Photomath, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Education 4.2.3 Oct 17, 2014 Jun 28, 2018 36.6 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.2.3

• Crash fix
• Improved solution steps and step explanations
• Various fixes and improvements to math problem recognition
• Various UI fixes and performance improvements
• Added support for Norwegian
We bring updates regularly to make math learning and problem solving even easier for you! All new major features will be introduced inside the app.


Simply point your camera toward a math problem and Photomath will magically show the result with a detailed step-by-step instructions.

Photomath provides:
• Camera calculator
• Handwriting recognition
• Step-by-step instructions
• Smart calculator
• Graphs (NEW)

Photomath supports arithmetics, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, roots, algebraic expressions, linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations/inequalities, absolute equations/inequalities, systems of equations, logarithms, trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, derivatives and integrals.

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KoolKidGammer on 8/18/2018
Photomath is great app. If the camera is blurry just tap the screen in the box, that will make it clear for the camera. Also this app does not really work with word problems but I find those extremely easy.
this hhu is goid on 8/18/2018
This was the only app that could figure out one of my math problems. Nothing else helped but this!
The best useful application ever
amirmirzai on 8/18/2018
Thank you so much for this awesome app!! It’s really nice don’t forget to download it 😊😊
Great for your days when you want to cry
Karionite Reviews on 8/17/2018
I LOVE this app. I love that it doesn’t just show the answer, but it shows you how to do it. I’ve been searching for an app like this forever and I love it so much. I used this right before finals because I didn’t understand much, and I ended up getting an A! The only thing that I would recommend is to add more complex equations instead of just simple algebraic equations.
Papa Kaden on 8/17/2018
It tells you the answer to the problem. But it does change sometimes. I didn’t like it because it didn’t explain why it was that. It gave a short little thing that wouldn’t work.
Me gusta es súper útil para hacer tareas y cosas con matemáticas y otra posibilidades
POP🎶🎵 on 8/17/2018
Me gusta
Best math assistant
Sleazy dealer on 8/17/2018
This app has helped me solve and learn new math equations, and I find it to be more useful than my teachers scribble on the board!
Love it-
LucyTheCat1011 on 8/17/2018
What did we do to deserve this? 😂 No but really, this works really well and I’m so happy this exist.. it helps :)
Hxlxy on 8/17/2018
this is the best thing ever! pls keep it free!
Best app
Jimmy beasss on 8/16/2018
Best app for learning, needs to be sponsored by schools, very good
Amazing app
AVA 1627:!!:&/!/@:8 on 8/16/2018
This is an amazing app, I’ve never liked an app enough to even bother to write a review, but this app is so amazing I figured I needed to. This totally saved me billions of times, and it actually helped me learn, which is awesome! Love love LOVE this app ☺️
amazing app
soajiiai on 8/16/2018
omg i got stuck on an equation & i found this app ... all i can say is that it's the greatest. i recommend this !!
Wendel Yoda on 8/16/2018
This app helps me on my homework ALL THE TIME. It gives you the answer, but it also shows you HOW to do it.
anaelle_rsl on 8/16/2018
I get 100% on my homework everyday because of this app! Amazing! I love it! Definitely recommend!
Tacos!🌮 on 8/16/2018
I’ve been looking for a good app to help find an error or to check my work! Has a great calculator that can do thing a normal calculator can’t! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 😊
pendhudhe on 8/16/2018
BEST APP EVER CREATED I have learned soooooo much from it and I went from a c in math to an a 98%
Great app
eRiNcOnNeLlY on 8/16/2018
This is a really good app to help me check my math homework easy but there is certain subjects it cannot do but overall it works well.
Awesome but needs one more thing
NourOnFire on 8/16/2018
All this app needs is to solve Geometry like reflections and transformations, everything is dialed in and perfect👍🏽
RORO06172121911 on 8/16/2018
This is the best app now I can just scan and play Fortnite!!!!!
Great app
HardcoreVillian😈 on 8/16/2018
Love this app.
5 stars
George 👍🏻✏️ on 8/16/2018
Photo math has been extremely helpful by teaching me new math skills that I do not know how to do.
It’s ok
Super 8-bitAlex on 8/16/2018
It’s good but it cannot do word problems
Egtgjh,bsrgtknhugertnjkhghb on 8/16/2018
Love cheating on tests w this
Life Saver!
Coolcool awesome awesome on 8/16/2018
Amazing app
This app is phenomenal!!!
niysah11 on 8/16/2018
It’s such a lifesaver, sometimes the app explains the problem better than my teacher can. It’s truly a good resource to have just in case you get stuck.
Future User.Official rating in September
TheRedHeadStylist on 8/16/2018
I have not used this app as of yet. But I’ve never seen so many 5 star reviews and one KEYWORD keeps on coming up on these reviews is LIFE SAVER! I’m not very good at math and really only know the basics. But I do as any parent want to help my son and make sure I’m not teaching him incorrectly. As school starts in September will definitely be in need of this app and will love to see if LIFE SAVER is an appropriate title. As reading the reviews most of your users sound like they in high school or college so I think it can handle elementary. Seriously when I see math equations my brain just goes in to CAUTION OVERLOAD and I’m in space wondering why am I the only one that just doesn’t get it. My son been pretty good at math so far but maybe for the first time when my 10 year old tells me the answer maybe I will actually understand why and how he got it right. Yes I said 10yr old(Lol) like I stated before my math skill level only goes to about Jr high school level and what ever I retained over the years which is not much. So only giving a 3 star rating as of now because haven’t used but impressed with the amount of 5 star ratings which I read about 20 reviews not normally something I would do. Hoping it’s all the hype and then some.
Best app ever!!!!
camdenpaul on 8/16/2018
Well this is definitely a school lifesaver lol I absolutely love it
pleasefifa on 8/15/2018
Good app for school
Asian.Vibeszzz_ on 8/15/2018
I don’t cheat on this app I just use it on the questions I don’t know and try to learn it Very useful and helpful Good app overall
Great idea.
Denise555000 on 8/15/2018
This is awesome. Math class is now easy. Especially because they changed it all and I only know the old way.
Lo mejor
Meño12 on 8/15/2018
Siempre ayuda con la tarea y es fácil de usar
best app ever
TGAT I on 8/15/2018
how to pass algebra 2 lmaooo
Best Help for new and advanced learning
AuniePow on 8/15/2018
I’m a senior in highschool, and have used this app since freshman year! Great app, good help, and great explanation. I advise to try and do the work yourself and not just rely on the App. This app however helped me learn when my teacher did not, so I’m happy! 😊😊😊
Great app
Jbrownnymsnhej on 8/15/2018
I use it to check my work. Does wonders.
Amazing algebra
Igra2002 on 8/15/2018
I love this app
uctx🌚 on 8/15/2018
Very helpful and very good at explaining the steps to a math problem. Has saved me On many occasions 👍
Great app
yaboidoe on 8/15/2018
Best app ever I like how it shows u how to do the problem step by step very useful
Very helpful
Starleah on 8/15/2018
As a student when doing homework if there’s a question I don’t understand I can simply take a photo of the problem and get step by step help. So all in all very helpful if you have no idea what’s going on in math and just need help.
Person who should get a refund on 8/15/2018
It is a very helpful app it helped a lot with my homework.
my fav math app💓 on 8/15/2018
Best app ever❣️
hershall3 on 8/15/2018
This app is awesome and really helps me check my work, and to be able to understand my homework better! Although, it would be nice if it could simplify problems
Not happy
ytiak on 8/15/2018
This app will not give me help at all it just says everything equals 1 and it bugs me when it asks if it worked and I say no it says sorry nothing else to do ugh this app is on my nerves
_.Queen._* on 8/15/2018
Absolutely awesome app! Really helpful and works so fast and actually explains and works out the problem so you learn:D 10000% recommend!!!
Smexy😂 on 8/14/2018
This app is perfect for a help with your math homework. It walks you through a problem like a tutor would. This app is also useful if you need to check your answer to make sure you got it correct. I’ve been using this app for almost a year now and it has helped me so much I’ve passed many of my tests and quizzes. I would recommend getting this app it’s a life saver.
LunaWolf04 on 8/14/2018
This app is amazing and very helpful but I wish is to do word problems.
Essential for Understanding
MegaMaads on 8/14/2018
I love it! Not only gives the answer to a problem, but it explains the process and shows graphs! This saves me soooo much time when checking math homework or preparing for a test. This app is a must have because it makes learning fast!
Get the app
slayamariah on 8/14/2018
It helps u sooooo much I recommend this app!!!❤️❤️❤️
Pretty good
games4lufe on 8/14/2018
It’s really only helpful if you have like written problems like 8+6 but it’s not helpful with written problems like if I have 5 apples and I give 3 to you how many do i have
so helpful!
colinmartinez on 8/14/2018
i love this app!
Awesomeperson264 on 8/14/2018
thx for getting me thru my math hw sis 😫💓
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