos. It automatically saved both DNG and JPG formats to the camera roll. You can get great images straight from the iPhone's stock Camera or the Manual app, but if you're interested in using your iPhone for more pro-level photography experiments, Manual saves the RAW format as well for more advanced editing. Some people are complaining about the quality of the RAW image. Please note that it doesn't look good in the Photos app, but when you open the DNG file in a compatible app, such as Lightroom or Photoshop, you will get the high-quality RAW image with the advanced editing options on the screen.
Really Good
R@$# on 10/13/2016
The app is really good and contains many DSLR like features. The only improvement that I would love is the ability to select shutter time more than "3 like 10 or 20 secs.
Raw is blurry!
Kingdave1984 on 10/11/2016
Same issue as other users. Jpeg looks fine but RAW is extremely blurry. The interface looks smooth but this app is rendered useless with the quality
Absolutely Horrible Raw Image Quality
Lewisp12321 on 10/10/2016
This app does not take quality raw images and the JPG images it takes are even less pixelated then the raw image. When taking just a picture in raw mode, it comes out pixelated and blurry. This is with an iPhone 7Plus. The normal camera app that comes standard with the iPhone blows this one away. Do not waste or money.
Out of focus RAW
maykel2002 on 10/9/2016
I took jpeg pictures and works excellent, when I change to RAW all the pictures are out of focus, if I took RAW + jpeg, those jpeg are good, but RAW are out of focus , no matter if I use manual or automatic always is the same result.
Simple and advanced
David Levine on 10/5/2016
Manual is the best of both worlds. It's simple to use and can take great photos by keeping everything set to auto. On the flip side, you can take complete control over your photos and fine tune all sorts of settings to your liking. Being able to have control over which camera lens the iPhone 7 Plus takes the picture with is awesome.
Best third party camera app!
W. Vitin on 10/3/2016
Now I don't have to lug around my DSLR every where I go to get RAW photos! Hopefully Portrait mode gets implemented in this app in the near future!
Best camera app in AppStore
Axpence on 9/30/2016
Hands down.
Very low quality images
Aria R. on 9/29/2016
No zoom on iPhone 7 plus
Peterman323 on 9/28/2016
Can't access 2nd camera yet on an iPhone 7 plus. That makes this app useless until then.
Seems to mostly get the job done
Jon.Rowlison on 9/27/2016
I have a simple question... my iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras on the back... how do you ZOOM or at least switch camera lenses in this app?
Don't waste your money
nixonDTX on 9/27/2016
Camera takes terrible quality pictures both jpg and dng. Super blurry and lots of noise. Image size is also too small on the raw file.
Great app. Now with raw support.
Foolio on 9/22/2016
Some of the reviews here saying raw photos turn out low res are incorrect - they just show up in the Apple camera roll that way because the built in Apple camera roll doesn't actually support it yet. The files should be fine for working in RAW supported apps.
buy with confidence
friendlysandwich on 9/22/2016
if you know what's up, you won't be disappointed.
WayneMeg on 9/21/2016
The image quality (sharpness) is terrible. Images taken with the iPhone camera alone are much sharper. Controls to change ISO and Speed are clumsy...
RAW support but not really
Creugea on 9/19/2016
So it does take photos in RAW and labels them as .dng but the resolution ends up being 853x640. Not sure if it is a program bug or something else. With that being said it is a nice app. The only reason I have it 3 stars is because it only gives part of the RAW support. Hope the resolution thing gets fixed. Also had the same issue in the app named RAW. Could be a dev kit issue.
The best RAW camera app
sixthhour on 9/17/2016
I couldn't wait for iOS 10 to give us RAW support. This is only available through third-party apps. I tried using the Lightroom camera but there is no volume trigger, few manual controls and the sync took forever. Plus it doesn't store photos in your regular photo library. I haven't figured out the best workflow yet for this new capability. The photos app on the mac will sync these RAW photos but as a previous reviewer noted, it only shows you a small jpg preview until you go to edit the photo. Then you get the full resolution RAW photo to work with. Since Manual stores photos on your phones photo library , you could also plug your phone in and import the photos to Lightroom or another editor. The only feature I'd like to see in the future is a way to lock the shutter speed but have the ISO in auto mode. I run into the problem of taking high motion photos and would love to set a high shutter speed but let the ISO change automatically. Overall this is great!
Not Worth The Price 😞
Karaadanielle on 9/14/2016
Had high hopes for this app! Photos don't seem to turn out great, usually seem to be poor quality. Hoping it's user error and I'll figure out the bugs but at the moment I'm not too impressed.. Will update review as necessary.
No Raw Support!
rastpanjgah on 9/14/2016
I could only save low resolution (852 x 640) JPGs instead of the DNG format!
Fake camera app
宰相殿下空便当 on 9/9/2016
Fake camera app
This app is a fake
3846291048472 on 9/5/2016
I needed manual control over exposure and white balance and this app seemed to fit the bill. Specifically, I was doing experiments with extreme exposure settings, some underexposed shots. However, every time I took a picture this app would override my settings to make the picture look "pretty" and well exposed. This is not what I needed and this is not what was advertised. I ended up getting a different app that actually lets you take manual control of the camera.
Needs some work, but not bad
Wskoie1 on 8/15/2016
The focus feature is hard to use and the app is a lot too busy, besides that it's a pretty decent tool
Not All There Yet, Even After Update
Paul in NJ on 6/29/2016
This app makes a good start, but it has some remaining challenges. First, it has a clumsy interface when setting ISO and shutter speeds. Second, its ISO tops out at 1500 instead of 2000 offered by other apps. And most importantly, what you set is not what you get: For example, when you set for ISO 1500 at 1/2 sec., EXIF data shows that it actually shoots at ISO 500 at 1/4 sec., rending the app pretty much useless (and your photo hopelessly dark). Hopefully the developers will continue to work on this, in the meantime I recommend you look at some of the other alternatives available.
Radio pod man on 6/5/2016
Having tried many photo apps - this is the one for me. 1- total control over iso and shutter speed 2- auto focus or manual focus 3- intuitive and easy to use. This app turns my iPhone6s into a real camera!
I'm now DONE with this app for good.
KIrkDouglasSD on 5/27/2016
I used to RECOMMEND this app constantly to friends and customers. But now, after months and months of being useless the latest update still doesn't address the apps biggest issues. It's SLOW, stuttery when switching between options and takes forever or freezes when reviewing your shots. It's utterly unusable at the point and I'm done with it. I don't understand how I could be on a 6S Plus and have all of this amazing technology come to a crawl in this basic app. Jeesh,... I really miss what it used to be. This was my go-to and most recommended for so long. Time to move on I guess.
Save your money
Good2me on 4/1/2016
Controls for this “manual” camera operation are very difficult and slow to use.
username's review on 3/22/2016
Just a suggestion. I prefer to use this app instead of the default one, but there's no way to quickly access the app from the lock screen. I suggest that you add optional notifications for us who choose this app over the stock Camera app. The way this would work is that you would see a notification from the app whenever you activate the phone.
Almost 5 Stars
imageryislife on 2/6/2016
I used this app as my main camera app for a long time but have since switched. This app is almost perfect. The only missing feature I wish it had was the option for Uncompressed TIFF. If it had that it would be a solid 5 stars.
Was hoping for more...
tanner.hladek on 1/15/2016
The interface and ease of use make this an incredible app. And do not take for granted the feature of saving directly to the camera roll!... That being said, I was expecting more after all the praise this app received. Adding these features would make this the number one camera app! - input custom ISO - input custom shutter speed - change compression settings - change location of focus square
Could be cool
4dfird on 12/28/2015
I got really excited at the possibility of controlling the shutter time on my iPhone but while the preview shows a slow shutter time, the saved image is at a much higher ISO and shorter shutter time :/
Overall a really good app
Chris_in_Eugene on 12/22/2015
I was looking at the other reviews which were complaining about speed, and I have found that Manual only has issues loading after you have started the built-in Camera app. If you close it out first, then start Manual, there are no slowdowns. Other than that, I have found that auto-exposure tends to be an f-stop too bright, but otherwise it is really good.
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